‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars React to Disturbing Leaked Audio of Amber Portwood: Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, Shawn Portwood & More Release Statements

“We still good guys? Guys…?”

Amber Portwood‘s friends are starting to speak out, following the release of two disturbing audio clips featuring the Teen Mom OG star threatening the life of her baby daddy Andrew Glennon.

Some of Amber’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast mates have released statements, while others have chosen to remain silent. As of Monday morning, The Ashley‘s sources tell her that Amber has not been fired; however, that does not mean that she will not be soon. (As The Ashley told you, a conference call was held on Thursday with the show’s top executive producers to discuss the audio.) 

MTV has not yet said anything regarding the audio clips— both of which were recorded before Amber’s July 5 arrest— but The Ashley has put together everything that has been said in regard to the recordings.

On Monday, Farrah Abraham spoke out about the recordings for the first time. In a message posted to Instagram Stories, Farrah did not mince words when it came to revealing her feelings. (She also gave The Ashley a shoutout!)

“If all the ‘moms’ on this show support this behavior their all unfit moms, the show is responsible for this relationship, this child abuse,” Farrah wrote. (The Ashley has posted Farrah’s statement exactly as she wrote it, grammatical errors and all!)

“It’s disturbing, disgusting and illegal.”

Tell us how you really feel, Farrah…

“Wow this was sent to me today…” she continued. “I’m so disgusted by the cast of teen mom…the injustice, no ethics, illegal abusive behavior in front of a child. 10 years same behavior…JAIL TIME FOR THIS FREAK!” 

In a second message, Farrah wrote, “Thank you for sharing this as this show allowing children to be used, abused, mistreated and puppets for show is completely sad, disgusting, heartbreaking and illegal. This child [James], like Leah, needs to be far away from the freak Amber who doesn’t want to watch her own child.”

Farrah’s mom Debra Danielsen was slightly more diplomatic in her statement, which she sent to The Ashley on Monday.

“I believe Amber must take time out to get the proper medical treatment she needs,” Debra told The Ashley. “I know inside is a wonderful woman who is struggling and wants to be her best, but her support system has been weak to non-existent. I really think she has been misdiagnosed and hasn’t received medical treatment that would make her feel tremendously better.”

Amber’s cast mate Catelynn Lowell told her followers that she was not aware that the audio clips existed. (Cate had been very vocal about her support of Amber after the arrest in July.)

“I would hope that from watching my journey for 10 years that you all would know that I do not condone violence of any sort especially in front of children… my heart breaks… and I am truly sad…” Catelynn wrote on Friday. “I in no way condone violence!! I hope she gets the help she needs…

“Just know that I didn’t hear that audio till all of you did and I’m so sad and heart broken….” she added on Saturday.

Catelynn’s husband Tyler Baltierra has been outspoken since the audio broke. 

“Honestly…my heart is really saddened by what I have heard,” Tyler tweeted on Friday. “I just pray that everyone gets the help they truly need in this situation. Abuse is NEVER okay…EVER!”

In a Twitter conversation with the vlogger who released the audio, Tyler was asked if he and the other ‘OG’ castmates plan to fight to get Amber off the show, just as some had done to Farrah years earlier. 

“We never ‘fought’ producers to get Farrah off the show, we don’t have that much power, unfortunately.” Tyler replied. “We just expressed our concerns to the producers about that situation. Which is EXACTLY what we did today about this current situation with Amber. This whole thing is devastating!”

When the Without a Crystal Ball vlogger accused Tyler of supporting an abuser, he denied her claims.

“How does my comment further support an abuser? I simply stated that I hope everyone involved in this sad situation gets the help that they need. I also never stated that I DIDN’T believe Andrew. I feel heartbroken for him & James!” Tyler wrote. “I have reached out to Andrew personally. I don’t need to do it publicly. I am grateful for the support & sense of community social media can provide at times, but I have nothing to prove to anyone while being on it. I am very secure with my own heart’s intentions & compassion.”

Cheyenne Floyd, who appeared at Amber’s court hearing in July alongside Catelynn and Maci Bookout last month, also released a short statement over teh weekend.

“All I can say is that I am a praying for everyone involved.. my heart is so sad after what I heard and I hope she gets the help she needs,” Cheyenne wrote of Amber on Twitter.

Maci and the rest of the cast have been silent, as has Gary Shirley (Amber’s other baby daddy). Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood, however, has had plenty to say via Twitter in support of his sister over the past few days. In regard to The Ashley’s story from last week that revealed all of the weapons that Amber kept in her house, Shawn replied, “None of that stuff is hers. Andrew bought all of that stuff. He bought a lot of it without her even knowing it with her money. He admitted to me that he bought them she’s the one that told me that they were bought with her money.”

In regard to the release of the audio clips, Shawn told Twitter users that things were not as they appear.

“Did you hear the entire clip? Or just the clip the Andrew wanted you to hear? I’m not condoning what she said but I will say this there’s far more to that clip than what he gave them people to leak out,” Shawn wrote. “He provoked her and provoked her and provoked her. Then when she finally snapped which I would too just not to the extent that she did he started with all the sweet talk and started recording her.

“It was a set-up I tells ya!”

When the Without a Crystal Ball vlogger accused Shawn of supporting an abuser, he shot back.

