‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer Are Married (Again): See Photos & Get Exclusive Details!

“Any chance y’all can just forget about that other wedding?”

It’s official: Teen Mom OG stars Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are (still) husband and wife.

The Ashley can reveal that the couple got married (again) on Saturday at the Patten Chapel on the University of Tennessee Chattanooga campus. The chapel features oak pews, stained glass windows and woodwork arches at the altar.

This is, of course, their second wedding in a year. (The first wedding took place in May outside of an aquarium, with only Ryan’s parents as witnesses.)

Mackenzie’s son Hudson and Ryan’s son Bentley attended the wedding on Saturday. (Mackenzie told E! News earlier this week that Bentley is unaware that she and Ryan tied the knot in May.)

Mackenzie wore a floor-length gown and veil, and carried a blush and gray-colored bouquet full of roses and silverberry.

Ryan donned a black tux. (This is a much fancier outfit than the one he wore the day he and Mackenzie first got married, considering he didn’t have time to go to the TJ Maxx and purchase a bowtie, as he told us during the wedding episode!)

From the looks of it, Ryan’s father, Larry, may have been his best man.

Their reception was held at The Peyton event venue in Chattanooga, and was decorated in a rustic yet romantic theme. Guests were seated at extra large farm-style tables that were decorated in greenery and candles.

As The Ashley previously told you, this wedding re-do was filmed for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ (In one of the photos below, a member of the crew can be seen filming the ceremony.)

“They will be filming at the wedding, and a crew has been there capturing the pre-wedding stuff too,” a crew source told The Ashley before the wedding. “For awhile [production] wasn’t sure if Ryan and Mackenzie would allow the wedding to be filmed, since they declined to come to Los Angeles to film the special with the rest of the cast in October, and some other things. But they are filming it.”

Ryan’s ex and baby-mama, Maci Bookout attended the festivities with her husband Taylor McKinney. As ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans will remember, Mackenzie and Ryan attended Maci and Taylor’s wedding last year. (Mackenzie actually caught the bouquet!)

“Everything is just kind of at a resting place right now. It’s about our boys,” Mackenzie told E! News. “This is a day about us, yes, but it’s also about us becoming a family.”

This is the first marriage for Ryan and the second for Mackenzie.

See the photos of the wedding below. And, if you would like to get the happy couple a wedding present, they still need an ironing board and a crockpot! (Wanna see their wedding registry? Of course you do!) 

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. The wedding was cringe with him wanting to get wasted clearly dreading it and not even being assed with vows, he seriously couldn’t give a shit. He kept asking about money and I don’t think he’s sober at all. How many times does he have to get busted cheating before she realised how deluded she is. She’s obviously delusional and just trying to force it and fake that it’s all good and wants to be with him cause he’s on tv and has money. He doesn’t love her and anyone with eyes can see that. The wedding episode is really embarrassing

  2. God bless you both. Everyone deserves another chance. Ryan, be the husband and father that you were born to be. Stay close to your wonderful parents.

    1. That’s a good thing? All it did was prove to him that he can lie to her, put her and her son in danger, and cheat on her, be addicted to drugs, and there are no consequences – she marries him twice even with all that going on! If he’s doing all this when their relationship is young and new, god knows what he’ll be doing 8 or 10 years in, when they have the stress of more kids, more bills, changing looks, changing bodies, more arguments. But why should he change, he now knows she’ll put up with absolutely anything. I’m not handing anything to her. She’s an idiot and brought her innocent son into this mess.

  3. How do you show your face and throw a wedding when you know every single guest there is thinking about how Ryan just recently was cheating and messaging other girls asking how pink they are down there?

  4. Did anyone else catch Jenelle sly remark When we got Emergency order of Custody when Ensley was a new born. B#### please that mom has got to be the worse mom in the world and the ink wasn’t dry on your newborn and her parents drug test because I can’t see a Judge doing that unless he didn’t know or he weighed his options
    Heroin? Pot? Foster Home?

