Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Mackenzie Edwards Calls the Show “Lame, Fake, Boring & Scripted”

“‘Teen Mom OG’ is yucky poopoo, guys!”

Mackenzie Edwards will not be appearing on the upcoming new season of Teen Mom OG, and the booted baby mama of original ‘OG’ dad Ryan continues to lash out against the show that made her husband famous.

On Monday, Mackenzie (who is due to give birth soon to Ryan’s child) held nothing back while describing ‘Teen Mom OG’ on Instagram. In the comment section of one of her most-recent posts, Mackenzie told fans of the show how awful ‘Teen Mom OG’ is.

“[‘Teen Mom OG’ is a] lame, fake, boring and scripted TV show that uses people’s life issues as a way to gather money and ratings,” Mackenzie wrote.

When a fan asked Mackenzie why she appeared on ‘Teen Mom OG’ if it was so fake and boring, she replied, “at the time I went into things blindly and unknowingly and I am very sad at the outcome.

“It was  learning curve,” she told someone else of the show.

As The Ashley previously reported, Mackenzie and Ryan were booted from “Teen Mom OG’ after Ryan’s first baby mama, Maci Bookout, refused to continue on with the show if Ryan was allowed to appear on the upcoming season. Ryan and Mackenzie explained their dismissal by stating that the show’s producers “don’t want to show Ryan as a recovering addict.”

However, The Ashley’s sources told her that Maci basically gave producers the choice of having her or Ryan on the show, and they chose Maci and booted Ryan and Mackenzie.

(In the comment section of her latest Instagram post, Mackenzie confirmed that she does not speak to Maci.)

“I sure did like them TV people when they gave us them checks, though!”

This is not the first time since Mackenzie was released from the show that she has attempted to let her Instagram followers know that the show is “fake.” Late last month, she posted a photo to Instagram Live that showed Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, filming with the MTV crew. She captioned the video “’Family Time’ set up by MTV FAKKKKKKKKEEEEE.”

Mackenzie’s post to Instagram Live…

(Although Ryan and Mackenzie are no longer filming, Jen and Larry will likely still appear in the upcoming Season 8 episodes.)

The new season of the Ryan-and-Mackenzie-less ‘Teen Mom OG’ premieres October 1 on MTV. Click here to watch the season’s trailer!

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

47 Responses

  1. The only reason Maci is mad at Ryan and McKenzie is because she is stillnin love with Ryan and has done everything to him necause she wants to make him pay for not being with her. This is so transparent anyone who doesn’t see this is blind or just stupid.

  2. You all are awful. She is pregnant for goodness sake. I hope before you insult someone’s appearance, especially a pregnant woman, you are without faults and the most beautiful person on earth. I would be angry too if MTV tried to talk me into allowing my unborn child to be on the show because they plan to create a fake storyline where someone else is raising my child in order to make me look bad. That is how MTV left it with them and, yes, that would be fake. I would also be upset that, despite not paying me, they will continue to trash me on the show.

  3. It’s wasnt lame though when you were cashing those checks though right!!!! And if lame why were you so upset when they fired your ass!

    1. Oh Linda. Another blind simpleton human to take up oxygen on this planet. You proably believe the earth is flat.
      Do not respond to this comment. My inbox does not accept input from tards. You will recieve an “id10t” error code.

  4. She is a very jealous girl. Mackenzie, just shut your mouth. We’re all sick of it, and don’t want to hear it anymore.

  5. Mac is pissed because the easy mtv isn’t flowing in anymore. That’s what you get for running your mouth to Maci.ha.. ha…

    1. That witch would storm off stage with nasty attitude and equally nasty face telling the producers to “get out of her way.” Hahaha,She was a Farah in the making. Mac and cheese mistakenly thought she was a main cast member. Maci is winner and poor little tink tink mac is losing badly. She’s like in the negative. She’s married to an addict that doesn’t even like her, shes preggo with that addicts kid and they have no income.

  6. She’s just bitter. Isn’t Spawn O’Ryan coming soon, like this month?! She is prob pissed because she got pregnant for nothing. Yeah, good luck to that little guy, it’s not his fault he will have such horrible parents.

    1. Jen and Larry will be raising him too. Mac only has visitation of her son and Ryan has limited visitation of Bentley.

  7. She is so butthurt that her very obvious scheme for money and fame didn’t work out. This actually makes me super happy that karma came in quick on this one. Enjoy being hated by hundreds of thousands of people, your sham marriage to an addict, your soon to be empty bank accounts, and your eternal tie to all of this via trap baby, you actual bucket of slime.

  8. This girl is so bitter that her plan to secure the bag didn’t work out, it’s pretty funny. She went to great lengths to find Rhine, keep him doped up (because she is the QUEEN enabler), marry him, then get pregnant by him in an attempt to stay on the show and earn a paycheck…she didn’t know that her continually enabling him would blow up in her face and she would now have to get a REAL job, is stuck married to an addict, and is pregnant with his child…she shoulda pursued Javi

  9. I bet she would come back crawling if they offered her to come back on the show! Then she would come up with some “it was my hormones speaking” excuse! Or maybe it would be maci’s fault ?

