EXCLUSIVE! MTV Did NOT Fire Amber Portwood; Resumes Filming Her for Next Season of ‘Teen Mom OG!’ Get the Latest Details!

“Thank the Baby Jesus God Leah! I thought I was gonna have to go actually work!”

Despite the reports that Amber Portwood had been (or will be) fired from her job on Teen Mom OG, thanks to the three disturbing audio clips released over the past two weeks, The Ashley can confirm that Amber has not been fired— and it doesn’t appear that MTV will be giving her the boot any time soon.

The Ashley can also confirm that an MTV film crew was in Amber’s neck of the woods around Tuesday of this week, filming Amber & Co.!

“Amber has 100 percent filmed for the new season,” The Ashley’s production source tells her. “She is not being fired by MTV.

“[The producers] plan to film with Amber through her court trial [for the domestic battery charges.] Whatever happens there will obviously dictate if she remains on the show or not.”

As The Ashley told you, the show’s top executive producers held a conference call after the first audio recording was released. However, the execs basically decided against releasing a statement about the audio clips.

“They want to show her redemption story. Also, it’s not just the producers who make the call whether or not to fire someone. It has to come from the network,” the source said, adding that not all of the producers and crew are in agreement that Amber should get to keep her job.

“Ready when you are, MTV!”

“Some of us are uncomfortable working with her after what we heard [on the audio clips],” the source said, adding that the crew is no longer in Indiana.

While the source was vague about what Amber filmed about, The Ashley can confirm that the topic of Andrew was discussed, and that the general gist was “how Andrew is very different from how he was portrayed on the show” so far.

As The Ashley told you earlier this month, MTV attempted to get Andrew to film— via an ambush phone call that was being recorded for the show– but he has declined so far. (Whether or not he will change his mind and film is obviously unknown, but at this time, he has not filmed at all and has turned down their offer so far.)

“I see you trying to be tricky, MTV!”

From what The Ashley hears, Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley, has also filmed for the upcoming season. (It is not known whether or not he filmed on his own or with Amber.)

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available. Stay tuned…

To get caught up on all of the recent Amber/Andrew audio tape drama, click here

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  1. I am disgusted with MTV for hiring a psychotic and evil individual to be on the show! She deserves nothing! We have already seen this behavior in the past and she doesn’t deserve redemption once again! I have been a fan of the show from the beginning and I am seriously considering not watching it anymore. I hate it for the other cast members who have done nothing wrong! I will not support abuse and people who use mental illness as a crutch! Nope! I have depression and anxiety and I don’t talk to people that way!

  2. I just wanted to thank the person who is pretending to be Abra. With every ? I see, my smile just keeps getting bigger and bigger. It sux to be me, don’t it poser?!! ??

    1. Seriously, the same comment on at least 4 different teen mom articles.

      What is wrong with you??
      You need to be in s mental facility.

  3. I think it is horrible the decision to keep her on the show me also being a victim of abuse just goes to show that as long as your on tv and mtv is making money off of it its okay what a terrible way to show teens this is okay i truly hope people stop watching this show

  4. Andrew had to stay home and take care of James. It’s a fact Amber was not going to get out of bed or off the couch to do anything but hit him. I hope she sees the inside of a jail cell for a while. Let’s see if she hits anyone there

  5. her redemption story? Isn’t this what we have “supposed” to be seeing already?? Ya know redemption from her first domestic violence case? So ok… drug addicts- nope fired, adult film stars, fired… but hey domestic violence, child endangerment.. Cool. HIRED!

  6. Oh please. They wanted to get rid of Jenelle long before the dog was killed. Because how she treated the MTV crew, wanted it to be all on her terms and randomly refused to film, refused to go to reunions without her piece of crap husband and so on. The dog killing was only the last straw.

  7. They fired Janelle because mtv was not willing to face the onslaught of hellfire that was going to brought upon them by animal rights activists, who can be absolutely brutal in pursuing their goals. Good for them.
    DV activists have to be just as loud

  8. I am extremely disappointed, but I’m not surprised. MTV’s moral compass points straight to hell. From recording Ryan Edwards driving while high as a kite, to recording Amber beating Gary, to showing Jenelle having all out screaming matches in front of her children, MTV clearly does not give a crap about the children this show is damaging. I hope that the network has some sort of a trust fund to cover the therapy all of these children with inevitably need. Amber should have been fired the second the leaked audio was revealed. She is toxic and abusive, and MTV is enabling her awful behavior. I would say that the producers of this train wreck should be ashamed of themselves, but they are clearly incapable of feeling shame.

  9. I can’t wait to call my girlfriend a retard and then beat the living shit out of her because according to MTV, it’s OK
    Anyone know where I can get a machete?

