Amber Portwood’s Brother Shawn Responds to More Disturbing Leaked Audio; Says Amber’s ‘Teen Mom’ Cast Mates Didn’t React to His Requests To Help Amber

Bubby has spoken!

Shawn Portwood has spoken out, following the release of a third leaked audio recording featuring his sister, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood, verbally abusing her then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon. In a series of tweets posted on Wednesday, Shawn— aka “Bubby”– revealed that he had tried in the past to get Amber’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars and friends to help her, but they did not.

Shawn also claimed that he had no idea how bad things between Andrew and Amber had gotten. (In the three leaked audio clips, Amber can be heard screaming, cursing and threatening Andrew, and, in several of the clips, the couple’s infant son James can be heard in the background.)

“Andrew did call me sometimes when they would argue but never mentioned anything of what’s being mentioned now,” Shawn told his Twitter followers. “He always told me it was a bad argument. And do you know what I did? I reached out to people but never got a response. The next day everything was fine according to him.”

In a comment posted to the official “The Ashley’s Reality Roundup” Instagram page, Andrew wrote a note to Shawn, claiming that he asked Shawn to help him with Amber. It appears that Shawn may have been answering to what Andrew wrote.

Andrew’s note to Shawn from earlier this week…

“I really don’t know how you people can expect me or could expect me to have done more. When he called because they were arguing I would call and talk to her. When things were bad with her postpartum I reached out to other cast members on the show and got vague responses,” Shawn wrote in another tweet.

Amber’s co-stars Maci BookoutCatelynn LowellTyler Baltierra and Cheyenne Floyd had all been very vocal of their support for Amber…until the audio clips were released last week. In the days since then, all of them have released statement encouraging Amber to get help.

“The same cast members who are blasting her now about the audio that has come out I reached out to to try to get her help,” Shawn wrote. “Whether it be through therapy that they may have taken or to just have them call her and talk to her. Never did I get a reasonable response… 

“I’m not saying who I reached out to,” Shawn continued. “What I am going to say [is] that I reached out to a small network of people that I had access to to try to find her help. Those people chose not to say anything to me but now want to comment on the audio. And if those cast members did not receive any messages from me that I’m not talking about them and they have no reason to take offense to this. But the ones that I did reach out to know who they are.”

“How ya gonna call us out like that, Bubby!?”

Shawn also stated that he did try to help Andrew himself.

“How do you say I’m victim shaming somebody?” Shawn tweeted to another person. “You ppl are blasting me saying that I blew him off entirely but I’m telling you that that’s not the case. That’s not victim shaming you idiot. I simply said he never portrayed the situation being worse than what he is now.

“You people are attacking me saying things like why didn’t you do this or why didn’t you do that. What do you expect me to do? Pack off my s**t up and move back to Indiana and hold her and Andrews hand during their relationship? I did what I could do from where I’m at.”

In his tweets, Shawn stated that the three disturbing audio clips do not tell the full story of what went down, and he promised that Amber’s fans (and haters) would find out her side soon.

“It’s a’comin’!”

“I never deviated from the fact that Andrew manipulated and misrepresented what happened,” Shawn wrote. “Everyone will get their answer soon enough. I understand that all this audio has been completely one-sided and that’s fine. And she’s been told that her actions were completely wrong.

“I promise you this. Whether people accept it or not proof is going to come out. Everything is going to come out. Everyone will get their answer soon enough. Still doesn’t justify laying your hands on another person if she did that or saying the things that she said.”

“You tell ’em Bubs!”

He then insinuated that Andrew was not the only person in the household who had suffered abuse.

“Everyone thinks that he’s the only one that is a victim of domestic violence,” Shawn tweeted.

However, when another Twitter user questioned Shawn if he was implying that Andrew physically abused Amber as well, he replied, “I’m no longer saying anything about this whole situation that’s what I’m saying right now. I’m going to wait for it to take its course and I’m going to wait for everything to be presented.”

The Ashley will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available. To catch up on all the stories in regard to the Amber and Andrew’s feud, click here.

