EXCLUSIVE! Details About ‘Teen Mom’ Dad Ryan Edwards’ Previous Heroin Drug Bust

“Oh y’all knew about that?”

Ryan Edwards found himself behind bars earlier this week, charged with violating his probation stemming from a previous arrest for possession of heroin. Teen Mom OG fans had not been aware that Ryan had been arrested before. When asked, Ryan’s pregnant wife Mackenzie claimed that “possession of heroin was the original charge from April [2017] before he went to rehab.”

So what gives? The Ashley has been able to get to the bottom of what’s going on and why there is no mugshot or online recording of Ryan being arrested for heroin possession any time before this week.

Mackenzie was not entirely correct in her statement. Ryan’s original charge stemmed from an incident that occurred on March 12, 2017. The Ashley has obtained the police report from that incident, which states that Ryan was stopped by police on that date while driving and was found to be in possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia.

“Officers found needles and 1.8 grams of heroin in an open backpack during a traffic stop in Red Bank,, [Tennessee],” the police report states.

A source tells The Ashley there’s a reason that no online record of that arrest exists.

“He was only cited and not officially arrested in 2017,” the source says. “The officers took the heroin and needles, disposed of them and let him go. He was given a court date of April 10, 2017. There was no mugshot of him taken.”

Normally, in a case like this, the arrestee would have had his mugshot taken on his court date, but it doesn’t appear that happened with Ryan.

He was given probation, though, which brings us to Ryan’s arrest earlier this week on a warrant for “petition to revoke,” which means he violated his 2017 probation.

An insider tells The Ashley that Ryan missed a required drug test this week, and that he mistakenly thought he no longer had to undergo drug testing.

“He thought his required drug testing had ended and that his case had been expunged,” the insider said. “In Tennessee, though, you have to go through the TBI [Tennessee Bureau of Investigations] in order to get your case expunged, which Ryan never did. He still had more time on probation, so he had to keep doing drug tests.”

(The dates do make sense; if Ryan had been given one year of probation for his crimes, it would match up to him thinking that his probation had ended.)

It is not yet known if Ryan failed any of the drug tests he took, although it’s unlikely he did, as he would have been arrested.

Two months after the 2017 drug bust occurred, Ryan married Mackenzie and, one day later, was checked into a Texas rehab facility where he stayed for 21 days.

As The Ashley exclusively told you on Thursday, Ryan’s ex, Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney requested Orders of Protection against Ryan for themselves and their kids. They are due to go in front of a judge on Monday to try to get the protective orders approved.

The Ashley will update this story when more info becomes available.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. I know that Jen and Larry love Bentley to no end, and I know that at the end of the day, Ryan’s choices are his own, but honestly, if Jen and Larry had done anything at all, Ryan wouldn’t be like this. If they had been on him more to spend or time with Benny, he might not have had time to go out and try dope. If they had forced him to work while living with them, he could have found decent employment, and built up his work ethic. If they had been more critical of the women he brought around, and the reasons why they were interesting in being with him, he wouldn’t have been pushed into marriage by a gold digging fame whore, or have gotten her pregnant. Your job as a parent is to protect your kid, and teach them how to function as an adult. Jen and Larry might be nice people, but they spoiled that boy rotten, never held him accountable for his own actions, didn’t protect him from girls who wanted to use him, and didn’t even make him try to be father. I put it on Ryan, I really do, but you also have to remember that Ryan didn’t raise Ryan.

  2. I really didn’t think I could think less of Mack. Well, that theory is gone.
    She is as bad as Matt and UBT, if not worse.

    I wish she could be charged with taking advantage of a person under the influence in regards to their marriage(s).
    He was loaded to do both. What does that say about her? She would marry someone who only married here when under the influence of drugs and/ or alcohol?

    I always thought Rhine was a shit dad, still do, but Mack is a sociopath to scoop his ass up and get pregnant with a kid while he is using, while lying and blaming everyone else in his life for his addiction. She is a real piece of work. So different from the average person who is in denial about their SO using. She is… wow.

    MTV needs to never give this woman another second of screen time. She is scary. I wouldn’t have put it past her to have given Rhine her blessing to do drugs as long as she can stick around. He clearly can’t stand her sober.

    1. Personally, I think she’s worse. At least when a guy is doing this to a woman, people jump in, and try to protect her. But people don’t do anything if a woman is doing this to a man. I think the double standard is disgusting, and it makes up a good portion of her advantage with seemingly getting away with all of this.