  10. I just read on US Weekly that Jenelle is waiting to hear from MTV about whether or not she’ll return to TM2. Any news on that @TheAshley?

  11. I’m not watching it with Amber still on. I never liked her. I always thought she was trash and I was right. I’m Bipolar too and I don’t go after people with a machete.

  12. Hell mtv sure picked some the dumbest girls ever from 16 and pregnant, to be on the teem mom shows.

    Every single one has been turned in to entitled bitches.
    And the kids exploited to the fullest.

    Reality tv has seriously screwed up society, and turned idiots in to attention seeking fame hungry wastes of air.

  13. Shame on mtv if it had of been andrew talking and abusing amber that way it would of been different..why is it ok for amber or any woman to abuse a man and they will find an excuse to dismiss it !!!abuse is abuse to a man woman child or animal abuse has no excuses !!! Mtv do the decent thing and grow a set of balls and stand up to her or are you scared she will kick you in them !!!

  14. I’m happy Amber isn’t fired becaus itsNOT her fault she suffers from mental illness. She cannot control the thoughts sometimes and she has a battle in her head that no one can ever understand unless they have been there. Andrew made fun of her illness all the time and he only wanted to sit on his big fat ass and steal her money. He’s not employed he’s a mooch he used her . I think he obviously does things intentionally to aggravate Amber. He is a giant 7 foot tall man c’mon how’s Amber going to hurt him I see right thru him. He just wants her money and is using the baby to get it.

      1. I feel mental health isn’t the problem she is bad And just vile .. on the recordings she is threatening andrew she will destroy him she has lawyers she thinks she is the big I am cause shes on a reality tv show wellll like I have said abuse of any kind doesn’t warrant it being dismissed because of who you are it’s actually very disturbing that mtv have not punished this vile abuser and showing it to the rest of the world it’s ok to abuse if your on medication…shame on mtv

    1. Shawn – what could Andrew have POSSIBLY done to deserve this crap? Woke her up at 4:30pm and told her it was time to get outta bed and be a contributing member of the household??? THAT is “provoking”??? What the hell are you popping to make you so pathetically blind and stupid??? YOUR NEPHEW, A HELPLESS BABY, WAS IN CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER AND YOU ARE DEFENDING YOUR SISTER, THE ONE WHO’S BEING THE AGGRESSOR!!!!???? Get over yourself and wake the hell up!!! I get ya wanna protect your little sister. BUT – there comes a time when ya need to be the protector of your baby nephew! HE needs you too! STOP making excuses for her!! She has VERY VIOLENT tendencies!! She has put James in danger more than once!! I have 6 sisters. I make sure ppl know I will fight for them and move heaven and earth for their babies!!! You are a piece of crap uncle for saying Andrew deserves this all the while holding YOUR NEPHEW in his arms!!! She said she will kill Andrew, stab him in the neck, she never wanted James, Andrew used her for her body (apparently your sis NEVER heard of all the MANY forms of BIRTH CONTROL),beat him among other things!!! REALLY SHAWN!!?? REALLY!!!??? YOU are just as bad if YOU can’t understand gow this is wrong on so many damn levels!!! W.T.F!!

      1. Dang it!!! WTH!!?? This comment was what I posted in the one all the cast members and Shawn spoke up in! Ugh!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY COMMENT I JUST COPIED/PASTED!!!????????????????

    2. It’s a damn good thing that the respiratory system is autotomic, and you don’t have to “think” to breathe, otherwise you would be DEAD. No one that stupid should be alive.

    3. So even IF Andrew did all of these things that you claim he did, it still DOES NOT warrant abuse!! How do people not understand that?? You never put your hands on someone else with the intent on hurting them. And she clearly did, with her baby in his arms!! And she verbally and emotionally abused him which is also evidenced by those tapes. I don’t care how mentally ill you are, whether you’re taking your meds or not, every person from the early ages of one to two years old, knows right from wrong! And Amber habitually crosses those lines, and knew she would get away with it. It’s sickening. Now MTV has basically told her that her behavior is condoned, and she can go on treating everybody in her life like absolute shit, (and get paid for it while sitting on her ass), because she’s never had to answer for actions or be accountable to MTV. I hope she is sentenced and has to spend a long time in prison.

  15. Her “redemption story” should have been after she got out of prison. This is just pathetic now. A constant cycle of the same mistakes repeating over and over again. Very disappointed in the whole company in letting this completely blow over.

  16. I am relieved to hear Amber was not fired yet.. I hope that she will resolve all of her troubles soon.Thanks MTV for giving her the benefit of the doubt.Prayers works!!!!!

    1. They need to let her go take her off the show let her get the help that she needs she needs to be fired this girl has threatened to kill that is serious in my book if she comes back I will not watch the show anymore especially if they bring Janelle back

    2. If prayer worked we wouldn’t have millions of children the world over going to bed hungry, even starving, being beaten, abused, tortured….

