EXCLUSIVE! MTV Execs Discussing Amber Portwood’s Future on ‘Teen Mom OG’ Following Leaked Audio Release


The producers of Teen Mom OG have been left scrambling to figure out what to do with Amber Portwood, after audio recordings were released on Thursday and Friday that proved the reality TV star has verbally abused her ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon and threatened to kill him multiple times!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that, following the release of the audio clips on the Without a Crystal Ball YouTube channel, the show’s highest executive producers held a conference call on Thursday to discuss the audio, and Amber’s future on the show. (This was done even before the audio clip from Friday was released.)

The Ashley’s production source tells her that the release of this audio “changes everything” in terms of how the show would have covered the Amber/Andrew drama. 

“Everyone was in Amber’s corner after her arrest, because she said she was set up, and that Andrew was making things up to make her look bad,” The Ashley’s source said. “She doesn’t act like this when MTV is at the house. Now, they have actual proof of what was going on in the house.” 

(The Ashley will update this when she gets more info on what was discussed during the conference call.)

“Amber will not be filming,” the source said. “Her lawyer is forbidding her from filming and has ordered her to stay off social media for the time being. MTV was in Indiana last week, though.”

(The source wasn’t sure if Amber had been filmed during that time or if producers were in town to film with her ex Gary Shirley.)

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The Ashley can confirm, though, that Amber’s producers have been in contact with her since the audio was released.

“They want to get her help and send her to a facility, possibly the one Catelynn [Lowell] went to, but right now Amber does not feel that she has a problem, so not much can be done,” the source said.

“[Her producers] were shocked [when they heard the clips],” another source tells The Ashley. “They can no longer deny that this has been happening, and things from the past, even as far back as when she was with Matt [Baier] are now starting to make sense. Many of [the producers] have known her since she was a teenager and they were shattered when they heard the clips.

“And,” the source added, “many of the producers have also literally begged her to stop going on Instagram Live and tried to get her to see how much her rants are hurting her case. Whether or not Amber will listen and put down her phone, though, is anyone’s guess.”

Now that the second clip has been released (featuring Amber making more death threats toward Andrew and containing what sounds like Amber actually hitting Andrew while he’s holding their infant son), the producers are once again discussing what needs to be done.

“A statement should be coming soon,” the source said.

The Ashley will update this story when she has more information.

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

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  1. Amber should be seeking professional help not saying she doesn’t need help I feel her behavior has been a pattern in all her relationships n her poor kids need a mom who has got her self together not one who plays the blame game n refusing to admit she needs help. No treatment no show no paycheck

  2. She is no different than David Eason. Someone needs to make sure the animals she still has are removed. Listening to that audio is horrific and she seems to be a tightly wrapped rubber band waiting to snap. Why MTV needs to discuss the issue is beyond me.. She is a ticking time bomb for sure… That poor baby and her daughter…… I would like to hear her talk her way out of this audio…..

  3. I’ve just now listened to both of the audio recordings of the two arguments, and I got really scared for baby James and also for Andrew. That was horrific!

  4. Heard this bitch is fired. Shes a lying sack of shit. I really hope its true. Shes a horrible person who uses her mental illness as an excuse to be an abuser. I dont even think she has a mental illness. Shes just manipulative. This whole show needs to be cancelled.

  5. Has there been any real verification that Amber has been fired other than what Katie (WACB) is reporting. I don’t really know her so I don’t trust her reliability. I usually don’t believe it until The Ashley posts it.

  6. I’m I the only one who is concerned about Hannah? She went from 82 posts per topic to zero. She never had anything positive to say about me but I loved her. Hope you’re OK girl.

    1. I was going to ask the same thing. Maybe we should call in a welfare check? Since she uses her real name and we all know there’s only one woman named Hannah in the world, they shouldn’t have a problem locating her.

    1. It’s not enough. They only respond to overwhelming outrage. They have no moral principles at all. MTV/Viacom are bottom-feeding parasites.

    1. Just cancelled my recordings of all Teen Mom shows. I don’t condone the violence that some of their cast displays on a registrar basis. It’s gross and irresponsible for them to continue airing this CRAP.

    1. How can anyone, down vote this?? Support for 2 innocent kids gets down voted, that says a lot about the thumbs dormers and their mindset.

      Anyways I agree with Dejesusgawdleah

  7. Mother Goddess? Omg. Really? First of all, you don’t have a maternal bone in your body. Goddess? When I imagine a Goddess, I don’t see her being a lazy chubb, sleeping till 3pm, covered in hot Cheetos and Percocet dust
    As for her brother, he’s defending her because he knows he and his pill head mother are about to lose the money that amber gives them. He doesn’t want all that tm cash going toward child support and legal fees! Aw hell no!

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    MTV recorded Kail beating Javi and Amber beating Gary. Just cancel teen mom og and teen mom 2. They have to understand their are consequences in the real world. Domestic violence and having multiple baby daddies should not be material for a show. I feel like these girls do it on purpose for ratings and money.

  9. The new disclaimer:

    “If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please call us immediately so we can exploit your abuse and misfortune for ratings and profit”


    1. Considering what we’ve learned about MTV/Viacom over the last couple of years, firing her is not enough. The way they operate is subversive as fuck. They are the scum of the earth.

  10. I especially feel really bad for Leah. Imagine what the kids could be saying to her at school about this. It’s also sad because she was showing glimmers of having panic attacks last season…I really hope Gary has her in some sort or therapy, because I could not imagine having a person like Amber for a mother. That’s a lot for a 10 year old to handle.

    1. Can you imagine the criminals that are going to give Gary crap now that he’s a officer?
      I can hear them now
      Your that Teen Mom’s baby daddy the one she beat the crap out of.
      Gary’s right about letting Leah on SM, can you imagine what these kids would See?
      Especially Jennells.

