Amber Portwood’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ Co-Stars Support Her At Court Hearing; Judge Lifts No-Contact Order So Amber Can See Son James

“Thank you for being a friend, guys!”

Amber Portwood had plenty of support as she walked into the courtroom on Thursday for a scheduled pretrial conference. She was there in regard to the three felony charges against her that stem from her July 5 arrest for domestic battery against boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Her Teen Mom OG co-stars— Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Cheyenne Floyd— as well as Amber’s ex Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina— rallied around Amber, in addition to her mom Tonya and an MTV film crew.

(Surprisingly, the ‘OG’ girls didn’t don all black a la the Jersey Shore Family Vacation crew at Mike Sorrentino‘s sentencing.) 

Catelynn told fans on Twitter that she was heading to see Amber on Wednesday to support her.

“There is always two sides to every story… u r only hearing one side sooo [peace] out I love you @AmberLPortwood I’m on my way to you now,” Catelynn wrote on Wednesday, later adding, “I DO NOT condone abuse! I AM supporting a friend in need! That’s what friends are for. When I went through all my crazy mental illness stuff my friend helped, me supported me, and loved me!!! And I’m going to do the same!”

Once inside the courtroom, Amber got some good news. According to Radar Online (and confirmed independently by The Ashley via online court records), the “No Contact” order preventing Amber from seeing her son James was dropped. 

Marion Superior Judge Angela Dow Davis dismissed the No Contact Order, despite the State’s objection to her doing so. She is still only permitted to supervised visitation with James, as there is still a CHINS (Child In Need of Services) case pending.

The no contact order for Andrew remains intact.

According to court records, the State of Indiana filed a motion for an In Camera Review for the Department of Child Services on Thursday.

“A judicial proceeding is said to be heard ‘in camera’ either when the hearing is had before the judge in his or her private chambers or when all spectators are excluded from the courtroom,” the definition reads.

MTV cameras were outside the courtroom and, while they are filming (some) of this stuff for the show, from what The Ashley hears, the show’s producers have yet to figure out how they will “handle” the situation.

“The girls were technically done filming for the season, but this is obviously such a big part of Amber’s current story, it has to be documented,” one behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley. “What they do with the footage is still up in the air.” 

(The Ashley will update you when she hears more on this.) 

The next pretrial conference has been set for August 22; however, Amber does not have to appear, as it is listed as “attorneys only.”

To see more photos of Amber and the ‘Teen Mom’ crew at the court hearing, click here!

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60 Responses

  1. So Amber has gotten in trouble for domestic violence again and MTV is not firing her? Furthermore, these girls are condoning domestic violence. There are two sides to every story but the story should never end in, “and then she hit me.”

  2. She obviously is screwed up in head. I tried giving her a chance. But she’s either angry or has no emotions or she’s fake.all she ever does is sit on the couch or lay in bed.she isn’t a good mother. She’s just a cry baby who who only cares about herself.

  3. This is going to get downvoted 1000 times (which is why I’ve refrained from commenting it until now lol) but I’m not convinced this story is true. Andrew is going to be more believable because he doesn’t have the same, very public history as her and I’m sure he knows that. I just…don’t believe the machete part. If she was hitting a door with a freaking machete, that’s not very hard to prove because it would be damaged. I can see her screaming and acting like an idiot, I can see her hitting him with a shoe, the machete part calls this story into question for me, and the fact that Gary and Kristina have showed solidarity speaks volumes. I’ve also never known Amber to be a liar. A loose cannon, sure, but she seems to admit to the shit that she does, even if it’s through half-assed apologies. She’s never denied anything she’s been called out on, including in this situation. She admitted to it.

    I’m not saying I don’t believe Andrew, but I’m also not accepting his story 100% and jumping on the anti-Amber train yet. People just want to believe it because it’s her.

    Also, if I watched someone act the way she did on Marriage Bootcamp I would not be having a baby with them. She’s definitely got her issues, but something is off about him too which is another reason why I don’t fully believe him. Like attracts like.

    1. Yup. My thoughts exactly. Something is very off about the events of the evening in general. Starting with the timeline. They have an argument en route to fireworks (which would be around dusk / 8pm-ish) and he goes to drive the baby around and let her cool off, and then it’s 3am and he never put the baby to bed? I don’t think Andrew is any better or worse than Amber unless he is gaslighting and / or manipulated the whole thing.

      1. Andrew is too quick to say “yeah” and be agreeable/comforting with her. At least Gary and Matt were smart enough to give her her space and THEN be agreeable/comforting. There is something off about Andrew. You don’t jump at a smoking gun and not expect it fire back at you at some point!!

  4. Im hoping that the title photo was not taken on the “Free Amber” road trip, because, really? They all look too happy

  5. And the only message Amber is getting is that she is getting “screwed” by Andrew and the popo for her behavior. MTV is the ringleader and these morons are so proud to be such awesome supportive friends. Do you think any of these people are even mentioning the trauma she put her child through or her violent behavior? Of course not-they are to busy getting gussied up for court and making “free Amber” signs.