      But, sure, use up your “prayer power” on someone who abuses not only children and animals, but also grown adults, just so she can keep her kushy(pun totally intended) no work required “job”.

      Fucking sock puppets on here-they’re the ONLY people that actually “support Amber”

    3. They didn’t give Janelle the benefit of the doubt, she didn’t kill her dog, she didn’t abuse her kids, and she didn’t do anything to get fired from MTV. I hardly watch the show anymore, and then you got Adam Lind a junkie someone that just got out of jail but yeah let’s put in back on the show. Damn you put Jade on she doesn’t pay any attention to her daughter she’s a piss poor mother, she’s also with a addict both of her parents her mom and her stepdad or in jail due to drugs. I could go on and on and on. You did Janelle wrong you did her dirty after the dog the kids being taken away and then you firing her she you made her the victim for the third time.

      1. Oh please. Jenelle the s a horrible mother and verbally abuses everyone except David. Have you seen how she speaks to her mother, her kids, some random guy on the road that she pulls a gun on? Jenelle is no angel.

      2. Jenelle also had the benefit of the doubt for many years. At some point the benefit runs out. She didn’t kill nugget but she has abused animals and kids WHILE being filmed. She condoned and defended her husband’s words and actions time and time again. Not to mention the psychological abuse her kids are subjected to from both her and Lurch and them being unemployed and isolated on that land in the middle of nowhere.

  17. Shes an absolute disgrace I love teen mom but if shes back on it I will be fast forwarding her segment ,disgusted but not surprised at m,t.v. How ironic that everything is Gary’s,Matt’s And now Andrew’s fault ,boot her off the show

  18. Here we go. MTV sponsors. Have at it my friends. I certainly intend to. Post it everywhere that they support domestic violence! Email them. Whatever it takes!! @NyQuilDayQuil @ProcterGamble @Maybelline @MetroByTMobile @DawnDish @creditkarma @verizon @tacobell @Glassdoor @Unilever @reeses @Hersheys @Arbys @Amazon @Target @olivegarden

    1. No more watching this crap show. MTV is disgusting.Doesnt this tick you off that she will be paid lots of money to be like she is. Just dick and wrong messages to youth. Be abusive but hey you can still be on MTV. Meaningless TV.

  19. Are you out of your ever-loving mind. You have the audacity to fire Janelle over something that wasn’t real. And then we got tapes with Amber saying it out of her own mouth that she wants to kill him she’s been arrested she disabused her baby she didn’t want her baby.. Do you really need ratings at damn bad. You need to bring Janelle back to the show you made her a victim for the third time. First her husband killed her dog second they took her kids away from her for no reason and then you fired her that made her the victim for the third time .Yes her husband did Kill the dog not her. Second she got her kids back because there wasn’t a reason for them to be taking the first place. And now you fir Jannel for no reason but yet you let Amber stay on the show even though we know she’s guilty of what she’s charged of. Bring Janelle back!!!

  20. Doesnt everyone deserve a chance I dont condone violence of any kind by I am not big polar and have been pushed to the point that I was happy I didnt have a gun cause I would probably have shot someone and noone knows what started fight between Andrew and Amber she needs help and understanding not treated the way she is compassion guys we dont answer for her sins she does I stand behind her

    1. Then perhaps she should get help and stop smearing her victims. Perhaps MTV should show support for her victims. What about James and Leah and Andrew?

    2. Wow Geraldine!!!
      So what your saying is if you’d had a gun, you would have shot Md possibly killed someone!!!!’ HolyMoly……

      You need to be checked on by the authorities, that’s messed up OMG.

      Color me shocked……..

    3. How the hell can you not see that something is more than just a little fucked up here? You do realize that ALL of these recordings(and many more) all took place in different months, over more than a year, even WHILE she was “getting help”, and “getting treatment”. She was given the benefit of doubt on more than one occasion and even got a lesser sentence *because she got treatment while in jail because she claimed mental illness then too. How many crimes does someone have to commit for you freaks to understand she’s literally a danger to everyone around her, and it’s all a fucking act?
      She’s not mentally disturbed, she just knows it’s a damn god excuse and a good way to get out of being in trouble. At some point, accountability is important. She wasn’t doing these things in defense of someone else she was 100% the aggressor, the problem, the only person actually doing anything wrong at all, and it’s all been recorded.

      Stop using mental illness as a crutch and an excuse for being a heinous monster. It’s a slap in the face to people that actually DO suffer from mental illnesses and really do need help. This bitch is faking every single thing because she damn well knows how to get away with it. She could have killed her own child-and she doesn’t care..clearly people like you don’t, either. Asshats, the lot of ya.