“At what point has she ever been accused of or found guilty of abusing a child?” Shawn replied on Twitter. “Because someone said so that automatically proves guilt? Do you really know what the real motive was behind all of this? No you do not. There is so much more to this. I really wish you people would stop calling me an enabler. These recordings were from months ago. Since that time she’s been going to a therapist and working on the issues that she has. I have never once condone what she did for what she said.

“The negativity and hatred from some of you is horrible. You people act like I should quit my job move back to Indiana and hold my sister’s hand and bring her to a therapist every single day. I talk to her, I try to help her and I will always protect her,” he continued. “You people act like Andrew made of roses. Yes she did wrong and she said wrong but don’t believe just that little tidbit of what you heard. You heard only what HE wanted you to hear and automatically that makes her such a horrible person.”

Shawn admitted that Amber was in the wrong for the way she handled the situation in the audio recordings.

“I just want you people to keep in mind that not everything is all butterflies with him like it’s made out to be,” he wrote. “Who do you think leaked that audio? He is the one that leaked that audio. He leaked what he wanted you to hear not what he did want you to hear…You literally can’t justify that. But you also have to keep in mind that there is more of a backstory. You cannot justify how she handled herself because it’s wrong. But you do realize he recorded it he knew when it was recording so he’s not going to act how he was acting.”

Shawn told his followers that, right now, Amber is staying off social media.

“I’m just saying…maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put down your phone…”

“That’s because she’s trying to block negativity right now so that she doesn’t lash out and cause more grief on herself,” Shawn wrote of his sister. “She wants so badly but to answer and comment on everybody’s negative comments but she’s trying to hold back…I’ve never said that every decision my sister made has been right. I’ve also never condoned her attitude ever. But I do know that what’s happening to her is unfair. I will protect my sister because I know all of the good that she has done as well. If you don’t like it oh well.”

Shawn had plenty more to say on Twitter, but in one tweet, he promised Amber’s fans that they would be seeing another side to the story soon.

“Thank you. [Andrew] lied to her and he used her and that’s going to come out. The reason why you haven’t heard anything from our side is because we’re trying to let the courts judge it and decide it.”

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


  1. fire the winey poor me, everybody else is wrong mentally Disturbed man abuser.
    defend her all you want but she has shown over and over again she should not be around children, people in general!
    lock her in a mental hospital and I grow away the key.
    if she hadn’t shown she is stable in the last 10 years then why is she allowed out in public?
    she will kill someone and use her mental state as an excuse!
    sick of seeing her whining and crying for herself in every shot!

  2. Sorry, but Amber’s brother has some very valid points…how come he is the only one whonrealizes that this man could have completely baited Amber, and God knows if he is just as abusive, and everyone is siding with him…ever think he (don’t even know his name, lol) is just more cunning than amber? I mean seriously, it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to be!

    1. Thank you ! It’s odd how many recordings he has as well. If you’re in a big custody case or whatever this is why are you releasing these audio bits? Is it because you want to defame her ? People claiming he has money . Where is it? He’s in her house asking for money . If he is so well off he’d be in a place away from her. Indiana is cheap AF to live in .

    2. Are you seriously victim blaming? The vlogger that posted this stuff had Matt (her ex) reach out, their stories of abuse are identical. He said he promised to keep quiet so he lied and said she was not abusive until he realized another child is involved in her abuse. Given their stories are identical, how she claimed they stole her money but it was their money from MTV but she took it from them because she said it was hers since they only had it because of her, if they spent their money she said they were stealing, they said she called them the same names, she abused both of them, was set off over nothing, etc. means it is more than likely true. Even if he set her off so what? That DOES NOT give her the right to hit another person who is holding their child (who happens to be her child too). The fact she threatened him in front of their son too is awful. There is no excuse.

  3. Baby James,
    If you read this one day, please know that you are precious and loved. Some people just aren’t cut out for parenting. But you can learn what not to do. It’s not your fault. The kids are our favorites. Love… Stranger on the internet.

    1. This is also no excuse for her behaviour.

      This is an excuse to condone her terrible actions and I’m sick of the mental illness card being used to protect, this mean nasty foul bitch.

  4. Seriously WTF is going on? Is she fired or not? What was the big executive pow wow about? Don’t leave us hanging MTV!!

  5. I understand where Shawn is coming from in regards to Andrew. Especially with where and how he met Amber because I don’t believe that Andrew never saw her behavior on MBC. This is like Mack claiming she had no idea Ryan was on drugs. And if Andrew did lie and say he was snipped, it all does come across as opportunistic. Though, unless she was physically there when he was fixed, Amber should have taken that with a grain of salt and still used protection regardless of what he said. Also, she did have the option of an abortion (no offense to baby James). So, I get why Shawn doesn’t want people to martyr Andrew. That being said, whether or not Andrew planned all this, that DOES NOT EXCUSE HER BEHAVIOR! ESPECIALLY WITH A CHILD PRESENT! That is when you walk away from the situation. However, Amber has lashed out at other people besides Andrew. There is a video of her throwing down with Jenelle and if they had been within close proximity, I wouldn’t be surprised if Amber tried to get physical with her. SHE IS NOT OKAY!

