EXCLUSIVE! Inside Amber Portwood’s Arsenal of Strange Weapons: A Custom Sword & More!


“What? Like that’s weird?!”

Amber Portwood was accused of pulling a machete on her now-ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon in July, but that’s not the only “unique” weapon the Teen Mom OG reportedly has in her possession! A new audio clip that was leaked on Thursday mentions that Amber also owns a sword— and The Ashley has all the details on that and all of Amber’s other weapons!

In the audio clip, Andrew can be heard accusing Amber of slashing up surveillance cameras using her sword. The ‘Teen Mom’ star doesn’t deny that she did this, and attempts to justify her actions.

The Ashley can confirm that Amber does, indeed, own a sword— and a source who has been inside Amber’s house to film ‘Teen Mom OG’ confirms that the sword was kept in plain sight inside Amber’s bedroom.

“She kept it leaning against her wall,” the source tells The Ashley. “She even had it engraved.”

The Ashley has obtained photos of the sword, which Amber had engraved with the words “Mother Goddess.” 


You can check out the “Mother Goddess” sword below in photos obtained exclusively by The Ashley:

The “Mother Goddess” sword and the machete are not the only specialty weapons that Amber keeps in her bedroom, the source said.

“She also had a hatchet and a hunting knife, at one time or another, that people have seen [while filming was taking place],” the source said.

Amber– who is a convicted felon– is legally not allowed to own a firearm. In a court document obtained by The Ashley that discussed what allegedly happened between Andrew and Amber on July 5, it is stated that Amber purchased the machete “for protection” after hearing gunshots in her neighborhood. It is not known how long she had the sword and other weapons, though.

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(Photo: MTV; provided) 

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  1. People say stuff they don’t mean when they are pissed off. She even said she didn’t mean the stuff she said in the audio. I think she said she didn’t want to pick her son up to get to him to piss Andrew off. People are so fast to judge you don’t know what’s going on and they’re closed doors you got one little clip of their long relationship. If people spent as much time on their own relationships and not in the middle of others we might have a long marriages and a lot more love in the world.

  2. Also, the newest train wreck (jade) has a drug addict mother as well. She’s not even in recovery. She’s an active addict. It’s sad. Most of these girls have very sad lives, money or no money.

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    Lord, Jesus we all understand her “Mental Illness” but honestly take your meds and go to therapy you destroying your life.

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    Sassytruther, is that you Hannah? Sounds just like you.

  5. I’m so sick of this entire franchise. I’m tired of watching domestic violence play out on prime tv to be used as entertainment. I’m tired of dead beat dads, young women who have three and four kids with different fathers, the drug addiction, the addicted grandparents, the restraining orders, I’m sick of Dr Drew’s pussy ass, I’m sick of cait and ty’s Whining and complaining 24/7. I’m sick of Janelle and her red neck slob of a husband and I hate mtv for the Monster that is Farrah Abraham!!! SHUT IT ALL DOWN!!!!!!

    1. She’s going to end up hurting herself or someone mark my word. She needs to stop placing blame on others and get serious help FAST!

    2. When you mentioned “addicted grandparents”, I though of Butch and his 25+ rehabs. Plus, I think he has been in prison at least 20+ years “off and on”.

    1. Of course owning daggers doesn’t make you a killer. Literally no one suggested such a thing. My husband has a few swords, but he doesn’t have a history of domestic violence and making threats or slashing up the house with them. Her pattern of behavior and unstable mental health combined with weapons in the house is what makes people worry about the safety of everyone in her household, Amber included.

    2. @Carol. put down the meth pipe, and speak English. Your comments are always ignorant, but I don’t usually require a translator!

  6. I apologize and take back everything I said. I just heard the new audio. She’s a monster and I never should have ever said anything regarding Andrew baiting her. That poor baby. I hope he gets his order and moves away. There’s a new Christmas one updated and she’s a total abuser

  7. All the BS she’s said about that scumbag David and she is everybody as dangerous! I used to always give her the benefit of the doubt and hope she was getting her crap together for her kids sake but there is absolutely NO HOPE for her anymore!

