Fans of ‘The Hills’ Demand Stephanie Pratt Be Fired for Her “Shoot the Looters” Tweet; Call Her Out For Her Own 2006 Shoplifting Arrest

Stephanie, actively trying to think of a way to pin this on Spencer and Heidi…

Stephanie Pratt is facing a wave of backlash on social media after suggesting violence be used against looters amid the nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd. 

The Hills: New Beginnings star took to Twitter on Sunday to express her thoughts on the matter, including one particular tweet that was quickly deleted by Stephanie, but not before it blew up in her face. 

“Shoot the looters – using this tragedy as their excuse to rob and burn all of our towns down,” she wrote. 

Not long after Stephanie tweeted the post, she was reminded on social media that in 2006, she was arrested for shoplifting more than $1,300 in items from Neiman Marcus. Stephanie was subsequently charged with theft and drug possession for the 2006 incident.

“Umm… ” 

One of the many Twitters users to call Stephanie out for her past transgressions was Bad Girls Club star Angela Babicz. 

“Oh cause I thought the thief who shoplifted more than $1,300 worth of clothing from Neiman Marcus said some…. ,” she wrote, while including a photo of Stephanie’s mugshot. 

Meanwhile, former Scrubs star Bob Clendenin took a more humorous approach to calling out Stephanie.

“I’m trying to guess from your booking photo what you were stealing,” he tweeted. “Is attention sold in stores?” 

Shep Rose of Southern Charm didn’t comment on Stephanie’s prior arrest, but he did offer his fellow reality TV star a piece of advice. 

“How about don’t shoot anyone unless you’re on the beaches at Normandy,” he suggested. 

Before her “looters” tweet, Stephanie posted some of her other thoughts on the current protests taking place, including, “Get it together America” – an interesting choice of words, given that Stephanie previously appeared on the reality series Made in Chelsea and continues to claim London, England as her residence… despite also appearing on ‘The Hills.’ 

Seemingly confused by Stephanie’s current place of residence/disgusted by her nonsense, one person encouraged her to “go back to England.” 

“On behalf of England, I’d like to respectfully decline,” another responded. “We don’t want her here thank you.” 

Stephanie also fired off a tweet asking if any of her followers were “sobbing watching their town being burned down?” which again, drew criticism. 

“No, we are sobbing watching a black man murdered in front of our own eyes by a cop,” one person commented on her post. “Things can be replaced lives cannot. Check your white privilege.” 

Spencer Pratt has yet to comment on his sister’s controversial tweets, as has Spencer’s wife, Heidi Montag. However, it seems that fans of the ‘The Hills’ are more concerned with hearing what MTV has to say. 

In response to the network’s post supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, comments poured in, some urging MTV to talk to Stephanie, while many others called for her to be fired from ‘The Hills’. 

“Stephanie Pratt wants all the looters shot,” one comment read. “I think she forgot about the time she looted Neiman’s… .” 

“If you support #BlackLivesMatter, then fire [Stephanie Pratt],” another replied to MTV’s tweet, adding, “#RacismDoesntPay #CancelHate #FireStephaniePratt.” 

MTV has yet to comment on Stephanie’s statements or if the statements will cost her a position on ‘The Hills.’ 

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter) 


  1. Wow. The level of stupidity from both sides is just nauseating. I will one up it all and just say cancel “The Hills” since it is a garbage show anyway. Bringing BLM into it by social media is just those very idiots suggesting all looters are black folks, which is not true. People are just so angry and losing their damn minds. It is like every day sucks and then the next day comes and says “hold my beer”. smdh

  2. What BULLSHIT What happened to freedom of speech why should she be fired NO WAY why because she’s is White if she was black then nothing would be SAID I feel white people are the minorities now we have to watch everything that is said but it’s OK when they call white people names Not all black people are like that you have a lot of them are very nice these other ones that think they are entitled Robbing stealing destroying people’s property which had nothing to do with this guy getting kill But I bet there wait for their welfare checks to come in

  3. As an adult who’s a mother to 2 boys I’m still very insecure about myself. It all goes back to my father I’m the only child he has with my mother. When he remarried I wasn’t important to him anymore. When he brought me and my half siblings here to the U.S what did was dropped me at my grandmother’s house and he took his kids to be with him and their mother who he is married to. Well during that time I was not being treated fairly by my grandmother so I called him historically crying asking him to come get me. Well he promised as soon as he gets a bigger house with more rooms he would come for me. Unfortunately that day never came I stayed until I was able to get a job and I rented a room from a coworker. A child’s security is their parents because they are the 1st person who are supposed to love us unconditionally. The 3rd child in the video was hysterical even after his mother came back because he felt somewhat the mom violated his trust. I can feel him saying you left me how could you do that. I’m still feeling insecure and that insecurity makes me question myself everyday like why me and the healing is not always easy for some.

