‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Admits Fiance Matt Baier is a Controlling “Pathological Liar”

When you realize that maybe everyone else was right about your fiance…

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are currently duking it out (and/or working on their problems) while filming an upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, but Amber recently revealed just how creepy her relationship Matt had become.

During Monday night’s “Teen Mom Unseen Moments” special, Amber confirmed that she and Matt are broken up (for now), and admitted that her former fiance is a “pathological liar.”

“Me and him aren’t quite together anymore,” Amber said on the special, which was filmed earlier this month. “We aren’t engaged anymore…I kicked him out of the house the night before I even came here. He was in a hotel, but he’s back at the house right now though. We’re working on stuff.”

“I needed my alone time,” she added. “It felt good to just be alone, and be with my cousin and my family. They’ve embraced me even though I kind of pushed them away for a long time.”

Amber can’t quite quit Matt, though.

“I’m willing to move forward [with the relationship] if he’s willing to change,” she said. “But if he’s not going to really soon, he’s not going to be in a good place with me…he’s going to really have to change his lying. I feel like he’s a huge pathological liar. I think he needs help.”

The episode also revealed that Matt kept Amber’s driver’s license in his possession so that she would have to ask him for it whenever she wanted to drive a car. When a show security guard and producer later expressed concern over this very strange behavior, Amber told them that Matt held her license because “it makes him feel better about himself.”

She added that it was Matt’s way of controlling her.

“He’s so insecure that he doesn’t want to lose me,” she said. “It’s his way of [keeping control].”

Amber revealed during the Unseen Moments show that Matt had been holding onto her license for two years!

“Any time I needed it, I’d have to ask him,” she said, adding that she no longer allows him to hold it. “That was a while ago.”

Amber also confirmed that Matt handled all of their bills and finances, which seemed to alarm her co-stars Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell.

“He just kind of took everything upon himself to start doing s**t like that,” Amber said. “I just realized within the last few months that I’m not doing this anymore. I’m gonna start taking control of a lot of stuff.”

Watch Amber discuss where her relationship with Matt stands in the Unseen Moments episode clip below:

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Does he keep the other “real” women’s driver’s licenses? Maybe he’s just trying to keep their names straight.

  2. So here’s the real deal. When folks are getting clean, one of the sticking points to most counselors is that you can’t pick and choose to use some drugs and still claim to be sober. The reality is, Amber is ADMITTEDLY taking almost a half dozen mind altering substances. Do I believe that they are all prescribed and that she’s seeing doctors? Sure. But in reality, you can get a doctor to put you on whatever you want to be on. She already had a history with be abusing pills…. And the HUGE problem with mental health drugs is that you can’t take a blood test to identify what’s working and where your levels are. Her ongoing diagnosis and prescribed amounts are based ENTIRELY on how SHE says she’s feeling. An admitted addict.

    She drinks on these medications, which FIRST AND FORMOST is a HUGE no-no. Especially with anti-psycotics.

    It’s completely based on my opinion, being a retired police officer who specialized in crisis intervention with the mentally ill… But I believe that Amber is DEEPLY, deeply depressed and is medicating to help the pain, and she’s not actually addressing her mental health. If she was – any counselor would have read her the riot act about 13th stepping with this douchebag liar. Im in no way a proponent of 12 step programs but I VERY MUCH agree with thier STRONG belief that no one should be in or looking for a relationship when then still have the CAUSE of thier addiction to confront.

    Amber is still DEEPLY hurt over the loss of her younger sibling. She still CLEARLY has massive issues that are not being addressed (for example… Her manipulative behavior of her own daughter… She’s relying on her own young daughter to boost her self worth (the tantrum about the lack of Christmas ornament, the fact that she is CONSTANTLY flaunting any comment her daughter makes about how much she loves her or looks up to her, the fact that she skips time with her child using the excuse that she’s depressed about how much time she gets with her… None of it makes sense and its deeply disturbing.

    Amber tries to sell us all on her being a strong, confident woman. All while she’s CLEARLY trying to bury her feelings with medication and not ACTUALLY attending the SERIOUS ongoing counseling that she needs. And before anyone tells me “you see ten minutes of her life – you don’t know what she REALLY does!”… Please keep in mind that Dr Drew has REPEATEDLY taken her to task for not participating in ANY kind of ongoing counseling /sobriety program.

    I sincerely hope she gets help. The first thing she needs to do is run and run FAR from this manipulative lying POS who is controlling her, gas lighting her at every opportunity and the fact that EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON THE PLANET can see this when she can not…

    It makes me very sad for her. Horribly sad that she’s unwilling or unable to get out, to seek her own health and strength and to move forward.

