‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: David Eason Mocks Amber Portwood (and Her Machete); Dr. Drew Gets Dumped & More


“Someone have Gary book me a flight to North Carolina. I have some business to attend to with Mr. Jenelle!”

From making offensive videos to making false claims, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately!

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so.

David Eason mocks Amber Portwood & Asian people in new videos.

“Come here to Indy and let me show you what a real woman can do with a machete, David!”

David may not have a job, but he appears to be trying his hand at stand-up comedy at the moment.

Mr. Jenelle Evans recently made numerous videos for social media that caused controversy, including one in which he mocked ‘Teen Mom OG’ star (and weapon enthusiast) Amber Portwood. David— who was playing with his knife-making tools out on The Land— poked fun at Amber’s 2019 “Machete Incident,” in which she was arrested after allegeding brandishing a machete while fighting with her then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

In the video (captured by Instagram account @KittyJakers and shared by Instagram account @Mrs.WeedLove), David shows off a blade he created with his tools.


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A post shared by Mrs. Weedlove (@mrs.weedlove)

“Right now, it’s only this long,” he said. “That’s about as long as Amber’s machete when she went after her baby daddy. You need it a little longer than that.”

(Perhaps the length of a “Mother Goddess” sword?) 

“You need like an Uncle Dave sword,” he said. “I might have to find somebody and engrave my name on it.”

Moving right along, David also recently made a video that mocked Asians. In the video he used stereotypical “Asian” music, as well as a fake “Asian” accent.

If the gross racism doesn’t make you vomit, watching David eat surely will…

He explained that he was making a “traditional Korean style hotdog.” He explained how to make a disgusting hotdog (using the accent) and the proceeded to maul the snack with his mouth.

David’s video received plenty of negative comments…but they have all since disappeared faster than any potential job opportunities for the Eason clan. 

Farrah Abraham and her backdoor are heading to Harvard…er, Havard

“What, like it’s hard?”

(The Ashley knows this happened a little while back, but she didn’t have to time address it then and this is way to good for her to let it pass without comment.) 

Either hell has finally frozen over, or Farrah Abraham has reached a new level of delusional. (Wanna guess where we’re placing our bets?) 

The former ‘Teen Mom OG’ star took to Facebook this week, announcing her plans to “start school at Havard University” next month – and yes, Farrah misspelled “Harvard” because… of course she did. 

Already off to a great start…

While Farrah may actually be taking advantage of the free courses offered online at Harvard through edX, which does not require individuals to apply or be accepted to the university, her LinkedIn profile states that she has a Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) at Harvard University.  (If you want to go to “Harvard” too, you can do so by enrolling in one of these free online courses!)

On LinkedIn, the “Wish.com version of Elle Woods” lists many of her accolades while encouraging others to “be relentless, be the best you!” Farrah then recounts her journey to becoming the top female celebrity in our nation, which she claims began at a grocery store. 

“Over my years; I was once the cart girl at a grocery store starting at minimum wage and corporate America and had to apply 3 times before getting the job, then worked my way up the ladder to bag sacker, cashier, catering and food sampler,” her bio reads. “Now I’ve had my own products being sold in whole foods and grocery stores, selling out. That was a realization.” 

“All hail The Queen Bag Sacker!” (Yes, it says bag not ball, you sickos…)

Farrah also lies claims to be “the top reality star and top 10 listed female celebrity in the nation.” If that isn’t impressive enough, Farrah goes on to drop another “realization.” 

“I once couldn’t finish a book and now I made the New York Times Best Sellers List and wrote a memoir, trilogy and children’s book,” she wrote. “That was a realization.” 

Farrah also claims to have been kicked out of her home as a teen mom– something ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers know isn’t true at all– and credits herself for “decreasing teen pregnancies world wide.” 

As teen pregnancy goes down, the amount of filler in Farrah’s face and lips goes up.

“ … I’ve opened multiple business’s and now the mom others are proud of and want business advice from and now can offer a different up bringing to her child with no struggle,” she adds.

Farrah has insisted in numerous social media videos that she is, indeed, going to Harvard. 

Mackenzie McKee tells fans she’s a bigger cheater than husband Josh McKee. 

“In other words, we’re perfect for each other!”

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Mackenzie McKee reached her breaking point this week after receiving non-stop social media comments slamming her husband Josh for being a repeat cheater. However, instead of simply coming to Josh’s defense, Mackenzie threw herself under the bus in a lengthy video rant on Instagram. 

“I’m so happy you guys know more about my life than I know about my life because I have been diagnosed, by you guys, with a ‘idiot woman who takes back a serial cheating husband,’” the mom of three said. 

Mackenzie went on to claim that she has “cheated far more than [Josh] has,” and for some reason, she considers this to be a good thing…

“Baby, I know my self-worth,” she said. 

How much self-worth are we talking about here, Mac?

She also noted that she wouldn’t “mother-effing stay with a cheating husband” if she wasn’t off doing some cheating of her own. 

I think that’s nice…

“If I had just been his faithful, little sweetheart to him and he was off cheating, do you think I would be with him? No! No, I wouldn’t,” she claimed. 

While Mackenzie did admit that Josh has “been a dumbass,” she attempted to look on the bright side by pointing out, “at least he’s not a narcissist.” 

“Josh has never once controlled me, told me what to do or beat me,” she explained. “If you want to diagnose him with narcissism, give me the facts.” 

“What can I say? This is ‘Teen Mom,’ the bar is set really, really low.”