  8. If this isn’t a reason to take James from her, then I don’t know what is!!!! She’s a nut case, no more using her mental health, for this craziness.

    Poor James, and no wonder Leah doesn’t want to go to amber-seals, and us having panic attacks.
    Great mom, refusing to look after your own baby, she’s a lazy lousy nasty bitch, and to those who supported her in court!!!! Shame on you, for condoning DV and child neglect.

    She doesn’t care if James lives in another state or not, she just thrives on spiting Andrew, I hope he gets his boy and gets far far away from her.
    No matter what opinion you have on him, what she did is inexcusable

  9. I understand that as a former felon, she can’t own a firearm (hence the blade). I don’t think she has the mental awareness to own that blade, however. She’s triggered into an angry rage far too easily. I also can’t understand why so many people in her life blindly support her behavior. She’s beyond the need for support. You can love and care for someone, while putting their well-being first and foremost. That’s what she needs. She needs people to be direct and honest. Not individuals who are going to pat her on the back and let her know everything is okay. Until she gets the help she needs, this behavior will continue to repeat itself.

    1. Amber has had plenty of resources and the “help she needs”. What she needs now is prison time for her criminal actions. The State of Indiana is not MTV. They take domestic violence very seriously.

  10. Any rational person with her income would’ve invested in a security system instead of assorted blades. She heard gun shots so she bought a sword?! Obviously never seen Indiana Jones. This woman needs help and needs a reality check. Andrew isn’t an innocent party but she’s got more going on. Too bad baby James can’t be saved by Gary and Kristina who I think should cut ties with Amber. Such a sad situation. MTV aren’t you proud?

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    Everyone stop enabling Amber.Its only a matter of time before a real tragedy happens.Her rantings are ledgendary.She is a star only in her own head.Spoiled BRAT.

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    Amber needs to be commited.Her anger and rants are well documented.Everyone stop enabling her before she really snaps and a tragedy happens

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    Who cares. I love swords. Yall reaching.

  14. Yes, it’s very normal to have a sword, machete, hatchet and hunting knife in your home as protection with a 1 year old toddling around….I mean yikes, this is seriously bizarre.

  15. Why hasn’t MTV fired her yet? Let’s film a awful individual who is a awful mother and let’s give this lunatic a house full of weapons. Plus who is letting the lunatic stock pile weapons. My god she is women equivalent of that hillbilly in NC. Fire her crazy azz already!!

  16. After what’s been recently reported, I can’t see Amber comparing herself to Mother Goose…let alone a Mother Goddess.

    First of all, who keeps a sword leaning against a wall in a home with a one year old toddler in residence?

    Again, like him or not, I’m hoping Andrew can find his own “Kristina” now the same way Gary did. Someone who can help him raise James in a healthy, happy, and most of all SAFE environment.

  17. Can anyone explain to me why some of these comments keep saying shield comment plugin or something in brackets? Are they spam or is it applying automatically when they post, or are they putting that in?

  18. Who tf does this chick think she is? Mother Goddess?? This is real life sweetheart, not some Greek Mythology story. This girl needs to be put in a mental institution for a few years.

  19. Her name should never be anywhere near the title of mother.
    She is an egg donor.
    She needs to take all that MTV money and go get herself Spade.

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    This woman needs help.This is not the first time.Definitely needs supervised visits with both kids.She never did much of the care with either child anyway.I realize she has a illness but until she or doctor’s can get her straightened out she should not be alone with either child.

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    She’s an idiot. Has she ever heard of bringing a knife/sword to a gun fight.

  22. If this isn’t a reason to take James from her, then I find know what is!!!! She’s a nut case, no more using her mental health, for this craziness.

  23. Amber purchased the machete “for protection” after hearing gunshots in her neighborhood

    Something tells me she hasn’t thought this plan through all the way.