  3. According to Radaronline, skipped her weekly visitation with Hudson and flew to New York alone. I guess that means she has left Ryan. I’m sure she is humiliated, but she brought it on herself.

  4. Anyone who hurts and abuses and kills animals the way he did, is one step from killing a human.

    Maci is right to protect her kids and so is Smacks ex husband with Hudson.

    I know Jen and Larry love Bentley so much, but considering the way Ryan has turned out, I’d question their seriously consider limited visitation at a centre.

    I think Larry can get very very angry and also has a alcahol problem, I do feel for Jen but her codling her son and enabling him, I’d not want my kid to grow up like Ryan If I were Maci.

    Sorry Jen but you reap what you sow.

    Your a lovely lady but you all at some point have slagged off the mother of your grandson and often in front of him or in his presence.

    Im no huge fan of Maci, but you cannot take it away from her, she’s a great mom.

    Her son is growing up in to a good polite boy, who does chores ( which I agree with ) maybe if Jen had instilled this in to Ryan he would be a decent productive member of society, instead of a lazy drugged up mess, who’s never truly had an interest in his son.

    if it were not for Maci you not have had such an active role in Bentleys life, and that should have been what Ryan should have done, Ryan I believe has had issues from 16 and pregnant days, he’s never fully been there for Bentley, I think if Larry and Jen were not good people, Ryan would have dumped Maci when she got pregnant.

    Smackenzie is either blind and stupid or she’s desperate for attention, things will end badly for the Edwards family if Ryan keeps this lifestyle.

    And covering up and enabling to save face will also put their son in danger and possibly have Bentley grow up having lost his father.

    If they truly love Ryan and Bentley they must face up to this problem and get Ryan help, and stop enabling this problem that could kill their son.

    Sad situation all round, the only innocent one is Bentley.

    1. I knew Tinder was not illegal. I should have notated I was being sarcastic. What I really meant was since it was just a probation violation, why was he required to stay at Larry & Jen’s. I just read that Mack flew to New York and forfeited her weekly visitation.

    2. I agree. Killing animals is a sign of being a sociopath or serial killer. I recall just a few that started with killing animals are Jeffrey Dahmer and The Happy Face Killer. Ryan may not be a serial killer, but he does seem to lack empathy like a sociopath. On the other hand, I have seen Ryan give the dog Chance more attention than any human I have seen him with. But Larry & Jen are much to blame for. his immaturity. I have wondered if Jen overcompensated because I believe Larry is an alcoholic was probably abusive to Ryan.

  5. So mackenzie knowingly married an active heroine user and knowingly got pregnant by him claiming that after no time at all he will be a great father all the while exposing her child to this man … ? What a winner …

  6. They test for a whole panel of drugs in the required drug tests not just the substance one was arrested for. And they are not at home tests, they are usually taken in front of a probation officer and you find out the results immediately. And as for drugs such as heroin and opiates any user knows when they will need to stop to pass a drug test, that’s the beauty of it for them, they can keep using and just stop a few days before their appointment. However a follicle drug test shows when the user stopped and the length of time can be determined and are much more telling of what a user is actually doing. A urine test has way too many ways one can get around it if they wish too. And as for thinking he was off probation, if he had been he would have known and had paperwork that said so. They don’t just say have a nice day and you are done.

  7. If it is true about Ryan is required to stay with Larry & Jenn, the why? Someone said it because he was on a Tinder. I don’t know anthing about Tinder? Is it illegal?

    1. Why would a 30 year old grown man be required to live with his Mommy and Daddy. Someone in that mess should start talking, because while it was creepy Jenn sharing her bed with Bentley, now we have Ryan on heroin, nodding out on national television, Larry saying he HATES his son, will NEVER speak to him again.

      There is Ryan all over Tinder and sex apps and cheating on his wife. What the hell is going on over there…now a restraining order filed to keep Ryan away from Maci and her entire family, including Bentley. What did Ryan actually do??

      1. I’m sure back when Larry and Rhine had that big falling out, I’m positive Jen said he was living at a property owned by her and her siblings??

        Maybe he was kicked out of the place, by the siblings of Jen, they could have said to her buy us out or Ryan can’t live here anymore????

        Could it be if he were renting else where he was evicted ??

        Maybe we will get to find out, why he’s living back at home, but they’ve hidden so much and enabled so much, the truth may not come out?