Dr. Drew responds after his nomination to join LA Homeless Commission is withdrawn after public urges officials to #DumpDrDrew  

“Who, me?!”

Last week, Dr. Drew Pinsky, longtime host of all ‘Teen Mom’ reunion specials and frequent dodger of asking hard questions, was recommended by 5th District Supervisor Kathryn Barger to join the 10-member Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. That nomination did not go over well with critics of the blazer-wearing doc, some of whom even started to popularize the hashtag #DumpDrDrew on Twitter to show their disapproval.

Many felt that including Dr. Drew on the committee– which oversees funds for programs to help to reduce homelessness in LA—would be wrong, due to his previous controversial comments about homelessness. An article in the Los Angeles Times (written before Dr. Drew’s consideration was withdrawn) claimed the nomination of the celebrity doctor not only shocked advocates, but left some believing it was a joke. 

Eventually, Kathryn Barger rescinded Dr. Drew’s nomination. In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Drew expressed his disappointment, as well as his insistence that a doctor should be on the committee, but it “doesn’t have to be me.”

“Come on, let him do it! I’m tryna host this thing solo!”

Drew acknowledged that his being part of the committee may be a “distraction” from its purpose.

“I’m interested in the homeless problem getting better, that’s all,” he said. “I have 30 years of experience with addiction and serious mental illness and I thought maybe I would have something to offer. There’s no physicians represented in the committee so I certainly hope they put a physician in.”

Dr. Drew earned himself a reputation for promoting ill-formed and harmful views after making controversial statements about COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic. (He called it a “press-induced panic” and compared it to the flu, among other things. He eventually apologized for his statements, and ended up contracting the virus himself in late 2020.)

Mark Horvath, founder of nonprofit homeless advocacy group Invisible People, stated that, in his opinion, Dr. Drew should never have been nominated in the first place.

“Even on a surface level, why are you [appointing] a celebrity doctor – and I use the term ‘doctor’ loosely – that has recent activity with being a COVID denier?” he said. 

Mike Dickerson, cofounder of activist group Ktown for All released a statement after Drew’s nomination was withdrawn.

“If LAHSA needs a physician on the board, there are many in L.A. who actively work with unhoused people. He is not one of them.”

“You guys don’t want me? FINE! I’ll stick with ‘Teen Mom.’ That’s NEVER going away!”

While commenting on Dr. Drew’s nomination being withdrawn, Kathryn said she was “dismayed that anyone would question the appointment of a doctor with a passion for addressing these issues when a new voice is clearly needed – especially one that is medically trained.”

She also said she plans to continue collaborating with Dr. Drew in other capacities and hopes “we can move past pettiness” and instead focus on “working to solve the hard problems.” 

Dr. Drew has hosted all of the 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom franchise Reunions since the shows began, and has done numerous other radio and television hosting gigs. He is also a board-certified internal medicine physician, and an addiction medicine specialist. 

Over the years, ‘Teen Mom’ cast members and fans have called Drew out for starting unnecessary drama among cast members, dodging hard topics with certain cast members and other actions. In January, new ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member Ashley Jones called Drew “a disgrace” and stated that he instigates “little girl drama” at the Reunions.

To catch up on other recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram; TikTok) 



  1. While I’m not surprised by Farrah and her lack of correct spelling and proper grammar, I an still shocked. She doesn’t even make any sense because of how bad she writes. That girl exhibits so many signs of narcissistic personality disorder and it actually isn’t funny; it’s sad! She has immensely strong delusions of grandeur. I feel bad for her and her child.

  2. Going after Asians now? My God, David just sucks so bad. And Jenelle seriously sits there and wonders why no one wants to work with her. If you willingly associate yourself with a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, dog murdering, disgusting POS like David Eason, you’re NEVER going to get a job. Nobody with a brain wants to be associated with that.

  3. I highly highly highly doubt Mackenzie ever cheated.

    She’s been so far up Jawsh’s ass for 10 years, it just never happened. She didnt cheat. I call bullshit.

  4. Dr. Drew has really marred his self-image. I guess for some people money outweighs morals. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  5. Mackenzie needs to GO. She has the IQ of a kindergartener. Who cares about her farce of a marriage/life? She’s about as entertaining to watch as a glass of water. #immaturegirl

    1. I agree. Watching paint dry is more entertaining than watching and hearing about McKees “marital problems”. Somethings seriously wrong with those TM3 girls. Her and Briana are complete morons.

  6. What the actual f#+K is Farrah ever trying to say? No grammar, incorrect spelling, nothing makes sense.
    How’d she finish school? (Did she even…)
    I get craptastic headaches reading what this chick writes.

    Looks like UBT is looking for attention again. Get a job, dude, and get a life off social media.

    1. I love The Ashley but I wish she would stop giving that silicone bag any air time. She’s just an awful person. I think someday her daughter is going to heap revenge on her while she sleeps. 😂

    2. He’s probably ragey that Amber gets to keep her sweet, sweet MTV paycheck despite her antics, but he and Jenellous lost theirs and now they’re broke.

    3. I think he has a right to dispute the marketing.

      I don’t think doctors should be silenced over having a medical opinion about Corona.

      What do you say when the doctor says something you dont like?

      “I’m going to get a second opinion” and keep it moving.

    1. I’m sure their internet service will cut off soon, from lack of payment.
      I’m w/ Jace they are 💩💩💩💩. POS

  7. It’s debatable as to whether Jenelle is worse than Amber, but there’s no debate that David is worse than Amber.

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