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  1. I also think Andrew isn’t totally innocent like he could of been egging her on the whole time and instead of leaving going to another room he stays and yet he’s like your arguing in front of our child dude if you would be the bigger person and lock her out of a room or take the baby and go somewhere else for a few hours it would of deescalated the situation if she can’t control herself then maybe someone without a mood disorder who has better control should be the bigger person and instead of fighting say look you’re being toxic we’ll talk about this when your not as mad or he should of ended it I don’t like hkm

  2. People are so gross first of all what did Andrew want her brother to do ? If Andrew was at his wits end he should of fucking left , I was abused too so yeah I know how hard it is to leave your abuser the difference is I didn’t have my child around for the abuse and if he had been I would of left a lot sooner . I question his abuse because he could of gotten out of the house gone to a hotel lived with his folks etc if you were at your wits end then like leave . How can you throw it on someone in another state her family is her family but they aren’t her puppeteers ultimately she is the one in control of herself no one else also he saw her behavior before on air the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior

  3. So did he contact Ambers friends that actually lived nearby also? That could actually go see her. Coz he claims he can’t do anything from afar but yet he calls the tm2 girls out for the same thing? He is Amber’s brother… damn straight he should drop tools and go see if his sister and nephew are ok.

  4. I believe Andrew pushed her to her breaking point and set her up recording her to .that us not live when he should of been helping her. Amber reached out fir help before all this. Ha time won’t help her she’s getting a raw deal here because of her past also.

  5. Apparently her brother is just like her it’s always someone else’s fault. He knew she was abusive to Gary but he didn’t do anything then either. That whole family is messed up for sure. I hope Andrey gets sole custody of James n Gary stop letting her see Leah too. She’s not a parent

  6. Its not Ambers fault
    Her brother asked her castmates for help & they didnt do anything so it everyone elses fault. Its the castmates fault for not doing something. Its Andrews fault for recording it.
    Most importantly its never Ambers fault so she doesnt need help.

  7. Amber always talks about her brother & how close & important her, if he couldnt do anything or get thru to her what would her co-workers do.

    Did he hope on a plane & come out to talk to her? What exactly did he do to help? Other than call her co-workers what did he do?

  8. Bubby u really needed to not comment at all. Sorry but u started the ” u don’t know the whole story crap”. Now when pressed u r clamping down?
    This guy is a joke. He knows what his sis did wrong and us trying to back pedal and now blame the other Teen Mom’s.

  9. Anyone who is recording is shady and planning something. You cant completely trust someone that sneaky that they are giving the whole truth.

    1. He explained why he recorded her.
      She hit him, it wasnt recorded but she kept berating him & thats why he started recording her. As proof of her actions. He was smart enough to repeat/mention the physical assault which she admitted.

    2. Gathering evidence,Tracy isn’t being shady…..

      You think it’s ok for amber to do this, and get away with it????

      Nobody was believing Andres suffering, so he did the right thing and got evidence. To prove this bitch was an abuser.

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    She looks like Gypsy Rose Blanchard in that picture

    1. @lurch Oooooo…thank you! I completely forgot about him saying that! Good catch! Bubby is as much of a liar as Amber clearly. You know what I thought about? How many times Amber talked about how wonderful Andrew was to her and James. If I remember right she even started to tear up with Maci, Catelynn and Cheyenne and said something to the affect of never being treated so wonderful by a man. Now she expects us to think he was the monster all along? Maybe Amber should move to the delusional land with fellow narcissistic sociopaths David & Jenelle

  11. She straight up lived stream and repeatedly stated “I know I’m not supposed to do/say…” She knows better yet could not care less about Andrew or her children. She’s in desperate need of a long term psych ward. It’s better than prison, which appears to have only hardened her more. Dark hearted woman should not have children. Fire her MTV. Your plan (MTV)of showing the hardships of babies having babies has turned into a nightmare. These people want/need the paycheck, have limited skills or higher education. MTV is a puppet master cause the families are now taught to depend on MTV to feed their families. Yes the cast will do as told… If they want to eat and maintain their lifestyle. MTV should be responsible to give Andrew his paycheck(s), stop airing violence and stop showing people that babies having babies is lucrative. Shame on MTV and Amber. Amber needs to be locked up in a psych ward. Jail won’t do anything but make her harder. Gross, MTV you had good intentions but you may want to reevaluate. Jenelle, Farrah, Amber… How many more horrific stories and children do you plan to exploit?