    The funny thing is if Andrew was counting on Amber’s money to care for him and James, guess again! Girl isn’t going to have a dime to her name soon. It might support him for a little while but, I doubt it will last long. And Amber could possibly prevent him from profiting off stories.

    1. Hope.
      Andrew doesn’t need her money, bubby and Tonya on the other hand, are dependant in her $$$

      As does cousin crystal all hanging on this bitches chat tails $$

      1. Shawn mentioned that Andrew was just trying to get Amber to support him. I pointed out that him exposing her for the psycho she is wouldn’t help support him in the long run. So, that isn’t a solid motive.

        I knew I’d get downvoted despite saying that nothing justifies how she treated Andrew and James.

  6. So true that the only thing that was leaked was what she said and him acting so saintly. Yes what was said is wrong but a person does not just lash out. There had to be a reason and he knows all the right buttons to push. If course the bottom line is he wants her money. He is going to play the big wounded victim. I agree her anger issues do need to be addressed but nothing here is just black and white there are alot of colors that are not being brought out. He is a slimy snake who dies absolutely nothing and thrives on driving Anber completely over the edge. There are 2 sides to every story but we are only hearing one. He wants it played out in the media. He is wrong for exploiting his wife and her mental issues.

  7. Pushing buttons? Try living with teenagers!! Yes, I’d be embarrassed if my rants were released to the public but my rants never consist of any behavior or language that would come near to initiating legal problems!!

    Button pushers are everywhere, stop using this as an excuse. YOU control your reaction. ADULTS learn to deal with them.

  8. All the cast members’ “statements” are beyond pathetic. First off, Cate &Ty’s and Cheyenne’s are exactly the same. They place no blame on Amber or her disgusting behavior, placating her so they can still remain on her “good side”. How f*cking cowardly.
    It’s not that hard to condemn abusive, threatening behavior or people and it’s shocking that they don’t, considering they are serving as examples to so many people (people who watch the show) and their own small children. Especially when the person has behaved this way consistently, as Amber has. A person who has threatened to KILL her partner, in front of their infant son. It absolutely blows my mind. Their statements make them complicit. They endorse her and her actions.

    1. What are you talking about? Every one of them absolute condemned the abuse said it was wrong and said they prayed and hoped that everyone got the help that they needed! Is that YOU Farrah? Lol

    2. What are you talking about? Every one of them absolutely condemned the abuse and said it was wrong and that they prayed and hoped that everyone got the help that they needed! Is that YOU Farrah? Lol

  9. This chick is another “trailer trash who hit the lotto.”
    She has serious issues. Her whole family does. She doesn’t want to be a mom, it is beyond obvious. So stop the facade and just sign over rights. Admit your crime, serve your time and start over. By than everyone will forget your ass and you can be single and not “stuck” anymore. You already got the jail GED now get some vocational training and be blessed!
    Sending love 💕 🙄

  10. So was it a setup years ago when Amber (who at the time to my recollection was taking a rigorous martial arts course for weight loss ) nearly put Gary’s head through a wall, then almost pushed him down a flight of stairs? All happening while the MTV cameras were rolling? Leaving many viewers to wonder how much worse was happening …when the cameras WEREN’T?

    Just asking, is all.

  11. we havent heard from her because shes facing FELONIES…AGAUN..as she should be. this isnt about mental illness, this is about an abusive person. mental illness doesnt cause ABUSE…the need for control does..and those tapes and her words only prove that’s true. shes a mess. get help or dont, but abusive people are abusive people. theres no helping or rehabilitating someone like that. its who she is and its sickening. I feel sorry for her children. they deserve so much better. shes trash. always has been. she is PROOF abusers never change.

  12. Wow, my head hurts from reading that nonsense. Is Shawn Portwood introducing us to a new, Farrah level, word salad style of writing? He is a master of CONTRADICTION! He says in one sentence that what she says can’t be justified but then says there is more of a backstory. It makes no sense and it doesn’t matter regardless.

  13. This entire thing is so ass backwards and all over the damn place. Leaked audio coming out from some nobody on YouTube, tweets are flying all over the place with screw up mistakes then apologies. The audio (YT video) is here and only here, no one can share it elsewhere, but it is elsewhere, but no, don’t trust listening to it elsewhere bc it could be altered. Wtf?! Me thinks this should have just been released to ‘The Ashley’ from the beginning and it wouldn’t be such a shit show. Gosh. One place, correct info, correct tweets, no constant “updating.” ‘The Ashley’ def would have handled this way better and it wouldn’t have been a cluster f*ck of Madness. Future ppl that want to leak info… there is a reason you give it to an established blogger or media outlet, and not some random person.

  14. Blubby is so full of shit. They have nothing! Typical statement of a person who has nothing! Pretend. Deflect. Wah wah. Sorry blubby.

  15. Ambers brother is as full of shit as she is. Provoked her, seriously, wake up!,! There is no excuse for violence. NONE!!!!. It doesn’t matter who bought the weapons, or with who’s money(again seriously) she choose to use them. Ambers always the victim. The pity card doesn’t work. Every one knows what she’s like without the leaked audios. She’s laying low because of guilt. She’s the liar.