  10. She’s just salty she’s missing out on that “baby bonus” and free restaurant trips. At least one Ryan won’t have large amounts of money at his disposal either.. that’s a BAD combo with an addict

  11. I’m sure the last thing Jen and Larry appreciate is someone referring to their MTV segments as fake. Especially a supposed “family member.”

    Clearly, Mack’s new job as a wedding planner must be off to a very slow start, if she has this much time to devote to making herself look immature, double-chinned, and flat out SILLY beyond belief.

    No doubt, if I were in the market for a wedding planner right now, whose maturity and good decision making would be key—trust me, it would NOT be her. With stunts like this, the girl is her very own bad advertising.


    1. There are so many negative things about Mack’s personality to say, why the need to talk about her having a double chin? She’s pregnant for pete’s sake.

      1. Her horrible behavior (toward her OWN in-laws in this particular case, might I add), bring out ALL her unfavorable attributes.

        Yep…Chins and all. It ALL stands out. Sorry.

        And yes, we all know she’s pregnant, although “Pete” had nothing to do with it. It was another part of her “un-well” thought out scheme to latch on to an addict (who needs help and rehabilitation before anything else), as well as his connection to the MTV money train.

    2. Seriously…I don’t think she even made the connection between how she comes off with her image, and the success of her “business.”

  12. Careful hun, too much saltiness isn’t good for you when you’re pregnant.

    We know friends and family come to a set location to ask questions, we’ve seen it. We’ve seen Ryan complain about it.

    But do tell us, how did MTV fake Ryan nodding of behind the wheel? Did MTV pay the judge to change Ryan’s visitation and for the restraining order???

  13. please the desperate pig was ok when she was on it and they paid for her second fake marriage she knew what they were doing

  14. Hey Granny Panties! I bet you would sign another contract if your drug addicted husband would admit he has a problem and get some damn help. And Kudos to Maci for getting you guys kicked off she didn’t do it to be bitter. She’s actually the only one that’s helping Ryan by doing that. No more cash from MTV mean less drugs you bitter bitch. Good riddance.

  15. ?No one believes you! I’m sure Ryan already knew how the show was! He had been on it for years! You wanted the fam and money! And you even got pregnant by an addict to do so. Smdh

  16. She had nothing to say when the checks were rolling in . Now that they dropped her and Ryan she’s talking. Real or not, scripted or not it was paying her bills. Do I make sure I watch it when it comes on lately? No is it getting old? Maybe. Or I am getting too old to care about it as much. Maybe it is boring but she wasn’t making it anymore exciting with her on it . She was just annoying especially as she was on it longer. She seems to be the only one to care if it’s fake and boring . Her in laws seem to be fine with it if they’re continuing to film.

  17. The show is so fake that she competed to be a featured Teen Mom when Farrah was booted. If it were fake then what does that make her since she was a participant and wanted a bigger role. No doubt some things are manufactured or scripted, but she was pretty happy about it when they were looking for a new TM.

  18. She is the most ignorant bitch EVER!!! Always acting like her boyfriend/husband/ADDICT AND TO SHOW HER FAT ASS ON TV and act like he is so good, wake up you stupid broad, you’re married to a drug addict and you have the nerve to talk ? about the show, talk about your loser husband! You should be embarrassed!

  19. Anyone remember the letter about how Maci should have told her about Ryan’s addiction because she had “no clue”. On the ask the mom’s special Jen announces “We’ve been down this road for about 5 years”. I think Mackenzie is the one faking anything. Yes, the producers want them to talk about certain things but it’s things that are legitimately going on in their lives.

  20. So that footage of your husband driving high was scripted and fake? Why were you in such a hurry to turn the cam off then Mack?

  21. Girl your endless denial and of and your husband’s drug addiction isn’t a script it’s REALITY!
    And no one can change that but you!

  22. I;m starting to wonder if Mackenzie, Farrah and Jenelle are competing for the title of the world’s most delusional person in the history of mankind.

  23. Good lord, get over it Mack. You aren’t on the show anymore and nothing about that is going to change. This means you will have to actually use your brain eventually to earn a living the normal way. If it was so awful and horrible, then take it as a learning lesson with grace, and move on with your life. What’s done is done.

  24. Mackenzie is so salty?. Mtv is as fake as you are! Who in the right mind marries a man for MTV fame???? Go away already no one likes you.

  25. You went in “blindly and unknowingly”? Girrrrrrl…the show had been on for how many seasons at that point? And you were 21 when you joined. The perfect TM demographic. Nobody is buying what you’re selling.

  26. “Hi, I’m Mackenzie and I’m desperate for money and attention so now that has been taken away from me, I’m going to act like a bitter bitch and blame Mtv & Maci for my husbands problems.”

    Honey, you are married to a bum. He had can’t even marry you without drugs or alcohol in his system. He didn’t even care to write down vows to you. When you’re wasting all this time and energy lying and covering up for him, he is on tinder cheating on you. You look like such a delusional idiot.

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