TLC To Air Two-Part Special About ‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown’s Wedding to David Woolley: Get Details

“Come watch us get hitched!”

Wedding bells rang for Christine Brown last month when she married her “soulmate” David Woolley, and now Sister Wives fans will get a chance to watch the wedding from the comfort of their Flagstaff mansion stuffed with Amazon boxes homes.

TLC announced in a press release on Monday that footage shot of Christine and David’s October nuptials will be turned into a two-part wedding special, set to air on back-to-back Sundays in January.

“Christine Brown and David Woolley are getting married in a lavish ceremony set against the red cliffs of the Utah desert, and you are invited,” the press release reads.

“After years of struggling in her plural marriage to Kody, Christine Brown has met the love of her life. Set against the majestic red rocks of Moab, Christine gets the big traditional wedding she has always dreamed of having.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Christine and David got hitched on October 7 in front of 300+ guests (which included her sister wife Janelle and nearly all of the Brown Family kids except Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn and the kids belonging to Robyn Brown).

Christine and David with most of the Brown Family kids on her wedding day…

David has yet to make an appearance on ‘Sister Wives’; however, he will appear in an upcoming part of the Tell-All Special.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Christine discussed how David felt about being thrust into the world of reality TV. 

“He was so nervous! It was so cute,” Christine said, later confirming that David has filmed for the upcoming 19th season. “You’re gonna see him a lot. He’s not in this season at all. He’s in a special, and, of course, he’s in our wedding. And he’s wonderful, and he’s so good and he’s so kind.

“It’s all very overwhelming to him and it’s all a lot,” Christine continued. “He’s taking on a lot with taking me on. It’s a lot, but he does it with grace.”


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Christine met David–a widower— on a dating site, not long after she moved to Utah after her split from Kody Brown. In April, David proposed to Christine. This is the first legal marriage for Christine, who was in a “spiritual” marriage to Kody for more than 25 years. 

In a recent interview, Janelle revealed her thoughts on David.

“You know, David just has this big heart,” Janelle said. “My kids loved him immediately, and the longer we hang out with him, we’re like, ‘Yeah, David’s really cool.’ The more you hang out with him, the cooler he is.”

“In other words, he’s everything you’re NOT, Kody!”

Viewers will get to watch Christine and David’s two-part wedding special (which will likely be void of any appearances from Kody, Robyn or Meri, since none of them were invited to the festivities) on January 7 and 14. 

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC)

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  1. The wedding pic of the two of them is very nice. But I can also imagine it on an episode of Evil Lives Here so who knows? Hoping it works out!

  2. I would watch a show with them for ever, but I won’t watch if Kody and robin continue. TLC ratings need to tank so they make changes.

    1. There’s going to be at least one more season with all of them. Hopefully a spinoff will happen after that and Robyn and Kody will fade to black.

  3. I have never met David or even heard him speak. But I love this man just because of that radiant smile that he puts on Christine’s face.

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