        1. Right, the Edwards have hidden so much, its hard to have any compassion for any of them. They presented a completely false view of themselves for a decade, so its hard to make any sense of the mess they are in now.

          Ryan has clearly been on drugs the entire time he has been on MTV, but they pretended he was clean and ‘trying to get legal custody of Bentley’ but we see Ryan not even get up off a couch to see his son, when he had not seen the boy in weeks?

          We hear Larry furious saying he HATES Ryan, we know Larry got into a FIGHT with Taylor at Bentley’s baseball game, show these incidents and the why; do not air Ryan barley coherent bowling with his parents, ‘wife’, child and stepson..that was laughable in its absurdity..

          Ryan carrying around some kind of support dog 24/7 is also ludicrous..Ryan doesn’t GAF about anything, we are supposed to believe he GAS about this dog??

          Someone better start talking or get the entire Edwards family off this show; air Maci and her children or better yet cancel the show, so everyone has to get real jobs and find something to do with their lives. Sitting on couches collecting fat stacks from MTV is the reason for 99% of their problems.

          1. I absolutely think Ryan’s been on something the entire time that they have been on our screens.

  8. If it is true about Ryan is required to stay with Larry & Jenn, the why? Someone said it because he was on a Tinder. I don’t know anthing about Tinder? Is it illegal?

    1. Karen, Tinder is a dating app, used by a lot of people for hooking up. He is cheating on Mackenzie by using it. I assume he’s at Jen and Larry’s because she booted him or he chose to get away from her.

      1. I knew Tinder was not illegal. I should have notated I was being sarcastic. What I really meant was since it was just a probation violation, why was he required to stay at Larry & Jen’s. I just read that Mack flew to New York and forfeited her weekly visitation.

    2. I may join? just to see what his profile says lol.
      Since insomnia has decided to pay me another visit.

  9. We were first introduced to Mack in Maci’s wedding to Taylor in October 2016, right? (Around that time, I remember him blabbing about how he dreamed of her in a wedding dress etc.) There is NO WAY she didn’t know by the time they themselves married in May 2017, that’s prob why she wanted their wedding day to be sooner. So yeah, crazy chick who just wants a paycheck. Their poor unfortunate future baby.

  10. There’s no way that Jen and Larry didn’t know that Rhine was using years ago.
    I think if they’d stopped babying him and done something, this situation wouldn’t be occurring now.

    Maci doesn’t seem to me to be someone to file legal paperwork at the drop of a hat (like the PFA queen Kailyn). I’m sure more details will come out about reasons for this – threatening phone calls/messages perhaps?

    1. As far as Jen and Larry they knew all along. If you remember his Dad..Larry last yr didn’t speak to him a very long time. He even threatened to leave Jen told National TV his son was a waste of space, never wanted to speak to him and very horrible things even told Jen stop babying Ryan. Unfortunately, Larry didn’t stand by his words as a father. Now, they have a son who is a drug addict, no job and NEEDS a women to survive ..Mom..to do everything for him. Mack is the replaced Jen not love she a hired spokeswomen for the family to tell huge lies. Sadly, we now have to watch 2 children’s life destroyed by this situation and a innocent baby. I am very upset at MTV for allowing this behavior and paying for his drugs we all seem to ignore. As We know, Farrah, was Fired for adult entertainment which is legal, I know people disagree but it’s a job, she’s over 21, it’s legal and no drugs. Ryan, Mack and his family should be removed from from MTV as they should not support anyone’s drug habit or destroy children as this show has lost it’s true meaning as most got pregnant again some multiples without getting married, abuse and drugs as it’s no longer has meaning but gossip and drama, Dr Drew needs to end it as it failed but it do show teens get pregnant at 16 , continue to have children without marriage, be abusive, cheat and do drugs get paid for it and be popular on social media not a message I want for ANY teen! Ryan is very sick and needs severe long term help which doesn’t need to be in the media or TV as his children will be the ones to suffer while the fans love the drama. MTV needs to think of Bentley not ratings as we know there’s only 2 places a herion drug addict ends up..Jail or death. Do we really want Bentley and all his friends to watch this unfold as this is truly divasating for a child and now that’s it’s on TV and social media it will never go away. Ryan will not get the help he needs as MTV pays them both every drug addicts dream to get paid a lot money to have no job and paid to be filmed high! Reality should be no job..no money and homeless then he night get the help he needs. Also, a drug addicts brings all things bad into their life dealers with guns, other drug addicts and uncontrollable behavior as you lose your soul if he’s already at the stage of IV use we all know it doesn’t start there therefore He’s a danger to everyone and it’s time for MTV to take this seriously and remove the whole family! The cast and fans should demand this.