      1. Trust me, he’s going to be fine. I have several friends who are police officers (male and female) and they DGAF about the things ppl say… You need to have very thick skin and not take things personal when u work as a police officer or other first responder… He’ll be fine, it’s probably something he’ll laugh about and even go along with… My friends have been called every name in the book even down to things about being Mexicans and “going back to Mexico” nonsense.. (we live in the southwest, very high population of Hispanics) and they do just fine. They don’t cry about it.

  11. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I can’t believe from the beginning when the news firat leaked about the abuse how MTV and the moms ran to her side. She is an ABUSER. It doesn’t matter what gender someone is. If you abuse, you need to be called on it.

  12. Let’s keep score….MTV has permitted or even encouraged from its cast: domestic violence, child abuse, domestic abuse, driving under the influence, simple assault.

    Of those things, Amber has done all but one of them that we know of. Kaiser’s been abused. Jace has been neglected. Leah has been neglected and her father is afraid to leave her with Amber alone. Sophia was subject to emotional abuse. Leah’s twins were neglected because she was under the influence.

    It is abundantly clear that MTV has no moral compass and will enable these girls’ fuckery as long as the ratings continue to come in.

        1. Amber is a vile excuse for s mother.

          I hope Andrew, gets full custody and is able to take him home to his family.

          She doesn’t want any responsibility of either 2 kids, she just uses them to spite their fathers.

          Jail time is needed, and a long long sentence this time

  13. MTV has created a bunch of enablers for the bad apples on the show. Amber is really mentally ill, but also enabled and spoiled with huge anger management issues (duh!) that stem from her loser father who died (alcoholism?). The sad part is, MTV has created a monster in Amber and Ryan. They think just because they are on a show, for no other reason than getting pregnant, they are superstars entitled to special treatment. They’ve really done nothing, not even parenting their children to receive special treatment. Having someone film you may be something not everyone can stand, but… And MTV enables that. They don’t have real jobs and 20 years from now, they will be the same people because they are surrounded by MTV enablers and their family enablers who allow them to act the way they do. It’s OK for Amber to beat up on her baby daddys. Gary doesn’t want conflict with her because he knows that will hurt his child. So he enablers her. MTV allows Ryan to say very negative hurtful things about his son’s mother who has done the raising of Bentley. It just sickens me to see this all play out and that these two…that people and MTV don’t walk away from them. MTV is making it seem OK to be drug addicts and abusers. And nothing at this point is real. These people are being paid so much money to do nothing, it’s sad. This show has really gotten away from it’s original purpose of showing how hard it is to raise a child as a teenager. Now all these people are paid to sit around and that’s not realistic.

      1. Hi Audrey ??

        Oh I do hope she gets fired.
        Also looks like blubby, Gin&Tonyac or kryyystal is on here down voting.

        Mtv had created a bunch of entitled bitches, the whole franchise needs to end.

        1. I really don’t care about them giving thumbs down. If they think any of this behavior is okay, then that’s all I need to say!

          1. Until MTV feels the consequences in the wallet, as in loss of advertising dollars, Amber will keep her job. It is all about the money. Jenelle is the perfect example of their amoral greed.

  14. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Amber needs to be off theair. She has not grown up. After a certain time your actions become a choice. The children are not safe with her fake self . She’s a flippin drama queen psyco.

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Fire her MTV! She needs to be committed & NEVER EVER alone with her children!

  16. It blows my mind how so many girls that got pregnant at 16 gets their own show. What is that telling our children? Our society lives off reality tv these days and we’re making them rich and famous why? DO we not cherish the values of our own life’s that we have to watch someone else’s. Amber has been an abuser since season 1 does nobody see this? Because she has a mental illness anything that she is always going to be poor Amber needs help? F that she’s a grown woman and knows what she’s says and does! Then you have the other moms who are supporting her why? Can they not have real lives and real jobs to support their family that they have to rely on their family drama for a paycheck? Teen mom shows are a joke and MTV thrives off the drama for the ratings. But the real issue is what about ANdrew, James, and Leah where is their support from the other moms or MTV. As for me I will not watch these shows and help make a paycheck for the moms or ratings for MTV. It’s absolutely insane to be on Ambers side

  17. How is this “surprising” to MTV?! I clearly remember seeing a promo for either 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom where Amber had her hands around Gary’s neck and was screaming at him, and thinking to myself that she was trash. Nothing has changed.

  18. To everyone saying “it’s funny he has recordings, he set her up, blah blah blah” umm when you’re life is being threatened and you’re being physically and emotionally assaulted, and abused, RECORD IT. How do you not see why he recorded her? He probably loves her, but with her being somewhat a celebrity, he can’t just speak out about being the victim in a DV situation and not be accused of lying. Just like the 4 th of July incident and apparently the cast and producers believed amber over Andrew. Gtfo. He has these recordings to show what has been happening. He had these recordings to show how ambers temper is a hair trigger away, and how she is abusive. I could bet you, when they go to court for custody of baby James they will side with amber. Hopefully these recordings can help him. Don’t even try to say he set her up or egged her on, or got her like this and started recording. Idc what happens, mental health issues or not, no one should make threats like this. Especially in front of the baby. And her saying she won’t watch James that day because of how she was woken up at 2 pm. Smh . She should be no where near James. She should only be around him during supervised visits , and only when she starts taking her medicine everyday and going to therapy. Actually trying to get better and work on her anger and issues. You can try to say “he knows what he got himself into when he got with her” but that just makes you look like an abuser too and a POS. No one should be treated like that. I didn’t start watching TM till 2 years ago and I didn’t know who any of these women were. Same thing could be what happened with Andrew. I seen people saying he planned this all out and set it up to make her look crazy so he can get money and whatever. So that’s basically saying, he had a baby with her, stayed and tried to make the relationship work, stayed and got abused so he could make sure amber didn’t have James alone because he knows he could never just leave with him, provoked this out of her, just to hopefully get her fired? How does that help him if he wanted something from her? Now he’s traumatized, and she will hopefully get fired, arrested, and lose custody of James. The only good thing Andrew has gained out of this sad mess is baby James. And I hope he fights tooth and nail to protect him, just like how he’s been putting up with abuse for so long for him…

  19. Oh hey! Didn’t Ambien go to a nice “rehab” once already? Out in California, I think it was, and it was a total waste of time.