  12. Enabler 100%, Amber is an adult. If she didn’t want to get pregnant don’t have sex. If she is implying that it’s Andrew’s fault for failed birth control or some other fail, which resulted in a pregnancy, that’s ridiculous. She’s paranoid, he has been very forth coming, calm, direct and responsible. I truly believe Andrew and the audio. Amber has a rage, entitlement problem as well as a dark heart. She won’t get better till she wants too and even her enabling brother or castmates (from other States and have their own lives) can’t make miracles happen. She needs to be fired.

  13. Given Ambers short fuse and propensity toward violence, there is no part of me that believes he ever raised a hand to her. She would’ve killed him.

  14. Her coworkers are just that. Coworkers. They have no obligation to intervene. The kind of “help” Amber has needed i.e. addiction counseling, medication management etc. are provided by mental health professionals. Even as friends their hands are tied if she refuses, as she has done repeatedly, to access these resources. He can try to shift blame all he wants but responsibility for this situation lies on Amber’s shoulders.

    1. Totally agree with the bonus fry.

      I will also add it is extremely difficult to get an adult mental health services if that adult isn’t cooperating.

  15. Why doesn’t anyone want to believe this is a Jenelle/ David sort of situation, with two abusers?
    I agree, Amber should have left when he was abusive too. It does not excuse what she did and it was dumb cause she got caught with it.
    Amber has not said anything lately but he still keeps going while Amber does not provoke him, bash him, there is no post he has to respond to. Yet he keeps bashing her. Not a good look for the court.
    He should think more of his son cause they will also find little lies in what he has posted and shared and he will loose the case. After that, CPS has to do something with the court’s findings.

    1. She did a live stream, while under a no contact order, and made threats and harsh statements. Andrew is being dragged through the mud. He wants his voice heard. She may be wealthy and infamous and Andrew has to be heard above all her money. Money talks. He did also collect a paycheck f on MTV to him. A joint family account doesn’t mean it’s all hers. ✌️

  16. So Bubby couldn’t do anything but he expects Amber’s co-workers to do something? Pathetic loser. Losers to cover both Bubby and Boss Bitch. And if anyone besides Andrew was being abused in that household it was Baby James and Andrew is only at fault for removing James from that situation sooner.

    1. I love your comment, very well said. I agree, she is at fault. She doesn’t even love her children. She reminds me of a paranoid meth head minus missing teeth and super skinny. Her thought process is skewed. She needs serious professional help and not all woman should be mothers.

  17. Amber has Boderline Personality Disorder and there isn’t a cure for it. She can work on herself all day but she’s still going to have it. It’s a disease brought about by childhood trauma/neglect that leaves the brain in a constant state of being 2 years old (when it comes to rejection/non validation, conflict). It’s not Amber’s fault she has BPD, however, it is her responsibility to do everything she can to live with it…but even then, she knows it will never go away. I find it interesting that studies have shown time and time again that Abusive Narcassist prey on people with BPD, because they can get away with anything and know they can poke the BPD with a stick and they’ll lose it. They make incredible scapegoats do to their short temper.
    Also, I wonder why Andrew didn’t take his precious baby away the first time this happened? Why didn’t he call the cops then? Why stick around and drain her bank account and record some more? He knows about her short temper but he stayed and poked her and poked her and recorded and recorded because he “cares” about the safety of the child so much?
    Neither one of them are in a place to be raising a child right now, and I think Amber knows that, but at least Amber is being real and is capable of human emotion.
    Andrew will continue his con at this James’ expense.

  18. Ok Bubby, when is it finally going to be Amber’s turn to WANT to get better?

    No wonder she’s the way she is. She has been coddled and enabled by production and her own family.

    1. Shawn is her brother and I think he means well. He loves and supports her.
      Amber like other abusers puts the ones that love her in awful positions. Shawn included.
      The reality is the only one who can help Amber is Amber.
      At this point she is not willing to work on herself for her family, her children, her partner, her friends, or her co-workers. Until or if she is ever ready is up to her alone.
      I’m sure Shawn thinks he is helping. It would probably be best he not comment on social media at all. He tends to fall into the I know she is was wrong…..but…insert blame elsewhere. Which isn’t helping anyone.
      His resources are probably better spent just being there on a personal level.

