Teen Mom News Pile: Amber Portwood Has a Probation Hearing, Larry Edwards Gives An Update on Ryan & More

“…with court for the year…hopefully!”

From heading to court to keeping their head on straight, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately!

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Amber Portwood had a probation hearing for her domestic violence arrest case.

“Attending court but not having to leave the couch? Life just keeps getting better and better!”

Amber was back in court (kind of) on Thursday, to check in with the law in regard to her 2019 domestic violence arrest and her probation stemming from it. The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star appeared in court (via web conference, due to COVID-19), at 11 a.m. (EST). During the hearing, the terms of Amber’s probation were discussed and her actions over the 10 months since the last hearing was held were reviewed.

Amber was found to be in compliance with all of her probational terms, and the next hearing was set for March 4, 2021.

As The Ashley previously reported, in October 2019, Amber was sentenced to nearly 30 months of probation. During that time, she may only leave the State of Indiana for employment purposes, or if she gets prior approval. She was also required to get a mental health evaluation, attend court-ordered parenting classes and have no contact with her victim, baby daddy Andrew Glennon, except when it deals with their shared son, James. 

She must also undergo random drug testing, both urine and breath testing, as requested by her probation officer, or at least once a month.

If Amber violates her probation, she will be sentenced to five years in the Indiana Department of Corrections.

Kail Lowry said she plans to talk openly about sex with her kids

“Gather ’round kids, it’s story time… “

After getting pregnant at 17, Kail Lowry plans to talk openly to her four sons about sex – something she claims her mom Suzi never did for her. 

Kail revealed on the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast that she’d be cool with her sons having a sex life, but only if they’re honest with her about it. 

“I feel like, based on how I grew up and never having the sex convo, I want an open dialogue in my house at all times, that’s number one,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to ask me questions. I would rather talk about it and him know what’s what and be protected.

“Kids are going to do what they are going to do,” she continued. “What is he going to do, sneak out of the house or lie to me? I would rather know about it, you’re not lying. I talk to the mother who is on the same page, if she’s not okay it’s not happening, there are no lies.” 

While Kail plans to be open with her boys, she doesn’t think her (almost) 11-year-old son Isaac, whom she shares with ex Jo Rivera, would ever try to bring a girl over to his dad’s house. 

“Don’t worry guys, I got this.”

“I don’t think he would pull that at Jo’s house,” Kail said to co-host Lindsie Chrisley and guest Vee Torres, who happens to be Jo’s wife. “He thinks he can get away with it at my house first … it would be a conversation.” 

Kail hopes it’s a conversation she never has to have with her oldest son, but one she thinks she’ll definitely have to have with sons Lincoln and Lux, whom she shares with ex-husband Javi Marroquin and ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez, respectively. 

“I hope it never happens,” she said. “I hope Isaac is worrying about SATs. It’ll be Lincoln and Lux; it’s not on Isaac’s radar.” 

Larry Edwards gave us an update on Ryan’s sobriety & his possible future career option

“Hugs not drugs!”

After completing a three-month jail sentence in April 2019 for violating probation stemming from his 2017 arrest for heroin possession, ‘Teen Mom OG’ dad Ryan Edwards, has reportedly continued to maintain his sobriety.

Ryan’s dad Larry Edwards told The Sun that Ryan’s time in the slammer scared the father of three and that he’s been able to stay clean for nearly two years. 


“Ryan’s fantastic,” Larry said. “He’s doing very well. Jail scared him. He didn’t like that very much.”  

When Ryan not being forced to pose in family photos, he spends his time “building buggy cars” – something Ryan has a knack for, according to his dad. 

“He’s got a project he’s been working on,” Larry said. “He’s getting a garage built right now. He’s building a buggy to race in California. Fabricating it from the ground up. He would love to build buggies for people. Not many people do custom work like that. He’s very good at it.” 

“Maci’s been bug-gying me for years!”

While Ryan’s buggy-building and sobriety are going well, Larry revealed the Edwards family hasn’t been able to see 12-year-old Bentley very much as the relationship between Ryan and Maci “hasn’t been going well.” 

“Something came up that she wanted and needed,” Larry explained. “Ryan wasn’t going to comply with everything she wants and needs and we’ve been shut down. Bentley right now, we can’t even see him, they’re not even allowed to see him. It is what it is.”

Despite this, Ryan reportedly doesn’t intend to fight for custody of Bentley because he doesn’t want to risk a possible relapse. 

“Seriously, Rhine?”

“No court,” Larry said. “Ryan doesn’t want to deal with it. He doesn’t want to put himself back in a situation… He’s got a family. He needs to take care of himself. Then he needs to take care of them. If that’s going to be a situation where he gets upset and things are said… Ryan is not participating because he’s not going to let her pull his triggers. He’s pretty much, whatever she wants to do is fine.” 

(The Edwards have claimed on several episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG’ that Maci is a “trigger” for Ryan.)

Though Larry gave Maci credit for being a “great parent” to Bentley, he would like for everyone to “work together a lot better and be more of a part of everybody’s life.”

In March, Maci stated in an interview that although she “still only deals with or speaks to [Ryan’s parents] Jen and Larry,” the co-parenting situation had improved and the idea of coexisting wasn’t “unfathomable.” 