    She doesn’t need a vacation rehab. This bitch needs to be institutionalized. This bullshit these girls weep about their mental illness is fucking ridiculous. Suffering with mental illness doesn’t mean you aren’t accountable for your actions, or inaction’s. Mental illness isn’t a crutch or an excuse to beat someone, physically or emotionally. This bitch is a danger to her child. She has threatened to kill someone repeatedly and even come after them with a deadly weapon. She should be committed to a psych ward.

    I hear good ‘ole Bubby Darling is babbling some lame ass excuses on Twitter:

    “You people act like Andrew made of roses. Yes she did wrong and she said wrong but don’t believe just that little tidbit of what you heard. You heard only what HE wanted you to hear and automatically that makes her such a horrible person.

    This is his excuse? ? Sure, Bubby, you fucking mental midget.

    Oh.. and…

    “The negativity and hatered from some of you is horrible. You people act like I should quit my job move back to Indiana and hold my sister’s hand and bring her to a therapist every single day. I talk to her, I try to help her and I will always protect her.”

    Sit the fuck down, Bubby. You know what’s really horrible, Bubby? Domestic violence. Wanna know what’s worse? Child abuse. You’re already living off her, so yeah. If you care so much, you’ll quit your “job” and help her. However, I think you’re not so much interested in her mental health as you are about the bottom line, just like the rest of the leeches in Amber’s family.

    Nope, nuh uh. I also just read that MTV has footage of Amber hitting Andrew from a year ago. MTV knew and covered it up because last time, they lost a cash cow when she went to jail because they aired her hitting Gary. Man, fuck you, MTV. lol, and Morgan J. Freeman talking all his political bullshit on Twitter.. like he’s a man with the cape that we all needed! LOL. Get the fuck out of here with that shit while you pimp out women to abuse their kids on TV for your fucking bank account. Amber has done it, Leah has done it, Jenelle has done it.. Toss a heroin addict on the road with innocent people for fucking ratings paydays. Get off your moral high horse, Morgan, because you’re just as bottom of the fucking humanity barrel as Trump is.

    Shut the whole shit-show down. All of it.

    1. ???????????????????? Excellent post BRUJA??????

      Strange relationship between blubby and ambien……

      He’s so far up her ass, his eyes are brown.
      Gin&Tonyac is a fuck up too.

      1. ?? Blubby! hahaha! That’s woooooonderful! ????

        Thanks, hon.

        Go check out Bubby’s Twitter and his pose with the new boat he bought in April. I wonder who gave him the money for that, lol! ?

          1. Thank you. I kinda thought it was but haven’t watched in a few years. Wasn’t sure if she had another “friend” or family member in her storyline.

        1. “Fame” and affluence have been a toxic mix for Amber they seem to feed all of her terrible impulses and delusions.
          Between MTV and her various hangers on she has convinced herself she is a “mother goddess” Hollywood starlet swooping in to spread light and love.
          When in reality she is a very broken woman in need of help creating a lot of trauma for those in her wake.

          1. ? Thank you. Hey, at least my car comes out of the shop on Monday, woohoo! Protip: when parking at a Lowes or Home Depot with your new car, park waaaaay the fuck out where absolutely no one dares go. ?

            Protip #2: Dash cams are the best invest you’ll ever make for your car! I ? mine. ?

            Good to hear, sweetie! You have a good weekend and may no idiots back into your fender. ?

    2. Your response was AMAZING and SPOT ON! Incredible. You took EVERY thought I’ve ever had and put it out there. Only thing is leave Trump out of it. I’m not Republican or democrat, so I dont have a favorite. But it kinda takes away from the beautiful comment you wrote. MTV sucks so bad. I’m SO over TM OG, TM2 and TM Y&P. I’ve completely stopped watching all MTV programs. Between including Amber & Farrah on their shows, I’m forever done with them.

      1. Thank you, Amy. ?

        I’m not especially political either, but lawdy! Have you seen Morgan’s Twitter? Someone pointed it out to me on Reddit and when I looked ?..
        If he doesn’t throw his hat into the ring for some kind of political position in the future, I’ll be surprised. Morgan really does take the cake, when he’s a monster too… just wearing a different face.

        Yeah, I agree with you. I’m done with it. I refuse to out money into their (MTV or these girls) pocket anymore.

    3. I have a feeling this type of behavior was the norm in the household that Amber and her brother were raised in.
      They probably don’t see anything wrong with it.
      “Circle the wagons, defend the swamp” is common dysfunctional families.

      1. I agree 100% Pony. I think this was the norm for those two. Hell, this kind of shit with Amber (I think Amber was cloned from my mother) was how I was raised till CPS yanked us from her.

        Someone else said it here, @Reluctant Watcher, the fact that Amber knows to put on her happy family bullshit face shows she knows this is unacceptable. Bubby poppin’ off with his lame defense shows he knows, too.

