Larry Edwards Says ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Ryan Edwards & Maci Bookout Are Still At Odds With One Another; Predicts Their Feud Will Go On For Years

(Almost a) New year, same feud.

As 2020 comes to an end, it doesn’t appear that Teen Mom OG exes Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards will be making any New Year’s resolutions for 2021 to be the year they make peace with one another.

According to The Sun, despite Maci’s two-year restraining order against Ryan having expired in May, the exes, who share son Bentley, have yet to reconcile, and Ryan’s dad Larry Edwards says he doesn’t see it happening any time soon.

“After everything that’s happened, I just don’t believe that’s going to be possible for a long time,” Larry said. “Would I say never? Absolutely not. Would I say currently, or in a year or two? I don’t think so. I don’t believe that’s going to be possible. I would not say it’s impossible, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

“Hopefully Maci will count us as ‘Things That Matter’ in 2021!” 

“Maybe Bentley will bring them together,” he continued. “I don’t know. I believe time heals a lot of things.” 

Larry is hoping for a family reunion of sorts, not only for Bentley’s sake, but also for the sake of Bentley’s other siblings, as he says “they’re all connected in a very special way and that special way in Bentley.”

Maci and husband Taylor McKinney are parents to daughter Jayde, 5, and son Maverick, 4.

Meanwhile, Ryan and his wife Mackenzie share Jagger, 2, and Stella, 11 months. Mackenzie also has son Hudson from a previous marriage. 

“I hope they can just be a family,” Larry said of the Edwards and McKinney kids. “Hopefully one day we can all get past all of this and these babies can figure it out and do whatever they want to do. It would be nice. It’s nice to have a big family and a lot of support. 

“I want them to work it out,” he added. “I know one day they will work it out.” 

Earlier this year, Larry said Ryan and Maci’s strained relationship had prevented Ryan and his family from seeing Bentley.

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36 Responses

  1. Maci is already raising three kids. It’s not her job to parent and coddle a grown man/child who is enabled by everyone in his life. Instead of blaming Maci and accusing her of being a “trigger”, Ryan should be thanking her for raising a kind, smart and easy-going child. Same goes for Larry.

    I know we see a very limited view of the situation but I don’t see how it’s Maci’s responsibility to reconcile with Ryan. Ryan treated Maci terribly during 16 and pregnant and has continued to create the divide between Bentley and himself.

  2. I do not watch the show anymore since they started bringing in replacements for the girls who leave. I would have been fine just watching the 3 remaining girls without Farrah. Ryan was 20 when Bentley was born, Maci was 17. By no means is 20 magical and all of sudden someone is prepared for parenthood. Ryan’s choices are Ryan’s alone but I do believe his parents enable him. A 20 year old should be working or be in school (college or trade). I don’t recall if Ryan was doing either of those things when we “met” him on 16 & P. Ryan has never seemed the type to really put effort into being a father. As far as Maci goes, she isn’t perfect either but she definitely is the better parent since she isn’t in & out of jail or a heroine addict or killing cats. She just drinks a lot (not good, but not illegal) and owes a lot in back taxes (is illegal). No parent is perfect and all make mistakes that have effects on the kids. From what little I know of the situation Maci seems like the more stable parent.

  3. Larry maybe you should finally stop enabling your little cry baby and making up excuses for him? He’s a thirty something years old loser and you brought him up to be like that. Stop blaming others! ?

  4. Here’s a thought whinny ryan, get a job. Get off the Mtv sugar tit. Show your son how to be a man. Because his step-dad is showing him. He won’t even give you the time of day in 10 years.

  5. Hello????? That’s what courts are for. Take her to court like every other normal father would. Obviously, there is a reason why he hasn’t done that and I don’t believe it’s because of money. Stop blaming her when technically she has no right to hold their son hostage. Seems to me that they already know who the courts will side with due to his extensive criminal record. Stop bitching about it and do something. Otherwise, STFU.

    I’m not defending Maci. I’m just saying that she is not the judge or jury on this one and he has the option to veto her decisions by taking her to court.

    As for reconciling, reconciling what? Their relationship? They don’t have to have any type of relationship with each other for Bentley’s sake but instead be civil and respect one another because they are in his life forever.