  19. I feel like it’s always 3 sides to a story nobody’s gonna just haul off and hit someone for no reason not taking her side but like Bobby said Andrew property was putting his hands on her to and just making his self look like the victim. Both of them need help and counseling not just one

    1. Abusers WILL hit somebody for no reason, though, or at least no LOGICAL reason. I’ve been doing dishes and have gotten shoved down into the counter because he thought I’d swept up a straw paper that he wanted to roll spice with. I’ve been hit in the head with a steel toed boot for asking him if he was going to come to bed. I’ve been punched in my head while laying in bed at night because his tooth hurt. Those types tend to take anything and everything out on their victims. They will make up reasons to hurt you because it makes them feel better. It’s almost never something you’ve actually done.

    2. Kisha…………….

      Bubby would say that tho wouldn’t he!!!!

      Hell if he was doing that don’t you think amber would have made it known, long ago???

      Bubby is as nuts as his sister and mom.

  20. He’s going to blame every one except his sister, who is abusive and needs serious help. Blaming other people, Andrew or anything else is not going to change what she did. This isn’t the first time she has verbally and physically abused someone in front of her children. Amber should be fired and actually sort herself out.

  21. So now the TM cast was supposed to do something about this? Apparently nothing is ever Amber’s fault. FIRE HER.

  22. Blubby….your sister is past the point of no return when it comes to getting help. Gel couldn’t even help her, so I’m sure that cast mates aren’t going to be able to help her. She needs to be institutionalized.

  23. When in the hell is AMBER GONA HELP SELF? She has NEVER been help accountable…damn. Get rid of her She’s not even trying to get better.

  24. Now it’s the casts fault? Please. They have their own horror shows to contend with. None of them are in any position to help anyone! Shut up already

  25. So I get the feeling that Blubby is trying to say that her cast mates failed her and he’s hinting that the abuse went both ways. Who here believes that after hearing the three audios that Andrew would even stand a chance just TRYING to raise a hand to her. I laugh. That would never happen and I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would believe he stood a chance. I don’t care how big he is!!!

    1. I fully agree, he seems like a gentle giant. Had he put hands on her she’d be bloodied up at minimum. Despite how big he is he is gentle and was loved by Bubby. Amber is arrogant, entitled, immature and if not prison she should be in a psych ward. Some woman should not be mothers.

  26. What exactly did he want the cast members to do for her? Maci’s got to deal with Rhines shit, Cate and Tyler have their own shit going on, Cheyenne is across the country, Amber tried to punch Farrah in the face, and I’m pretty sure McKee doesn’t even really know her. He won’t even go back to Indiana to help her, but he expects the cast mates to drop everything and help her? What?

  27. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Amber is a bitch,Harry has. There daughter for a reason now Andrew as the son amber is unfit and should never be able to have anymore kids maybe she needs some more prison time.. And she acks like she lives her daughter so much what a fake. Ass mother I used to live amber on the show now I can’t stand her do glade they fired her

  28. So now he is going to blame her cast mates for not getting her under control WOW now we know where Amber gets it from. ITS always someone else’s fought. This whole family is a train wreck. None of them need to be around James
    Hope Andrew can keep them from The James

  29. Really? Her cast mates did nothing? Catelynn and Tyler had their own mess of a relationship to work on not to mention Tyler was emotionally supporting his wife, his father, his sister and his own two kids. They were kind of busy themselves. Maci was busy dealing with a drug addicted baby daddy and raising 3 kids of her own. Cheyenne doesn’t even know Amber so no idea what she would have done. To fault them for not helping Amber is ridiculous. Amber is damn near 30 and has many resources that most other women do no have.

