Sneak Peek of ‘Sister Wives’ Wedding Special: Christine Brown Gives Husband David Woolley a Lap Dance & Robyn Brown Shares Sarcastic Message to Happy Couple

“…even Kody and Robyn, assuming they can find the remote control in that cluttered house of theirs.”

This week, TLC released the trailer for the upcoming special, Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding, giving viewers a first look at the nuptials of Christine Brown and David Woolley. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Christine and David tied the knot in October, nearly two years after Christine left husband Kody Brown. (Janelle Brown and Meri Brown went on to confirm their own splits from Kody in 2022 and 2023, respectively.) 

In the trailer for the upcoming special, viewers see Christine jumping for joy– literally– over the fact that her wedding is just two days away. Christine’s excitement is shared by her family and friends, including Janelle, who is there to celebrate the big day, as well as the events leading up to it. 

Janelle, summing up her post-Kody life. (Probably.)

“The fact that [David and Christine] are openly affectionate soothes that wound that Kody inflicted,” Janelle tells viewers. 

While Christine & Co. are clearly excited about the upcoming nuptials, not everyone managed to score an invite to the Brown-Woolley wedding. 

“I know Christine’s getting married soon,” Meri says in the trailer. “I don’t know exactly when it is.” 

“I’ve got my formalwear leggings packed and ready to go if an invitation happens to arrive.”

Unsurprisingly, Kody and his only remaining wife, Robyn Brown, were also left off the invite list. Even less surprising, in the trailer for the upcoming special, the couple gets sarcastic when discussing Christine’s milestone. 

“I knew David and Christine were going to get married,” Kody says in the clip. “She made the accusation that I had–-”

Kody is quickly cut off by Robyn, who chimes in with well-wishes dripping in sarcasm. 

“Aren’t we just so happy for them?” Robyn says to her visor-wearing husband. “We’re just so happy for them.”

“Let’s stop there, hun. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself by saying something mean. That visor/sunglasses look you’ve got going on has already made you look dumb enough!” 

As the trailer continues, Christine and David are joined by their friends and family for a boat party, where Christine chugs a drink while being cheered on by some of the Brown kids and their spouses. 

“Ain’t no party like a Kody-free party!”

“Woo! Let the party begin!” Christine yells while running through the group and giving out high-fives. 

“This is really fun,” Janelle later tells Christine while getting their makeup done for the wedding. Meanwhile, Janelle’s daughter, Maddie Brown, cries tears of joy. 

“I just love him so much,” she tells Christine. (We can assume Maddie’s talking about David and not Kody, as Maddie and Kody are no longer on speaking terms.) 

Janelle’s son Hunter Brown also gives the big day his own (very enthusiastic) stamp of approval. 

“We’re having fun, you’re having fun, I’m having fun,” he says in the clip. “We’re just going to keep having more fun!” 

There goes another knife into Kody’s kidney…

Viewers also get to see some of the first clips from the wedding reception, complete with partying, glow sticks, and Christine giving her new husband a lap dance while surrounded by wedding guests. 

I’d rather be subjected to this awkward public display of affection than Kody’s full-body-flail dance moves any day.

“I’m overwhelmed with happiness,” Christine says in the trailer, to which David replies, “It’s like I felt like I’ve known you my whole life.” 

Raise your glow stick if you think Christine just massively upgrade in the spousal department…

Part 1 of ‘Sister Wives: Christine & David’s Wedding’ airs Sunday, January 7 on TLC, with Part 2 set to air January 14. Watch the first trailer below. 

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(Photos: TLC; YouTube) 


  1. Beaming with happiness because Christine gets to experience what it means to actually be happy, but I have a bigger shit-eating grin on my face knowing how much this has bruised Kody’s over-inflated ego. Suck eggs, ramen boy.

  2. Kody and Sobyn are being a-holes about it with their BS. I don’t even know why their fake well wishes were filmed. WGAF what those two s***heads think? Suck an egg, you losers.

  3. I hope Janelle finds the same happiness because her and Christine both deserve that after being with a man like Kody.

    1. I love this and I’m so happy for Christine. Maybe it happened and I missed it but I would love to see her give her mother a heartfelt apology for the way she ostracized and mistreated her all those years ago when her mother left polygamy in a similar fashion.

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