The 7 Juiciest Quotes from ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout’s New Interview About Ryan & Mackenzie Edwards

“Oh no you did NOT!”

Maci Bookout doesn’t do a lot of interviews…but when she does do one, she does not hold back!

The Teen Mom OG star absolutely unleashed on her baby daddy Ryan Edwards and his wife Mackenzie in a new interview with Celeb Magazine on Monday. Maci’s interview was partially in response to a YouTube interview Mackenzie did last week in which she criticized Maci for putting her son Bentley on a strict diet for wrestling, and other topics that related to recent episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ 

Here, The Ashley has pulled the most-juicy/interesting things Maci said in the her new interview, including quotes about Maci’s own drinking, the lack of time Maci says Ryan and Mackenzie spend with Bentley and Maci calling Mackenzie thirsty for attention!

Maci points out that Mackenzie has continuously complained about how ‘fake’ ‘Teen Mom OG’ is, but has apparently changed her tune, now that it benefits her.

“And don’t even bother writin’ me a damn letter, Mackenzie. I don’t wanna hear it!”

“For someone who publicly claims season after season, episode after episode, that the show is completely FAKE and that editing is what shines the bad light on her and Ryan… I’m shocked it only took two scenes to change her opinion. Now in Mackenzie’s opinion, the show is 100% authentic,” Maci said.

Mack has frequently bashed the show due to, in her opinion, her and Ryan’s scenes being edited to make him look bad. In her YouTube interview, though, Mackenzie implied that what viewers were seeing in regard to Bentley’s diet was actually what was going down.

Maci calls Mackenzie and Ryan out for spending little time with Bentley: 

“I’m a good father to Bentley, see?”
“Ryan, that’s Jagger.”
“Oh, crap…”

“Considering they only spend a couple of hours a week around him and never show interest in showing up for more than one event a month…it’s fair to say that what they ’thought’ was wrong,” Maci said. “And, I’ll say it again- this is making statements based on ignorance that never tell the truth.”

This quote was in regard to Mackenzie stating during the YouTube interview that she doesn’t think enforcing changes to an 11-year-old’s eating habits will end well. Mack also stated that Maci is taking Bentley’s wrestling too seriously.

Maci accuses Ryan and Mackenzie of making fun of Bentley.

“Bentley loves a little teasin’!”

“And for the record,” Maci said, “when Mackenzie and Ryan stop talking badly about my son, making fun of him, and talking down to him… then maybe their opinion of what goes on in my home will hold some weight… Actually, no it won’t.”

During the current season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ fans have expressed their disgust multiple times about the way Ryan and Mackenzie have dealt with and spoken to Bentley. (One golf course scene was particularly chatter-inducing, with viewers stating on social media that Ryan and Mack were making fun of Bentley. Mackenzie later stated that the episode was edited to make it appear that way.) In a more-recent episode, Ryan mocked Bentley for being upset over his first breakup.

Maci addressed Mackenzie’s insinuation that she has a drinking problem. 

“I’m Maci and I’m NOT an alcoholic!”

“If I want to drink a glass of wine in a bathtub before bed or drink a beer while making dinner or with my dinner, I will,” Maci said. “If I want to indulge in an adult beverage in the comfort of my own home, on or off-camera… guess what? It’s legal, so I can…. FYI. Street drugs (heroin), non-prescription drugs, and slander are illegal.”

Maci’s drinking habits have long been a discussion among ‘Teen Mom’ fans. (She has addressed this topic in the past.) However, she appears to have gotten ticked off when Mack stated during her YouTube interview that, “I just hope everyone who needs help gets it. And that’s not directed at her…” when asked about Maci’s alcohol consumption.

Maci called Mackenzie thirsty.

“Thanks to my trusty supply of alcoholic beverages, one thing I’ll never be is thirsty!”

“Mackenzie would insinuate that the bulls**t she spits out of her mouth tastes good to just stay relevant… Her straw broke, and she’s still thirsty,” Maci said.

The Ashley doesn’t think this one needs any explanation! 

Maci pointed out that Mackenzie hasn’t exactly made the best judgement calls herself over the years.

“Ok, I’ll give you this one, Maci!” 

“And for someone who has only been around for a few years, Ryan’s 10th or so girlfriend (I lost count) since Bentley was born, rode without concern with a highly intoxicated driver to their shotgun wedding… She sure thinks her opinions actually matter to me, my son, or my husband,” Maci said.

Obviously, Maci is referring to this incident, which happened on the way to Mackenzie and Ryan’s first wedding in 2017. MTV cameras rolled as an under-the-influence Ryan dozed off as he drove himself and Mackenzie to their wedding ceremony. He went to rehab soon after. 