  21. This wouldn’t have been so tragic if there wasn’t a freakin’ KID involved! Andrew was holding James, her son, while she went after her man with a machete! What if she did something to the baby?! I guess MTV doesn’t really care about her child (who she barely sees now) but only about painting her like a martyr! SCREW THAT SH*T! She is a mentally sick person who loves to abuse people she “loves” (don’t forget her “sending love, always”) and puts her son in the middle of it all! I’m glad he took the kid and went the hell away from her, this woman is batsh*t crazy! And no, except if they decide to send her to a mental institution or prison (which they probably won’t), she doesn’t deserve screen time! She was filmed abusing her ex before, it’s not her first rodeo (and if they keep on enabling her, it probably won’t be her last either but where will she find a man who knows nothing about all this, has to live in a cave somehow)

    I applaud Andrew for not wanting to be filmed, he knows they will twist the story somehow.

  22. Disgusting amber should be Fred I won’t be watching next season if it had been the other way round Andrew attacking amber he would of been in jail mtv are irresponsible keeping amber on the show not a good example to young girls

  23. Oh u have to be kidding very disappointed in MTV she does not deserve to b on tv so what about Janelle then n Barbara then they should b back on MTV.

  24. I have watched this series at the beginning and off and on following Amber. I like her and hopes she can get her life together. Give her a chance.

  25. I feel done. MTV is choosing ratings and exploiting domestic abuse and mental illness at the cost of these children and their families. Absolutely no reason to support the network or their sponsors any longer.

    1. THere is a petition on change.org to fire Amber from the show. As of last night I was the first to sign. They are looking for 5000 signatures. I don’t know how effective these petitions are but at least it’s doing something. Just search Amber POrtwood, change and it should pull up!

      1. I signed a few days ago, and I even posted about it here. I feel like it didn’t do any good though. It just goes to show you money talks, it seems like if you have enough money, then you can get away with anything you want. Has anybody else heard the rumors about Adam Lind coming back?

      2. Petitions hardly ever work. What will work is to STOP watching the network and contacting sponsors. You have to hit them in their pockets. Clearly $$$$$ talks!!!

  26. David threatened crew members and wasn’t allowed at filming but kept showing up. This also helped with his wife’s firing.

  27. Dont put andrew back on the shoe hes a stranger not even teen mom family. Man he is not who you think he is fake phony.. Who would tape someone if all those tapes were so bad why not play them as soon as taped why wait til she was ready to leave him motive he wanted insurance to get child support he dont want to work. Thats why he got her pregnant ambers his mil ticket wake up people

  28. So the sponsors are disgusted enough to bail when an animal is abused but not when an adult or a baby is the ones being abused? That is fucked up. So basically every Teen Mom sponsor supports domestic violence. Time to share that little tidbit of info. To continue to give it a platform is to support it. There is no way to justify it.

  29. I’m done. This is beyond the pale. How much evidence does there have to be. She is an unhinged abuser. Her suicide and/or seriously harming someone else is blood on MTV’s hands. Disgusting.

  30. It’s not going to matter. MTV scum producers will not have access to her when she is in the Indiana Department of Corrections.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
      Well that just ruined the show for me. I will never view it again. So gross. If she was a male she would be fired. I guess she will never learn her lesson. She absolutely should not be mothering any children either


  32. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I say good she’s not fired,and hopefully her ex can not find a way to sabotage her again,for goodness sake they should work on coparenting ,for the child sake ,she seems to know she has a anger management problem, and he has a revenge problem.

  33. How many “Amber redemption stories” are we going to see? Hasn’t she had a number of redemption stories? Bet this won’t be the last one either. If she were a man, she would’ve been fired the 1st time.

  34. I’ve never been a fan of boycotts or firings just because I dont like someone or dont agree with their opinions, lifestyle, etc.

    But I can not support proven domestic violence. I say proven bc the audio speaks for itself. It doesn’t matter if she was provoked or if Andrew was abusive to her. SHE ASSAULTED SOMEONE AGAIN!

    And if Andrew is violent then good riddance to him also.

  35. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    If those tapes were of Andrew hitting Amber while she was holding the baby….
    Why is this being treated differently? She’s been an abuser from day one. I don’t understand why she keeps getting a pass? Having mental health issues doesn’t make violence acceptable.

  36. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    That is bullshit though I don’t like any of these girls nor do I watch the show cause it’s disgusting how can they fire Jenelle for something her husband did but will not be firing Amber for obvious domestic abuse which has been on going for 10 yrs. Mtv is disgusting and they lost my respect a long time ago and it looks like they won’t be earning it back anytime soon.

  37. DO YOU WANT TO SEE AMBER GONE? Then contact every advertisement of Teen Mom and express you disgust of this franchise and you will no longer support them as a merchant ….