  11. I don’t know how the courts work in other states, but the rural Ohio town I live in has started offering a rehab program for certain drug offenses & overdoses. That could be why he didn’t serve any jail time at first & I assume was the real reason behind his rehab stint, but I could be wrong. I’m sure he uses synthetic urine for his drug tests like a lot of folks on probation seem to do, which allows him to keep getting high but I’m sure is why he hasn’t agreed to Maci’s request for a hair follicle test, there’s no way for him to cheat it. It’s obvious Ryan is still on SOMETHING, though I genuinely hope for everyone’s sake that it isn’t heroin again. I hate to say it, but without a job, hobby or anything motivating him to change, I don’t see him staying clean. Bringing a baby into this shitshow was a horrendous decision. I hope he’s able to swallow his pride & get real help before this trap baby is born, because so far he’s proved he’s incapable of even taking care of himself.

  12. I’m the first to admit, I don’t know much about heroin. Is 1.8 grams a lot of heroin? I’m assuming it’s not a quantity that would lead to a distribution charge. I’m just having a really hard time understanding why a police officer would allow a driver with visible heroin off with a ticket and order to appear. Maybe if he riding a bus or walking down the street, this would make more sense to me, but Ryan was driving with heroin in his car!!!! This seems insane to me!

    I love reading everyone’s theories. A lot of them make a lot of sense to me. Oh, and I fully agree with everyone that Mackenzie is full of shit. Any possible, minuscule amount of credible she may have had is now shot to tell. Please Mackenzie, do yourself and your children a favor—get away from Ryan, quit reality tv, go back to college, live a normal, quiet life of peace. It will probably be the best move you could make.

    1. No. 15-20 bucks in most states. If it was alot he would’ve been really arrested. I’m afraid they didn’t do him justice by just disposing of his needles and not arresting him for paraphernalia

    2. And yes 1.8 grams is a lot of heroin. A typical ticket of heroin will contain between 0.05 and 0.1g of the drug. Of course heavy users will require larger doses. But regardless 1.8 grams is a lot of heroin. It isn’t pot. Lol. And it isn’t cheap when you have that much.

    3. Retired police officer, certified DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) with hundreds of DUI Arrests;

      On average, a DUI arrest takes 4-6 hours. Non-alcohol related DUIs are significantly more difficult in the event that there’s no accident involved for a host of reasons. The very easiest to explain is that DUI is taught to every single police officer (and even so, MANY, almost 80% of the police force will avoid DUI arrests unless they are all but forced to do one).

      DUI arrests are exceptionally time intensive on all fronts- you spend MUCH longer on the roadside collecting evidence (field sobriety exercises), administering the tasks requires a good bit of memory and multitasking. It needs to be done in a safe area, which often means transporting the person being tested. It requires intensely documenting every single step from the first observations of the driver, through recording (usually with two cameras) the tasks, and documenting and entering the physical evidence (Any video, photos, physical evidence that’s collected such as alcohol bottles, notes taken during each task, etc etc). It’s exceptionally paper work intensive. I type 143 wpm and it STILL took me over an hour to complete a DUI report.

      When it comes to alcohol, You have to read someone thier rights (after arrest but before the interview) and document all of THAT. You have to fill out any tickets and have them signed. You need to do a booking sheet and have THAT checked. You need to read implied consent and have that signed.

      Then you (or a deputy who works at the jail) have to watch the person for 20 minutes to make sure they don’t eat, drink,spit,vomit or anything else-and then do a breathalyzer (in most state’s this is done after the arrest, not before).

      With a drug related DUI, you do ALL this PLUS when they blew .00, you need someone qualified as I was- as a DRE, for after the arrest to meet you at the jail. We are specially trained to recognize the behavior and physical attributes of the affects of short and long term drug use and abuse and to document those findings during an almost 45 minute interview/observation.

      Many MANY cops will do ANYTHING to avoid DUI charges..I personally went out of my way to take any potential DUI that I felt was viable-and I was very good at being with .01% of the B.A.C and I was nearly 100% with my drug recognition. I also have (and I’m very proud of this)- a 100% plea or conviction rate; Not one DUI arrest i ever made was able to successfully win against me in court- impressive since I once arrested a girl in her own living room for DUI. (It’s a long story, but I had a successful conviction!)