“16 and Pregnant” Star Lori Wickelhaus prepares for her child p0rnography trial

Back in August, Lori— who starred on the second season of “16 and Pregnant”— was arrested and charged with a whopping 20 counts of possessing or viewing matter portraying a sexual performance by a minor.

Lori was bailed out and had an arraignment on September 8. In the time since then, it appears that none of the 20 charges has been dropped. The Ashley can confirm that Lori will head into a Kentucky courtroom on November 4 at noon for a pre-trial conference. She is still facing all 20 charges of possessing or viewing matter portraying a sexual performance by a minor. 

Lori— who placed her oldest son Aiden for adoption during her episode but went on to have two more children— has deleted all of her social media accounts since news of her arrest went public. 

In August, Starcasm obtained the police report, which stated that the police department in Campbell County, Kentucky, received a Cybertip from the Kentucky State Police Internet Crimes Against Task Force that was originally submitted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The tip came in after an unknown person uploaded photos that showed illicit child images to a Dropbox account. From there, a search began in March of Lori’s computers and phone. Lori was arrested following the search.


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  1. Ryan is a real drug addict and jail doesn’t usually “scare” real drug addicts into sobriety. Sadly, I wish it did in my case.

  2. How I wish Amber would violate her parole.

    Just a thought, but could it be due to COVID that Maci is keeping Bentley away for now? Seems like social distancing is something the Edwards clan might struggle with so that seems pretty reasonable to be distanced from them at this time.

  3. “She must also undergo random drug testing, both urine and breath testing, as requested by her probation officer, or at least once a month.”

    Wait, someone has to breath test Amber, not enough money in the world to do that job.

    stay lit

  4. I cant blame Larry for not fighting with Maci. It shouldnt be a fight to see your kids or grandkids. Maci is spiteful and controlling just like Chelsea. She probably pulled out all the legal stops to dissiminate the visitation agreements. Most men who have spiteful, court addicted, litigious baby mamas just wait until the kid is 16 or 18 and then they can have an open relationship without being dragged into court every second. Court battles take their toll and everyone saying “he shoud keep fighting” clearly has never been in a legal battle with a person who has unlimited financial resources like Maci.

    1. Time is ticking on the control Maci and Chelsea have over these visitations.

      18 will be here before they know it.

  5. Kail, Isaac is ELEVEN! Why are you already talking about this as if it will happen soon?! (Are teenagers nowadays younger and younger on their first time or what?)

    Can I just say what a sweetheart Bentley is? Holding his little sister, he really does love her, aw! He doesn’t deserve such a POS father!

    I was wondering why Ambien completely disappeared and stopped doing online rants…here is why. Where is her Belgian boo though? Did they break up already? LOL

    I’m not going to comment on Lori because I have no words. It’s just disgusting what she did!

    1. I hate to burst this bubble, but yes they are. I knew a 12 year old girl who was having sex and got pregnant (I was 13). My boyfriend was 13 when he had sex for the first time. They really are experimenting younger and younger.

    2. Kail said in her book she was in the 8th grade when she and her boyfriend had sex on the sidewalk with a group of people right around the corner. I imagine this is why she thinks it’s right around the corner for them and why she’d rather give them a house to bang in.
      As for her other nasty comments, just another dig at the dads, Linc and Lux will be just like their dads who I’m currently not plowing so I hate them and they’ll want sex way more than focusing on school hehehe

  6. The question shouldn’t be why doesn’t Ryan fight for Bentley BUT why does Maci not allow Ryan and his family to see the kid so that he would have to fight??? Maci is no saint either

    1. But spending time and money on court because of minor disagreements seems such a brilliant idea… withholding a kid should be only done when there are major concerns.

  7. A few thoughts – Amber passed drugs testing – so going off on Insta is her ‘normal’? Eek!
    And Larry you know what’ll help Rhine? A J-O-B. Why isn’t he working?
    And stop hiding behind your Maci ‘trigger’. Poor Bentley will see you traded him for the new family cause your lazy ass won’t get off the couch! Poor kid.

  8. Kail Lowry plans to talk openly to her four sons about sex – something she claims her mom Suzi never did for her.

    Having seen Suzi on the show before, I think I’d rather have Christopher Walken talk me through masturbation than get “the talk” from her.

  9. Ryan is still a little boy. You don’t get to throw away Bentley because “you have another family” or fighting for your son might “trigger you”. Nothing should be more important than having a loving relationship with ALL of your children. Not your old baby’s mother – not your new baby’s mother! Time to grow up!

    Kail needs someone to talk to HER about sex. Or do a simple google search. To have unprotected sex a second time with someone you have said is abusive, you’ve had a restraining order against and have had arrested is beyond stupid. And, it’s irresponsible to the three children you already had.

  10. Ryan assisted in bringing Bentley into this world first so that needs to be his top priority. Not the family a got to replace what he fucked up. Bentley should be the first and foremost. No one told you to have more kids if you couldn’t properly take care of the first one. Ryan still hasn’t grown up.

    1. & Larry is the perfect enabler. Ryan has never & will never do anything wrong in his parents eyes. Cat killing? Excuses. Abandoning children? Excuses. Heroin addict? Excuses. Missing the birth of his children? Excuses. It will never stop. He is the most entitled little brats I’ve ever seen

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