‘Sister Wives’ Star Christine Brown Reveals How Her Ex Kody Gets Along With Her New Husband David Woolley

“Sure, David may treat you better, be a better husband and be nicer, but I’m a WAY better dancer, right Christine?! RIGHT?!”

Christine Brown is a newlywed (and a “legally wed” woman for the very first time), after marrying David Woolley in October. While Christine has moved on romantically, she still has to deal with her ex-husband Kody Brown, due to the fact that she and Kody share six kids together. 

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, the Sister Wives star revealed the surprising way Kody reacted to the news that she was in a serious relationship with David. (As The Ashley previously reported, Christine announced publicly on Valentine’s Day that she was dating David, and that she considered him “the love of her life.”) 

“Sweetest things ever…Kody texted me on Valentine’s Day and he said, ‘I’m just wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day to you and David. It’s wonderful that you found your soulmate,’” Christine told the magazine.

“I just said, ‘You know what? I hope that you and Robyn [Brown] have a wonderful day. You deserve to have a fantastic day too.’”

(Christine— along with Kody’s other ex-wives, Janelle and Meri— have long-stated that Robyn turned out to be Kody’s soulmate. Robyn remains the only wife still married to Kody.) 

Christine stated that Kody and David have met several times, most-recently at the July wedding of Christine and Kody’s daughter Gwendlyn, and that the interactions have gone surprisingly well.

“You just hope that it’s going to be OK, but it worked out to be all right,” Christine said. “I feel like ‘OK’ is the best way to put it. It’s going to be OK because we’re all adults and we’re all responsible. We’re all people that have raised our kids together. So, it’s going to be [OK] because it needs to be.”

“Might be nice if David could compliment my spiffy spiral perm once in a while, but okaaaay.”

In an interview with Access Hollywood filmed the same day, Christine revealed that viewers will be able to see Kody meet David, as the meeting was filmed for the next season of ‘Sister Wives.’ 

“You’ll see them meet, and– you know what?— they’re going to be cordial,” Christine said. “I was so nervous, for no reason…it was interesting watching both of them…it’s good. My past is good. My future is better, but my past is good, too.”

Although her wedding to David was filmed for ‘Sister Wives,’ Kody, Robyn and Meri did not get invited. (Janelle– who Christine has remained very close with— was in attendance, as were the majority of the Brown family children.) 

Janelle said she is a big fan of David, and, when asked what the biggest difference between David and Kody is, her answer was surprising (and probably rather taxing on Kody’s already stabbed-up kidneys).

“You know, David just has this big heart,” Janelle said. “My kids loved him immediately, and the longer we hang out with him, we’re like, ‘Yeah, David’s really cool.’ The more you hang out with him, the cooler he is.”

“I’m really cool and I have a HUGE heart! My kidney’s aren’t doing too well due to all the knives in them, but I have a BIG HEART!”

The multi-part ‘Sister Wives’ Season 18 Tell-All special begins airing on Sunday on TLC. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram)

6 Responses

  1. Christine needs to stop filming sister Wives and concentrate on her marriage. I am sure David would be happy to leave the weekly viewing out of their lives.

  2. If the split is amicable but this one wasnt.

    And like @frontdoormom said, “it depends on the relationship”…if the marriage was hell on the kid(s) then why “act” like you like your ex, a child (especially a child Truely’s age is likely to see right through that), and its sure fire that the communication would be strained so why put a kid(s) through any further hurt and toxicity?

  3. What happened to Kody. All the wives say he used to be so different, even after Robin, with his kids. He really is a totally different person.

  4. They may have 6 kids together, but all except Truely is an adult…so she really doesn’t HAVE to deal with Kody.

    She could just drop Truely off and leave without saying anythingto him…I’ve seen ex’s do it all the time…they don’t have anything to do with each other and sometimes that’s what is best for the kid(s).

    1. Depending on the relationship. I wish I could avoid any contact with my ex but for the sake of my children, showing any animosity puts unnecessary stress on them that they don’t need. They shouldn’t have to feel any tension. They’ve already dealt with the fall out, the tears and anxiousness of a big change. Why keep dragging that out?

    2. It makes kids much happier if their parents can be friendly towards each other. The divorce is already hell for kids, don’t want to make it worse. It doesn’t matter what drama went on with the parents…the kids have nothing to do with that. And parents should act like the adults that they are and suck it up and be nice to each other in front of the kids… They owe it to the kids who didn’t ask to be born into or stuck in a toxic family situation.

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