Corinne Olympios & DeMario Jackson Are Reportedly Not Returning For ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4 Reboot

“Hell no! We won’t go!”

A gaggle of former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars are heading back to the beach to resume filming the previously halted fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise, but the two stars named in the show’s recent scandal will reportedly not be returning.

Multiple outlets are reporting that, while most of the original Season 4 cast members have agreed to continue filming the show, Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson will not be coming back.

As The Ashley previously reported, the pair were involved in a scandal that caused the production of Season 4 to be suspended earlier this month, and an investigation was launched to see if misconduct allegations filed by a show producer had warrant. Earlier this week, Warner Bros. announced that its investigation found that no misconduct had taken place.

Although DeMario was cleared of any wrongdoing, he apparently has no interest in continuing to film the show. According to TMZ, the whole incident caused so much anxiety for DeMario that he’s now seeing a therapist. The site also reports that DeMario confirmed he was invited to return to ‘Paradise’ by producers but that he declined.

As for Corinne, her lawyer recently stated that her team will continue its own investigation into what happened. TMZ reports that she was not invited back to ‘Paradise’ and will likely never appear on any ‘Bachelor’-related show again.

Although Corinne and DeMario won’t be back for margaritas and make outs in ‘Paradise,’ the other original Season 4 cast members have agreed to go back. Amanda Stanton confirmed to People that she and everyone else has signed on to return to Mexico and will begin filming within the next few days.

“I’m excited to be going back and I’m glad we’re all able to go back,” she told the magazine. “But it’s just kind of interesting, no one knows how it’s going to work out.”

People also reported that producers were scrambling to assemble the cast after Warner Bros. ended its investigation. According to the magazine, the people who signed on to return to ‘Paradise’ would receive $12,500, and have the opportunity to earn more (depending on how long they last on the show).

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 4 will air sometime this summer.

(Photos: ABC)



  1. Good. Glad we won’t have to see any more of Corrine, and good for Demario, hope he can move past it.

    Now if only Amanda Stanton would stop trying to lengthen her 15 minutes of fame too…

  2. My “misogyny and woman-blaming” radar is going off hearing that DeMario was asked back but not Corinne. If there was no misconduct and no one did anything wrong enough to warrant legal action or cancellation of this season, then why wasn’t Corinne asked back? You would think either they both would be asked back or would both not be asked back. This seems like blaming the woman for what happened, even though it wasn’t “technically misconduct,” it disrupted their filming schedule and caused a scandal, and it’s somehow just the woman’s fault because she was “too slutty” or too much of a temptress.

    1. I’m guessing it has more to do legally with her not being invited back, I think her lawyers have not dropped their own “investigation” but his have. I also don’t doubt he wouldn’t have returned anyway, so maybe the show did one of those, I’ll invite you but I won’t you won’t come, kind of things to save face.

        1. That being said, I’ll still DEF miss her on the show lol I was soooo looking forward to it. But I think since her legal team came out with such a strong ‘victim’ stance and now it’s been found out there wasn’t misconduct AND that contestants sign contracts waiving the network responsible, etc, it’d be tough for them to want her back for sure.

    2. Supposedly the producer that filed the complaint is her best friend and after Corinne did this show she was supposed to get her own show. Many witnesses said Corinne was never black out drunk and things didn’t happen the way it was initially reported. Also her friend the producer told her that the way she behaved “wasn’t a good look” for her and then the next thing you know Corinne came out with the whole “I’m a victim” and putting all of the blame on the show. I think that has more to do with her not being invited back than anything else because there’s still a potential she might try to sue. Obviously the tapes have everything recorded and while we’ll never see them you can bet their legal team went over them with a fine tooth comb. I suspect that if Corinne had been assaulted they would quietly be trying to settle with her and not starting the show back up.

    3. When you act like a slut, you get called a slut, right or wrong. You call it “woman blaming and misogyny”, when in reality, it is actually the simple truth. We are not talking about blaming a woman for rape here-wherein that statement would actually apply.
      Since she was not raped, or even molested(by BOTH of their accounts), this is not blaming her for being a woman. This is holding her responsible for her actions. Whether it’s done in every instance or not, doesn’t matter here. Her actions resulted in a reaction…there’s nothing more to it than that.

      She isn’t dropping her case. She isn’t accepting that no wrong doing occurred, again despite BOTH of them saying this very thing.
      I don’t even like the show, and I still think this is the best decision to not invite her back. Why would you intentionally “welcome” back someone that is trying to cause a huge stir? It won’t help the show any, despite the fact that the show thrives on drama. This level of drama is too much, it involves too many legalities.

      She’s just butthurt she’s not getting a new show, plain and simple.

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