      … I’ve made close to 500 DUI arrests, one year I almost had 100 in one year (something extremely rare. That works out to about 2 a week, which is very very hard to do in most places). All of this is because I’ve lost three people I love to DUI and it’s a crime I take very very seriously- BUT in our department of nearly 300 road deputies, I had the highest and second highest DUI rates during my entire career (now retired due to illness). The ENTIRE DUI stats for our 300-person road patrol were typically spread among only 20-some officers. That means the other 275 didn’t make ANY DUI arrests that year. That’s how few of us care enough to do all that work, sadly.

      In general, an officer needs significant understanding AND ability to articulate the evidence that they had sufficient probable cause that the driver is either drunk,high or both, and MANY cops will be quick to say “that guy is high”- but they won’t stake thier reputation on it.

      You have to know enough about the effects of drug use in order to have probable cause of the DUI… and while possession certainly helps, realistically, many people buy and transport drugs and don’t drive high. One, they don’t want to get caught or die, and two, most people like to get high in the comfort of thier safe home. Most drug users don’t want to get high and focus on complex tasks like driving.

      All the time it takes to document these things AND all the knowledge required, added to the laziness of cops in general (many of us excluded- I have personally had MULTIPLE DUI Hat-tricks)… It’s VERY VERY common to charge someone with what you’ll best get to stick… And possession charges are already a felony for ANY amount of heroin. So many cops are happy to make the feeling drug arrest that will take very little time. Since they didn’t charge him but rather, cited him for an infraction, it sounds like the found the drugs in a place in the vehicle where they weren’t immediately accessible (like the trunk or real seat away from the driver) and so they didn’t think they had enough probable cause for DUI, but they felt they had enough to charge him with the possession without intent to distribute (whatever his state’s equivalent is). I’d like to say that the cops either had someone else present that could drive away (most likely) or that they were significantly comfortable that he wasn’t high at the time-which is why they let him go without a physical arrest.

      Frankly, it sounds like laziness and or a pay-off, because I don’t know of any state that allows for a notice to appear for felony charges. It’s very unusual to say the least.

      Sorry that was long, but just a little insight.

      TL/DR- DUI is a lot of work any many cops are lazy.

  13. The Ashley, I heard the main reason that Ryan is at his parents again is because he was found out to still have an active Tinder profile, and he is still using the account. I also saw on a YouTube video that he uses his real name n pic in Tinder, but says he’s 25. Lmao I think he is 31 or at least 30. Anyways Ashley have u heard or confirmed any of this?

    1. But why would Tyan be required to stay at Jenn & Larry’s just because he was on Tinder? I don’t have the first clue how Tinder works. Is it illegal or something? I wonder if Mack is living with them too. She strikes me as the type to want him to be right by her side during her preganancy so she can keep the great father & marriage facade. So many questions.

      1. This is my thinking also, okay what if Ryan was 40 years old or 50 years old and on Tinder, would he have to go live with his 70 or 80 year old parents because he is a pervert? Confused…

    2. Why do you have to live with your Mommy and Daddy if you have a Tinder profile and not your allegedly pregnant wife? Ryan is a 30 year old grown man..the entire situation with that Edwards family is starting to get .. messy…messy..messy…

    3. I find it creepy that he’s cutting 5 years off of his age, bc that means he’s probably trying to hook up with much younger girls—like 18-22 years old and he doesn’t want to look like a creepy guy who’s trying to have sex with women 10+ years younger than him, so he’s tricking them into thinking he’s much closer in age to them than he is.

  14. Now I’m wondering if Ryan “thought he was done with probation and drug tests” because he knew if he tested this time it would come back positive. So rather than go do his drug test, he went with “oh, I didn’t know I still had to do that, I thought I was done. So sorry!” and hoped that his probation officer would just call him, tell him he’s not done, and have him go take a test soon. Seems like a good con for a drug addict. Play stupid and try to get the test pushed back a couple of days.

    I still think that he’s been using since leaving rehab. I think he was using in between his drug tests and being careful to keep clean in the few days leading up to a test so he wouldn’t test positive for heroin. I think he let it go too close this last time though bc he’s become more addicted and couldn’t stop for the few days before the test, so he decided to try the “oh I thought I was done,” excuse to buy a few days. Also why he doesn’t want Maci to make him get a hair follicle test bc that will prove he’s been using this whole time.