  38. Wait…. so they fire lurch for being derogatory to LGBTQ, but I’m pretty sure somewhere on those tapes, Amber is calling Andrew a faggot. I may be wrong, but what lurch did (before the dog killing) was nothing compared to this!

    1. 100% agree!! Domestic Violence doesn’t even come close to David spewing his hate. MTV was just looking for a reason to fire him. I’m no David fan, but it’s a complete double standard.

  39. Everyone please be aware. MTV is going to try and make Andrew look like the villain. Please do not fall for it! They are going to manipulate and twist things as much as they can to make him look bad so they can justify keeping Amber and keeping Teen Mom running. Please remember we need justice for James!

    1. I’m dun, watching anything related to mtv.
      The only way to hit them where it hurts is to boycott the channel
      And all it’s shitty programs.

  40. Anyone want to put pressure on sponsors of the TM OG show to get Amber off the show? That’s how we got Jenelle and David to finally stop being filmed.

  41. Time to cancel this show on my DVR I will not support MTV is they support this abusive POS Time to start getting the sponsors involved!

  42. I can see the smug look on her pig face right now. How they throw her useless pos ass in jail and they have to fire her. Shes guilty as sin. Shes a pos mother a pos partner. And a lazy low life. Fuck u mtv???????

  43. MTV is making big mistake keeping Amber. By keeping her they are just reinforcing her horrible behavior. She is a violent and disturbed person, and keeping her on the show is setting such horrible example of behavior. Teen Mom OG has been less and less interesting, and this decision to keep Amber has set me over the edge to stop watching.

  44. it is disgusting. They are going to give her a platform AGAIN to revictimize the man she beat and threatened and demeaned for a long time. She is disgusting. I hope she goes to jail for a while.

  45. Amber needs to go back to prison where she belongs, she is a very mean cruel bully, and yes I have also noticed that when she cries there are never any tears. Always knew she was fake and mean, just never knew how much of a MEAN bully she is. I’m glad she lost her kids, they are better with their dad’s. Her mom blamed Gary for getting her pregnant,and now Amber blames Andrew for getting her pregnant. And she’s always calling her men fat ass, has she looked at herself in the mirror????

  46. I knew it..let’s see how many of her FANS she fools this time like she did last time…..if she was a man it would be different….they know the real her now they just don’t care.l watched from 16 and pregnant. No more I was the victim before…..Domestic Violence Abusers are so similar. ?

  47. So happy they didnt fire Amber she needs friends not fired look how long they kept Farrah would love to talk to Amber not that far from her she is more than welcome to have my email address I am a great grandma and have dealt with lots of kids lots of problems praying for her

    1. Hello Great Grandma! I am sure you can write you her when she gets her inmate number and returns to the Indiana Department of Corrections.

      1. No but I understand getting mad and I have lived a lot of years and still have been pushed to the point that if I had a gun might have shot someone and I am not bi polar girl needs help dont believe they should have fired Jenelle either

    2. Geraldine.

      Ambers a grown ass woman not a kid.
      And ambers problems are of her own doing, what about praying for the two innocents Leah and James!!!! they are actual kids.

  48. I’m not sure why people are surprised by this. As far back as 16 and pregnant, we have seen domestic violence with Farrah and her mom, butch and butchette (I forgot her name), Gary and Amber, Jenelle and basically everyone. We’ve also seen drug abuse in front of kids, animal abuse, Farrah forgetting her kid in a hallway, Maci binge drinking while complaining about Ryan’s addiction, amber wearing her felony conviction like a badge of honor, Catelyn’s rousing endorsement of adoption that makes it sound like freaking torture, etc. MTV never cared about the kids on the show or the kids who watch the show. The only way to stop it is to stop watching.

  49. This is BS. I don’t want to see a redemption arc. I want to see her thrown in jail and have to get a 9-5 job after and actually work and gain some damn humility.

  50. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Redemption for what Amber has done will not happen in a season. It’s going to take years and years of therapy and a faithful medication regimen as well as living a life of service to her family and community to build something that resembles redemption. MTV is enabling a very sick woman.

  51. I don’t agree with this, but Jenelle should be going ape [isht] right now. Amber has been charged with MULTIPLE felonies and MTV is still filming, while Jenelle’s husband made offensive statements, and allegedly killed an animal and she is terminated. Yes, David’s trangressions were violent and intimidating to members of the production crew. But at the same time, Amber’s conduct has been extremely violent including but not limited to battery, threats of homicide and grave bodily injury, not to mention the horrible things she said. Calling Andrew “fatass” and “retarded” and saying that he would get raped in prison. Again, David looks like Mr. Rogers compared to Amber.

