‘Better Late Than Never’ Star Jeff Dye Calls Out Ex Kristin Cavallari For Exposing His DUI Arrest On Her Podcast: “It’s Not Her Story to Tell”

If these two weren’t “dunzo” before, they’re DEFINITELY “dunzo” now.

Comedian and former Better Late Than Never star Jeff Dye has a bone to pick with his ex-girlfriend Kristin Cavallari after the former Very Cavallari star publicly exposed the story of his October DUI arrest . 

Jeff addressed the topic on a recent episode of Marco DelVecchio’s Smoochie Town podcast in response to Kristin recalling the story on an episode of her own podcast, Let’s Be Honest, shortly after the incident occurred. 

According to Page Six, Jeff accused Kristin–- whom he reportedly dated for a number of months following the former Laguna Beach star’s 2020 split from husband Jay Cutler–- of giving “zero f**ks” and sharing the story with her listeners “for clicks.” 

 “F**k her,” Jeff said on the podcast episode. “It’s not her story to tell.

“I had experiences with you that I didn’t go tell everyone [about],” he continued. “Those were also my experiences when you were f**king off with all these other people.”  

On the October 24 episode of her podcast, Kristin revealed that she had met up with an ex for coffee, only for said-ex to end up getting arrested for a hit-and-run in the middle of their date. According to Kristin, Jeff was “nonchalant” when questioned by the cops at the time, telling listeners she went on to “f**king book it” from the meetup. 

“I’m like, ‘I’m getting out of here,’” Kristin continued, before calling her ex “bats**t.” 

Though Kristin did not use Jeff’s name when sharing the story on her podcast, it was later confirmed that she was referring to the stand-up comedian–- who revealed this week that he had hoped to rekindle his romance with The Hills star at the time because he was still in love with her, but now would “never” consider it. 

“I don’t think people realize how horrific that made me feel,” he added, later calling the day of his arrest, “the worst day of my life.”

“The whole thing was just a mess,” he added.

According to Jeff, he had been drinking the night before his arrest and on the morning it happened, he woke up late, got into his Tesla and ultimately “lost control” and “crashed it.” 

“This is nine hours after I went to sleep,” he claimed. “It wasn’t like I was leaving a bar. I wasn’t like, still hammered. I’m not downplaying anything, but once I crashed I was like, ‘F**k, there’s probably still some alcohol in my system.’” 

Jeff admitted that his “instinct” was to flee the scene and retrieve his car later; however, the cops ended up locating him at the the coffee shop where he was meeting Kristin and proceeding to arrest him.

While recalling the details leading up to his October arrest, Jeff told listeners he was a “high-functioning alcoholic,” before revealing that he currently has 36 days of sobriety under his belt.  

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  1. “It’s not your story to tell”, eat shit. Just because your embarrassed doesn’t mean it’s now my secret to keep.

  2. Jeff and Kristin are allowed to talk about each other.i heard the story months ago; it’s s good story. If Jeff chooses not to use Kristin stories in his stand up, then that’s on him.

  3. Lolololol it wasn’t my fault nor her story to tell. You basically showed up to a date hungover with alcohol in your system, enough to where the cops arrested you. If this was my date best believe I’d tell a bunch of people about it. Stop. Drinking. And. Driving. There is NO excuse!!!!! Not even fucking hungover Jesus. But it’s embarrassing for others to talk about it ???

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