Sneak Peek: Watch ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer Get Married

“I do…and stuff…”

Earlier this month, The Ashley broke the news that Teen Mom OG stars Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer had moved up their wedding date and eventually tied the knot in May, instead of November as they had originally planned.

Ryan and Mackenzie (and MTV) have stayed quiet and not revealed any details of the impromptu wedding, but it looks like ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers will get to watch the couple tie the knot on next week’s episode.

In a sneak peek clip of the wedding scene, Ryan and Mackenzie (dressed in their wedding clothes) arrive at the wedding spot, which is by the river next to the Chattanooga Aquarium. They tell Ryan’s father Larry that they do not plan to tell Ryan’s son Bentley that they are married.

Ryan’s mother, Jen, appears to be having a hard time dealing with the fact that her only son is having a quickie wedding.

“Mom, it don’t matter if there are a hundred people or two people,” Ryan tells his sobbing mother. “It just matters as long as we love each other.”

“Yeah, but the most important people aren’t here!” Jen wails. (We can assume she’s talking about Bentley and Mackenzie’s son, Hudson, and possibly Mackenzie’s family, who are also absent.)

“But they will be,” Ryan and Larry tell Jen. (This may mean that there will a second wedding that includes the kids?)

The wedding officiant arrives (in all his ponytailed glory) and begins the wedding ceremony.

We are not, however, told the reason why Ryan and Mackenzie were rushing to get married.

Watch the wedding clip below!

(Photo: MTV)


  1. I feel so embarrassed for Mac, she appears to be really desperate. Why in the world would you rush to marry a guy in this condition? It’s so awkward. During the wedding, Ryan stares at the officiant while reciting the vows, and when he says “I will.” How romantic.
    They say they are getting married for the custody issue, but I think Ryan’s illness will out weigh the fact that they are now a married couple. The whole scene was just sad.

  2. What the hell, did I just see Ryan, a grown-up man and just to be married, old 29 years or something, had kissed his mother on the mouth? Gross. I am not supporting parent-children kissing on the lips, where I do live, all parent and children no matters of age, kiss them on the cheek and nothing more. Weird, Ryan.

  3. At least there’s a cute dog there as a witness.

    Confused that they didn’t meet with their officiant beforehand?! They don’t even know his name….

  4. Ryan seems disconected from things in life. Didn’t seem all that interested in getting married but I guess since Maci did it he feels he has to too?

  5. WOW! I just watched the clip. That was so incredibly awkward. MacKenzie just standing there while her future mother in law is bawling uncontrollably! That dress was ridiculous too.!

  6. Whhhhhhyyyyyy rush getting married when you have so much in your life that you need to work through?! Starting a marriage on a rocky foundation isn’t smart, also why wear glasses when you should be looking the person in the eyes saying I do.. he wasn’t even looking at Mackenzie when he said it which to me says a lot.

  7. For me, Ryan’s mother Jen always seemed like a really nice person and grandmother to Bentley, and two seasons ago was even kind and loving enough to babysit Maci’s baby daughter Jade. That said, I gotta admit that “kiss on the mouth” thing I just saw between her and Ryan creeped me out — and NOT just a little bit.

    This of course, coming on the heels of Bentley’s claim to Maci that when he sleeps over, Jen insists that he sleep in the bed with her.

    Jeez… Close knit family much?

    Just saying.

  8. O well..he wore glasses and she got what she wanted. Hope you are both pieces of shit that never hurts your kids but only eachother.

    1. This is the woman who insists that her 8 year old grandson sleep in her bed when he visits. After 8 years, he doesn’t even have his own bed there. So this doesn’t surprise me at all.

  9. So I don’t know how accurate this information is but I heard the Mackenzie got married last time to her ex when she was 5 months pregnant. If her and Ryan were pregnant right now and had a November wedding, she would be near the 5 month marker again. It’s possible that she felt embarrassed repeating the past and wanted to be officially married before then.

  10. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a quicky wedding, I do however think it is very wrong that neither of them had their sons. Especially Bentley. You can tell that he is a really caring and sensitive kid. Not including them was very wrong.

  11. Im sorry but there are so many red flags with Mackenzie…. Dont get how no one else sees thats something is off about her

    1. I haven’t been watching the show. What’s weird about her? You’re the first I’ve heard bring it up.

      1. Well I’m just going to jump in on this question but just to give you a few things that make me feel like she is off and just looking for anybody to marry the fact that she’s been married twice and she’s only 20 she also just got divorced less than six months ago and let’s face it Ryan is an addict and she is deciding to enter into a union and a commitment with him before he goes to rehab The scary thing is I don’t know if she knows him before drugs so she really has no idea who she’s marrying and she’s OK with that

        1. @Coleen She might just be another Leah. A woman that rushes relationships too quickly just to have that “family feeling.”

          1. @Heather she definitely does not have all her marbles she doesn’t seem to have any interest in figuring out who she is first so you’re exactly right she is Leah’s twin

  12. They should have included the children in the official wedding and not just the big party or whatever the hell they are going to do. Once again Bentley is an after thought.