  16. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    If Amber stays on this show then u know they have their favorites. They got rid of Janell over their craziness n she should be let go too. She endangered her baby. She’s a abuser plain n simple. She has blamed everyone n their mother for her actions first it was Gary then Matt n now Andrew. She’s the problem not the men. Stop enabling her. Gary n Christiana is the best thing that could had happened to Leah. Amber is not a mother just because she gave birth to these kids doesn’t make her a mother

  17. what Amber said wasn’t okay . In the recordings though Andrew seems to be setting her up. The “ im holding your son” and a few other blurbs while he is soooo calm. There is more. Her words and actions are not okay but I believe he did more. He’s not so perfect & sweet.

    1. When you’re treated like this regularly, you can start to be unnaturally calm because you’re used to it. Plus you know reacting to much will get them going more.

      1. I grew up in a physically and mentally abusive home . No one, including me as a child spoke like Andrew. People did scream and hit like she does but it’s his language. Also who has this many recordings ? All the abuse in my life and I’ve never recorded it .

  18. Sounds like Amber is still not taking responsibility of her behavior. It’s still all Andrew’s fault. How very narcissistic of her. Her brother is a flying monkey.

  19. As a survivor of emotional domestic violence, my heart breaks for both Andrew & James ☹️
    What really is alarming to me, is baby James was in that room, he listened to his mummy say she didn’t want him, he listened to all that nasty abuse which comes with body language… yet he wasn’t at all upset by it…. kinda tells me that he’d been around this behaviour all too often! & for Shawn to come out & DEFEND this behaviour, to condone it in any way, saying Andrew set the bait, BULLSHIT! That child’s reaction (or lack thereof) should be sending alarm bells to everyone! & shame on anyone who made Andrews life harder than it already was with their judgemental bullshit & standing by a perpetrator!!

    1. She doesnt even go to see her oldest on her days. She stays home, gets high, pops pills, and orders take out. Her second baby daddy is going to get full custody of the boy. I know the show is called teen mom but they should cut amber out and just film parts with the baby daddies and her kids so we can see how they are doing

  20. Good job for keeping his child in that toxic situation between them.
    He started the recordings and stayed for another 5 months since he made the first tape with proof. He had his proof, he had on tape that she pushed him 6 months prior! Taking revenge on Amber was more important than his son’s safety. He failed to protect James.
    CPS needs to look into that and monitor him and James very well cause James’ dad isnt very stable either.
    Amber should get unsupervised until she has had real treatment but CPS should not 100% focus on Amber and believe daddy is only a victim.

    1. Wow. Words from someone who has never been in an abusive relationship. Look up the facts. It takes seven times, on average, to leave an abuser. Emotional and verbal abuse destroy your self esteem. How many times does it need to be said: THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE. If you don’t get this, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Also, I posted this before, but I started a petition awhile ago to have her fired. Why she hasn’t been fired yet is beyond me. (If you want to sign, here is the link: https://www.change.org/p/mtv-fire-amber-portwood-from-teen-mom-og

  21. I just read an interview Babs gave about Amber still technically with MTV and my mouth is still hanging open.

    Babs said Jenelle did nothing wrong and David learnt his lesson (killing Nugget) and he’s better now and Amber’s trash that should be fired.

    What the what??!! Babs!! Where the eff have you been these 10 years? You said it best when you called Jenelle ‘my b*tch of a daughta!’ Don’t get me started on UBT.

    Babs Ithought you were smart with money…don’t tell me you blew it all on blue shirts and Captains?

    1. Barbara has always been trash. I don’t know why people here always seemed to like her. Don’t forget she raised Janelle. Plus, Barbara seems to love chasing that MTV money just as much as Javi or Ryan’s wife.

  22. In reply of what Shawn said, this being only a tidbit of the real story, Andrew and also Matt said this abuse was just one of many. With someone like Amber, her threats etc cameras need to be on her. If this would not have been released just think of what she would have made up and if he spoke about the abuse without the tape she would denied it, lied and smeared his name. Blessing in disguise.

  23. TM:LO’s
    🙏🏻 Yes

    I watched these shit shows until the last season or two where they brought in randos like Palin’s kid & someone from Le Challenge or wtf-ever show. Had to drawn the line somewhere…

    I suppose I oughta be grateful to MTV for making that clear for me!

  24. Someone needs to tell Shawn Portwood how life actually works. You can’t provoke a normal person into threatening to murder someone holding their child. It’s not possible. Maybe he’s just as fucked up as she is, and that’s why he can still with a straight face stand there and defend her for threatening to murder him while he was holding their child. Honestly, he should be ashamed to be defending her…ashamed. Does he care about his nephew AT ALL?

    What does he think we’re going to say – oh my GOD, Andrew used Amber for money and had the audacity to try to wake her up at 2 in the afternoon – therefore her abusing him and threatening to kill him is totally justified! NO ONE IS GOING TO DO THAT! No one gives a fuck what he did to provoke her, and no, Bubby, MTV Editing IS NOT GONNA SAVE HER THIS TIME.

    I hope she gets charged with domestic violence and child abuse and sent to prison. She needs to learn a real lesson this time.

  25. Shawn is an enabler,he actually slammed the victim here! But what do you expect!! Kinda messed up, I’d never defend my brother or sister if they acted this way

  26. I was clicking around on YouTube looking at some of the really old stuff from when she went to “gel” the first time, and even then Catelynn was laughing it off in an interview and saying “I love amber and I’ll always be there for her.”

