EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Star Kiaya Elliott Recently Arrested on Assault & Gun Charges: See Her Mugshot

“It’s like a requirement to be on a ‘Teen Mom’ show, isn’t it?”

Kiaya Elliott is facing some serious charges stemming from an arrest last month.

The arrest— which Kiaya chose to somewhat expose on her social media by showing her unflattering mugshot—happened on March 25, landing the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star behind bars in Virginia and facing three charges…and The Ashley has the scoop on what landed Kiaya behind bars!

According to court records obtained by The Ashley, Kiaya was charged with one count of Pointing/Brandishing a Firearm; and two charges of Class 1 Assault/Battery. (The charges for Assault/Battery were filed by two different people.) All three charges are currently listed as misdemeanors.

A fine mugshot offering by Kiaya…

Kiaya was due to appear in court on Monday, but her hearing for all charges was continued until June 16.

While Kiaya posted the reason her hair looked different in her mugshot than she usually wears it, she did not post why she was arrested.

According to court records, the arrest stems from an incident that happened on March 21. While attending a party with her on-and-off-again girlfriend Teazha, a fight broke out and Kiaya was somehow involved in it. 

“A guy eventually jumped into the fight and Kiaya claimed he pulled out a gun and pointed it at her,” The Ashley’s source said. “Kiaya wasn’t really injured, but she did file charges against the guy for assault and battery and for pointing a gun at her.”

The man was arrested and is due in court next month to face those charges.

It appears that the guy turned around and filed an Assault/Battery charge on Kiaya a few days after his arrest. Another woman also filed an Assault/Battery charge against Kiaya, as well as accused her of pointing/brandishing a gun at him. (The Ashley is unsure how/if the woman is connected to Kiaya and/or the man involved.) Kiaya was arrested on March 25 and hauled into the clink. She later bonded out for $3500.

The Ashley’s production sources tell her that the producers are aware of Kiaya’s arrest; however it was not filmed for the show. 

On Instagram, Kiaya posted her mugshot and explained that the arrest happened while she was in the middle of taking out her cornrows.

Don’t ya hate when that happens?

“Thinking about the time I took my wig off to wash my hair and got arrested before I could finish taking my cornrows out,” she wrote.

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  1. mtv must be pissed they didn’t get to film this but kayla’s right, they don’t treat young and pregnant the same way they do with tmog and tm2 and that’s why the ratings are low

  2. She got some long hair. Whole head of hair.

    She looks pissed more than guilty. Good luck to her. If Amber Portwood is any example, then this girl should still be employed after all’s said and done.

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