‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney Granted Two-Year Restraining Order Against Ryan Edwards

This may make it hard to film ‘Teen Mom’ Reunions with these two….

Ryan Edwards has been ordered by a Tennessee court to stay at least 100 feet away from his ex Maci Bookout, her husband Taylor McKinney and their two children.

Last month The Ashley broke the news that the Teen Mom OG couple had asked the court for a restraining order against Ryan and on Tuesday E! News reported that the restraining orders had been granted for Maci, Taylor and their kids Jayde and Maverick.

The order requested to keep Ryan away from Bentley, the son he shares with Maci, was reportedly dismissed.

E! News reported that both Maci and Ryan were present in the Hamilton County courtroom on May 21 for the hearing.

A Hamilton County Circuit Court Public Information Officer told the site, “The judge dismissed the ex parte order of protection and then entered a mutual restraining order.” (The “ex parte order” is the temporary order Maci & Co. were given last month against Ryan, by the way.)

Maci and Taylor asked for the protective orders for their family due to Ryan allegedly making repeated threats against them. The couple claimed in court docs that, in the past, Ryan has shown up to Bentley’s sporting events under the influence of drugs and has threatened Maci. In his protective order request, Taylor claimed that, in March of this year, Ryan  threatened to put a bullet in his head.

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“I fear for my son’s safety because of these threats and proof that he drives while under the influence,” Maci wrote in court documents. “His behavior and actions are getting worse, I am fearful for my three children and myself, and what he may do, based on his threats.”

Ryan’s attorney Jonathan Turner told E! News that, while Ryan has agreed to stay away from Maci, Taylor and their two kids, he will be able to see Bentley.

“Ryan has no exclusions with Bentley and is still able to see his son under the new restraining order,” the attorney said. “This gives Ryan a lot more protection against any false allegations, allows him to avoid getting arrested without a hearing first, and allows him to be around his son most importantly.”

Ryan, who has been battling a heroin addiction for several years, didn’t try to fight the restraining orders.

“Ryan agreed to this outcome to make it easier on everyone and not go through a formal process of a trial,” his attorney said. “Moving forward Ryan hopes everyone can get through this without any issues and that he can see his son.”

Ryan, whose wife Mackenzie Edwards is pregnant with his second child, has kept a low profile lately, only appearing on social media once in the last few months to celebrate his purchase of a brand-new truck.

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  1. of course Ryan doesn’t post on social media he’s barely awake! my question is how is he able to do the heroin or even get his wife pregnant are we sure that’s his kid? I mean the dude looks asleep 24/7 asleep and like Barbara says “high high high” or something of that nature lol

    1. Honestly I wonder if Ryan doesn’t dabble or use other substances when he needs to try to be awake (like court or filming) or herion isnt available. Because he seems asleep on herion, but we’ve seen him with his eyes as big as saucers like he’d seen a ghost before.

  2. I don’t understand how Ryan gets to see Bentley Supervised/unsupervised. Who’s going to stop him from kidnapping Bentley and being wreckless in his truck? He is a heroin addict. No way is he in his right mind when he’s on heroin.

    1. In a few years, Bentley won’t want to see Ryan. He knows Taylor actually cares about him.

  3. Ryan is another Adam, he only gives a shit about his kids when it suits him or to hurt his ex. Maci was right to stop access because he is clearly still using and is threatening her and Taylor. I hope his visits are monitored by a third party that is not Ryan’s parents.

  4. The only reason Ryan wanted that one extra day a month was based on who much child support he would have to pay. That’s it. He’s probably never pursued a formal set up for visitation since because he knows he’s got little to stand on. Plus he would then have to do this really radical thing called “Acting like a adult”.

  5. Maci might want to consider “pulling a Jenelle” and refuse to film, unless MTV kicks Ryan off the show. His and MacKenzie’s segments were pretty bad. I either skipped them entirely or sped them up.

    1. I rather enjoy them. All those sweet moments like Ryan wanting to break up for 9 months. The enthusiasm at the ultrasound, the heartfelt discussions about what a GREAT father Ryan is. Particularly that Ah-mazing wedding. Even though MTV didn’t show the fairytale-esque moments like the getting ready, no they did. That’s where Ryan expressed he didn’t care about vows. They didn’t show them walking down the aisle as husband and wife. Wait no, that was there too. Complete with Ryan confirming his drunkenness. What about the 1st dance? Yep, also shown. Most awkward ever, as her closest friends said. Cutting of the cake? Oh yeah, with Ryan a fret about the cost. With Mack and Ryan heading straight to the bar upon arrival (no judgment there, I’d have had to be wasted to marry either one of you as well) maybe she drunk remembers it like Ryan high remembers hes a good dad

      1. He was so dope sick during that ultrasound!!!! He was dying to get home to his stash!!???

  6. i wonder if the ro extends to mackenzie or her giving them messages from ryan?i assume any bentley related info will go thru jen and larry?

    1. Y’all know Mackenzie will try to put a positive spin on this while throwing shade at Maci at the same time.

  7. Mackenzie had been pushing the last 2 seasons with comments about making Bentley’s schedule official, so Maci can’t change it. I’m wondering if Ryan will pursue a formal custody agreement now, since she keeps pushing him to do it. He doesn’t seem to care but his wife does…

  8. What I can’t believe is that his parents continue to enable him, buying him houses and vehicles. And his wife should have her head checked for having a child with someone who’s clearly struggling.