  27. Amber in that red dress has one crazy hairline!

    Fire her already. MTV is pointless. I’ll miss the kids but it’s not real life anymore reflecting real problems… Its just a show about spoiled poor rich people and then making up diagnoses of mental health, anxiety, depression and PCOS, plus oopsie babies left and right… How many are actually planned??

  28. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Note to Shawn: How do you explain the clip of Amber punching me in the nose just before pulling into Leah’s elementary school? …when even the MTV crew (who heard the entire exchange via walkie talkie) asked, “How did that escalate so fast?” My response is the same now as it was Aug. 7th 2018, “I don’t know.” The moment you stop covering for your sister and enabling her atrocious behavior towards my son and I, will be the moment you actually show you love her and want to help her get better. James is your nephew and Godson, unless you’ve already forgotten, and you’re cool with him literally being in the line of fire of your sister’s full forced punches? Face the facts. I’ve called you in the past asking for help, you offered nothing then as you do now.

  29. It doesnt matter what part was only leaked or who provoked who. What she did was 100% WRONG!! She needs help and alot of it. It’s an illness the sooner she admits and acknowledges it the sooner she can get the proper help she so desperately needs for everyone’s sake especially her children. This has gone on far to long!!

  30. They should just combine the shows, get rid of Amber.
    And just have the leftover original girls on the one show (Leah, Catelynn, Kailyn, Chelsea and Maci)
    They got rid of Farrah and David for a lot less.

      1. Does that stand for Teen Mom LeftOvers?!!!! 😂😂😂 If so, they have to do it!!! They may as well bring Babs and Jace and Gary, Kristina, and Leah too and just punish the criminals and liars aka Jenelle and co, Amber, Farrah.

    1. @sandy….
      P m s l 😂😂😂😂🤣😂
      Lol that was fucking funny.
      Caitlin’ and mature being used in the same sentence.
      Agggggghhhh ya killed me.

  31. I love Amber, I never really cared for Andrew , i always thought he was with Amber for money and fame, i really think he went to far, i have watched all the girls from teen mom, i will continue to support Amber.

        1. Ohhhh my bad, call amber and have her teach me how to spell correctly.


  32. I love Amber, I never really cared for Andrew , i always thought he was with Amber for money and fame, i really think he went to far, i have watched all the girls from teen mom, i will continue to support Amber.

  33. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Y’all need to check your spelling before posting. Almost as horrendous as Farrah’s!

  34. Did anyone catch Andrew’s comment before where he said, “I started recording audio of every major outburst after she had made very REAL and very scary death threats to me, herself, and James,” he wrote. “There had to be a paper trail if anything serious happened, and that night was as serious as it could ever have gotten.”

  35. I’m a 56 year-old grandma. And if you ask me all these young girls except for maybe one have mental and emotional issues and are terrible parents. I feel sorry for all their kids they’re just terrible ladies. And they need to all straighten up their act. Husbands that are shooting and killing dogs they’re all crazy. One of these days they’ll be ashamed of themselves. And MTV as long as they’re making money they don’t care they want to push the envelope and make the money. You know that sound Judy Garland died you know the industry it’s not good they will use you to make money

  36. Okay Bubby, let’s all ignore Amber’s temper and violent tendencies until it’s too late. That’s a much better plan than holding her accountable for emotional abuse and aggravated assault against her spouse and baby. Here’s an idea, Google the words “Enabler” and “Co-dependent”. Once you master the meaning of those words and apply them to this situation, maybe the world will care what you have to say 🙄

  37. We all go through stuff.and we hurt.and make mistakes.we should reach out and tuch her hand and say things will get a little easier once you understand who you are.and what you need to do to make better decisions.for you and your life own what said and apologize and make some changes in your life this situation happens every day let’s fix it and make it better I love you amber

    1. Your on crack..
      She’s a dangerous violent foul mouthed narcissist.
      And your comment makes you sound, just as idiotic as ambers sending love Bs.

  38. There’s something iffy about him & she’s crazy. I believe he did antagonize & goad her, but the problem is YOU SHOULDN’T BE WITH SOMEONE WHO DOES THAT TO YOU. Abuse is NOT the answer. I assume he did something terrible, like hiding/replacing her birth control, which men can do & have done, to ensure she got pregnant, because (I guess) he knew she would keep it.

    I was in pretty much the exact same situation, where my ex-husband tried to passive-aggressively antagonize me. He would tell me I was depressed, & be very calm but say something meant to sting. When I got pregnant even though I was very careful about my pills & him using protection, & his coworker congratulated me on a pregnancy that my ex-husband knew I didn’t want, I finally decided to abort & leave. After much therapy, I can say that emotional abuse isn’t always screaming, & what he’s doing may fit the bill.

    Unfortunately, for Amber, violence is the hard line in the sand. She should have just left or, better yet, made him leave, because the violence makes him the victim–no matter how much bigger than she he is. This is what makes her nuts: the sane thing to do is leave.

  39. No, she wasn’t tricked into getting pregnant at all! She’s trying to get people to believe that, but MBC had proof that Amber persued Andrew. She got pregnant willingly.