    At this point, I’m not concerned with why Amber is like this. Mental illness. Childhood trauma. Chemical imbalance. It’s all real, and I’m sure it contributes. But the bottom line is that right now AMBER IS A SCUMBAG. She’s dumb. She’s impulsive. She’s super violent. I believe she’s a narcissist. She might get better someday, but I doubt it. People who talk like she talks and do the things she’s done go to prison.

    Again, please don’t misunderstand me. I think David is probably a scumbag too. I think he killed that dog. I think he’s hit Jenelle. I think he mistreats those kids. I don’t have a problem with MTV kicking him and Jenelle off their network. All I am saying is that they are being EXTREMELY hyporitical in how they are handling this whole situation.

    How can MTV ever show one of those PSA’s about domestic violence, or bullying, or body shaming, while continuing this train wreck of a show.

    hypocrite[ hip-uh-krit ]
    a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
    a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

    1. @ReluctantWatcher You’re right. And honestly, nobody should be more pissed than Farrah (can’t stand her either, but her firing was a joke compared to Amber’s transgressions).

    2. I suspect the biggest difference is that Jenelle was a huge pain in the ass to work with. Refusing to film when scheduled, refusing to not have Lurch present, not returning their calls or texts.

      They spent a lot of money paying a crew in Carolina who couldn’t work because Jenelle was uncooperative. Over and over.

      That has never been a problem with Amber. She’s a piece of shit, but she’s an easy to work with piece of shit.

      1. Lets not forget…having an arsenal….threatening ppl…cops..the president..producer….carrying and filming her pulling out her gun in front her son…no one would film with her including her mom….etc..etc..etc

  52. Amber physically touched someone and threatened somebody’s life more than once and keeps her job. Farrah (annoying as she may be) took her clothes off and loses her job…something ain’t right here.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        FIRE ALL OF THEM..They are grown woman not teen moms anymore with a TON of kids that never learned a lesson thanks to MTV

    1. She didn’t lose her job because she took her clothes off, she lost her job because she CHOSE to give up her job for a different job. Farrah wasn’t even fired from MTV (and got paychecks even after leaving for the filming she did do). So, not really even comparable, lol.

      Though MTV has double standards, well, I wouldn’t even say MTV has standards at this point, but you get my point. I’m not sticking up for MTV at all. In fact, I find them to be even more heinous than the wretches they’ve “gotten rid of”(firing, giving ultimatums, etc..) because they let the shit continue and don’t help WHATSOEVER when it comes to convicting these monsters.

      It’s just that people using Farrah as some sign of double standards (there are plenty of better ones) seem to be forgetting that it was Farrah that left MTV, not the other way around. Her choice of new career was a catalyst *because it was in her contract (whereas all the other bad shit she did, and continues to do, was not covered in her contract, so they couldn’t let her go based on them). She’d still be on TM if she hadn’t opted to leave, they would have had no way to remove her, because they have idiots working for them that don’t know how to draw up actual legally binding and specific contracts, lol.

  53. This is absolutely appalling! (On a side note, you just know Jenelle’s head literally exploded when she learned this!) But seriously, MTV has sunken to a low I never thought possible. There’s a special place in hell for greedy sick fucks who coddle & support abusers, and karma will be paying a visit someday.

    1. No doubt lurch, will be tweeting in support of getting amber fired.
      He’ll be having a good old rant real soon.
      Jenelle will be like it’s not fair dude, she did worse than me.
      With babs chirping in, well ya know jenelle, amber should be fired, you got fired, and you did nothing wrong, god damn it amber, is crazy.

  54. Uhm what the fuck??? I cannot stand to hear her bullshit anymore. Might be the end of me watching Teen Mom. I barely get any enjoyment out of it anyway these days, but to have to sit through Amber’s lies and fake tears and pity parties… don’t think I have it in me anymore.

  55. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    #boycottMTV!!! Can’t treat one differently than you treated Jenelle & Barbara, who did nothing wrong!! Frankly I’m sick and tired of Amber’s poor me storyline. You don’t talk or treat people the way she has without consequences! If she’s not fired, I’ll stop watching. If MTV thinks that ratings are more important than decency, then shame on them. Bring Adam, Farrah back for ratings and I hope karma serves you well paying terrible people huge salaries to be ugly to others and obnoxious. This is what’s wrong with society now. Allowing young minds to be okay with this behavior. Others will watch but I won’t.

  56. When viewers get involved and sponsors start pulling their ads (as they did after Nugget was murdered), I’m pretty sure MTV will be singing a slightly different tune.

    Until then, I guess they feel Amber sending love and running after people with machetes (at the same time) is the way for them to go when it comes to this beyond psychotic shit show.


  57. Wow wow wow! MTV. I can’t believe this shit. Maybe if sponsors start leaving you won’t have a choice. You’re a bunch if sick fucks and that just sealed the deal. Her fucking redemption story. Are you joking?? Did it work the first time? I hope she rots in jail. How disgusting.