  30. Amber name one on one help weekly for the rest of her life. It’s not for heart ❤️ it’s her brain . MTV should realize when is girls are having all these problems all these years get them off there and start with new ones now they want to get them cars and houses and drugs and not stop the arguing or fighting and carrying on our baby daddy after baby daddy after baby daddy that’s ridiculous. The shows doing nothing but ruining what they started out with. What a shame

  31. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I noticed that you barely hear Andrew in any of the audio tapes I truly believe he is just trying to get her money and her house and cars so he is trying to put all the blame on her there’s two sides to every story. I hope the judge sees right through him as we all know he doesn’t like to work

  32. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Amber’s brother adding insult to injury. As has everyone (without exception) involved.

    Andrew’s plight has exposed every person on, and involved, with this show for the worthless individuals they are. Not a single person directly involved has had the morality or conscience to come out and publicly admit/acknowledge what happened to Andrew and James was straight up horrific. Period. Every ‘statement’ so far from cast et al has been an excuse. Vague, insincere sentiments caveated with ‘Amber just needs help’. Its disgusting – shame on every one of you who has released such a statement.

    It should go without saying for any right minded person that Amber does NOT need help. What Amber NEEDS to do is take responsibility for her actions. End of. For Amber’s fellow cast and crew, keeping the show rolling (and the pay coming) is their first and only concern.

    I applaud Andrew for his bravery and resilience, I hope he realises how much support he has from us mere mortals.

  33. Bubby, blubby, blabby.

    Now whilst changing your tune somewhat. Your still victim blaming, shame on you, no concern for baby James either, you amber and your mom are all fucked up messes.

  34. I think by cast mates, he means Gary, but used vague terms to avoid calling him out. I do not think he was talking about Maci or Caitlyn, that makes zero sense.

  35. Shawn…. I’m not victim blaming BUT, I’ll still victim blame…. SHAME ON HIM!
    I will say this, what did he expect cast members to do? I mean other than call the police what can anyone do?
    As a DV survivor, until the victim of DV is ready to say enough is enough…. not much anyone can do!

    1. So it’s Andrews fault that she didn’t get help sooner or are you saying Amber is the victim here? Because I’m pretty sure Andrew (victim) has been trying to get Amber to get help for a while. But sure let’s put this on him for the abuse going on so long.

  36. Also…. Mental health or lack of help is no excuse for behavior like hers. She has to know she’s better with the meds.. She makes conscious choices as an adult to take or not take. Fuck her and I hope she loses her gravy train. Cancel the show already.

    1. Bubby I can’t see how you could leave a helpless little guy that is your godson!! You know better than anyone that your sister is a raging maniac who is a danger to anyone around her. She is so mentally ill that she could kill someone. And you are stupid enough to say something like I asked her coworker to help her, shit, they’re afraid of her too!! Can’t your mother have her committed to a rehab for the mentally insane. This girl is dangerous. The things she said about little James, not wanting him, etc. Bubby your family is fudged up!!!! MTV did to Amber by giving her all the money and fame in her fragile state. Wrong!!!

  37. Shawn and his sis should hook up. They’re both equally dumb as fu¢K. Chick didn’t learn shit in jail or counseling. She’s hat shit crazy and her beo is just too far in at this point to acknowledge verbally how much of a fuck up his sis is. This bitch blames everyone for her short comings. Her calling Andrew fat so much only shows her own personal insecurities about her own fat ass body. Her calling him ugly, just reflects poorly on her too. She’s a fool, he’s a fill and sorry Andrew, you’re a fucking fool. Amber wears her “buttons” in her shirt front which makes me wonder…. Was/is Andrew a smart mavsk I the sense he manipulated this relationship to turn out in his favor… Kid, fat paycheck and stardom. It’s the ultimate trifecta. Although, you now have a kid that is bound to be just as batty as her kin.

    People, watch those genetics because they are passed generation to generation. ?

  38. enabler noun
    en·​abler | \ i-ˈnā-blər , -bᵊl-ər\
    Definition of enabler
    : one that enables another to achieve an end
    especially : one who enables another to persist in self-destructive behavior (such as substance abuse) by providing excuses or by making it possible to avoid the consequences of such behavior

    Shawn, I have only one question for you. What developments could come out to justify Amber’s behavior in those audio clips?

