‘Sister Wives’ Star Gwendlyn Brown Reveals Why She Didn’t Attend Her Mom Christine’s Wedding to David Woolley

“Sorry mom, just couldn’t pencil ya in.”

Gwendlyn Brown’s absence from her mom’s recent wedding has rumors swirling among Sister Wives fans, but Gwen insists her non-attendance was no biggie. 

As The Ashley previously told you, Gwen’s mom, Christine Brown, married David Woolley earlier this month in a ceremony attended by all six of Christine and ex-husband Kody Brown’s children, except Gwendlyn. 

As photos from the October 7 ceremony began circulating on social media, ‘Sister Wives’ fans were quick to notice Gwendlyn’s absence. After a couple weeks of speculation online, Gwen took to her Patreon this week for a Q&A in which she revealed she was just too busy to celebrate her mom’s big day. 

(Christine’s former sister wife Janelle Brown was also present for the wedding, along with the six children she shares with Kody. Leon Brown, the only child of Kody and ex-wife Meri Brown, was also in attendance, but Meri did not go, nor did Kody, Robyn or their kids.) 

“The gangs all here– for the most part!”

Gwen— who lives in Flagstaff, Arizona— defended her decision to ditch out on the Utah wedding, saying she was just too occupied to go to the ceremony

“ … I was busy lol. Lots going on with school and my house,” Gwen said, noting later in the Q&A that she was particularly busy with an organic chemistry class, and that her mom was aware that she wasn’t planning to attend the wedding. 

“She didn’t mind she took me off the guest list soon as I told her,” Gwendlyn said.  

Gwen went on to confirm that her missing the wedding had nothing to do with TLC filming the event, her estranged brother Paedon Brown attending the wedding, a feud with her mom, or anything other than her school/home commitments. 

While Gwen claims that her mom was made aware of her RSVP status, her older sister Mykelti Brown was apparently out of the loop.

When asked last week about her younger sister’s absence, Mykelti said she didn’t know why Gwendlyn was a no-show to the nuptials. 

“Gwendlyn didn’t tell me why she wasn’t there,” Mykelti said on her Patreon. “When she didn’t show up it was kind of a shock to me. I didn’t know that she wasn’t going to be there.

“Thanks for the heads up, Gwen. This must be how Robyn felt every time our mom and Janelle dissed her.”

“ … I think it’s tragic and sad for my mom,” she continued. “I don’t know the reasons why. There could have been an emergency, there could have been nothing, who knows? … But it’s sad.” 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. Her “reason” smells like something you say when you don’t want to say the real reason because you are hoping to monetize it later with a salacious tell all memoir that no one asked for yet everyone seems to want to read. The fact that Mykelti didn’t even know she was coming leads me to believe that what Gwen is saying isn’t 100% true. Mykelti is messy and loves the drama, but I’m supposed to believe that Christine knew all along that Gwen wasn’t going and didn’t tell anyone? No way.

    Gwen seems to side with the person that will cause the post drama and bring the most money into her YouTube or Patreon (that she isn’t updating because she’s “too busy” but is still getting that money – I think that’s what Dire Straits was talking about).

    She was anti-Kody and Robyn pretty hard core, now all of a sudden they are OK and Christine is the bad one? But that probably had nothing to do with the large sum of money Kody gave her, right?

    I get needing to study for college, but there were other kids there that also live in Flagstaff – she couldn’t have caught a ride and studied on the way? Driven up day of, spent the night, driven back the next day? I was holed up 10 hours/day, usually 6 days/week studying for my licensing test, but even I took a day off of studying to go to my friend’s wedding. And that was just my friend – this is her mother.

    Whatever, Gwen.

  2. If there is family drama going on I think Gwendolyn did the right thing by not sharing it. Why rain even more on Christine wedding day! She should have gone, absolutely, she didn’t and now staying quite is best for her mom. If Gwendolyn starts ripping on Christine she will make Kody and Robyn very very happy!!!

  3. Did everyone check out Robyn and Kody have new matching Rolex watches!!! Wow, Janelle doesn’t have a home. Janelle gave Robyn the money from the sale of her house to get into her mansion and now the wearing matching rolexes and matching new wedding rings!!! Once again Kody and Robyn show who they are! Spin-off time for Christine and Janelle!!! Bye bye Kody and Robyn!!!

  4. If there is some tension or family problems that kept Gwen away I think her saying nothing is the classiest thing she could have done! Christine and her children have been through hell with Kody and Robyn who take ZERO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING THEY DO! Did anyone see Robyn’s girls in their confessional this past week? Robyn has one million percent BRAIN WASHED THOSE KIDS! They have no ability to think on their own, their fragile, their weird. I hate to be mean, however, those two girls have ZERO SOCIAL SKILLS! Robyn’s kids are little robots!

  5. By Gwen’s own admission on her YouTube trainwreck of a chnnel, she is the sole bread winner of the household for her wife. She makes a ton of monehy from YouTube and this was my first thought of why she missed the wedding- YouTube view$. She is massive drama queen. Very animated and fake.

  6. “Too busy” for an event that was planned. It’s not like she called you the day before and said can you attend a milestone event tomorrow? Gwendolyn should be ashamed of herself. Lame.

  7. Lolol
    “I was too busy”? Come on Gwendlyn, you’re not even trying here!
    You could have said the dog ate the invitation, I didn’t know the date…anything!
    This is really weak.

  8. But..it’s your MOM! Your mom who has always been there for you and supported you, including very recently at your own wedding. She should be the most important person to you except maybe your spouse. And you’re just..too busy for her WEDDING, wtf? I’m sure all the siblings have busy lives, but they still made it. And I’m sure Christine was way more hurt about it than she let on. There’s either way more going on here or this girl is as narcissistic as her father. And shame on her wife if she was cool with this too.

  9. So she gets along with her mom but….

    She couldn’t go to her wedding? The woman has never had an actual wedding before and was thrilled to marry David. That’s bizarre to not go in my opinion.

  10. She seems…off to me. Always wanting attention but pretending like she’s too good for them. A lot like Kody..

  11. What a self-absorbed, selfish little bitch. How would she have felt if her mom was ‘too busy’ to attend her wedding? OMG you clear your schedule for big life events like that.

  12. Sometimes in big families like that, you don’t know what kind of mental anguish is going on. She may have needed that mental space. Also, speaking from experience, it’s hard for kids to watch their parent get remarried. No matter how happy your mom may seem to be. Gwen gets a pass. She’s been through a lot.

  13. Someone commented on a previous thread that she might have wanted to avoid Paedon. That’s not a good excuse. It was a big enough space to be able to keep her distance from him.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I figured too despite her denying it. Like is it really worth to miss your own mother’s wedding?! That’s such a strange reasoning anyway “I was busy” You take time off for your mother’s wedding, woman!

      1. My guess is she gave Christine an ultimatum. It was her or Paedon and Christine said I’m not choosing between my children they are all invited to my wedding and Gwen couldn’t handle not getting her way.

    2. Leon was there. If Paedon doesn’t like Gwen for what Gwen is, then he most likely doesn’t like Leon for what they are. And yet, Leon went for Christine.

      Gwen is obnoxious.

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