    Her CLEAR animal hoarding, her wild mood swings of depression and lethargy intermixed with her temper and trying to pretend that she’s not depressed and worst of all, the fact that she’s lying to herself AND all of us about Matt… It’s clear she has ZERO self worth because if she did – she would be single,and working towards being a HEALTHY POWERFUL WOMAN. Not wondering why she’s wavering about marrying the tool that’s manipulating her (and from a woman who dated a tool who behaved and did and said nearly ALL the same things Matt does… My ex and Matt Bair have so much behavior in common its calm made terrifying. Sadly Amber only sees what she allows herself to and she won’t get out until she’s ready. We’ll all just have to hope for her sake, that he doesn’t leave with half her wealth, any kind of ongoing fame from having used her like he has, or, God forbid, having knocked her up and then he’ll have control over her FOREVER.

    I do believe Amber suffers from mental illness, but I also believe her PRIMARY problem is low self worth which allows sooner weasles like Matt to control her and her life. She’ll only continue to get worse as long as he (or anyone like him) is in the picture. She’ll only get help if she invests in some SERIOUS introspection and uses the available resources she has to get appropriate counseling.

    If anyone who matters ever reads this, I deeply recommend the DNA testing thats shows how mental illness medications are processed by her body… It can be very eye opening to see the leveld that *should* work versus the levels addicts often self report are needed to “help” them. I’ve seen hundreds of people taking some ten times the amount of medication they should need, because they are relying on medication to make them “feel better” rather than addressing thier trauma and past. I feel very strongly that’s Amber’s situation and I hope she’ll get help, her single, and get much much better.

  3. Yeah because people change. They don’t Amber! He is in his mid-forties, his personality in all it’s narcissistic glory is already cemented.

    1. People can change in certain circumstances but people like Matt definitely don’t change. Matt is a sociopathic liar just like Adam. That is near impossible to change.

  4. I’m sorry Ambie but WE TOLD YOU SO! EVERYONE told you how he is but you kept on not seeing the truth. At least you left him before he knocked you up.

  5. Matt will see how important Amber is to him and will decide to change for the betterment of their continuing love and hot romance. Every couple has a few rough patches that they must power through, it happens to the best of people. Love heals, it wonderful.

    1. A few rough patches? Do you live under a rock?
      I suppose you’ve never had to deal with a controlling person like Matt. Consider yourself lucky, rather than the norm.

      If he hasn’t changed by 40, he has no intention of changing at all.

  6. Amber told them that Matt held her license because “it makes him feel better about himself.”

    Well, I guess it’s easier than getting a real job.

  7. I’m sorry but she really isn’t to bright…this guy has lied to you from day 1 and you allow him to control your finances? are u seriously a moron? I have no soft spot for her at all. Everyone has been telling her this guy is a liar and no good. He lied about how many kids he had! I bet he never even had a drug problem at all….just get rid of him and be done …letting this moron control all your money y not just hand it all to him??

      1. It only works when people are stupid enough to allow themselves to be manipulated. The manipulator finds weak people and preys on them and that’s exactly what happened here. How DUMB is she to let him control all HER money?

  8. I have a soft spot for Amber, but the license thing…….WHAT?!! She’s constantly talking about being a strong independent woman and encouraging Leah to be one. Yet she is ok with having to ask for her license anytime she wants to drive somewhere??? GTFO with that.

  9. For anyone who doesn’t believe Amber is still on drugs please re-read this article, and read it carefully.

    This kind of sheer lunacy DOES NOT come simply from being a naïve airhead. This woman is clearly stoned off her ass in most instances. Hence, Matt will ALWAYS be in the picture, soaking and controlling her for every nickel he can get his greasy, middle aged paws on.

    Sorry to say this, but I, too, fear for Leah during scheduled visits with Amber. Speaking of a drivers license, I don’t know if Gary should be comfortable with Leah even being in a car with Amber behind the wheel.


    1. I don’t know if this is true. Having worked with women in abusive relationships, I can say intelligent sober women are victims of these kind of men all the time.

  10. I dont know why the “i dont know who you have to give oral pleasure”line went so ligthly. That was pure sexual harrasment

    1. Absolutely. He’s damn lucky that producer didn’t get him thrown off the show or worse. That was so way over the line, joking or not. And to one of the producers?! By far the worst thing he said, and stupid Nessa glossed right over it on the after show.

      1. @Shea I can tell Nessa thinks he’s a total creep though lol. It was obvious she was pissed about what he said about Amber’s brother.

      2. That just goes to show how little MTV cares about the producers. That comment by Matt was sexual harassment, no doubt about it. However there have been many instances of abuse both physically and verbally towards the producers and MTVdoes nothing. They are in it for the money as well. It’s sad and disgusting!

    2. I agree! I always wondered how come that female producer didnt punch him in the face when he said that. And it has never even been mentioned. Complete and total sexual harassment.