  39. The odd nicknames that Amber always has had for people have bothered me since her 16 and pregnant episode. “Boo-Boo” for Leah, Bubby for her brother and the most obnoxious “beautiful souls” (with intelligent included in front of beautiful at random). She has ALWAYS seemed so fake when she refers to people by her ridiculous nicknames. Her and her brother are grown adults and the fact that she still refers to him as “Bubby” is just strange. When she gets fired from Teen Mom, she won’t have any way to make money apart from getting a real job. There’s no way she would survive in the real working world. Just like Jenelle and David. They are going to go bankrupt without that easy income and I dont see either getting a real job. These girls have no clue what its like to work a real job for shit pay as you struggle tto cover the bills. Have either of them (or a lot of the other cast members) ever had an actual job they had to show up for everyday. One where they couldn’t throw diva tantrums witjout loosing their job. On the plus size, most companies couldnt fire them for the reasons Teen Mom has. I feel terrible for these kids. Theyre being taught that you dont have to work hard for your money. Its so gross.

  40. So if you couldn’t do anything from where you’re at, how tf is Maci and Catelynn supposed to be able to do something from where they’re ar? Shawn is an idiot, just like Amber, and an enabler. He says he’s not victim blaming Andrew but that is literally EXACTLY what he’s doing

    1. That’s what I was wondering too! It sounds to me like he’s passing the buck on to them, like somehow it’s the responsibility of 2 other girls that she is friendly with and is on a show with’s Responsibility to get her help. She was already in therapy, why didn’t you reach out to her therapist or psychiatrist? Why not reach out to mental health professionals, not some coworkers that live in different states, that are not mental health professionals?

      1. Exactly. He’s her BROTHER and he’s acting like 2 girls who all live in different states (who also barely saw Amber) were supposed to be able to do something over him being able to do something. Not that it was his responsibility, but it damn sure was Maci or Catelynn’s either

  41. The “truth” is ALWAYS about to “come out”.

    We a know if Andrew laid a hand on Amber she would have called that shit in and milked it for all the sympathy it’s worth and used it as an excuse for her behavior for the next ten years. If he so much as brushed past her too hard, she’d have PTSD from all the abuse.

  42. Oh good Lord!
    Your sister is a psychotic b*tch who deserves another couple years in prison because she doesn’t know how to behave in society. She’s a threat to society and she’s lucky she actually didn’t kill her son or his dad, and we already know that Blubby and Amber would maKe it Andrew’s fault if she had…
    She’s sick! She is disgusting and a real monster. The fact that she can change her tune when MTV cameras are around speaks volumes! Plus!
    She never actually cried real tears! Every scene she “cried” she really was just whimpering and had ZERO TEARS!
    I can’t be the only one who noticed that!
    Especially the scene when she learns her daughter was starting to have panic attacks at school and Andrew held her… There were no tears!

  43. I swear if Bubby used the time it took to reach out to Amber’s co-workers, to insist that perhaps his FAMILY MEMBERS join him in getting Amber some help — he’d sound a hell of a lot less effing RIDICULOUS than he does right now.

    Clearly, the only other “truth” that can “come out” now, is one that most of us already know.

    And that’s Bubby’s own enabling and defending everything Amber does with lame excuses. Something that’s definitely NOT helping her in the least.

  44. Shawn Portwood – you sir are a disgrace to any and all Correctional Officers. You see day in and day out what violence does to others lives yet you chose to defend this…..You should turn your badge in NOW. You should be ashamed!


    The wife of a Retired C/O

  45. Oh blubby you are so full of it. Those who have nothing are the first to spout off that “that truth will come out”. Wah wah. That is when you gave nothing. Those who would have a defense would keep their fat fucking mouth shut! Just repeating your sisters words here. Be careful. I don’t want her beating the crap out of you. But you do tend to contradict yourself when backed in a corner blubby. When is it the responsibility of her cast mates to take care of her? That is her job. They are her coworkers. Let’s not get it twisted. Your co workers aren’t responsible for your personal wellbeing either.

  46. In typical Portwood fashion put the blame on everyone else and point fingers at them like it’s there fault. Lol my god bubby you are so blinded by ambers payroll she could kill someone and you would defend her and say well he deserved it lol Just like the day is long here is bubby pointing fingers at everyone but himself and not holding his psycho sister accountable for her actions AGAIN!!