    Either that or I think he’s on methadone. That still makes sense for the short time he spent in rehab, why he continues to look high, and why he doesn’t want Maci to see any of his drug tests bc he doesn’t want her to know he’s taking methadone. But if it’s just the methadone, I don’t know why he pulled the stunt with the last drug test. Maybe he’s been on methadone this whole time AND he recently used heroin after the news of Mackenzie’s pregnancy was announced and not received well by the public.

    1. And I’m also confused and feel like we’re missing some info about why Maci filed the order of protection just now. If he failed a drug test and there was proof he was still using, i can see exactly why she would do so. But if his story about just accidentally missing a drug test is true, then it doesn’t make sense that something so innocent would push Maci to file for protection for her whole entire family. I feel like it can’t just be that he thought he was done with probation and innocently missed a test. It doesn’t make sense for Maci to file over that.

      I’m also skeptical about him not knowing he was still on probation bc I think Ryan is the type of guy who lets the women in his life deal with all of his paperwork, appointment, and scheduling. Seems like his mother or wife would be the one interacting with the courts and keeping up to date on everything Ryan needed to do to get off probation successfully. I can’t see Jen or Mackenzie just taking his word for it that he’s done with probation. They would probably call the courts to make sure, or ask Ryan if he had gotten a formal letter telling him he was done. Because they coddle him and do everything for him.

  15. They’re acting like heroin is like marijuana! Where i come from if you get caught with that your ass is going to jail!

    1. Heroin is a felony in every state. Sounds like the cops basically let him go and charged him only with possession of paraphernalia (which is a misdemeanor) and wrote him a notice to appear, for which he agreed to go to rehab and take probation, in order to avoid a felony arrest. Then, he violated his probation, which is how we all just found out about it.

      -retired cops $.02

  16. I would love to hear Big Macks parents true opinion about her marriage. And her ex husbands opinion.
    Hey Ashley think he would give you a interview?
    Or do he have some class?

    1. I don’t think I have ever seen or read any interviews with either of Mack’s parents. Has anyone else?

      1. Her mom was on the show. It was when they got engaged and she was praising about Ryan being “so good to Mack.” His parents looked on in awe of her stupidity.

  17. So the cop let him go in March 2017 after pulling him over (presumably for driving while impaired) and confiscating his drugs. Then, in April, he’s sentenced to probation (probably on the condition he go to rehab). In May, after alllll of this, he is driving to his wedding about to pass out, clearly high on something despite being on probation. And Mack is going to pretend like she didn’t know??? Maci is a god d@mn saint for not spilling this tea at the reunion after Mack had the gall to read that stupid letter.

    1. There are a lot of places that let them go because the jails are just so full. They “charge” them when they go to court and that is why his probation is till April and not March when he was pulled over.

      1. I could see some places letting him out on a low bail or no bail the day of his arrest and then sentencing him to probation because they didn’t have room for him in the jail, but that doesn’t really make sense for why he wasn’t brought to the police station/jail to be booked in the first place. Most jails have a specific holding cell that they shove all of their non-violent arrests into while they’re being booked and waiting for someone to come pick them up and bail them out. They’re only in their for a couple of hours or maybe for the day. Then they’re bailed out and live at home waiting for sentencing or trial date. It’s not like they needed to find him his own cell or house him for weeks until the trial.

          1. That’s true. They might send them to a lab to be tested, but if he had what looked like drugs, plus needles on him, plus he was driving erratically or whatever got him pulled over to begin with, and they decided to have him go to court for it, then he should’ve been arrested. I think most places would arrest you and then you have the option to plead not guilty if you were really just carrying around a bag of flour or something and not heroin. At your trial, the prosecuting attorney has to prove its heroin. They would do that by sending it to a lab. If it comes back not heroin, charges are dropped. But they still arrest you to begin with. That’s just how the legal system works.

  18. Remember the episode of TM before Ryan and Mac’s wedding when Maci said she was scared for Ryan and things were getting really bad but she wouldn’t give any more details than that… I bet that was when he was pulled over and agreed to go to rehab to the courts. Mac and Ryan got married shortly after that, Mac said it was because Ryan’s lawyer said he would have a better chance at getting custody of Bentley and then he just so happened to go to rehab. There’s been ZERO talk of getting any sort of custody on Ryan’s part.

  19. Actually the dates don’t add up. If his court date was April 30th, that’s when his 1 year probation would have started so he isn’t done until April 30th of this year.