  6. I’m so sick of the double-standard applied to these morons. Like the situation with Ryan, if Andrew had been the abuser and machete wielding loose canon, he’d still be behind bars and he would NEVER be permitted to be alone with James ever again. Yet, Amber is being painted like a poor mother who had a momentary slip in judgement? When will these Courts ever learn that all it takes is one momentary slip for preventable tragedies to occur? Like that gunslinging dog killing psycho, it’s no longer a question of “if” Amber’s temper will cause irreparable harm, but “when.”

    If only the Judges who populate these sorry excuses for Courts could get past the TM’s MTV “celebrity” status long enough to do what is in the best interest of these criminally neglected children, we might be able to get through one day without hearing that another Judge in another American Courtroom returned these defenceless babies to their unfit TMs just because they’re on TV.

    1. To be fair, the judge is only allowing Amber to see her son at a visitation center, supervised by qualified social workers.

      I completely agree that people would be calling for Amber’s head if she were a man. I really don’t think the judge is influenced by Teen Mom in the slightest. Bail was set at an amount comparable to that of anyone in the same position. She’s been charged with three felonies AND she’s already served time in prison. I don’t see any special treatment there.

  7. I understand if you want to represent and be with a friend but by doing so this is advocating for domestic violence and that is wrong

  8. Oh yes, Amber’s good friend, Cheyenne, is there to “support her.” ? This is obviously MTV making this into a Teen Mom thing to cash in as opposed to good friends supporting each other. Cheyenne barely knows Amber, so I highly doubt she felt the need to show her support. The cameras are rolling and these women are getting paid to be there. What a joke.

    Also, this was another opportunity for Cate to run off and tweet about it for attention. She got a bunch of “what a great friend” responses. But, she forgot to mention in her tweet that she was getting paid to support Amber. Who cares about a little machete wielding when you are getting paid?

    With Maci, same thing. She went to great lengths to protect herself, husband, and kids from Ryan when he threatened Taylor. She limits Ryan’s contact with Bentley and Ryan hasn’t done a fraction of what Amber’s done. So all this support of Amber seems fake. No way she thinks Amber is safe to be around her kids. But, she won’t turn down a paycheck.

    1. So few people see the big picture with these grown-ass irresponsible women who still behave like spoiled children who are above the law. “Fake” sums up the TMOG “show of support” so well, I thought your comment was worth a reply because your analysis of the situation is so spot on ☺️

  9. Let’s be real.. Catelynn is just there because that means a vacation away from her kids. She uses any excuse to leave.

  10. Pathetic. The rest of the girls are there because they are under MTV contract to film. I doubt Maci and Chayenne truly support Amber. It’s obvious Amber is going to use the MTV cameras and the show to cry about “mental illness” “postpartum depression” and Andrew being a “cheater”. Also, why hasn’t MTV fired her!!! Double standard. If Andrew had even pushed Amber all the feminist nazis would be demanding the same.

  11. I’m in full agreement with all that are shaming the other moms for leaving their kids and husbands to travel for this, an excuse to get away is all. I’m not going to pass judgment on Cheyenne due to the reason that she’s trying to fit in with the others and I don’t think she’s happy to be without Ryder.

    Today’s hearing was pretty much an inevitable outcome, of course they are going to allow a mother to see her child. Family services objected to it to basically stand strong with their case.. they knew she’d be granted supervised visits. I promise, this was NO HUGE win for Amber, under the circumstances this is standard.
    All the people that showed up for this petty hearing today must be planning on a lot of travel in the near future… Ambers going to need support much more for her criminal hearings.

    1. I only say that about Catelyn – you don’t see Maci up and leaving every 45 seconds and flat out saying she’s going to only play with her kid for 20 minutes because she’s got better things to do. Cheyenne also doesn’t seem to just dump the kid on a whim.

      Catelyn on the other hand…well, we all know about Catelyn.

      1. I feel the same away about Maci, maybe not as much as cate , Maci is going a lot too. The no kids/ girl vacations are ridiculous when you are leaving kids that are so young, just to go party.
        In my opinion, you get married and have kids to devote yourself to the family life.. I can see a night out or a weekend, not full blown childless vacations.
        Getting married and having kids are The biggest commitments in life, if you need to run away from your family several times a year that’s pretty sad , to me.

        1. You aren’t wrong that Maci seems to do a lot of partying and vacationing for someone with 3 kids BUT she doesn’t constantly talk about needing to “get away” and “it’s too much” and “I need me time” and “I’m going here” and “I’m going there”. I think that Maci is away from her kids because she just likes to party and vacation and wants to live the young adult life her dumbass didn’t get because she got knocked up. Catelynn does it to actively get away from those kids.

          1. Oh for sure! Cate had kids for all the wrong reasons. It almost seems like both of them aren’t as comfortable as they claim with the adoption and try to fix it with new babies.
            Cate runs from everything that requires effort, not just the kids.. remember the pig that turned out to be a pain the ass ?