  24. Amber has played victim & trying to play the crazy card way too often.She is a BULLY & always has been.Thank goodness shes not raising her daughter!!!!!! Hopefully Andrew gets full coustody of tge baby boy!!!Amber your a crybaby victim in your view but to the world your a bully!!!!!!

  25. It’s easy. He chose her bc it was easy money for him. And we all know TV makes things seem one way when in fact it’s another. We only see 5 mins of their life and we don’t we the truth…it gets flipped…perfect example… New teen Mom 2 trailer…all the crying babies??? Who were they?? It through everyone for a loop.

  26. While I agree with your general sentiment, I will say my jaw actually dropped at the homophobic slurs- cmon bro no1 likes that ☹ im not clutchin my pearls or anything but damn, lets not, ok?

  27. For all u victim blamers out there, lets all just be happy that knives are her thing instead of guns because a bullet through the door wouldve been murder, and AMBER would be the one charged, not andrew. Smdh.

    1. True however, Andrew would have been to blame almost as equally if said bullet hit James instead and killed him because Andrew stated that she was violent and abusive on the regular. It’s not victim blaming to expect that the child be protected from this horribly disfunctional environment after the very first time violence is displayed.

      1. “Almost” being the key word there. Hes no saint, and I agree that James should have been better protected, but you do victim blame when you start on the “poor andrew” track, and you do tend to minimize the effects of living in a volatile relationship, not to mention long-term spousal abuse.

  28. Poor Andrew Glennon. He was tied up and made to stay in a home with a crazy lady for a year of her threatening him and with him fearing for his and his son’s life. Guards stood outside the door of the home with guns not allowing him to leave. Even when filming for Teen Mom episodes he was held at knife point and forced to smile and say life is good and he loves this woman. He even gave an interview and said they had talked about marriage.. all under mind control! Poor poor Andrew. This huge man creature was terrified and had he not been tied and gagged with ninjas at each side he would have surely escaped this crazy woman long ago. He is to this day forced to reside inside this crazy lady’s home. God help him. Sending out an SOS for Andrew.

    1. And forced to use up her money too… Damn!! He knows what gets to her and knows she legally can’t do shit so he does it to see if she will react. That sucks. Like how can you take the baby for his first haircut. Something that means so much to her. And he even posted it to rub it in..like look what I did, you missed out and you can’t do shit about it. Haha. Then Give me that MONEY!! OF COURSE!! HE WANTS CHILD SUPPORT!!

      1. It is called a consequence, Amber made horrible choices that night. So she lost baby James. And lets face it she does not care. She cares about Amber. Poor lil’ victim amber.

      2. As if she”d get her ass out of bed or off the couch, to get James hair cut.
        She barely interacts with James, Andrew is the one constant on that wee boys life, whilst Norma Bates mark 2, lays in bed all day.

    2. Along with the falling from the ugly ? you hit ALL of the stupid branches on your way down too?
      Wanting to help her, look out for THEIR kid etc. Certainly makes him a p.o.s. you’re as dumb as jenelle.

      1. She is a mean, ugly, horrible, NEVER WAS taking it out on her children and anyone else willing to suffer through it.
        Sadly – she prob would be forced to get REAL help if she wasn’t on some dumb mtv show.
        Thank god for Gary and Kristina can they adopt James?

    3. Well this is a nice try, but poor Andrew said he left with the baby on July 5th to get her a present to calm her down. Or wait, what about all those mornings she was sleeping and he was left to watch James. He could of left then shrug

    4. Are you serious??? Wow!! Yeah maybe he should’ve left before but sometimes that’s easier said than done. When you love someone and especially when you have a child together, you tend to put up with more than you ever should. We wasn’t in their home but I’m sure Amber did what abusers always do…cry and plead for forgiveness, swear on everything that they’ll change, sometimes even threaten to do harm to themselves if you leave, and it’s sometimes easier to convince yourself that they mean it than to pack up and start your life over. If this situation was vice versa and this audio was of Andrew he would never be able to show his face again. The entire world would look at him with such disgust and the media would make his life hell!! No one would accuse Amber of lying or blame get because she didn’t leave sooner. I’m just glad that he has left now and took the baby and doesn’t seem to be even considering reconciling!! So many people go back even after the police get involved. Sorry for such a long msg guys but this really got under my skin!!