  20. I’m not sure how all this legal stuff works but if he was put on probabtion in April, how did he pass any drugs tests between then and his rehab stint? Also, literally how did he pass any other drugs tests??? He clearly doesn’t seem sober in any TM episodes, unless it was just alcohol. I feel like nothing about this situation and story makes sense (i.e.- his arrest, driving high, quickie marriage, rehab, drinking alcohol on camera, not taking drug tests for Maci)

    1. He does look like he’s on drugs still. My guess is that he probably traded his heroin addiction for a prescription drug addiction. If he’s being prescribed something than he can still pass a drug test because whatever he is potentially taking would be legal for him to have.

    2. They test for a whole panel of drugs in the required drug tests not just the substance one was arrested for. And they are not at home tests, they are usually taken in front of a probation officer and you find out the results immediately. And as for drugs such as heroin and opiates any user knows when they will need to stop to pass a drug test, that’s the beauty of it for them, they can keep using and just stop a few days before their appointment. However a follicle drug test shows when the user stopped and the length of time can be determined and are much more telling of what a user is actually doing. A urine test has way too many ways one can get around it if they wish too. And as for thinking he was off probation, if he had been he would have known and had paperwork that said so. They don’t just say have a nice day and you are done.

  21. The Ashley: My floor is slippery with all the tea you’ve been spilling this week! The picture of Rhine at the top really makes me sad in a way that the plethora of other mugshots associated with this garbage barge of a franchise haven’t before and I guess part of the reason for this is that Rhine seems like a stone cold sad, living behind the shed, found five days too late drug addict. Another reason is that even though he’s a crap-ass father, he seems like he wouldn’t be a bad dude if it weren’t for his addiction, he was never abusive, getting into fights, treating staff badly etc like the other mugshot brigade ie. Amber, Jenelle, Adam, Lurch (well all of Jenelle’s soulmates) and Farrah (no mugshots, but she’s just a bitch). Rhine needs long-term intensive treatment and therapy, then he honestly needs a life-coach or something because he has no idea how to adult (maintain employment, pay his own bills, do his laundry, cook his own food etc.) I would say Mack needs to go, but she’s got a baby, a paycheck and celebrity in her game-plan so she’s going nowhere. I really, really hope he learns to appreciate and embrace all the love and support he has from his loved ones and truly clean his act up, because his parents are good people (enabling aside) and Bentley is an amazing sweet child who deserves a father he can look up to.

    1. Except for his joyfully and deliberately killing neighbourhood cats. Because of that cruelty, he will never be a good guy to me.

      1. Yeah. Ryan is a write off of human garbage and Mack is no better. My heart breaks for their future child.

  22. Now, this is a legal question because I don’t quite get it: Ryan wasn’t arrested but charged with drug possession and got probation with mandatory drug tests. These drug tests. Do they only test for the substance he was in possession of (heroin) or other illegal substances/other drugs as well?
    And on a personal level: if he had to test for drugs regularly, then couldn’t he just give Maci the results of those tests in order to see Bentley? These court ordered tests cannot just be taken at home, right?
    So many questions, absolutely no answers, no wonder I keep watching this show.

    1. (Massachusetts so it may be different)

      My brother was on probation at one point, also for heroin:

      He was placed in jail for failing a test due to marijuana.
      Another time he failed due to opioids.
      They test a panel of drugs, and sometimes they would come up questionable and he would have to pay for and take it a second time.

      The only test that proves that it’s been “6 months without using” ect is a follicle test. Now, in the beginning my brother openly admitted to playing the game of try not to get caught, he still used and knew how long it would take things to get out of his system: update: he’s been clean and off drugs for 4 years and openly admits when things are tough and he has the thought of using so others are aware and keep an eye on him or help him.

    2. They test for a whole panel of drugs in the required drug tests not just the substance one was arrested for. And they are not at home tests, they are usually taken in front of a probation officer and you find out the results immediately. And as for drugs such as heroin and opiates any user knows when they will need to stop to pass a drug test, that’s the beauty of it for them, they can keep using and just stop a few days before their appointment. However a follicle drug test shows when the user stopped and the length of time can be determined and are much more telling of what a user is actually doing. A urine test has way too many ways one can get around it if they wish too. And as for thinking he was off probation, if he had been he would have known and had paperwork that said so. They don’t just say have a nice day and you are done.