        At some point, she has to take responsibility for herself. I could play the “but I was abused! card too, but eventually, I’d have found myself the same place my mother did.. dying alone. I refused to live my life in a Groundhog Day loop of abuse. It died with my mother. It’s not easy, I’m not perfect, far from and oooohhhhhh weeeeee, when I get pissed, I’m a firecracker, but I know when to step back, count as high as it takes for me to breath, and then rationally talk out my issues. Hell, sometimes, I sit and write my thoughts out if I get particularly pissed as way to calm down and I’ll email or text them to whoever it is I take issue with. Often, a re-read and write and some perspective is good medicine.. for me, at least.

        I just remembered, Kail is a domestic violence offender, too. Goodness, it’s time for this to be over, isn’t it?

    4. Wow wow wow! MTV you have footage of this and you hid it. You know she went to gel for domestic violence and you hid this little interesting tidbit. That just makes it all the more clear that MTV supports domestic violence despite the disclaimer they have at the end of the show that they think absolves them of everything. What do the sponsors think if this. Maybe the sponsors need to be boycotted too. Let that sink in.

      1. MTV didn’t do jack crap about children being abused on The Land. Why are we surprised that they didn’t do anything about an adult getting slapped?

        Not taking away from the seriousness of DV and child abuse/neglect. At all – she shouldn’t have hit anyone but herself in the head. And maybe Bubby in an effort to knock some sense in his empty noggin. But we should all know by now MTV doesn’t care about a human’s well-being so long as we 1) keep watching; 2) keep talking about it; 3) keep pouring money into it via click-bait the moms post and buying items from the sponsors.

    5. Couldn’t have said it better! Amber’s family is such trash. Hopefully Andrew can provide a stable life for James as Gary has done for Leah.

    6. Bruja, MTV serves a purpose which is to lower the bar and normalize dysfunction. That agenda serves the political power-grabbers that want a government-dependent population. The media’s role is to deny reality and mislead us. Hollywood’s role is to glamorize whatever they’re trying to shove down our throats (transgender, interracial, broken families, irresponsibility, zero accountability, etc). MTV’s specific role is to normalize dysfunction for teens and young adults. People should start waking up to the fact. Morgan Freeman is a political puppet and a POS, much like Andy Cohen who does the same thing but targets a different demographic.

  20. Same things she called Gary fata##,pos, etc etc.She.is a Domestic abuser. I hope MTV and her co-stars ugh FANS do not back down from her and act like she does not Have to leave the show now.2nd chance……Bye bye.

  21. Does she want to go back to jail? It almost seems like it.
    Not accepting help, even offered free to her will not look good.
    On the other hand, when she leaves the state, I’m afraid he is also allowed to, with James. Could that be the issue?
    When MTV has the money for that rehab, why not set up a daily meeting with a mental health proffesional?

  22. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    What is there to discuss, she is a domestic violence abuser, a real psychopath, and MTV and the world has protected her for over 10 years. This girl needs to be locked up before she ends up killing her kid in am attempt at abusing his father.

  23. and just like janelle nothing will come of it other then taking her kid that will then be returned to the abusive mother just like janelle

  24. It’s over for her. The fact that she knows to chill when MTV is around proves to me that she has control when she wants to. She makes David look like Mr. Rogers. They have to fire her. If the crew doesn’t feel safe filming with David, they have to feel even more scared with Amber which means they will likely strike if she is kept around.

  25. Amber needs to be fired by MTV. Her actions towards James are hideious, not to mention what she says about not wanting her son! And poor Leah who has to go to school and hear comments about her mom from her peers. I feel bad for Leah. Amber abused Gary verbally and physically . She did the same to Matt. And now Andrew gets the shit from her. She needs FIRED AND FOBE!!

  26. Amber has some serious problems!!! She should in no way be allowed to have her child. Andrew should have full custody of their son. I’d be afraid for the child’s safety if Amber had him and flew into one of her rages.
    I hope MTV producers feel like idiots for supporting Amber after all this has come out. Amber should be fired just like Jenelle was. I 100% support Andrew and wish him the best of luck.

  27. this makes me sad real sad why would she say something like that and do something like that baby James didn’t ask to be born in this world all I cares about that baby safety .. hopefully one day she doesn’t regret what she did what she said

    Ps.she need help ASAP

  28. She’s the real OG!! She’s the reason this series exist.
    In her mind.
    Well Jenelle got paid over $400,000 last year from MTV not including clickbait or extra stuff. David was making $60,000
    What do you think the Queen of Teen Mom makes?

  29. What happened to her clothing line and flipping houses?
    That’s what UBT & Jenelle needs to do next.
    I figure their job prospecs are.
    Fast food

    1. All I can picture now is Jenelle walking into the social security office, demanding disability because she “sees molecules”.

        1. In Cali if u have a drs diagnosis if bi polar u can qualify for SSI. My roommate gets $1700/mo.
          Don’t think Amber can possibly live on that.

  30. Fan since the first episode of 16&pregnant… end the damn show. It is not showing the “struggle” anymore. Seeing jade in school was refreshing, seeing her excitement of buying a car was refreshing. I’ve never see any Y&P but to see someone get excited over buying a car, was amazing. I remember buying my first car in my own- I want that.