  4. It’s tragic how George Floyd’s arrest was handled. He cannot be brought back to life but police departments all across the States need to educate responding officers on proper ways of handling these situations, and make sure something like this never happens again. It was so preventable. I’m not a black male but I hear the fear that those who have spoken out have when it comes to police encounters. Again, police departments need to address this. They’re meant to protect their communities from the bad guys, not scare the good guys into fearing for their lives.

    I don’t condone violence. Poor choice of words Stephanie. I would like to say I do have friends who have mom and pop store owners in their communities who support BLM and have had their stores broken into and looted. None of them are wealthy by any means and won’t have those big multi-national corporate dollars to rebuild with. It’s important to make your voice heard where reform is needed, but please don’t be violent with the mom and pop stores.

    May better procedures be put in place so a senseless death like this doesn’t happen again, may better relations be fostered between the black community and police, and may the protests be peacefully and satisfactorily resolved for all.

  5. Can they really fire her?
    That allowed someone commit domestic violence on air & they are still on.
    Jenelle didnt get fired for pullingboutba gun with her lid in the car. (She was fired much later for not filming without her husband when he was fired.

    And we have someone that made Racist remark still on the show

    So what exactly will she be fired for?

    1. She needed to be fired before that tweet. The girl is obnoxious to say the least. I don’t even know what her story line is aside from pretending to chase Justin Bobby, and thinking people are jealous of her.

  6. Why is Stephanie so disillusioned as to think she could be a spokesperson for anything let alone this issue?🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  7. Where does hypocrisy end… STEPHANIE Was iill at the time of her arrest or do you need to be reminded that drug addiction is an illness?? She went through the legal process for that in contrast to the thousands of looters who should be thrown in jail for destroying property , cold blooded theft and violent behavior that would probably horrifying George Floyd if he were here. She’s smart enough to see that the animals engaging in uncivilized behavior care NOTHING About Mr.Floyd just about another opportunity to play the devil on earth devoid of feeling or conscience . The animals are hurting the true cause and ignorance is their middle name.

  8. Stephanie doesn’t care Amercia. Didnt didn’t this cow get upset because the California wildfires were ruining her birthday celebration? If she chastized her friends for being concerned about their homes and families being burned up why does she pretend to care about stores being looted? Oh right they hit Rodeo now she has nowhere to shop. This blonde wombat doesn’t care about anything but getting more plastic surgery.

    1. I forgot she did that…bitching about not going to Vegas for her birthday, and Brody lost it on her. Wasn’t she a crystal meth head at one point (she sure looks like it in her mugshot)? That stuff has long lasting effects on your mental state…but I think she’s just always been a self righteous, selfish bitch.

  9. Pratt is crying about watching the town burn. no mention of the stomach turning video of watching a man slowly being murdered. that didn’t make you cry stefanie?

      1. Yall were pissed at Colin for taking a knee, peacefully protesting police brutality. Boycotted him, held your own mini riots burning his jersey and your Nikes, because Nike supported him. Caused him to lose his career, tried to get the industry to black list him. Now y’all are mad about the riots, and calling for a peaceful protest…even have the audacity to quote Dr. King, and lecture about peaceful protests. So which one do you want? Which one will make you listen? Spare ALL of us your hypocrisy, and fucking listen.

        1. Cant speak for all people but most of the people had an issue with his timing. A football game is his place of employment, not a place to protest. My boss would not be thrilled if i used company time to protest & that what Colin did.

          1. Who in history has ever protested at the “appropriate time?”. And please don’t use MLK as an example because they murdered him in the end because they didn’t like the timing of his protest.

            Again I am NOT condoning looting, not at all, but people can only take something for so long before they explode. So the next time someone peacefully protests a serious issue people should probably listen, no matter what time it is.

          2. It seems they just want black people to shut up and be grateful they allowed us to be “free”. We’re no longer slaves, but we’re also not treated like humans.

          3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
            Fire Stephanie and get Kristen back on The Hills.

      2. who is trying to justify looting and violence??? where in my post did i justify ANYTHING? i’m talking about her making tone deaf comments! Sit down

          1. Ignore me! Clearly reading comprehension isn’t in my wheelhouses! Carry on, Van (and Lexi)!

  10. I am not a fan of hers, but 100% agree with her tweet. Yes, she shoplifted – not good. However, she didnt burn the place down!! She put NOBODY’S life at risk! I wish they would start shooting them. I bet they’d think twice before acting like effin animals! And before you call me a racist, I mean animals as in every idiot looting & burning – black, white, yellow, red, brown. They are ALL idiots!

    1. Her, someone with a platform, just said shoot the looters…and you’re saying she put nobodies life at risk? She called for violence, but in the same breath is saying violence isn’t the answer…What is the matter with you? You need to do some serious soul searching, because you sound like you’re a HUGE part of the problem. Man just lost his life after begging for it, and you’re saying people need to be shot. Shame on you.

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