  11. She really thinks this guy is going to change? lol. News flash Amber, people like Matt don’t change. That’s why all his relationships have failed and why all his exes warned you about him. If she takes him back, I don’t even know what the hell is in store for her future but it’s ain’t gonna be good.

    1. I hope she doesn’t tasks him back, but even if she does this relationship is coming to an end. She’s exposed some of their secrets. That’s a very good sign.

      1. I can understand and even agree with the clinical aspects of what you’re saying.

        However, longtime viewers will remember several years back when Amber was doing drugs before going to jail.

        At the time, she and Gary had broken up and she wanted to start dating again. She soon took up with some guy named Chris she met at a local Walmart, who had just gotten out of jail himself. Along with lending Chris (a penniless dude she’d just met at a deli counter) her car, she also allowed him to move in her apartment temporarily – and even change Leah’s diaper one day while Amber sat stoned in the living room on the couch. (The MTV cameras captured this.) When Gary found out about it the next day and confronted her, she screamed that she had no problem with anybody changing her daughter’s diaper. This of course was one of the things that led to Gary calling her an unfit mother – and her punching him in the head (again, all played out in front of the MTV cameras).

        So for me, her actions now — clearly mirror the Amber I saw back then.

  12. It only took her three years to figure it out. This is what people have been trying to tell her since the beginning. I can’t completely blame her though. She was a very vulnerable woman that was taken advantage of by a very manipulative liar.

  13. She lies alot as well. Conversations must be really interesting between them. Matt- “I walked the dogs really I did and while I was out I got you these 15 carat earrings and a clonazepam fell from the tree into my hand”. Amber- I am the boss if those dogs you f— and I am allready wearing 50 carat earrings that my million dollar a day boss lady business bought and the dogs don’t need walking after their MMA session!”

    1. LMAO! You nailed it! Thanks for the laugh! Amber’s refusal to see the light is beyond frustrating, & her recent rants caused me to lose what little respect I had left for her. I really think she thinks as long as the narrative suits her, her “real fans” will stand behind her, have her back, & will accept her staying w/ Matt no matter what he does. It’s so disgusting how she attacks anyone who dares say they’re worried for her well being! She’s lucky she has any supporters left as it is.

  14. Yes Amber he is pathological lying pos!! What’s worse than that is you staying with him!!! Makes YOU EVEN WORSE BEING WITH HIM!! The icing on the cake is you taking his sorry as to marriage boot camp!! And not immediately kicking his ass to the curb when you found out his dirty filthy little or shall I say big Secrets!!

  15. What the faux is that with the license?! That is just plain crazy, he is holding on to it so she has to ASK FOR HER OWN LICENSE?! That is just down right messed up …

  16. Makes me appreciate even more what a good man I have. Everyone one a healthy relationship should acknowledge their partner more. There are a lot of crazies out there.

  17. So if Amber is acknowledging he’s a “huge pathological liar” why the f#ck is she willing to “move forward” with him? If that realization isn’t enough to make her dump his ass what will be enough? Guess what Amber, a “real woman” (as you like to say) would get rid of him!

    1. I know, right? There is some thing very shady about this whole thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt is blackmailing her to do Marriage Boot Camp or something.

      1. I agree. I think Matt has done a real number on Amber’s finances. What led me to believe this is that mtg w/ Vivid, now them doing Marriage Boot Camp for more paychecks, & Amber claiming Matt stole thousands from her on the Aftershow. That house she’s renting has been utterly destroyed because she & Matt are too lazy to let all 25 dogs out, so they’ve pissed all over the house! Not to mention all the wood work they’ve gnawed on out of boredom &/or stress. She posted a pic of a mastiff puppy right b4 they left for MBC & that’a what really set me off! They just dumped Herman the Rottweiler & now have brought an extremely large pup into their house when they’re about to take off for 3 or 4 wks! Ugh, so when this pup grows even larger & has little to no training, I expect them to do the same. They should be ashamed of themselves for hoarding all these animals, I have seen that most appear to be intact, so my guess is the little dogs have all been procreating, leading to even more little dogs. It’s infuriating & sets a horrible example for Leah & even younger, naive fans to see how little they do to care for these pets. Sorry for ranting, but I get really ticked when ppl subject animals to their own human stupidity & selfishness!

  18. Just watched the show and Amber looked almost…normal. She seemed clear and rational. Maybe losing a 200 lb hairy sack of crap improved her disposition.

    And off the Amber topic – what the heck was up with Farrah’s hair during the unseen moments? It looked like a longer version of Carol Brady’s mullet.

  19. Ridiculously stupid that she says that she “kicked him out,” but then allowed him back in 24 hours later. And then a short time after that “epiphany”, she completely lets him back in by doing a further business venture with him? She’s not going to actually kick him out. Maybe she’ll get arrested over him. Next business venture with him- 60 days in (minus the innocent part).