  31. Ok…so…I know I’ll be down voted for this BUT …let me make this clear….I don’t condone Ambers actions in any way; however, I do find it awfully convenient that Andrew has all these recordings! I mean…when this whole thing happened with Gary it was organically caught on tape… and people (fans) had a fit and there were consequences (for Amber)…I find it odd that he has so much evidence and so many recordings…again…Amber is totally guilty and …having dealt with someone close to me with mental issues it sounds like she has paranoid delusions and I can totally see the borderline personality disorder, but something doesn’t sit right with me about Andrew. How does someone have so many recordings? In the recordings he seems to have the “just right” responses and something seems odd about him. There needs to be an investigation and both parents should be investigated by CPS. I don’t think either one is mentally stable

    1. Yes, I said something similar! I tried posting it earlier, but I don’t think it went through.

      Something isn’t right about Andrew. He gives me a weird vibe; like he isn’t who he says he is. They don’t hand out restraining orders for no reason and he has had two placed on him. They meet on that reality show she did with Matt and he can watch her confessional interviews….idk. Something about him irks me. On the recording he seems inauthentic. Amber seems legit angry, triggered, and crazy. And he sounds like he’s purposely trying to draw her behavior out so he can record it. Amber on the other hand should just admit she isn’t mentally equipped to be a full time mom and she should take visitation. And Andrew…..like I said, something is off with him. He no doubt took abuse from her but he’s got an agenda as well.

    2. What exactly is “just the right” responses? I’ll never understand that. What would be organic? Should he be yelling back “oh yeah, well you’re fat too honey”? It doesn’t make sense. Plus, if I was getting beat on and my partner was making remarks about our child like that i would totally record the proof. Especially since amber tries to act like a freaking saint on tv and a great mother. That’s got to be infuriating to watch for Andrew. Plus, ring cameras start recording once motion is detected and then send the files to storage. Andrew probably found all kinds of recordings they didn’t know it picked up and obviously he was smart to save them.

    3. He has recordings for this very reason. For people like you who doubt him. For proof of the abuse he endured at the hands of Amber. He wants custody of James. But without these recordings it would be Amber’s word against his. Unfortunately,there is a huge double standard in regards to Domestic violence. Also, courts tend to favor the mother when it comes to custody. Thanks to these recordings there is no doubt that Amber needs some serious help and that she isn’t fit to raise James.

      1. After one recording, maybe two, he had enough to protect James and get James the hell out of there.
        Those tapes won’t go far in court cause this evidence was not gathered in a legal way. He even left in that she absolutely did not want to be filmed and recorded.
        Revenge on his ex to be was more important to him than his son’s safety. CPS should look into that too. He kept James in that situation and kept fights going while he was in the room.

        1. They live in a one party consent state, they are, 100% good to go in court with this evidence, and it is both damning and completely legal evidence. She knew she was being recorded, she knew cameras were there, she she still behaved like a deranged crack head on bath salts…as she does. Her not wanting to be recorded doesn’t change shit.

          It’s not always about revenge when it involves a child, you cannot possibly be this stupid. When it comes to FAMILY court-which is completely aside from both civil and criminal court, he needs these tapes, this evidence, to get full custody of James and be able to *legally keep her away. Courts-and especially where they live (IN is a lot like NC in this right) will do whatever possible to not remove a “mother” from her child/children-including ignore clear cases of abuse, neglect, and issues with whatever life partner that person currently has. I will state again, Andrew NEEDS this evidence, as does James. The more of it that can be gathered, the more that was collected, the better his case, the better likely outcome for little James.

          And James, is all that really matters here. Andrew, whether people like him or not, IS actually the only adult thinking about that baby. Amber can find a rusty spork, sit, and spin.

        2. She doesn’t even want James, he refuses to take care of her boy, and even stated she doesn’t want the boy.
          She’s just spiting Andrew, hell even Leah doesn’t want to go with her mom.

          What has Leah seen with her nutcase mom???! I am betting this is why poor Leah has panic attacks.

          So quit defending her, she’s an abuser a druggy and a lazy useless mother, and should never ever be around kids.

    4. I think he had cameras (which she shredded with a sword which is a bit psycho) installed while they were out of town. She’s clearly not mentally stable, but people that are dogging on Andrew need to stop. Just because he’s a guy doesn’t mean that he can’t be abused. If this situation were reversed, Andrew would be in jail for endangering a child. Amber is crazy, and apparently thinks she can play people like puppets because she’s “in the industry. Girl please….Amber is SOOOO disposable

      1. She also knew there were cameras in the home.
        She is just playing people, by pretending she didn’t know, she’s a born liar.

    5. How many times do you think he endured this kind of abuse before he decided to record it? Do you think its possible that it was happening and he needed a plan to get out? He probably did record it on purpose… but with the intention of protecting his child. If he left her there is no way he would have been granted custody and I’m sure anyone can see why he wouldn’t want to leave his son there with her

  32. Look I understand anger and sadness and stress but what amber has said repeatedly is inexcusable. You don’t threaten lives or speak ill of your child. Complaining about motherhood or how tired you are, those are things all moms do. But not this. What amber has said is not normal and not ok. It’s verbal abuse in front of a minor. I am happy Andrew has this proof because otherwise this case would be very “he said she said”. Amber is already soooo crappy to Leah, the girl always seems disinterested with her and doesn’t seem to want to spend any time with her. She’s just very self centered. I laugh every time I see kimono-wearing amber, tight bun wrapped up in a scarf, obnoxiously large glasses, full face of makeup, show up to see Leah. Honey, full time moms don’t have time to do this kinda crap lol. Real, full time moms look like Kristina, ready to go, always playing with the kids or talking to them about homework or friends, etc.

    1. You r so absolutely right. I get the feeling Leah isn’t exactly jumping for Joy on the rate occasions when Amber does show up. Leah is very wise for a young child.

  33. The indicator strip was the FIRST thing I noticed in the photo. Such a full diaper. My husband and I were hyper-aware of the “pee-pee strip” in our son’s infancy because we didn’t want him to get a rash. The child probably had a diaper change every 1.5 hours at least.