    5. Would you say the same about an abused woman? I’ve worked with victims of domestic violence and there is a misconception that it’s as easy as walking out the door. It’s not. This isn’t a situation like Jenelle, who actively participates and chooses to stay in the abusive relationship. Amber is like an abusive man…threats of violence, actual violence, belittling, threatening him with her “lawyers up the ass” bet you anything she’s told Andrew she’ll take James away from him because let’s face it…it’s easier to believe that a man was abusive than it is to believe the man was being abused. So Amber talks all this shit, acts like a thug and scares the bejesus out of Andrew saying she’ll take James, she hits him, throws around her frigging sword…so no, while he wasn’t held against his will, he certainly wasn’t being shown the door to walk out on his merry way.

    6. Did you ever think that MAYBE Andrew was giving her the chance to work on herself? Maybe after giving birth to James she was suffering post-partum on top of not taking her meds properly and Andrew was trying to help her for the betterment of their family. It’s the first time in years we have seen her in therapy and maybe Andrew was trying to wait and see if things could get better. No matter what Andrew did or didn’t do I am sure you would still critcize him. And I am sure the only thing keeping him there was James. Do you think Amber would just let Andrew up and leave with James? You really have no clue and you sound more and more like a fool with every post.

    7. I’m not one to comment but this is getting out of hand. I don’t know these people, watch the show, but read the Ashely’s articles when posted. First of all for all of the people taking about how Andrew didn’t protect James because he didn’t leave at the first sign of abuse screw you guys. Like Amber said in the audio clip, “no that won’t hold up in court…. I have lawyers up the a**.” She is right until he had proof of her abuse there was NO way he could get that baby from her and continue to keep him safe. Every recap or comment I’ve read on this sight talks about how Amber never had James but Andrew did. How much more protection could he give the kid other than literally holding him 24/7. We all see how Janelle and David’s case turned out down here in NC. Which is the state I live in and down here you can go to jail for communicating threats, like threatening to stab someone. Anyway back to my point; look how much evidence DSS/CPS and the cops had against J&D, there is no way without proof Andrew would have gotten custody. So with that said my second point is yeah while he may not be that innocent in everything he may have installed the cameras for security purposes originally but him using it to get his proof is still valid. He obviously didn’t have to “bait” her too much (as some people think) for her to say that crazy mess. Whatever you want to believe about him installing the cameras is beside the point now because he finally has proof Amber may not can get out of. I also want to say as for him going after her for TM money I would like to think maybe he did see her on Marriage Bootcamp but thought maybe she really isn’t that bad and this guy is bringing out the worst in her. Then by the time he realized better she was already pregnant and he knew he couldn’t leave his child in her hands so he had to wait it out and maybe try for James’ sake to make things work. Things aren’t always as black and white as they seem when it comes to DV relationships. Its easy to say hit me and I’m done but when kids are involved and you know you will have to fight a spiteful person for custody/visitation you will have to plan your moves more cautiously than just up and leaving. It is honestly a double sided sword with people now a days damned if you do and damned if you don’t. He gets his proof of abuse, yet others are saying her trapped/tricked/manipulated her into saying things. If he didn’t have proof and left with James to protect him you people would say I knew he was using her for a paycheck. No one wins in these situations and the children lose the most no matter who is right in the situation, I just hope the judge figures out the truth in the whole mess.

      1. @Emmylou.
        Excellent and most agreeable comment on here.

        I believe he wanted out, but couldn’t because she was pregnant and he wanted to protect his child, and needs proof to that Teflon amber would be shown for the vile bully that she is.

    8. You might want to learn about men who are victims of domestic violence. Should have left James behind. Should he not have worked on his relationship and just bail on a partner who has mental health issues. Many men live in similar circumstances and don’t need people mocking them because they are bigger than their spouse. Domestic violence has nothing to do with size or money.