    1. To be fair Ryan doesn’t really have much to say since his daddy seems to fight his battles for him. Ryan is 32 yr old and it is time he starts acting like an adult. Maci is an amazing mom and I do not blame her one bit for PROTECTING her son. I agree with 1000%!!

    2. Agreed, except she does (legally) have the right to keep Bentley from him since she has full custody. Is it the right thing to do? I don’t think so. I think he should have supervised visitation, but he needs to get that right legalized.

  6. Larry just needs to shut up! I mean, really? They’re going to be denying Ryan’s problems, and blaming Maci, until Ryan goes to his grave. I don’t believe for one second that he’s sober. Maci is no saint, but she didn’t cause all these problems. I don’t think it’s fair at all to blame her, because she didn’t stick the needle in Ryan’s arm. She cannot be blamed for the reasons he’s an addict. He’s a spoiled brat plain and simple. Always has been, and always will be.

    1. Heeeyyyy!!! Who are you, and who gave consent for you to read my thoughts then publish them here?? You are spot on. Spoiled children grow up to become rotten and immature adults, great Job mommy and daddy.

    2. Ryan doesn’t see Bentley because Ryan doesn’t care enough to see Bentley. If Ryan cared he’d have hired a lawyer, he’d have maintained contact with his son, he’d have not blown off every opportunity handed to him to be a father. But, drugs and alcohol were more important to him than his son was and is.

      Plus he’s lazy, is unmotivated, has no ambitions, he has daddy and mommy issues, and he simply doesn’t care. He’s spent the last 30+ years letting his mommy and daddy do his talking for him, relying on them to make excuses for him, cover for his screw-ups, and parent his oldest son for him, financially support him.

      When Larry and Jen finally cut the apron strings and let him flail and fail until he finds himself and stands on his own feet, only then will Ryan have a chance to start to be a man but even then Ryan has to WANT to be one and he willing to put in the work it will take. I’m not sure he has it in him.

      1. OMG, Larry, they don’t have to be friends!!! Ryan is a sniveling baby, blames Everyone for his problems!!!! How could any woman be with him?????

  7. Everyone can pick a side but didn’t Rhine kill stray cats at his parent’s house? It’s a no-brainer who the problem parent is.

  8. We literally watched this man driving with his eyes closed on the interstate. Everyone in his life is an enabler with Mimi Jen the biggest enabler…and let’s not forget Larry saying he wouldn’t give Rhine water if he was on fire or some shit. Maci is protecting her son.

  9. Larry and Jen made enabling ands blaming everyone but Ryan look easy. They have never held him truly accountable. Between them and Ryan’s fame chasing wife, they will love him into a grave. Maci tried long and hard. Eventually you have to disconnect for your own well-being as well as the addicts. It’s ridiculous they attempt to vilify her publicly after the truths we’ve seen about their family.

  10. I haven’t watched OG since it was cancelled and brought back but honestly I’m not surprised. I have never once heard Maci say a single nice thing about Ryan. I know a lot of people hate Ryan and make fun of him and his family for blaming Maci for his issues but honestly I 100% believe that she is. MTV treated Ryan the same way they have treated Devoin. Using them as “bad dads” for storyline purposes regardless of how it affects the dads or their kids. Macis partying and drinking was never covered on Teen Mom but was constantly shown on her social media. MTV worked hard to clean her up and make her the picture perfect mom and that only worked by focusing on Ryan and his faults instead of Macis. The Being Maci special is the closest we ever got to seeing her actual real life. Interestingly enough, Maci is the one who appeared to be the not so great patent in that episode and Ryan looked like a good and involved dad. But we know for sure that Maci got that good edit. Also, it is no secret that Maci hates Ryan and has hated him for a long time. I remember she told one of the hosts in the after shows that there was nothing Ryan could do as a dad that would make her happy. There was one episode she spent the entire time complaining to everyone that would listen that Ryan hadn’t paid child support and calling him a deadbeat. Then at the very end of the episode she discovered that he had it set up to automatically to be taken from his paycheck but there was an error on the banks part. There was no apology and it was barely covered, if you blinked you missed it. There were several instances just like this that played out over the first few seasons. I am no Ryan fan by any means, his monotone personality irritates me to no end however, I do feel bad for him and his son. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for him to be a young teenage father trying to figure things out and having to deal with all the hate and vile thrown his way and not really being able to defend himself. I’m glad he’s sober now. I hope they can all grow up and be better for their kids.