Maci accused Mackenzie of giving Ryan a copy of her book, despite Mack claiming that Maci “triggers” Ryan.

“Normally, I ain’t much for readin’ and such but there ain’t much to do when you’re in the clink!”

“For all the times she has made a point to say ‘Maci is the #1 trigger’ for Ryan as it pertains to his drug use, I’d like to know why she thought it would be a healthy and positive choice to send a copy of my book to Ryan while he was in jail?” Maci said. “I dare her to deny doing that, because I have the proof.”

Maci– who, in 2015 released her autobiography Bulletproof— claimed that Mack gave Ryan the book to read while he was hunkered down during one of his stays in the clink. Ryan’s family members have stated on several episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG’ that Maci is a “trigger” for Ryan.

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  1. I think it’s ridiculous how fake and full of it Mackenzie is ?. I can’t even anymore. Ever since she brought that bullshit letter on the reunion trying to blame Maci for being an “enabler” and having “all the information” when her dumb ass literally lived with him, I was done. Who cares if he’s nodding out on the way to their own wedding that they were late to and he couldn’t keep his eyes open but I’m sure that was “just a Xanax”, right Mack? The bottom line is if Ryan was a parent and did what he was supposed to, he wouldn’t have to “fight” to see his son. People who watched the whole series saw him barely interacting with him and not caring whether he saw him or not. From when Bentley was a baby, that’s how he was. He was out doing drugs, drinking and cheating. His parents are the only reason he sees his son at all. That’s pretty damn sad if you ask m— anyone. ??‍♂️

  2. I think that these three need group therapy. Ryan has to learn to deal with his anger towards macy which really is misdirected period case closed. The earlier years Ryan made no attempts to have a relationship with his son. His parents were the only constant in Bentley a life. Bentley has always been an option to Ryan and Shane in Mack fit knowing the truth about Ryan and sticking up for him. You dint ya e to trash him but for Gods sake just say nothing. I’m not convinced he’s sober but that’s me. I’ve dealt with this with my own son but I certainly didn’t not walk on egg shells around him. I gave it to him straight. Ryan has his parents walking in egg shells afraid to flout firth their opinion why. He doesn’t get that privilege they ha e been the reason he gets any time with his dad. Jenn and Larry love Bentley they love Ryan but maybe Ryan needs a little dose of grow the F up get a job and his parents should tell him so. Has he ever worked a day in his life. Has he ever had to run Bentley anywhere? For good reason. Get a year under your belt and then speak to maci and maybe thank her for doing a great job and stepping up and then do the same to your parents. That’s the right thing to do.

  3. I am honestly surprised it took maci this long to say anything. Sometimes you just have to defend yourself when some hanger on comes into your life and gets knocked up by you ex drug addict baby daddy. Bye Mack you bring nothing to this show but denial and no one has time for it!

  4. Maybe Mack should put more attention to Rhine’s phone and dating apps, and who he is out meeting behind the Piggly Wiggly.

    Drugs werent the only thing he is addicted to..

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Maci is class.. MacKenzie is TRASH

  6. I suppose if I were married to an ACTIVE addict and habitual cheater, I might be as miserable as Mackenzie, too. How is that marriage for a little bit of TV “fame” working out for you, sis?

    1. Not to mention she had two kids with him that he has zero ability to care for aside from TM income. I think that’s why people dislike her so much, she acts like she’s all above TM, but she and her kids would be back living with her parents if it weren’t for the fact that Rhine got Maci pg at 16.

  7. Her 15 minutes is well over and she is riding off Ryan and Mack 15 right now. I,would think a book about Maci would be ABOUT MACI. What is she currently doing. Does her husband have a job or is Teen Mom his job too? Where is her family? Does Bentley babysit his siblings at her house too or only just a Ryan’s?

  8. Why does she even talk about them? Cause she has nothing else to talk about. Except her ‘PCOS’

  9. Team Maci. Mack will never be what she perceives herself to be. As a former single mom to Hudson, she should 100% understand where Maci is coming from. But she won’t, because being the wife of Ryan “junkie” Edwards, she feels the need to be his champion. No, Mack, your husband fucked up long before you met him, and your new “words” are wind. Stop being a c*nt to a child you interact with for 3 hours a week, and start being a better, more responsible human being. It’s ok o admit y’all fucked up. But pretending you’re not the problem, is a problem in and of itself. #MackTheHack

  10. Damn…Maci (rightfully) went IN on Mackenzie. Honestly it’s been a longggg time coming. Mack has been talking so much shit on Maci for YEARS…and she and Rhine have turned their disdain for Maci towards Bentley. It’s sick.