    1. Hey, The Truth. You coming out anytime soon? These people are always saying you’re on the way, but we never get to meet you!

      1. Lol ain’t that a fact. Those audio tapes are the truth tho. The Truth Bubby and Amber are talking about must exist in Mr Rogers neighborhood in make believe land. Those two fools don’t know what the definition of truth is to begin with.

  47. Your sister is psychotic! This is what she does she blames the men in the relationship for stealing her money, cheating & of course don’t forget they abused her! Always the same thing!

  48. Today the state of Indiana entered “audio, emails, and video” evidence agains Amber in her case. Andrew was smart to document the abuse he suffered at her hands.

    1. Did any of you see Dr. Phil the other day about the woman who blamed her bipolar disorder for all of her horrible behavior? All I could think while I was watching that was, that she sure sounded like Amber.

  49. Amber is just a horrible person. Has anybody ever seen her do something kind or generous? Nope. This dumb gal thinks she “deserves some respect” because she’s on this crap show? She’s trash, and apparently her brother is too. Stupid “Bubby” placing the blame on her friends when as family, he states he was powerless. Seems like both Amber and Bubby were taught to blame everybody else for the problems they created ?

  50. “What do you expect me to do? Pack off my s**t up and move back to Indiana and hold her and Andrews hand“

    Well what do you expect Maci and Caitlyn to do?!

      1. Abra/bri/Lilian/hannnah.

        Jeez how many names do you have??? Your spookily obsession with this site is scary….
        The Ashley needs to have your IP address checked.
        You unhinged

  51. Although she was rightfully seeing a psychiatrist, did anyone else ever notice that he was a “child and teen psychiatrist”? I’m not disputing him, as he seemed good, I just felt it odd that she chose him? Of course he will be trained with all ages, his knowledge is surely more relevant to youngsters? I’m a teacher, trained in primary school (4-11 years) Although I am able to teach across the age ranges, my experience and expertise is for 4-7 year olds. I would feel as confident teaching 10 year olds, so wouldn’t offer to teach them, over my 15 years experience teaching 5 year olds!
    I have chrones Disease, which includes having a stoma. Although my endocrinologist (I also have type 1 diabetes and Addison’s disease, along with many other illnesses!) is a doctor, I wouldn’t want my endocrinologist treating my bowel!! I’ve been meaning to say this for ages!! ??‍♀️

    1. Personally, I think she sees a psychiatrist only when she is filming so she can keep this mental illness charade. It’s almost like MTV called and said they were filming and Amber quickly googled “psychiatrist near me” and this psychiatrist popped up ?‍♀️… Also, if I remember correctly during a past reunion show Dr. Drew asked her if she was doing a 12 step program/support group for her drug addiction and she said no, that she doesn’t need it. It seems that Amber doesn’t think what she is doing is wrong. So I doubt she is doing intensive therapy.If anything she uses the psychiatrist for her Klonopin prescription and that’s all.

    2. I DEFINITELY noticed that and found it inappropriate. With her apparent illnesses she should be seeing someone who specializes in bipolar and the other things. It’s my understanding that the illnesses she has onset at an adult age. She’s a fucking moron!

    3. In most cases that would be true but it is not in psychiatry. A psychiatrist perscribes meds to treat mental illness. They use a variety of psychological tests and based on the results will make a formal diagnosis. If diagnosed with mental illness, the psychiatrist will most likely perscribe meds. A teen that has been diagnosed with the same mental illness as an adult will likely be put on the same med. For example both an adult and child with depression will most likely be prescribed an antidepressant. Mental illness is mental illness and it doesn’t matter the age. You are going to use the same course of action to treat the problem. A psychiatrist that usually deals with children and teens would still be able to diagnosis and treat an adult.

  52. Way to go Shawn. Blame someone else. Shawn you are an ENABLER. We for sure know what Amber did. Accept Amber needs help. Get her help. Hopefully off of tv for along time.

  53. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    OMG!! I think that the whole family has the “passing the buck” gene! You know, there is no doubt in my mind that Andrew Glennon started some arguments but to be talked to like he was and physically abused? NO WAY!!! And just exactly what did James do to deserve to be part of that? Shawn, you are doing Princess Amber any favors by blaming everyone but Amber for her actions! That’s like saying that we can land on the sun if we only go at night….. RIDICULOUS!! Amber alone is responsible for her actions. Not castmates, Andrew or that child!!!