    1. This right here is why Ryan will never grow up and take accountability. It’s enabling. Maci is NOT the reason why Ryan was a heroin addict. Ryan is the reason why he was a heroin addict. The faster he, his family, and Maci haters accept that, the faster the entire family can heal. All Maci has done is protect her child from someone who’s state of mind and actions were out of control. Ryan drove down a highway nodding out and almost sleeping. Had his wife not been there, he would of crashed. How is that Maci’s fault?

    2. Where would you like her to find a nice thing to say? Should she search the dark depths of the sea?

      Blaming MTV for bad editing on Ryan’s part is just like saying it was bad editing on Jenelle’s part. Bad editing didn’t make him a drug addicted shitty dad, he did that all by himself.

  11. In the last of Mack’s insta photos, dare I say Rhine actually looks clean & sober?!? He’s put on some weight, he’s actually smiling, and his eyes don’t have that empty soulless twinkling look that opiate abusers eyes have. His eyes are dark so it was harder to see, when he was using , but back when I was getting high, anyone could tell immediately because my eyes are very pale green and they practically glow when I’m high. *6/9/16*

  12. Can Larry just stop talking to the press already? It’s not a good look. Just keep this stuff private as it should be.

  13. As long as Rhine keeps seeing himself as a victim, they’re never going to be civil…and you really can’t blame Maci and Taylor for this, since Rhine was the one who threatened to violently kill Taylor, amongst a million other things on a list too long to type out in a comments section.

  14. If Ryan had been a reliable and caring father from the beginning, none of this would have happened. I don’t blame Maci for any of this. Ryan’s behavior is his own doing. I watched a couple early episodes where it seems like Ryan could have gone to court for a custody arrangement, says he will, but doesn’t. Ryan didn’t start using drugs until he dated Dalis (again, no ones fault but Ryans).

    If Ryan took responsibility for his own actions in the beginning, his enabling parents would have had appropriate boundaries. It’s sad to know how Ryan turned out. He is mean to McKenzie and unsupportive. He even bullies Bentley and isn’t a good father figure to him.

    I don’t blame Maci for any of her actions and don’t think Maci and Ryan will ever get along. Ryan is around enabling people and irresponsible.

  15. I don’t know Maci and Taylor’s reasonings for cutting off contact with Ryan where Bentley is concerned. But I have to wonder if something specific happened because she has allowed Ryan to be in Bentley’s life regardless of his erratic behavior. I would think it would be somewhat of a sore point for Ryan, Mackenzie, Jen and Larry to out right say that Maci is the reason that Ryan used drugs, that she was his “trigger”. Ryan has been a piss poor father from day one and still is, I have seen him do nothing but antagonize Bentley. He certainly doesn’t act like a supportive, loving father. Having said that, I have seen nothing but unconditional love for Bentley from Jen and Larry. I don’t know if Maci has prevented Bentley from seeing Jen and Larry still but hopefully for his sake I hope not. He is getting older, maybe he doesn’t want to spend every weekend there?

    1. Exactly this. Jen at a time wouldn’t even let Bentley sleep ALONE. She shared a bed with him. He’s entering his tween years. We seen he’s very involved in sports. He’s got a life. It’s not the norm to spend every weekend with your grandparents.

  16. I get exactly where maci is coming from but at what point doesn’t she not act like she is still with Ryan? I mean seriously Jen and Larry might be a little over bearing but I doubt they let Bentley go off with Ryan anywhere at this point. I really feel she needs to back off, she doesn’t want to share Bentley bottom line. I’ve slways really liked maci just feel like she is doing belly a disservice at this point at least let Jen and Larry see Bentley.

    1. “I mean seriously Jen and Larry might be a little over bearing but I doubt they let Bentley go off with Ryan anywhere at this point.”

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, given how much they enable Ryan. Same with Adam’s parents.

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