  5. I’m just glad Maci is not pregnant again, I guess they stopped for real this time.

    I don’t know if I should wish anyone luck here, Mackenzie is an obv famewhore and Ryan is kinda dumb. So I’m gonna rather say good luck to Bentley and her son, they’re gonna need it.

  6. Mackenzie seems to be the type of girl who places her self worth, and value, on the affections of a man. She comes across as being someone who always has to be engaged, or in a relationship, to make herself feel better against other women who are more successful than she is. It’s sad to see a woman depend on a man like this for her self esteem.

    1. Considering Ryan was barely conscious at their first wedding, and soon after that was cruising for Tinder dates behind Food City, I think it has more to do with the attention of a camera than the affection of a man.

      1. She’s both. She wants the camera time, but she already been married, and divorced, with a kid. I see a girl who thinks she’s a woman, and she probably thinks women are “real women” because they’ve been married and had a kid, instead of attaining higher education, and a career outside of the home.

  7. Last post from me – is that a kid in a camo suit in the background of Maci and Taylor’s pic? Where does one find such a thing? And why?

    1. It looks like a camo, and sometimes you have friends who like to be silly for fun. Because it’s fun.

      It’s not like he was in the wedding party.

  8. Seems like it was a lovely wedding, I wish them the best. It’s not what I’m expecting, but I really do hope they prove me wrong and have a happy, healthy life together.

    1. I’m backing off from Ryan until this thing inevitably goes kaput. I’ve set my sights on Adam Lind in the mean time…

          1. He doesn’t, he sold it to a fan. It will be so weird to see him in something else in ‘the ex files’.

  9. Ugh at Taylor’s beard. Also a fork is missing from that one place setting. It’s driving me crazy. The wedding registry is interesting. Just regular stuff. Basic home needs.

  10. Oh, but just a couple of months ago, he was all “ME ME HARD” on a dating app, looking for some ass behind the Food City! Did they think a pretty wedding would make us forget?

    1. Or their guests?! How embarrassing. I wouldn’t be able to show my face. I guess she’s learned from Mimi Jen how to gloss over everything and play happy family even when your friends and family have seen the truth all over the internet and tv. Sad.

  11. Even though I believe this is all to save face, the ceremony actually looks very well appointed and Maci and her husband are such a handsome couple.

  12. So they haven’t told Bentley they got married before…gee that’ll be an easy secret to keep! ?

    Something is wrong with Mackenzie. I just can’t get her making a TOTAL fool of herself on the reunion out of my head. Then knowing Ryan was cheating just weeks after he got out of rehab…something isn’t right in paradise here. I wish their kids well anyway.

    1. It’s so easy to keep things a secret. Step One: Don’t Post it on Social Media; Step Two: Don’t Let MTV film it. There may be rumours but at least you haven’t come right out and said it (i.e. can keep lying to your children).
      I’m sure Bentley knows – either from one of his friends at school or, you know, a quick Google search.

  13. Let’s hope Ryan was not high this time. I️ don’t see how the first one was legal when he was so high.

  14. Maci and Taylor attended? I wonder how Mackenzie and Maci made up? At the last reunion, Mackenzie wanted to bite Maci’s head off.

  15. I must give credit where credit is due. Mackenzie is a good little manipulator. Ryan was cheating on her and ready to divorce her just a couple months ago but it looks like she’s there to stay now. She is like the female Matt Baier. Hopefully, Ryan will come to his senses and run before he knocks her up.

    1. You know Mack is poking holes in the condom/flushing the birth control pills/claiming the Nuva ring is in there when it really “fell out.” Gotta get a baby and secure that OG money.

    1. Any woman who married a man who is clearly a drug addict and drove her high as a kite to her quickie wedding (likely only to get health insurance/visitation with Bentley while he was in rehab… even though no one admits it but there is literally no other reason since she’s clearly not pregnant) – not just once but twice – would give anyone psycho vibes.

      1. I thought I liked her when she was playing nice co parenting with Maci when Ryan never did then she backstab her and I was done with her,and after she married him after that ride to the ceremony no sympathy but let’s get real that couldn’t have been the first time she saw him like that

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