    1. Sadly at some point, some addict’s families will have warped thier own lives functioning in conjunction with the addict. Like the mom who won’t give her daughter money because she knows she will spend it all on booze and drugs, but buys her groceries every week and does her laundry. I see Jen very much in this capacity. The entire family needs an intervention and a lot of counseling.

      1. Yes, not only is the addict an addict but those that enable become addicts too. Only their drug of choice is enabling. Seriously, enablers lie like addicts, they schedule their days around enabling, they spend their money on enabling. They even start avoiding those that will call them out. It’s nut!

      2. Think my comment was not posted, ignore if it was.

        Yes, the addicts aren’t the only ones with an addiction. Enablers are just like addicts only their drug of choice is enabling. They lie like addicts, they spend their money on enabling, they schedule their days around enabling and even avoid those who will confront them.

        1. I’m having problems submitting my comments too. I don’t know why. They were posting just fine.

      3. U have hit the nail on the head! Whole family needs intervention! Not Maxi & Taylor cause they r in touch w/reality! Nice house Ryan lived in too..does he do anything job-wise? Loved him chewing that Crap in his mouth at his wedding! How DISGUSTING!#’

    2. Mack only married him for tv fame and money. Even if he’s an addict and goes broke she’s knows damn well Ryans parents will help and support her as they did with Maci babysitting her and Taylor’s babies etc… she proved that she could careless when she married him and allowed him to drive so high on camera when she should have made him pull over and let her drive and call off that wedding. Trash. I actually feel bad for him to some extent that no one will in step in and say enough isn’t enough. I’ve been in his shoes and it’s just a sad situation. It’s hard.

  9. What I can’t believe is that his parents continue to enable him, buying him houses and vehicles. And his wife should have her head checked for having a child with someone who’s clearly struggling.

  10. Ryan didn’t contest this because he knew he didn’t have a leg to stand on. He’s never been one for making things easy and his snakebof a wife certainly wouldn’t let him lay down and take this without a fight. Maybe his attorney has half a brain ??‍♀️ And he may still be allowed to see Bentley given the past agreement Maci has had with Jen and Larry. Whether or not it was written or just verbally set up most judges will take those things into consideration when dealing with custody.

  11. GREAT NEWS! I am glad SOMEONE gets it. We know his wife is just a huge enabler. Ugh, poor baby Edwards. 🙁

  12. I don’t understand something. How is Ryan still “allowed to see Bentley” if he has no legal rights to him at all? Isn’t it still up to Maci to whether Ryan can see Bentley since she has full legal custody of him? Confused.

    1. I was going to say the same thing. While Ryan can see Bentley without violating the restraining order, the reality is that he never bothered to secure any sort of custodial or visitation rights. Maci doesn’t have to let him see Bentley if she doesn’t want to. Ryan’s attorney didn’t mention that part because it doesn’t sound good for Ryan. He was clearly trying to put a positive spin on it, but this didn’t go in Ryan’s favor.

      1. Do you all think he’ll actually go to court and get a formal custody agreement. He’s never seemed interested in it but Mackenzie keeps pushing it?

          1. That’s why he married her. She treats him like a child. He can’t live with Jen and Larry…so she’s Jen 2.0

      2. No, remember when Ryan went to court a few seasons ago. They have a custody agreement. He had to get all ridiculous about having Bentley one extra day a month,, but Bentley was just being left with Jen. Maci has to go along with the custody agreement until otherwise stated by the court.

        1. I think Ryan didn’t really end up pursuing any formal custody agreement. Maci has indicated relatively recently that Ryan doesn’t have any rights. She kept Bentley from Ryan for a while after this drug thing came out and Ryan couldn’t do a thing about it which also seems to indicate that he really doesn’t have any rights. His conversations with his lawyer that we’ve seen on the show also seems to indicate that Ryan didn’t really have existing rights. There was no mention of Maci violating an existing visitation/custody agreement.

          1. I guess I must have missed that and thought he did have an agreement. I just figured Ryan knew he couldn’t fight Maci due to his drug use. I don’t really watch the show without a lot of fast forwarding and honestly just read the Ashley recaps mostly for the info. Thanks

          2. The agreement they did several seasons ago was a mediation, so she legally didn’t have to abide by it.

        2. Mackenzie has been pushing the last 2 seasons with her comments about making custody and the schedule official, which makes me believe that she’s the one who wants it official. Ryan doesn’t seem to care but I wonder if he’s going to pursue it now.

          1. I guess it’s different in MN. My ex husband and I paid a mediator and settled on his suggestion. That was so we didn’t have to take it to court. Ours was an actual plan and had to be followed.

    2. He will HAVE to pursue his rights now if he doesn’t have any. A family court judge is going to have s mess to work around with the new protection orders, if they granted the order for Bentley too Ryan would have to wait two years to file for his rights… the order would trump him getting visitation rights… obviously this judge wasn’t willing to restrain him from his son for two years. Again, if your sure he has no rights, if he does.. they worked out some kind of agreement already.

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