    1. Exactly. I never have understood that whole “trick or trap pregnancy” garbage. When you have sex, you take the chance of getting impregnated it’s as simple as that. The ultimate thing that needs to be learned by women AND men is that if you don’t want to take that chance, girls=keep your legs closed and guys=keep it in your pants.

  40. So Ambers brother…you want us to know that Andrew is a terrible parent. That means they will both lose custody.

    Ok then settled…James goes to foster care or a family member who will abide by the courts decision on visiting. And it has to be a family member willing to tolerate all the chaos having custody will bring…think Barb and Jenelle.

    You need to be quiet, let the court see the evidence and make a decision on the best interest of James NOT the best interest of Amber.

  41. Amber is a pig and we’ve all known it since the beginning, but this is a girl that spread her ass cheeks into a camera for money, calling someone else unethical. Haha!

  42. When Farrah makes the most sense, we’re all in trouble. I loved her puppet comment. Shawn needs to STFU. Also, check out the vlogger Without a Crystal Ball. Katie Joy is awesome.

  43. Shawn, he said you would do anything to protect your sister. That tells me a lot. The best thing you could do is be honest with her and with the public. Amber porkwood has been doing this for over 10 years she needs to accept responsibility for The hurt and the broken people she left behind including her children

  44. I wouldn’t mind seeing them cancel Teen mom and Teen mom 2. They are all entitled brats. None of them show anything they do wrong because MTV has to kiss their butts and make up drama to keep it going. Leah said on her podcast that its basically edited to look worse ahs they always want to talk about exes so they just go along with it. May be a 10 yr reunion would have been nice to catch up but MTV needs to limit it to 2-3 yrs most. Replace witj new stories as nobody is learning anything from them having one kid after another and letting young girls think you can buy huge houses and several cars while sitting on the couch all day.They have let Amber, Briana, Brittney and Kail all get physical yet kept them on. As long as people tune in nothing will change. Demand new girls every 2 years unless their stories are true and interesting. Do a 5 & 10 yr reunion. I won’t watch either show until it changes. Janelle abusing those dogs should have been enough for her too.

  45. Shawn – what could Andrew have POSSIBLY done to deserve this crap? Woke her up at 4:30pm and told her it was time to get outta bed and be a contributing member of the household??? THAT is “provoking”??? What the hell are you popping to make you so pathetically blind and stupid??? YOUR NEPHEW, A HELPLESS BABY, WAS IN CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER AND YOU ARE DEFENDING YOUR SISTER, THE ONE WHO’S BEING THE AGGRESSOR!!!!???? Get over yourself and wake the hell up!!! I get ya wanna protect your little sister. BUT – there comes a time when ya need to be the protector of your baby nephew! HE needs you too! STOP making excuses for her!! She has VERY VIOLENT tendencies!! She has put James in danger more than once!! I have 6 sisters. I make sure ppl know I will fight for them and move heaven and earth for their babies!!! You are a piece of crap uncle for saying Andrew deserves this all the while holding YOUR NEPHEW in his arms!!! She said she will kill Andrew, stab him in the neck, she never wanted James, Andrew used her for her body (apparently your sis NEVER heard of all the MANY forms of BIRTH CONTROL),beat him among other things!!! REALLY SHAWN!!?? REALLY!!!??? YOU are just as bad if YOU can’t understand gow this is wrong on so many damn levels!!! W.T.F!!

  46. Oh my the teen moms and others who have given her their wholehearted support are now backtracking and acting surprised by the audio. What did you think idiots-that none of it was true? After witnessing this psycho on the show it wasn’t a far leap to see her behaving this way. Now they can feign shock and back pedal on supporting their “girl”.

  47. So tell me, Bubby, if Amber had actual killed him like she threatened to SEVERAL times, would it still have been his fault for “provoking” her?

  48. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    How does Bubby (vomit) even know what Andrew said or did in a recording that only Andrew would have? Does Amber remember every fight verbatim? He is relying upon info that was given from a person who has been recorded vowing to discredit her victim in all of the ways that she is now executing. Okay. Let’s pretend like I could be baited into yelling at someone like a banshee. I would never 1) say that I didn’t want my child, 2) tell any living person to take my child and leave, 3) hit anyone, especially while holding a baby, 4) throw things at a person, again, while holding a baby, 5) threaten to stab someone in the neck, 6) threaten to kill someone…. I could keep going, but I am pretty sure that most of you agree that all of this is inexcusable. Don’t be a mom if you don’t want the kid! It isn’t as if she is doing Leah or James a favor by “parenting” them!!

  49. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Farrah doesn’t have any room to talk about anyone else’s disgusting behavior…

  50. Farrah, sit down and stfu. You abuse Sophia everyday in some capacity. You just stated last week what your demands would be to come back to TM. Money has dried up, process servers are nipping at your heels, and escorting may not be as lucrative as it was the more time passes from when your sex tape came out. You’d be back on the show you denounce quicker than a NY minute. Save your high moral tirade because no one believes it.

  51. My Dear Ashley, Thank you for not even using the name of the FIRED Ex-Teen Monster. No one cares what she has to say so I hope this is just the beginning of everyone ignoring THEM and they just go away!