  58. THIS SUCKS!! No consequences for her at ALL! Gary, don’t allow Amber near Leah again. #TeamLeah& James. Andrew, I hope you win sole custody of James.

  59. Knowing MTV, they’re already trying to convince the Indiana Department of Corrections to let them film a Teen Mom: Gel spinoff.

  60. If they insist on filming with her, they should only do it on the stipulation that NONE of the money goes to her, but is instead put into trusts for James and Leah. See if she still wants to do it then.

    1. Or that 100% of all earnings go to a domestic violence shelter for the first 2 seasons. With a stipulation that there are cameras and mics in there 24/7. If she can refrain from any form of abuse for a season, she can earn that season’s fu d after the 2 clean ones. That’s the only redemption I’d pay to see.

  61. The hypocrisy is real. It’s absolutely ridiculous that Farrah and Jennelle we’re fired yet amber keeps her job. I am not a fan of any of these women but what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong and this is 100% wrong! She has been charged with domestic violence more than once and in front of both her children! How can MTV stop filming Jenelle for shit her husband did because mind you she was fired before CPS took her kids yet Amber is caught on audio saying HORRENDOUS things. Even used the R word and she is still on here. They want to film her redemption get the fuck out of here what redemption? They tried this angle already when she got out of gel the first time so what now? This is gross and MTV is garbage

    1. MTV lies and lies. It is ALL about ratings and money. If there comes a time when poor little James or anyone else is hurt they will say that they are shocked and had no way of foreseeing that. Just ever since she’s been on the show? And if Dr Drew is truly a therapist, god help anyone with issues going to him as he apparently puts the almighty $ ahead of anyone’s well being. He is a fraud and so is the station MTV. People need to quit watching and boycott sponsors of this train wreck.

    2. Amber needs to go back to prison where she belongs, she is a very mean cruel bully, and yes I have also noticed that when she cries there are never any tears. Always knew she was fake and mean, just never knew how much of a MEAN bully she is. I’m glad she lost her kids, they are better with their dad’s. Her mom blamed Gary for getting her pregnant,and now Amber blames Andrew for getting her pregnant. And she’s always calling her men fat ass, has she looked at herself in the mirror????

  62. Well, then one can only hope that the State of Indiana will be taking steps to hold Amber accountable for what she’s done. MTV obviously is not going to do it. She did not learn after the incident with Gary that resulted in jail time. She continues on being an abuser and a bully and MTV is giving her the platform. Good luck to all the other castmates and the members of the other MTV shows. Because of MTV and their decision to keep this criminal, MTV has list respect and a viewer.

  63. MTV better be prepared for a shit storm coming their way!!!! People are not going to stand for this, I’M NOT going to stand for this!!! Sponsors are going to be pulling out left and right! Just because they felt like they missed out on Jenelle’s court drama, they are going to keep this despicable human grenade employed just for ratings? MTV is beyond reprehensible!!

  64. I’m disgusted. Maybe we should start contacting TM’s advertisers.

    I’m waiting for Farrah and Jennelle’s responses to this news.

    1. Minnesota Loves you Amber? Andrew took advantage of you on marriage boot camp by pursing you. He is so creepy
      I dont condone violence, however, andrew knew what buttons to push to a reaction from amber

      1. So if you were “pushing your boyfriends/husband’s buttons” just to get a reaction, would that give him permission to beat the shit out of you?

      2. So what buttons did baby James push???

        Andrew…… there is excuse at all for DV.

        If it was Andrew doing that to amber, would you be saying

        Minnesota loves you ?Andrew, she searched for you whilst on marriage boot camp, she took advantage of you??? Amber knows which buttons to push!!!!!!
        No you’d not be saying that, you’d be baying for his blood, insisting he were fired and jailed.

        I hope your never on the receiving end of verbal and physical abuse DV.

        You’ve no idea, how the mental and physical abuse affects.

        Shame on you for victim blaming??‍♀️

      3. “Pursing” (for anyone curious, that’s how Amber says pursuing, ftr)

        I wonder if Amber realizes that sending sock puppets in here to speak for her can actually be linked back to her and added in to the mountains of other shit she’s done to try and hide her abusive ways.

        You’re not helping her whatsoever here by trying to pretend to be sympathetic to something and someone for which NO ONE should have sympathy. Would “you’re not helping yourself Amber” be a more appropriate question?

        1. *statement, not question, lol, my bad 😀

          (see, normal people admit when they make stupid mistakes..they don’t say “I’m mentally ill, I can do what please”)


  66. But if a male cast member had done the same thing he would have been loooong gone… Along with the other cast members calling him an abuser who should be in jail. But in her case it’s “i’m praying for you, hope you get help, i stand by you”. Ugh.