  29. Mother goddess “worship” was pagan religion worship in ancient times…and that is a witchcraft symbol. Just making an observation….

    1. I immediately wondered if it meant something like that. The “mother goddess” and the symbol together reminded me of the witches that are all about mother nature and things like that. Thanks for clarifying!

  30. I’ve listened to the video and I don’t think it’s very fair for one person to know they are being recorded and another not in a situation like this. You could hear him acting. Amber is out of control and needs to be held responsible for her actions but after that video I realized he’s not an innocent victim. James is the only innocent party there. I am not great with this phrase but it seems like he is a gaslighter

    1. And how is supposed to get proof in order to get legal protection for James? Does have to have his arm sliced by a machete? The courts still favour women in custody cases so men who are victim (yes victims) of domestic violence need proof. He didnt make her say those things. And if the roles were reversed and he said that stuff to her, you would be all over him again. Regardless of whatever his perceived motives were getting into a relationship with her, he was protecting his child which is far more than Amber does.

  31. On March 3, 2014, Andrew was arrested for DUI. Driving under influence is a very common offense but a very serious one. His penalty was to serve 96 hours in the county jail + $2,120 in fees and fines.

    “Possession of a deadly weapon was committed by Andrew Glennon, who did unlawfully manufacture, cause to be manufactured, impose into the State of California, keep for sale, offer and expose for sale, and give lend, and possess an instrument and weapon of the kind commonly known as a billy,” the court papers state, as revealed by Radar Online.

    His now ex-girlfriend filled for a restraining order back in 2013, claiming that: “In May, he showed up uninvited and after I asked him to leave he secretly let the air out of my tire till it was flat,” “On my birthday, [Glennon] showed up at my work under a false name delivering flowers. Security at my work turned him away.” The whole statement is buried in the protective order.

    Amber and Andrew are peas in a pod.

  32. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Guysss, she probably used this to silently threaten Matt since he always talked to his side chicks and stole her thousands of money which she obviously let go but bullies Andrew. She needs to pay the price for her abuse

  33. why. did. Andrew. continue. to. put. baby. James. in. harms. way??? Why are all of you people defending this man? Every article I see all these women saying how great Andrew is and how he deserves better… HE CHOSE HER knowing what kind of person she is. He continued to stay after numerous episodes of Amber losing her mind and threatening him and continued the relationship and continued to place James in this environment. Why does he get to come out of all this as a saint.

    Hey ladies.. he’s available now and I read that he likes to chit chat with strangers online and invite them to Indiana… so you have a chance.. some women are sooo naive.

    1. Victim blaming! Maybe he was antagonistic, but we have no way of knowing that. We can hear that she, at the minimum, was verbally abusive. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a man or not, but there’s way too many people placing blame on Andrew. He may very well be a bad guy, I don’t know, but she could have ended things with him. She has the resources to do so. She doesn’t have to stay in this relationship.

      1. Andrew may have been a victim but he was a WILLING one! NO one tied him up inside Amber’s home and made him stay there!! James is the ONLY victim. You said that amber could have ended things with him.. HE ALSO could have ended things with her! Your reasoning makes no sense. If you are trying to make the point that she could have left him then how can you not understand that he could have also left her if it was so bad.. victim, no Andrew was no victim. You also said she didn’t have to stay in the relationship, well neither did he. He said himself that it was not the first time she physically attacked him and made him afraid for he and James safety.. well why the hell didn’t he leave.. She was too awful for him to put up with but he sure doesn’t mind free loading in her home she bought before he met her.

        1. You obviously know nothing about being in an abusive relationship. And that’s great, I hope you never do. Have a good night.

          1. Hi Ashley. I guess the point I am trying to make repeatedly is he pursued her knowing she was abusive and had mental problems. He witnessed her on marriage boot camp threatening Matt and others with violence! There are no excuses when a child is involved to allow that type of behavior to happen more than once. You take the child and leave or if you stay with the abuser you find a stable home away from the violence for the child! Children can not protect themselves. No excuses. You have a good night as well.