  52. I don’t give a shit. If they have proof or knowledge that he is guilty of something even half as bad as what we heard on her part then CPS needs to take James away from both,point blank end of story. I’m not gonna lie like I don’t strongly believe he isnt as innocent as he sounds in those recordings, duh, he knew he was recording. But she would have already killed him if he was even a fraction as shitty as her. I don’t know how many of you have ever been in this, or any legal situation but I know from my experience as a dv survivor in a custody against someone with more resources that you have to document everything. In a court hearing whether criminal or civil the burden of proof is yours to bear. She clearly isn’t stable, she clearly doesn’t want her child, she has actually proven she could be a threat to James. She very well could receive a new diagnoses and mental health treatment and be the best mom in the world, for both her children I sincerely pray for that. But for now, while I don’t believe Andrew is completely innocent (who really is???) I do feel as though he has done what he has for the baby, imagine living with and loving a person struggling with mental disease and refusing to get help, imagine having someone talk to you like that, how innocent would you be? How much would you put up with?? Furthermore as a DV survivor who was shamed and blamed, I think those jumping to such absurdities in her defense, such as he raped or tricked her into getting pregnant, need to go back and watch the episodes where she said she wasn’t surprised bc they both knew they weren’t using birth control, & that when you meet someone as special as she thought he was you don’t need it, those people need to see how ridiculous they sound. Those convos are available to view via TMOG footage. I would also like to add, true fans & such who remain loyal, I do applaud & understand remaining loyal, loyalty is a rare & admirable quality, however, you can be supportive in ways such as silence, the best way to discourage the negative would be keeping your mouth shut and not bringing it up or arguing, just don’t talk about her personal business. Admitting she was terribly wrong is more productive than being starstruck by a troubled reality star & making excuses for her bad behavior. Praying For her, encouraging her to get the help she needs and praying for all parties involved is a better way. You don’t have to victim shame and blame to prove your loyalty.

  53. Bubbs is obviously ambers mouthpiece since she can’t comment, herself. He’s talks as if he’s being paid……which he most definitely is.
    He keeps talking about how Andrew behaved because he was taping. He’s missing the whole point. This is not about how Andrew didn’t act but how Amber DID act.

  54. Shawn-
    Doesn’t matter in the slightest whose sword, knife, fingernail file, shank, grenade, whatever it is. If she used it, IT’S HER FAULT!!!! I’m sure Andrew has done plenty of wrong and things may not be exactly as they appear because not every single shred of nonsense has been heard. But IT. DOES. NOT. MATTER. Wrong is wrong. Period. Full stop.

    1. Right! As if the 4th of July (or anything, really) fireworks is worth the machete in the door, throwing a shoe at anyone, speaking ill of your infant child, verbal abuse..etc…

  55. It does not matter if there is more to the recording we did not hear. I heard ALL I NEEDED TO. The bottom line is in the clips she proves she is an abuser. If nothing else happened but those clips, she is an abuser.. if 1000 other things happened before/after that clip, she is an abuser… PERIOD. SHE said what she said and did what she did and needs to be held accountable for it. She is so narcissistic, she thought she could ruin his life and make money off of it, well.. Karma (and Andrew’s iPhone) is a bitch Amber.

  56. It does not matter if there is more to the recording we did not hear. I heard ALL I NEEDED TO. The bottom line is in the clips she proves she is an abuser. If nothing else happened but those clips, she is an abuser.. if 1000 other things happened before/after that clip, she is an abuser… PERIOD. I don’t care if she provoked her, she is a ticking time bomb. If there is more proving Andrew is abusive (which I doubt because she is so insane I doubt she would have the balls to do what she does if she was afraid of him) then that should be addressed, as well, at some point. But right now she is on trial, SHE said what she said and did what she did and needs to be held accountable for it. She is so narcissistic, she thought she could ruin his life and make money off of it, well.. Karma (and Andrew’s iPhone) is a bitch Amber.

  57. Bubby is bought and paid for by Amber. His opinion is bias and his sister could do nothing wrong cause he’s on the payroll. If he really cared he woulda got her help long ago instead of blaming everyone but her for psycho out bursts. She should be fired and her kids shouldn’t see her for a long while. Bubby and family has let Amber be a psycho and turned a blind eye to it for years they need to be held accountable for her crazy azz.

  58. YES! That’s exactly what should happen! Take everything away from her. She thinks she’s going to be able to keep making an obscene amount of money? Um, nope. Bye, Felicia!

  59. Phuk ewe, “Bubby”. I get that he is her brother and they are close, but it almost seems they are “too” close. Sometimes it almost borderline ickiness. His support of her and continued excuses for her actions are disgusting and enabling. If this was the opposite you can be sure as shit he would be hell bent on nailing Andrew to the cross. I honestly had hope for Amber for a while but after all this came out I’m sickened. If the woman needed help this bad her family and friends should have made sure she was getting it. Yeah she is an adult but if her mental illness was that bad then its obvious she was not able to care for herself as well as she led on. A huge red flag was Gary having so much control over custody.

  60. That’s cute Catelyn, Farrah, and Deb de died to release statements (the moms who also abuse/neglect their kids).

  61. I’m actually surprised Jenelle hasn’t put her two cents in yet. Though, she did tell Andrew to message her on IG. I don’t think she really needs to be putting her nose into it.