  34. Right! They don’t know what it’s like to be so broke that you have to get help with food and bills. Because of my husband’s health issues, it’s been a bad summer. We’re still trying to get our heads above water. Soon, we’ll climb out of this mess.

  35. Discusding?What is wrong with MTV?A baby alone with her would be madnrss.Andrew needs their support not Amber.She is playing everyone!

  36. Did anyone else notice how full James’ diaper is in that photo? The indicator strip is entirely bright blue, which doesn’t happen unless it has been peed in several times. And if you zoom I’m, it’s clearly well past the time it should have been changed. Obviously, Amber was taking a picture to show social media what an awesome mom she is, and waiting for Andrew to get home to change it.

    1. The chafe on that poor boys ball bag after sitting in that piss all day is enough for me to have her fired from the show. Dear god women get a dry diaper and some talc on that young mans nut sack ASAP rocky you horrible human being. A young mans scrod must be kept warm and dry and closely monitored throughout the day and night you evil troll. Have some respect!

      1. My kids diapers, at this same age, weren’t that full after they slept 11 or 12 hours.

        And for sake of argument, shouldn’t she have changed him before she took a selfie?

        1. I don’t have babies so I had to google about that diaper color changing strip. There is no excuse not to change that baby’s diaper.

    2. Certainly not defending amber here, but my son can have the indicator strip bright blue within an hour sometimes. But he’s a lil chunker that’s on my boob 24/7 it feels like Lol… like legit as soon as I change his diaper, the strip turns green as soon as I close the strips. But poor James’s diaper looks like my sons overnight diaper when he’s been sleeping 11-12 hours!

  37. In the words of Sienfield Soup Nazi!
    No Child Support for you!!
    Damned if you do Damned if you don’t.
    Women face these issues everyday. Do they tell and risk the offender losing their job?
    If you get the courage to leave how will you get by without help?

  38. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    She is a Nut an a Bomb waiting to go off..Even on the reunion with her from home .. Amber looked Drunk or on something.. Fire her before it is to late.

  39. So they fired David for what he did to Nugget, but yet Amber is convicted for domestic violence with Gary years ago and Again with Andrew and she hasn’t been fired.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Doris Gonzales they didn’t fire David for killing Nugget, they fired him for all of the homophobic tweets he made, NOT Nugget related at all.

    2. Doris Gonzales they didn’t fire David for killing Nugget, they fired him for all of the homophobic tweets he made, NOT Nugget related at all.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
        If David gets the boot for derogatory words to the LGBT community shouldn’t she get the boot for the r..,arded word. That word offends a lot of people also

  40. Where have you all been? She did the same thing to Gary in the beginning of 16 and pregnant.
    She hit hit called him nasty thing and abused him.
    She needs big big help. I honestly don’t think it can be blamed in full on her mental issues. I think she is just a mean bully when things don’t go her way.
    I have been though a lot in my life and I would never treat anyone like she does I would walk away. But that is me…oh well you get what you put out.

  41. This doesn’t provide all the info needed to judge either one of them or to accurately put the blame on just one of them . It only proves that her mental illness diagnosis is very much real & a very important factor to her violent ways of expressing herself! Im not condoning her behavior at all!! Violence is NEVER ever the appropriate answer!! I feel Andrew was told about the illnesses and was willing to learn & understand her disease as well as be supportive in their relationship! If it is now or has became to much for him to deal with thats ok and I totally can understand, but that still gives him no right to just end all understanding and put all the blame onto her alone especially when she clearly knew she was about to lose her mind completely thats why i feel she actually said to Andrew take James and go! NOT because she didn’t or doesn’t want her son, but because she is at the very least now able to ADMITT thru therepy & knowing herself well enough that she was so very close to her personl end of sanity and did not want to put James in anymore danger than they all were in by this point!!

  42. Cate left a comment on woacb twitter that she would hope following her journey that we would know she doesn’t support domestic violence and hopes Amber gets help

  43. Amber doesn’t need help, she’s had more than enough chances. What Amber needs is to be fired from MTV, and to have her son taken away from her. Gary and Andrew need to seriously protect their kids from her. I used to be on the fence and deep down hope that she would get her life straightened out, but clearly that just isn’t going to happen. That girl is a write off, and should be ashamed to call herself a mother at all, she most clearly is not.

    1. She will never get better as long as she’s on the Mtv payroll. She needs to lose everything, and only then will she MAYBE do some soul searching.

      …then again, this is Amber. Who am I kidding? She’ll never change. It amazes me how someone can have like, the entire world telling you how bad your behavior is, and STILL be convinced that you’ve done nothing wrong. Just…wow. Scary people like this really exist. I think she is 100% capable of murder. Her anger is off the charts.

      1. She did lose everything!! Flashback to her time spent in gel. Being away from your young daughter for years wasn’t sad enough for amber, apparently bc she’s still being a crappy person.

        1. She needs to lose her comfy gig on Mtv and the absurd amount of money that comes with it. Losing her daughter didn’t bother her…you kidding me? It was a relief. (She only pretends to get upset over Leah for the cameras.) Amber’s been playing her supporters for fools all along…ever notice how NO tears ever actually leave her eyes when she gets upset and starts “crying?” She’s a super narcissist and the MTV attention/money has made her think she is really something special. (Because the poor dear is too dumb to realize that show is nothing to be proud of.) I’m not convinced she even has a mental illness at all…besides being a rage-filled sociopath. (Violent people trick psychiatrists all the time.) Amber is a HORRIBLE human being and she is GOING to hurt someone eventually. I promise you- she is absolutely foaming at the mouth over these recordings being leaked. Whereas most people would feel ashamed and horrified by their behavior, Amber feels nothing but pure rage at Andrew. Who, btw, better be careful….Rambo Ambo is JUST the type you’d see on Snapped…

    2. She’s had so many resources to help her: money, rehab, medicine, therapy. If she is still this sick after all that, I don’t think she will get better until she loses her huge income. And even then, she won’t get better. I won’t be watching until she’s fired. This is horrific. I feel terrible for everyone involved. I feel bad that I have watched this shit show for ten years. I need a Silkwood shower now.