  67. I mean…I’m not surprised…but a “redemption” story? PFFT! The girl is clearly incapable of redeeming herself. She’s got a bad soul.

    1. Duuuuuude! Sit down and learn to read before commenting because you clearly don’t understand the meaning of repeated domestic abuse and attack with a deadly weapon. Even if, and that’s a big IF, Andrew deliberately sought Ambien out to appear on TV. Andrew did not create a tiny human on his own, he didn’t force her to stay in bed all day long and neglect their baby, and he certainly didn’t chase himself around the house with a machete!!

    2. It’s well known that Ryan’s wife McKenzie wanted to be on Teen Mom well before she got with Ryan and got pregnant, so can Ryan smack her around while she holds their son? Or is it only okay because Amber’s a woman?.. Maybe you should sit back and think about what you say before you say it. And to all the people saying Andrew is so big that Amber couldn’t hurt him, you’re disgusting. It’s not about if he was injured or not, Amber has no right to put hands on him, period, point blank. Also, Andrew is this big, tall, strong man that you all claim (and I can’t say he never put hands on her) but did you notice that not once in these tapes do you hear about him hitting her back? Even when being berated and abused, he didn’t use his hands, which means Amber didn’t need to use hers. The worst I hear is him telling her going to the press and telling them Andrews the reason they broke up because he got her pregnant and how it’s not going to fly, and that’s only because he says it so sarcastically. MTV should be ashamed and Amber should be FIRED! “Andrew isn’t how he appears on TV” Apparently neither is Amber and if MTV is going to try and make this a “Andrew just sat at home all day and mooched off Amber so he deserved to be hit” story I will lose it.

  68. So…what you’re telling me is that it wasn’t okay for David to abuse and kill a dog. But it IS okay for Amber to abuse and threaten to kill her “boyfriend”? What sense does that make MTV?

    1. And when she hurts or kills someone will that be enough for MTV. Keep on paying her to lay around and abuse people. Are they going to film her in jail to. Sick of hearing poor Amber. It’s always someone else’s fought.

    2. With her baby in the room.
      Hit him in the face, with her baby in the car.
      WOW Mother of the Year

      I will boycott MTV, and any advertisers

    3. David got away with murder, abusing Kaiser, abusing Jenelle, amongst other things. I hate how people are comparing him to Amber…what she did was horrible, but the things he did were atrocious. They’re both bad people. Don’t down play what he did.

  69. They probably regret not being able to film all of Jenelle’s drama so they definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity.

    I’m sure their hands were tied with Jenelle’s firing since their advertisers were backing out and the fact that they couldn’t even film on her property because of Lurch’s threats made the decision easier. So until the key players back out because of Amber, they will continue to exploit this for everything it’s worth. It’s truly very sad.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
      I still don’t understand why Amber is filmed? She is pulling in $300,000 a season to sit on the couch? I’m not sure why people find this as good tv?

  70. So MTV is going to keep on paying her to abuse people. If that’s what they are about then they should bring back Farrah and pay her to further her porn, bring back David and pay him to terrorize people and kill animals. How low is this show going to get before it is over. I am done

  71. Backdoor was let go for hocking sex toy replicas of her lady bits. The Chin was let go because her hillbilly soulmate killed her dog. Rhine was initially let go because Maci said so. But somehow MTV has come to the conclusion that it makes perfect sense to keep filming Ambien, the only cast member who has done hard time for domestic and drug abuse, threatened to kill her partner countless times, and “allegedly” attempted to murder her partner with a machete?!?

  72. I’m deleting this show from my DVR. Reality Tv has is like a soul succubus. It just leaves you feeling drained and exhausted.

  73. There really isn’t that much backlash against MTV and Amber. The backlash against janelle was huge because her husband murdered a dog. Amber is just being crazy and throwing around threats. The same thing we’ve seen from her for years. That’s Amber.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
      Shame on MTV like I say what does she got to do with murder somebody before she gets fired Dave let a lot of people go for a lot less I won’t be watching this season if Amber has on I won’t be watching

  74. I started watching at 16&pregnant and I stopped when they hired Cheyenne… just break the habit and you start to realize that the show isn’t even entertaining anymore and most of us watched it out of habit.. I keep up with the drama here and it’s quite enough.

    This show needs to end but MTV will never end anything as long as they are still making money. The only way to end this disaster or abuse is to stop watching. If they have no viewers, they will have no choice but to cancel the series.

    I am disgusted but not surprised they aren’t firing Amber. Redemption story?!! PUH-LEASE! There is no redemption for her.

  75. They want to show her redemption story? She already had her chance for a redemption story when they filmed her leaving prison. There is no redemption for this serial abuser.

  76. Too much drama to let her go now.
    Pretty gross to continue paying an abuser to spiral out of control so we can all watch.
    I’m not surprised.

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