  62. I’m glad the cast is keeping an open mind. That alone says a lot.
    I expect Shawn to protect his sister. And he didn’t say she was in the right, he’s just waiting until he has all the details.
    I want Amber to get the help she needs. But more importantly Andrew deserves it. He’ll never be the same man he was before this relationship.

  63. So Andrew bought a sword that had “Mother Goddess” engraved on it? Okay.

    And Shawn said that those weren’t the full clips, implying that he’d heard the “full” clips with Andrew starting shit, but then he said that Andrew got her going and then started to record it, which would mean his part was never recorded. Which is is, Bubby?

    Nothing Andrew may have said justifies her talking about her son like that in front of him, or throwing him, as indicated in the recording.

  64. Shawn, screaming what she did in front of a child, “provoked” or not, COUNTS AS CHILD ABUSE! You don’t have to strike a child to abuse them. And the audio shows your sister is a domestic abuser…you didn’t say a damn word about that. Why? Cause in your head men can’t be DM victims? You’re making this worse on your family. STOP TALKING!

    When my brother went off the rails my whole family eventually walked away. We took his kids and stepped back so him and his wife could fall on their asses. We did it because we love him. That’s what you should be doing, Bubby. Let your sister learn from her mistakes. Tough love is real love.

  65. Now that the gravy train is over. I wonder what all her family is gonna do now. I bet they change there tune and start selling stories about her. I believe she helps them out money wise. And good luck getting another tv job amber its not gonna happen. Time to move your stupid ass off that sofa and get a job. Stupid little bitch.

  66. If Amber was a man, no one would be praying she gets the help she needs. They’d be yelling to have her arrested and her parental rights severed.

  67. The reason everyone on the show or related to Amber is tiptoeing around the issue is because their livelihoods literally depend on it!! Tyler can’t vilify her and call for her to be fired because they’d have to get REAL JOBS and not be able to take mommy trips to ‘rehab’ when then get sick of parenting. I’m looking at YOU, Catelynn Baltierra!!

    1. 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽 And there’s the truth.

      Yep their all looking after their own $$

    2. I agree with you. They stopped filming the show when Amber was in Gel. Amber was the first mom filmed and is actually the reason why there is Teen Mom. MTV makes good money off these trainwrecks. It seems like they will support and condone bad behaviors until they lose sponsors.

  68. I don’t understand how they fired Farrah but not Amber. If this were a man instead of a woman he would be canceled immediately. If mental health is the excuse then let all of the abusers out of jail to get the treatment they need

    1. You’re absolutely right. I didn’t even think about that.
      She’s going to prison and we all see this.
      Same scene as before just a different man.

  69. The only “help” Amber needs is help getting her ass into the orange jumpsuit. After hearing the comments from the rest of the cast I agree, the show must be stopped. No one is in touch with reality any longer.

    1. I agree. I don’t condone teenage pregnancy, but it seems like this Teen Mom franchise has brought out the worst in these girls. Aside of course for the exception of Farrah. Her life has ALWAYS been drama filled. I say, “Bring back 16 and Pregnant”.

  70. Farrah: ok, hold on, I just dumped Sophia off at a store or whatever and now Im ready for lights, camera…hey wait where are you guys going??

    Deb: Im not not married to a doctor, so I really know what Im talking about here

    Cheyenne: *I didnt sign up for this


    Bubby: ambers a peach and andrew is a nut, so I guess that makes me a fruitcake? No really, Im asking

  71. Farrah’s over there calling somebody else a freak from her glass house…lol…Pot meet kettle.

    I do wonder why they haven’t fired Amber yet though…are they waiting for the rest of this audio that Blubby speaks of?? I dunno what other evidence there needs to be to show that she’s a very abusive and sick individual. She doesn’t need to be on TV, she needs to be institutionalized.

  72. bubby needs to take a long look at the seasons of ambers behaviour towards garry, she has not changed at all.

  73. This might be the first time in history I can get on board with anything Farrah is saying (or trying to say, it’s always so hard to tell with her).

    Oh, and Shawn saying none of the weapons were Amber’s? Right, because Andrew would engrave his own sword with Mother Goddess or whatever ridiculous crap was engraved on it. Please.

      1. So besides the fact that Farrah is the pot calling the kettle black here can we not just take a moment to appreciate how consistently inconsistent Farrah is?😂 One minute she’s basically asking mtv to take her back, the next she’s trashing the show…whatever fits her angle in the moment, right?

    1. Farrah made some good points in a pervious statement as well which was shocking. She said Amber needs to cut out the things that aren’t working for her, such as the show and any toxic relationships. I was STUNNED when she said that.

      1. Because Farrah wants to come back, and thinks of a cast member is sacked she’ll be back, ( Farrah preferably in her own words, wants cheynne sacked) so she can return

        1. If a cast member not of a cast member.

          Hope they sack amber, and never ever bring back the antichrist Farrah, she’s the heathen if the franchise

          Preferably, just cancel the whole program Og and teen trash 2

    2. Yes, it surely bears the name Mother Goddess #neverforget. I honestly thought she would have named her giant stuffed sloth and not a sword, but life can be weird like that. I hope she gets fired and James can go to Cali with his dad.

    1. Tyler is s*it scared of Amber. That’s why he reached out to Andrew in private. Now he let the cat out of the bag and Amber will see him as an enemy. Just wait.

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