  44. Amber needs to be put away in a mental health facility for the remainder of her life. She is a threat to herself, others and especially her children. I hope Gary isn’t allowing her to be alone with Leah.

  45. lol They want to send her to the same facility they ship Cantlynn off to when she can’t handle her kids. Get fucked with this ridiculousness, MTV, seriously.

    The entitlement of these bums is amazing and it’s been rewarded for years.

  46. Bottom line is this: If she were a man doing this to a woman, NO ONE would be defending her and she would have been gone LONG ago. Sick of the double standards. No. One. Deserves. Abuse.

    1. I was just going to say the same, Didi. If this was the other way around, without much discussion, Andrew wouldn’t be part of the show anymore.

      1. Ambers cousin is probably secretly hoping they hire her.
        She’s been planning for years. What is her #children?
        Amber Crystal might be able to tell you how you get pregnant without protection, after moving in a stranger in your home after talking for under a month.

  47. Way off topic here.
    But is this true???Farrah Abraham FINALLY served in $100k lease lawsuit for her closed retail stores

    1. Probably, would make sense since she was spouting crap about meeting with MTV producers, more likely she was begging for her job back goes she’s broke.

  48. Discuss what??? Just like filming Jenelle driving with Jace in front seat and pulling a gun. I cant stand M TV. They would turn her going to a clinic into a show. No morals MTV. She is scary dangerous.please end this show.

  49. Its like dejavu isn’t it? She acted like this with both Matt and Gary. History repeating itself. Thats why I was so confused when everyone rallied around her and thru
    Andrew under the bus. We all knew this day was coming.

  50. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Thank God!! Finally! It has been driving me iinsane that people were calling this man a liar and defending the abuser. We have watched this woman beat Gary on TV and and yet for some reason everyone jumps to her defense. I’m so glad this has come to light and now maybe Andrew can get the support that he deserves. Keep protecting your baby boy Andrew!

  51. If those MTV producers care about her as much as they claim, I hope they consider setting up some kind of watch on her right now because I would not be surprised if she was thinking about suicide. With everything crashing down, & she’s already out of control, idk…plus you can easily tell she’s on pills or something in her Insta rants. I can’t see someone like her being able to handle all this. Not excusing her, those tapes are horrific and I’m so glad Andrew has proof of her abuse. But just saying I’d hate to see her take her life…and that would be traumatic for Leah as well. I guess it’s not MTV’s responsibility but they just have so many resources at their disposal…

      1. Narcissism is often overlapping with BPD as traits, which is different from having the disorder. It doesn’t mean she nexessarily has NPD.

        Please research cluster B’s a lot more before making such assumptions and hateful claims.

        1. Except she actually IS a narcissist, she is bipolar, she does have other mental health issues…and she is a damn nutcase. None of those are “hateful claims”, they’re truth.

          Sometimes the truth just ain’t pretty.

    1. Well said. I think you are one of the few to care and see she is troubled despite stuff. I agree it doesn’t excuse stuff, but BPD can actually escalate to that level, unfortunately, and what all you are describing. Plus, when people demonize her, it won’t help things. It only will make her defenses come out.

      I truly hope she realizes she needs help without taking her life.

  52. MTV knew she was violent. They kept her for ratings. Now that all this came out they are trying to cover their asses. Amber doesn’t want help because then she won’t have an excuse to keep abusing people around her. She is despicable. James needs to go with his dad to CA. She is a detestable human being for hurting Andrew and saying time and again that she didn’t want that innocent baby. She makes my blood boil!

  53. It’s a real sad time when blatant verbal and physical abuse still results in you getting to keep your job. If she dosent get fired MTV is all but saying we support abusers. Disgusting.

  54. “She doesn’t act like this when MTV is at the house. Now, they have actual proof of what was going on in the house.”

    Bullshit. They absolutely knew this was happening. Amber has lost it front of them on camera. How else did the rest of us realize how volatile she is?

    Glad they can no longer ignore this.

      1. Yeah can you imagine Leah’s little face staring down (…or up) at you as you’re going to town? Ugh, I just puked a little in my mouth!

  55. Fire her.
    Don’t just say we are choosing not to show her story — this season.
    Can’t flim her when she’s in gel

  56. The show should definitely be cancelled. It’s too much and the show profits off of this.

    Something isn’t right with Andrew either. You don’t have 2 restraining orders placed on you unlawfully. There was a reason they were granted. I find it odd that he met her on another reality show and watched her confessionals prior to starting a relationship with her. There’s just something odd about that. When he’s talking on the recordings it sounds…not authentic. Amber sounds legit pissed, triggered, and angry. Andrew sounds rehearsed or like he’s trying to let this happen so he can record it. I get an icky feeling from him….he’s not who he says he is.

    And Amber….should be honest with herself and admit she isn’t mentally equipped to be a mother. At least not a full time Mom. This is a sad sad situation for this child.

  57. They should get rid of all the psychos and just film with the normal people on their segments. So throw Amber away, but let Gary and Kristina film, bing Barb back, etc. Just to really piss them off.

  58. I just watched Without A Crystal Balls live streaming and this topic was brought up. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  59. They are shocked??? lol How could they be?? Nobody else is and they know her “personally”!! What a joke they are, MTV is, her OG family is!!
    And here we goo again people saying “why didn’t he leave” and so on… He’s being ABUSED!!! Verbally, mentally and physically!! IT’s NOT as easy as you think it is to leave when your mind is all f’d up!!
    We all should be done with this show!! it’s a complete shame.. all of it!!