  11. Just because you claim someone else is wrong , it doesn’t make you right by default Maci. You are restricting Bentleys calorie intake and it isn’t healthy. And you DO have a drinking problem homegirl. You are a functioning alcoholic. Step down off of that high hors3 before you get too lonely up there .

  12. I think it so sad that Ryan and his wife treat him so bad than blame everything on you take no response ability for their actions and never will his whole family the same way. I think it just crazy it his fault he has no relationship with Benny he is the one did not show up would be high to busy to hang out with him are to call him. I am so glad that he has someone to look up to that a man at the rate he going not having a relationship with is best for Benny I do not know what to say about his parents they are just as bad blame it all on you when they need to sit him down tell him the truth it his fault he took the drugs you did not make him and his relationship with his son his fault he has not been there for him and that not on you it on him until he starts taking responsibility for his actions he will never grow up because a man.

      1. I think they’re using speech to text. Some people aren’t aware that you have to say when you want punctuation inserted. The ‘response ability’ gave it away that they’re using speech to text.

  13. I do love reading what u write about Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2/ Teen Mom OG cause I know it’s all the truth unlike some of the other sites on the web and Facebook

  14. I wonder what Mackenzie is thinking about since this is all out, wonder what she’ll say now out of curiosity.

  15. maci made some very relevant points here, i must say. i think their whole storyline is boring though. i have no patience for ryan and i can’t stomach mackenzie. maci seems to be providing a safe, stable and living environment for all of her kids from what i can see. ryan and mack, on the other hand, not so much.

    1. Maci is a bitch. She has previously made out on a number of occasions that Mackenzie and Ryan have ask for Beny too late/ last minute whereas Mackenzie has the text messages saved where Macy changes the date and time only to not let Bentley go. Maci has turned into an miserable hard ass with resting bitch face.

      1. ??? Nah, she’s keeping her son safe and in a healthy environment. If Ryan was doing well and had a good relationship, he would have a relationship. Sad when your preteen son has to tell you to go to therapy with him before he stays alone with you. Oh & you’re a bitch.

  16. The only thing I commend MacKenzie for is making a statement against DV when the rest of the cast made excuses for Amber.

    I agree about the rest of what Maci said. She forgot to add in that the second wedding MacKenzie and Ryan had involved Ryan getting drunk and confronting Mac about money during their wedding dance!

    Also, who knew Mackenzie was even on YouTube? For someone who “hates” being famous, she certainly chooses to capitalize on the exposure.

  17. You could always be classy Maci and say nothing, Bentley will realise on his own his dad is a pos. Bentley is the only mature one here

    1. I like Maci but let’s be honest… she’s only interesting because of the shitshow that is Mack and Ryan. She seems to be a decent parent and is raising her children in a stable home but that doesn’t keep your reality TV contract! As much as she dislikes them, she needs their dysfunction to stay on TV.

      1. This is what bothers me about the whole TM franchise. Why is it “borning” to show stability and growth? Why is it “boring” to show kids being raised without chaos? It’s not. Not EVERYONE wants a shit show that makes all these poor kids need therapy in 20 years.

  18. You have to commend Maci for not exploding about rylan and his dreadful behaviour. It would have been SO easy to keep bentley away from him, but she has tried so hard. At least she tried, Bentley can’t resent her for that in the future. I detest my ex, but I didn’t want my son to miss out on that relationship and with his family. It was and still is difficult, but sometimes children need to see where they came from, and in Bentley case, see how toxic addiction is. Hopefully he won’t end up like his dad. I’ve just lost my dear friend to an eating disorder. She’d left behind a 9 year old daughter. She loved her daughter and wanted to get better. Sadly, the addiction was too powerful. Xxx

  19. Maci went in!!!! This is the first time she’s been even remotely interesting to me in years, but it was worth the wait just to hear her roast Mack about being driven to her shotgun wedding by a highly intoxicated Rhine! Mack is probably seething in her mom jeans and middle-age hairdo, I can’t wait until she answers back so Maci can roast her about the million other things that make she and Rhine so pathetic.

  20. “rode without concern with a highly intoxicated driver to their shotgun wedding…” That alone says it all. Thirsty dumb bitch, no wonder she didn’t leave Rhine after his tinder messages surfarced. And the way these low life losers laugh and pick at Bentley, disgusting.

  21. Go Maci! She is trying to stay relevant always. We see her. It’s way past her 15 minutes. She know her days are numbered.

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