      1. Just a note… They also don’t test JUST for drugs. THey also test for common metabolizers (things the drugs break down into as the body processes them) as well as common additives used to cut many drugs. THAT is how many people get busted because those aren’t out of your system as fast. (Retired cop here)

  23. How does this bitch Mackenzie claim that she didn’t know about Ryan’s drug habit until he went to rehab or “300 days 2000 hours, and 12 episodes of Teen Mom OG and one reunion” as she told Maci. He has needles and 1.5 grams that is a habit that is obvious unless you are turning on your blinders to make sure you get that teen mom paycheck and become Mrs. Edwards in order to really cash in. As wasted he was at his first wedding I would bet he was as bombed during his second wedding only drunk and on whatever else this time instead of shooting heroin. He is “sober” though according to him and this snake of a woman. I hope Ryan sobers up and leaves this bitch ASAP before he is more miserable and OD’s from depression of being with her. Good luck failing out of nurse school you snake.

    1. I’m sure Mackenzie knew and has known about Ryan’s struggles shortly after or even before having met him. They live in a small town from what I understand and people talk, plus Ryan is somewhat famous. Even IF Mack was stupid enough not to notice the signs on her own, I’m certain she was tipped off more than once at which point it would have become obvious to her. No way she didn’t notice his eyes, track marks, slurred speech, nodding off and daily disappearing acts after hearing the rumors. That’s why many people view her as a predator- she saw a situation where she could manipulate and she did. There’s no reason in the world for a 19 year old girl with a young child and a divorce under her belt to marry an unemployed heroin addict and think that’s a good idea, unless fame and money came with it

    2. Okay, I’ve never seen Gone With the Wind, and I don’t want to. That being said, Mack seems to think she’s some sort of Scarlett O’Hara. I mean, REALLY?? Frankly, Mack, WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN!!

        1. Scarlett was a loveable, opportunistic, gold digging, double crossing her own sister, cruel woman. I get the similarities.
          Scarlett definitely redeems herself in the 2nd novel though.

  24. So Ryan must have bought his way out of being arrested when he was pulled over last year. How the hell did he not get arrested for possession of heroin and needles? I live in Chattanooga and that is scary, especially since him basically asleep at the wheel on the same road I drive daily. Arresting him could have prevented him driving that way if they had arrested him like they do everybody else. If he had killed someone that day, it would have been blood on that cop’s hands. This is infuriating. As infuriating as watching his delusional wife not making him pull over instead of being more worried about turning the cameras off and making him marry her.

  25. First, what police officer would take just take away Herion & needles from someone who was obviously impaired while driving? Herion is killing people of everyday and it’s a class one drug, as he could have killed himself or a innocent person on the road. Herion is a serious drug especially with needles and he’s NOT arrested. This makes no sense at all. I do not know a police officer who kindly lets a drugged impaired driver with class 1 drugs in his possession just drive away either police officer knew him or the story is false. As no police officer should ever put innocent people in danger!

    1. I don’t know for sure how this would have worked, but it’s entirely possible that Ryan was given an appearance ticket and spared a public arrest for his own privacy. I know in NY cops can do this for drug possession charges in small amounts. My best guess is the cop that pulled Ryan over did him a kindness by not arresting him, gave him an appearance ticket and he agreed to rehab and 1 year probation. Because he missed a drug test and violated the probation the conditional discharge is being revoked. Again just by best guess but it’s not uncommon for a first time offender to be given this option and FYI it’s entirely possible he passed his tests and still used. Maci wanted a hair follicle drug test, which from what I remember was the test Ryan refused. Which makes sense because the follicle test would have shown exactly how long, if at all, he was actually sober. Ryan’s claims on the show regarding how long it stays in his hair are absolute BS. He tried to claim he wouldn’t take the hair test because he didn’t know how long he would test positive, but the hair follicle test would have shown exactly when Ryan stopped using. You can’t flush your system for a day or two and pass the follicle test the way you can with a urine test which is 100% why Ryan wouldn’t take it.

  26. So the story about not knowing he was on drugs at the wedding was crap, and the police just let someone who had been shooting up heroin drive away to go endanger everyone on the road. Good to know.

  27. im really curious about the orders of protection..why just ryan? how does this affect jen and larry seeing bentley?

    1. Well, I guess we’re going to find out more come Monday after the court hearing. I just wonder if it’s true that Ryan’s been staying with his parents yet again. Mack said that “everything’s fine” after all, so why wouldn’t he be living with her at their place? Their baby’S due in, like, a month or so? Not the greatest time for all of this stuff to happen, if there ever was a good time…

      1. Their baby is not due in a month lol. End of summer. Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance whenever it’s born

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