    1. I hope they keep Gary and Kristina and bring Barb back. A great punishment is for them to see their family still has mtv paychecks. Get rid of Amber and anyone else who starts acting entitled and bullyish (including Chelsea after the way she yelled at her mom). Sick of these girls being rewarded for acting like jerks.

    2. ^^THIS!!^^

      EXAAAACTLY what I said!!!!!!!!!

      How stupid are these people “who know her” to be shocked?!!!! Anyone can see that she is messed up! They’re is no fixing that! U can’t fix her! She’s a MONSTER and she is so manipulative, she is fully aware of her words and actions! She uses mental illnesses as an excuse!
      She’s evil! Plain and simple!
      She changes at the touch of a switch Cuz she’s good at it! She knows exactly what is going on when she gets into those nasty bouts!
      Teen Mom is garbage and I’m not watching anymore.
      I loved watching to see how much the kids have grown, Cuz they are adorable, but if this is the shit some of them have to live the. Then no!
      So sad! That poor baby is so unloved by his own mother! The one person who should love and protect more than anyone else in this world hates him!

  60. Fire her. Her behavior just keeps getting worse. I bet Ex-Teen Monster Mom is loving this. She’s probably spewing out her wordly advice. My latest thing to destroy Dog Murderer Monster, I filled out a form to the Governor of North Carolina and asked him why dog murderer was “bound by the laws in N.C. to shoot Nugget”. I wanted to know why his state required people to shoot their dogs if they misbehaved? In my state, it’s illegal.

  61. These producers saw her anger and verbal abuse when they were filming in the 1st 2years. Now they have a problem bcuz it’s all over social media ( ironic for Amber). I don’t even watch the show any longer but I keep up w/it on the Ashley. Seems much more reliable then what MTV shows

    1. Nah, this abuse has been going on since Leah was a baby. They all turned a blind eye.

      Time to end this show and stop paying these girls insane amounts of money for being idiots that didn’t use birth control.

      1. They sure did. They were going to continue acting like Andrew set her up and blame Andrew. MTV is just as disgusting as Amber. The whole time she is threatening to kill Andrew and saying she doesn’t want James. And then the hypocrite goes on social media and says, “ I love you bubba and I will see you soon. “ That piece of shit deserves to go to jai!

  62. How many times does MTV have to send these dumb shits to rehab. What a bunch of losers. Fire all of them and start over with real teen moms.

  63. Fire her. And cancel this show. It’s not fun to watch anymore. They are pushing 30 and have no idea about the real world. MTV have coddled these idiots for far too long. Get real jobs. Byeeeee.

    1. US Weekly, In touch, Radar, ALL the tabloids were all over this and any other Teen Mom story but now that these two horrific audiotapes have dropped, it’s crickets? What is going on, and why does MTB, the tabloids, and her own castmates want to protect Amber so much? This is growing more disgusting by the hour. I’m glad Andrew had proof. That Dr. Drew stunt was just a bridge too far and I’m proud of him for going public with such painful moments. Domestic Abuse is real and Amber is an abuser who seems to be getting away with her actions thus far.

      I don’t get it. Does anyone have any insight as to why Amber’s getting support and the benefit of the doubt, still, after we’ve heard these tapes let alone Andrew’s 911 text and Amber’s arrest?

  64. They are advising her to stay off social media. I don’t think she can do it though. She lives off this stuff. It is what is the most important thing in her life is posting positive messages, wuotes and photos to her fans.

    1. Those stupid ‘Swipe up’ ads. That’s how she gets paid. Everyone boycott her IG page. Time for her to get off the couch and go work a 9 to 5. Welcome to the real world , Ambie.

  65. If Amber has enough self control when MTV’s around then I suspect she’s using these “illnesses” as excuses so she doesn’t have to be held accountable for her behaviors.

  66. Bye Amber. I won’t miss watching you complain about how little sleep you get while sitting IN YOUR BED feeling sorry for yourself and demanding “respect” from everyone.

  67. I’m sorry, but she needs to be out. Mental illness or not, this in unacceptable. I understand that MTV wanted to believe her side of the story until now, but with what’s out it doesn’t matter if she was set up or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s because of her mental illness, because she refuses to take her medication, despite knowing that she turns violent when she is not on it. What matters is that she is abusive to her boyfriend and her child.

    I couldn’t care less for Andrew but, while I am doubtful of the reasons why he even got with Amber in the first place, nobody deserves to be treated like that. Nobody. Even if Amber’s claims were all true, even if he got her pregnant on purpose, only to get “famous” and get her money, the only thing Andrew would deserve is to have his ass dumped by Amber. He wouldn’t deserve to be told repeatedly that he’s an ugly fat f*ck, a little bitch and that he would be rape in prison. He wouldn’t deserve to be threatened or hit, especially while holding little James, who definitely doesn’t deserve any of this shit. Even if Andrew had set Amber up and used her, he would not deserve to suffer this kind of abuse. Nobody does.

    1. @Skye: Exactly, and on top of the unbelievable tirade of insults and abuse she unleashes on Andrew, you can actually hear her using her fists on him while he holds James, and I was so disgusted to hear her say on yesterday’s tape that “I’m not watching him!!” and on the newest tape “Take him and get out, go!” She doesn’t care about that poor little boy at all. What a liar and a phony and a total actress she is.

  68. About freaking time!!!! Amber ” I’m a real woman” Portwood is going to have to roll out of bed and actually (gasp) go to work if she wants to make money.

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