    1. Yes, everyone did tell her but lets not be childish and throw it in her face. If you’re truly trying to be helpful and concerned for her well being you don’t act like that.

      1. Yeah, because Amber showed so much respect when she posted those Instagram Rants in which she cussed out & trashed anyone who had genuine concern for her well being.

        1. What does that matter, Er Bear? You don’t have to sink to her level. Then you look no better than her. If that’s the image you want to portray than have at it.

  20. No wonder specialists advice you not to get into a relationship for at least a year after getting sober… Instead of drugs she became dependent on Matt. She needs help asap. Matt is a lost cause.

    1. I think she did this because she’s lazy and was happy to have a man “take care of her”. This is exactly why you don’t let someone have 100% control over things because if they turn out to be nefarious, it becomes so hard to leave.

  21. He is the sort of psychopath who will stalk the hell out of her if she finally dumps him for good or I can seriously see him killing her or doing a murder/suicide. No this is not making fun of their relationship. This is sadly very serious at this point. He is not going to change and if he does it will only be to win her back. It’s only going to get worse and I am legitimately scared for her.

    1. Yes, and unfortunately Amber isn’t smart enough to recognize the very scary warning signs. He’s already cheated on her, makes her ask permission to drive, controls her money, and I’m sure it was part of his idea to do porn. This isn’t funny, Matt is a user

    2. Ohhh he would TOTALLY pull the “if you leave me, I’ll kill myself” line!

      He most definitely has something over her. He constantly threatens to go to the media and “tell them everything” about what she’s “really” like.

      1. She needs a very good lawyer and immediately a restraining order.No more marriage bootcamp of whatever,no dump him before everything gets worse.But i believe this is just the beginning of a lot of misery…I hope she gets the help she needs.

  22. What is wrong with these people!? Amber knows this is unhealthy behavior but she allowed this to go on for 2 years!? Amber has got to have the lowest self esteem on the planet to think that Matt is the best she could do. Get control of your life and move on!

  23. I just started watching the recent episodes and he was so creepy. He agreed with whatever she wanted and obviously just shadows her without anything of his own going on.

    He’s controlling and abusive. And a gold digger. She needs to end it.

    I had a good laugh when she claimed she’s never been a size 12 though.

    1. I think that a leopard doesn’t change its spots. I 100% believe that he has been this creepy all along! And that MTV has edited it more favorably in previous episodes and is FINALLY editing it to show his true character.

      1. He’s always come off as a giant sketch ball, the very first time they showed him with a beanie and a chain wallet.

        1. Christie, thanks for reminding me, I totally forgot about the beanie and chain wallet! Bhahahahaha! xD

  24. everyone says she can do better, maybe she can’t??? He’s a loser, anyone can see it, he sought her out, plotted it and planned it, the second she got on twitter he was right there waiting for her. He doesn’t even like her, he liked money and fame that’s it, not her. She stays, because she is a huge loser, I said it when I saw her out of prison doing magazine articles for money, and Dr. Phil for money, I knew nothing with her changed or would change. A real change would have had to be off of TV and really getting her life together, which was never her intention. She got what she gives, she’s a convicted mentally ill felon. What person that really had their life in order would want her? All her plastic surgery she’s average at best, has a bad temper, poor self esteem a record, not educated, basically still poor white trash. She could never get anyone that has their life in order, no one like that would look at her twice.

    1. Agreed. People are commenting a leopard doesn’t change its spots…. well y’all this is amber. She will never change. She is a loser and won’t ever care to want better for herself. I hope she loses custody of her daughter for putting Leah around this piece of shit.

      1. I agree. I think MTV has also edited her to appear to be calmer, have it together in recent years. But she is CLEARLY devolving into the exact same person who got arrested for domestic violence. The IG rants, the screaming in the streets, the attempt to hit Farrah while ON CAMERA IN FRONT OF AN AUDIENCE. She’s losing it big time.

  25. A leopard doesn’t change his spots Amber dear. Maybe Amber is finally waking up to the truth. Why would a middle aged man be hanging around a bunch of 2o something year old kids? He sees $$$$ signs thats why. Amber needs help. He’s pulling her back down. Put him out.

    1. Haha. I said the same cliche before I scrolled down.? Maybe if we all say it, she’ll pay attention?

  26. By her saying there’s still a chance, kicking him out for the night but letting him back in the next day just proves she STILL hasn’t learned her lesson about him. It’s scary how she pledged her allegiance to him no matter what he does and no matter how many people are telling and showing her this guy is bad news. You can’t even feel bad anymore.

  27. I’m sorry but Amber has severe issues to put up with this. Matt is a loser 10 times over. Why would you trust him with anything? She needs to run far and fast from him. Kick him to the curb. He is a loser and only wants your money! You were his third or fourth choice of the teen mom girls, that should have been a huge red flag to you. He does not want you! He is a creeper!

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