  54. Andrew trying to stay relevant leads me to believe he is trying to be a cast member to earn free money from MTV for a story line. He is a loser just like Amber!!! He’s having a field day on Twitter

    1. I keep saying Andrew was 100% abused, but something isn’t right with him either. This is a money grab. I won’t stop saying that he actively recorded Amber for almost a year. He did need this evidence, but he also needed to get James and himself out. The first audio he made in 8/18 she admits to the assault. Then he stays and continues to record. How many recordings do you need to prove an EX felon with domestic violence is committing violence again? How many? The #1 priority should have been James safety. They keep telling us he has MORE recordings. More than the three we already heard. This is not black & white. Amber is a horrible person, and Andrew isn’t on the up and up either.

      1. Well it’s also entirely possible that the abuse wasn’t constant for those 10-11 months. Abusers are very good at isolating their victims, faking apologies and making them feel loved that it isn’t always easy to leave immediately. Also Amber does a pretty good job of playing a victim to the outside world, in a he said she said case in court, you can why Andrew would want as much evidence as possible. If Amber is convicted, she’ll lose her MTV paycheck and there will be no money for Andrew to go after (you think the $1 an hour Amber makes in jail sewing panties will pay Andrew anything). And it’s pretty clear after he reached out to MTV and they haven’t helped he has little interest in collecting a paycheck from them.

  55. How the f could the cast members do anything to help Amber? He was expecting them to do…what, exactly? He can’t go to Indiana, but they can?

    Shawn is embarrassing himself at this point. He is repeating Amber’s “the truth will come out” bs and no one is buying it.

  56. What did Shawn expect from the other girls?? Makes no sense. He should have called her psychiatrist. One day Amber is going to put her hands on the right person and they are going to knock her ass out!

  57. Ambien has never had any accountability a day in her life. Everything is everyone else’s problem but hers. She’s exactly like Jenelle with the mental illness card of Cate. She is exhausting and her brother is just making things worse. While this is probably going to get messy before this gets better, I just hope Leah and James are kept out of this as much as possible.

  58. Amber is nuts.
    Andrew antagonizes her.
    Teen Mom is crap.
    Why do I keep coming here to read this shit?? ??‍♀️??‍♀️

    1. This is not the first parntner she has verbally and physically abused and probably won’t be the last. The common denominator is Amber. She is an extremely angry woman and a puppy could antagonigize her.

    2. You keep coming here because it’s being sensationalized. I keep saying the first audio release was enough. Enough to show viewers that she was abusing him. But the tapes keep on coming. The blog posts get written, the IG lives start, the twitter sphere is abuzz, and that joke Without a Crystal Ball is copyrighting and releasing the audio. Minus Ambers live a week ago, Andrew is keeping the story relevant. And he doesn’t need to. He’s got a good defense, he’s got lots of evidence. I feel sorry for Leah, Gary, and his wife. They are the ones that have to protect Leah in the face of all this stuff that keeps getting put out there. Poor Leah and poor James.

  59. I honestly don’t even know where to start because he is all over the place. First he is blaming Amber’s co-stars for not getting her help then in the next breath says he had no idea how bad it was. Next saying he is not victim shaming and no one deserves to be verbally and physically abused but then says the truth will come out and there has been more domestic violence in the house. Get your story straight before you try an enable Amber some more.

  60. Why should her castmates have tried to get her help Shawn? Amber is not their responsibility and from the sounds of it she didn’t want to get help with even her closest family members tried to get her to do it. If she isn’t doing it for her family, what makes you think she is going to do it for her castmates? Either way I hate to see that this is happening yet again. I hate seeing anyone’s life in shambles and I hope that one day she truly gets the help that she needs and can live a stable life. And I pray that James and Leah will end up okay and everyone else that’s affected by the whole situation.

  61. You are really grasping at straws Bubby. Blaming everyone BUT AMBER!!!!! She doesn’t need help; she needs to be humbled real quick because she’s a class A cunt.

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