  13. I think it’s likely that they did a quickie marriage to put Ryan on her insurance for rehab or for some sort of legal reason (spouses do not have to testify against their spouse regarding things they’ve talked about). And that the dress she picked out wouldn’t be able to be altered fast enough to wear it. I don’t think it has anything to do with being pregnant- they wouldn’t keep their kids from attending the wedding or knowing about it for a pregnancy. And his mom wouldn’t be so upset if it was a postponed big wedding because of pregnancy.

  14. Oh I’m sure Bentley is crying his eyes out because he didn’t get to see his tweeked out half asleep father slur out the words “I do…I guess”. ?

  15. Is a marriage legal if one half of the couple is stoned off their ass during the ceremony, slurred speech and all? Is it legal to marry a nutria rat, pregnant or not? Poor Jen though.

  16. Sounds a little like Chelsea’s ….ceremony first and party later. She isn’t wearing the dress from the episode either. Wonder if she is pregnant or they are just trying to snag up some positive attention.

    1. I thought that too… literally just last episode she found “the” dress. Now she’s getting married out of nowhere in a dress that looks nothing like the one she (presumably) bought.
      I bet she’s pregnant. It doesn’t make sense to just run out and get married because your fiance is an addict. Pregnancy would make sense. Especially if that’s why Bentley and Hudson couldn’t be there – they haven’t been told yet.
      Just for the record – I think Bentley is going to be really upset. He really looks up to Ryan; I think it will kill him to know Ryan left him out.

      1. Bentley hasn’t seemed to look up to Ryan for several years now. He mostly looks annoyed when he’s around him.

  17. So many red flags why would this be better for Bentley? Also I do wonder what McKenzie was thinking if she really doesn’t know him outside of him being on drugs how are you going to make such a commitment You don’t really know who he is and I hate to keep bringing up Bentley but I won’t question someone who didn’t want their own child at the wedding The scene is just kind of sad

  18. Yep that’s the Tennessee Aquarium at Chattanooga. What an odd place for this… definitely nothing fancy.

  19. That’s great they love each other and want to be together forever but I still don’t understand what the quickie marriage was all about. It still makes no sense considering everything that is going on with his drug addiction. The only thing that would make sense is if she is pregnant. And if that’s the case then I don’t know what to think about Mackenzie. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders but getting knocked up and marrying a dude that is on drugs is probably the stupidest thing you can do especially when you have a child of your own. Well, I hope Ryan gets clean and everything works out for them. I just hope it doesn’t turn into another Adam situation but I don’t think it will. I definitely have more hope for Ryan than Adam.

  20. I know exactly the spot they are at. Basically in front of the aquarium, by the river. It’s nothing but grass and factories lol.

  21. Stupid that they rushed but their choice I guess. I expect them to have “a little announcement” soon tho.

  22. That was sweet how Ryan was trying to cheer up his mom. I’ve always had a soft spot for Ryan, to me he’s always been a lot like Leah (from TM2, not Amber’s daughter). Both of them seem like genuinely decent people who were enabled by their parents and just had no idea how to raise a kid, and both struggle(d) with addiction. Ryan can be a pain in the ass, but I’ve never felt he’s a terrible/evil person the way I’ve often felt with Jenelle, Adam, Farrah, etc. I hope he turns things around.

    1. I agree 100%. His parents are the nicest people but I can tell they spoiled him and let him get away with a lot (probably more from Jen than Larry). That’s probably why he is the way he is.

    2. Nah… Ryan is what, almost 30? STILL doesnt know how to show up and be there for his kid or get a damn job? Or be responsible or adult like in any way? Come on. At some point you have to take responsibility. No one was forcing him to live with his parents aged 28. What has he ever done that was positive?

    3. You can only make excuses for people for so long. At some point, that person is willingly CHOOSING that life, those ways, these actions…You cannot blame everything on parents coddling their children when the children are no longer children. Adults know right from wrong, bad and good, wise and unwise decisions. Ryan has made his own choices. Ignoring drug use for a moment…NO ONE has forced Ryan to forget Bentley, or make him an after thought. Though I agree Ryan’s parents coddled him his entire life, and still are, they have NEVER made his son Bentley anything other than a loved family member. They have treated him like he was, and is, their son. Ryan has chosen to be a shit father, and it has nothing to do with the influence he had growing up, because despite the fact that they baby(ied) him and still do…his father wasn’t a shit father. He made bad choices in coddling him, sure, but he wasn’t a shit dad. He didn’t forget Ryan was his son, in fact as misguided as it is, that is what lead the coddling, the babying, the putting up with Ryan’s shit all these years. We can all agree it was a bad move on Ryan’s parents part…but they did not, in any way, cause Ryan to be the shit father he is today.

      1. I don’t know. When I watched that “Being the Edwards” episode and combined that info with things I’ve been noticing, Larry has family issues that I believe he brought into his marriage. I think it’s possible Ryan also grew up in the middle of something (I suspect Larry is a possible alcoholic, and there appears to be tension between he and Ryan…Bitterness over being initially forced into that marriage to Jen? I don’t know. Best thing that ever happened to him, IMHO).

  23. Both Maci and Ryan have turned out to be pathetic human beings. A drug addict and a alcoholic. Both without jobs, or education, their both losers. And Mackenzie is just as pathetic! Marry and bring your child around a drug addict….

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