          2. A fucking men. This comment shows class, I was in an abusive relationship as well. You don’t just up and leave. Its NEVER just as easy as that. This sick person, will make you feel amazing and beautiful and loved by ONLY THEM…THEN they will make you feel like the most invisible person, and take away any piece of self worth you have. She has an invisible hold over Andrew. This particular incident caused the snap in his brain, so that he finally left. DONT SHAME HIM FOR HOW LONG IT TOOK

          3. The most dangerous time for a victim of abuse is when they try & leave. (from what I read)
            A few years ago in Oklahoma a 5.2m woman pushed her over 6ft husband out of a window. He was trying to leave her. He was there getting his clothes. It was a high-rise condo, he died upon impact.

        2. OMG….are you sitting with Amber in the closet smoking weed and taking hydrocodone too? Because you sound ALMOST as delusional as her! But don’t worry…karma always comes into play. One day you may have a son being abused by a psycho like Amber. Let’s see how you feel about defending an abuser then!

          1. Because I defended a child you attack me?! Wow.You don’t know me. I grew up with an abusive alcoholic step father. Lived it first hand. I think my mother waited too long to get out. Thank God none of us were harmed. Shame on you for wishing abuse on my child!

          2. BTW just because my opinion is different than yours I won’t stoop to your level and wish an abusive relationship on your child. Again, shame on you!

          1. @sassytruther
            “She is mentally disturbed.. but Andrew continues to poke at her and wind her up. He knows how to push her buttons and he seems to get a kick out of it and then runs to the media and cries victim.”

            Whether you realize it or not, this is defending Amber. She is an adult and it is solely her responsibility to control herself. If Andrew should have left the relationship in your view due to abuse, then why is it not Amber’s first for allowing her buttons to be pushed? Please explain that one.

          2. @DUUUUUDE, you said:

            She is an adult and it is solely her responsibility to control herself. If Andrew should have left the relationship in your view due to abuse, then why is it not Amber’s first for allowing her buttons to be pushed? Please explain that one.

            Easy explanation:

            Amber IS MENTALLY ILL. Mentally ill people have difficulty rationalizing and controlling themselves. It is a real sickness… read about it.

          3. Also with that being said.. I feel like Amber should have done her part and took her medication and continued therapy. No defense for her dropping the ball on that one. Andrew should have taken James and left AMBER’s home. Gotten him out of the shitshow long ago. It’s hard to feel sorry for him when it has happened (as he said) for over a year yet he stayed and subjected his infant child to her rage and abuse. Perhaps Andrew himself needs to seek therapy to find out why he choose to do that.

          4. @sassytruther
            Andrew reached out to several members of Amber’s family and MTV all to no avail. People like you who continue to blame him for her actions. Had he simply left with baby James, you don’t think Amber would use all her “money and lawyers” to get James back and accuse Andrew of kidnapping? Then poor baby James is stuck alone with her. Andrew had to provide evidence, as awful as it is to stay, to ensure baby James would NEVER have to be alone with her because she clearly can’t handle it. Just look how they have twisted everything when she is clearly wrong. I can’t even imagine how it would be if he had left like you say he should have. And about the mental illness, I am very well aware of it, you are the one who is way off. It is her anger/rage and management of it that is more the issue which is completely different than mental illness. Thank you for showing your ignorance.

        3. I never wished abuse in any child, and unlike you I don’t defend abusove women. The words you are using are meant to instigate people because you are defending an indefensible act. So shame on me? No sweetheart-shame on you.

