TMI! ‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Reveals How Often She & Ex-Husband Kody Had Sex Prior to Their Split

“…but not for the reasons you’re thinking.”

File this one under “TMI…but we all kinda wanted to know.”

During a recent episode of Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast, newly-remarried Sister Wives star Christine Brown opened up about the lack of sex in her marriage to ex-husband, Kody Brown, which Christine claims played a part in their marriage coming to an end.

While fans of ‘Sister Wives’ are well-informed of Kody and Christine’s non-existent sex life, Christine reiterated on the podcast a discussion that took place between her and her former spouse prior to their 2021 split. 

“…Until she started thinking for herself and forming opinions and whatnot. It was all downhill after that.”

“[Kody’s] like, ‘We’re not going to have an intimate marriage anymore,” Christine recalled of the conversation, as reported by Us Weekly. “We’re not going to have sex.”

“Yay! More for me!”

Christine went on to reveal that while that fateful conversation didn’t occur until the fall of 2020, her and Kody’s physical relationship had been suffering for years. 

“It was like, five times in one year,” she said of their pre-breakup sex life. 

Christine also explained her take on sex vs. intimacy, claiming she and Kody were especially lacking the latter. 

“The intimacy itself had been gone for years,” she noted. 

“I dunno what she’s talking about…I gave her a nice pat on the back in 2018! What more does she want?” 

Christine is the second of Kody’s ex-wives to speak out about their bedroom activities with the tendril-sporting man as of late. As The Ashley recently told you, Janelle Brown– who split from Kody in 2022–- shared some unsolicited insight on her and Kody’s “physical compatibility” during Part 2 of the ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 Tell-All. 

“I’m not someone who goes around blabbing about that,” Janelle said. “That’s not me, I don’t talk about that stuff. I’ll hint at it but yes, of course, everything was very good in that department.”    

Two women with two very different sex lives, neither of which we ever want to hear about.

Christine and Janelle’s comments come just weeks after both women vowed in an interview to never speak publicly about their respective sex lives with Kody likely out of sheer embarrassment, and rightfully so. 

“I’m not going to discuss it,” Janelle told Us Weekly. “[I’m] not going to discuss that. No, I don’t want to know and neither does anybody else.” 

“That man hasn’t so much as side-hugged me in nearly a decade.”

In that same interview, Christine noted that while she and Janelle remain close, they “don’t know each other’s intimate secrets and things like that either.” 

“We’re classy,” Christine said, to which Janelle added that sex is “very private between you and your partner.” 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. Sex with him is probably vanilla missionary at its best. Except with Janelle, I feel like she flips it and reverses it. Good for Christine though. She deserves a great man where she feels like the queen she is inside and outside the bedroom. A lot of women don’t get that feeling.

  2. I lost all respect for Kody when he wouldn’t go for his daughter’s surgery but went to his friend’s wedding. His daughter wanted him there to support her and he had nothing except worry about himself.

  3. I sometimes feel like Christine is the friend you don’t want to share too much with because your secrets are only safe with her as long as you’re on good terms. I have a lot of respect for Janelle and the discernment she uses in what she says. She really does her best to choose her words wisely. Even if she doesn’t like someone, she never speaks about them with disrespect. (Aside from the “Fuck you” she gave Kody on his way out the door. 😂)

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