  12. If reversed, Andrew would be I jail and no contact order would still be there! She needs to serve time for her actions, she’s been abusing him for a long time

    1. Yep Corrin, if Andrew did that it would’ve been the end of the world. Andrew has pretty much done everything for that little boy. She has a dangerous fuse and has for years, scary.

  13. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (checkbox) *]
    Ridiculous all the teen moms OG rally around a criminal…… because that’s what she is….

  14. If Ambien was a man, MTV would have fired her by her by now.

    Unless you’re defending yourself, there is no reason to lay hands on another person, ever. Using a machete on a door your baby is behind? INSANITY This bitch’s bun is so tight, it’s affecting her thinking.

    Why isn’t she on some kind of psychiatric hold? She tried to OD on her meds, she hit Hodor with a shoe while he was holding their baby, and then she went complete slasher on the bathroom door with a deadly weapon. Imagine the outcries of rage had this been David or Ryan or Adam.

    These women aren’t teens anymore, they’re almost 30 and their drama is sad and pathetic and I feel bad for their kids that have to live in the shadow of their parent’s shameful behavior. Disgusting.

  15. If the shoe was on the other foot, and Andrew had gone after amber with a machete, would anyone be supporting him at all?! I don’t fucking think so! This is disgusting! Only reason the other TM girls even care is because their paychecks will be done with if amber goes to gel again. I swear, if amber gets a ‘domestic violence special: amber goes batshit’ special, their priorities are so fucked. So, Jenelle’s husband kills her dog and she gets fired, but Amber attacks her boyfriend while he’s holding their baby and mtv shows up to film her in court?!

    1. It’s jail not gel. Gel is a hair product!! Go back to school, learn the difference and how to spell!!!! You are not the only person that does it either!!!

  16. I see Catelynn is still smoking. Catelynn looks like a 40 year old. Money talks that’s why all the TM’s get away with everything they do. Why have kids if you don’t want to take care of them? Amber sits on the couch and lets whatever man she’s with watch the children and do house work. Lazy.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about Cate..I’m guessing she didn’t quit whilst pregnant either, I mean who quits for 9 months and then starts again??

  17. OF COURSE MTV was there, filming during hiatus…..they love a good scandal, exploiting a childs welfare (It gives that all important ‘ratings bump’) I wonder if the other losers from MTV’s “Old Gals”, would be as supportive, if Amber and her child were the victims of this insanity, instead of Andrew and James? Rhetorical question, don’t bother to answer. END THIS SH*TSHOW FRANCHISE NOW, THEY ARE ALL BUMS, for the most part!

  18. I’m glad losing her kid and possible jell time didn’t effect her appetite. Nice man bun for court. Also sounded like quite the ragging party at the hotel the night before court. I am disgusted, and trust me, it takes a lot to disgust me.

  19. Random item – Apparently Sophia is on Cameo and is doing shout outs for money… I don’t have any words.

  20. So not much will have changed in James world. He sees his mom for a short time then goes back to daddy who is the primary care giver anyway since we was born?

  21. Are they going to film the next few seasons of “Teen Mom” of Amber when she’s behind bars? We can see the crew pull up to the visitation room and hear Amber complain about her cellmate and the commissary. Then Amber will try to comprehend why Leah doesn’t stop by to visit or answer her phone calls.

  22. I really don’t understand why all of the other girls are supporting her when she supposedly tried to attack Andrew with a machete. I hope Andrew has someone there supporting him.

  23. Don’t any of these women have regular problems? Why are all of their issues so friggin EXTRA? If they want to support their friend that’s fine that’s what friends do. But I also think a real friend would take that person aside and say “wow, you’re fucked up!” I think they “support” each other because they know that this can have a detrimental effect on their whole livelihood! Any one of these events can stop the gravy train for all of them. So of course they’re going to rally and show public support.

  24. Didn’t amber admit to the police she hit him with a flip flop or some other type of shoe in his arm??? Earth to teen moms that’s ABUSE! And I feel so freaking sorry for Nova, she is going to need so much therapy. Cate supports everyone else but her daughter.

    1. Like I said before, I’m pretty sure that’s where Nova’s behavior problems come from. She wants her mom. Even a blind person could see that.

  25. Fame WHORES all!! Please cancel this show MTV. It has jumped the shark worse than “Happy Days” did when Fonzi literally jumped the shark on his motorcycle (for those that don’t know, that’s where the term “Jumped the shark” came from). The Teen Mom franchise is over cooked and done.

  26. I’m not sure that supporting Amber so early in the process is wise for MTV. We haven’t heard all the facts yet, and quite honestly, I’m not sure it couldn’t end up looking worse for Amber. I think Amber should face the music for what she’s done to Andrew and James and until her case is adjudicated, people should be wary in showing public support.

    1. I dont think MTV is “supporting” her. Her co-stars are supporting her & MTV was there to film (they support the money)

  27. Everyone is reporting all the support Amber has…the only thing I’m really curious about is Andrew’s stance at this point.

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