          1. Show me one comment where I defended Amber.. just one! I detest her behavior. Just because I find Andrew shady does not mean I think Amber is any less of an unfit mother than she is. She is mentally disturbed.. but Andrew continues to poke at her and wind her up. He knows how to push her buttons and he seems to get a kick out of it and then runs to the media and cries victim. I will be waiting for you to find a comment where I defended Amber.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
      Stop victim blaming. Why do you know all of these details and why do you care so much to make him look like an asshole to justify Ambers bad behavior?
      It isn’t always easy to leave someone. Sometimes you feel it’s best to stay and keep your head down when you’re with someone abusive rather than deal with aftermath of leaving. If she’s this insane while in a relationship just imagine how fucking crazy she would be if he had ended it. What if he left and she used her “fame” to smear him and he loses custody of the baby, then the baby would be stuck with this crazy bitch. Her lazy ass couldn’t get up at 2:00pm to take care of her son and was out right refusing to watch him.
      Past relationships have nothing to do with their current one. I’m sure he isn’t perfect…I mean hell he was with Amber, but he’s not the one at fault in this. Why does she care if a security camera is in their house unless she’s guilty? I wouldn’t give 2 shits if my husband installed these because I have nothing to hide. She literally broke the camera with a sword…this isn’t normal behavior. That’s rage, it’s fucking crazy.

    3. I agree that if I had been in his original position I wouldn’t have dated her/ hooked up with her/ whatever the case was. For some reason he did, maybe she presented herself better than she does when she’s on camera?? But, now that he’s been in the relationship and been through what he has (as far as we know) I think he deserves support. But, yes, James is the ultimate victim in all this.

    4. So I just heard the recording of Amber threatening to kill Andrew and stating that she never wanted James. Still feel like shaming Andrew? Oh wait….you defend abusers.

    1. If it takes, on average, SEVEN TIMES for a survivor of domestic violence the ability to leave for good, I’d say Andrew is ahead of the curve. As far as we are aware, this is the 1st time he’s left, right?

      It’s easy for all of us to say that he should’ve left immediately to protect James, but there are scores of women with children who are unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Why is the expectation once again that he is supposed to be different because he’s male and has a larger stature? Why is he supposed to do what many women cannot and yet we give them well deserved kudos no matter when they finally manage to get out. She described him several times as a gentle giant & if that’s actually true, I can see him staying despite all his instincts telling him to GTFO.

  34. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the female version of David Eason.

    Funny how David immediately got fired for his crazy dangerous behavior. But Amber a woman, is still employed and still being paid. Double standard much.

    1. Well, technically she hasn’t killed a single dog yet, but as soon as she does, MTV will fire her so fast…?

      1. Lol This comment is gold! MTV needs to be more focused on the children and not allowing these mothers to continue on the show when they behave like Jenelle and Amber. MTV loves a shitshow. The more drama and bad behavior the better for ratings.

  35. No nunchucks? I’m really disappointed. I’m not surprised she slashed the security cameras with her sword…

  36. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    I get the feeling if she were in NC with Juh-nell and Lurch, Amber would have blown them both away with her gun collection by now – along with Matt and her child. She’s off the wall.

  37. New show idea: Amber and David fight to the death with their assorted weapons. Winner gets an all expenses paid trip to state prison.

    1. I thought the same thing! Amber needs to be fired. Zero tolerance for violence and dog killing! That should be in their contracts. Maybe Amber can get on Marriage Boot Camp, the graveyard for all reality stars.

    2. Pay Per view!!! Battle Royale coming to you live from the Land.

      On one corner weighing 62Kg, the queen of Indiana, fresh of the couch Ms. Amber “I am a real woman” Portwood.

      In the other corner standing 6 ft tall weighing 85kg, David ” The lurch” Eason.

      Let’s get ready Ruuuuummmble !!!

      1. Not related but you reminded me of how I hate it when Amber calls herself “a real woman”! Otherwise she would be what, a man?! Or just a plain woman? Her saying that makes no sense.

        Speaking of it, you are far away from being “a real mother” too, Amber. You don’t want to “watch” your own son?! Screw you for abusing the only REAL father James has in his life right now and that is Andrew. Did he go to Cali with him already? He needs to RUN, Amber strikes me as a person who would violate her restraining order (she is prob going to prison anyway so she wouldn’t really care if she adds few years on top of it)

        1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
          Sassytruther sounds just like Hannah. Hmm

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