Gwendlyn Brown Talks About Having Her Dad Kody & Robyn At Her Wedding; Says They Arrived Two Hours Late & Some Family Members Were Angry They Came

“He came, he didn’t cause a fight AND, most importantly, he didn’t do his scary ‘wedding dance.’ I count this as a win!” 

Kody Brown and his wife Robyn made an appearance at the wedding of Kody’s daughter Gwendlyn last weekend, shocking some Sister Wives fans who thought Kody and his wife wouldn’t attend, due to their semi-estrangement with Gwen— and most of the Brown Family!

In a livestream on YouTube earlier this week, Gwendlyn told all about her wedding and, most importantly, answered all the nosy questions ‘Sister Wives’ fans had, including how Kody and his only remaining wife acted around Kody’s three exes—MeriChristine and Janelle— as well as many of the kids Kody is estranged from. 

In her livestream, Gwen revealed that Mr. and Mrs. Brown arrived to the festivities two hours late, which was why they weren’t included in the Brown Family photos taken that night.

Here are answers to burning questions that we nosy ‘Sister Wives’ fans had about Gwen’s wedding, which had about 50 guests and was not filmed for the TV show, due to Gwen forbidding it.

Q: Did Kody & Robyn interact with the rest of the family at the wedding?

A: According to Gwen, Kody and Robyn didn’t interact much with the other family members, except Mykelti, who is one of the few Brown kids who has a good relationship with both Kody and Robyn. (Kody was seen in the background of one photo from the night feeding one of Mykelti’s twins.) 

“My dad and Robyn were just kind of there. They showed up like two hours late and just kind of hung out,” Gwendlyn said.

“Do you not understand how LONG it takes to get this hair to look THIS good?! Of course I was late!” 

“Mykelti was obviously super-hyped to see them because she, like, hangs out with them. And they ended up babysitting her babies, which is super-convienent…so we just kind of had free babysitters,” Gwen said.

Q: Did any of the Browns get angry when they saw Kody and Robyn at the wedding?

A: Gwen confirmed that some of her family members were very unhappy to see Kody and Robyn show up. However, she stated that no one made a scene, and instead just talked crap on Kody and his wife behind their backs.

“I’m not confirming or denying anything!”

“Some people were mad that he was there, because they weren’t aware that I was like, ‘Yeah you can come,'” Gwen said. “So a few people were like, ‘How dare you show up?’ But other than that, it was fine. [Those people] didn’t say it to his face. Nobody says bad things to people’s faces. They just gossip about it behind their backs.”

Q: Was it weird to have Robyn at the wedding? 

Gwendlyn— who has been outspoken on social media about her dislike of Robyn— said it wasn’t awkward to have Robyn attend.

“It was chill. I gave her a hug and everyone was like, ‘Gwendlyn, that was so shocking!’ and I was like, ‘I’m gonna give my guests a hug,'” she said. “I felt like I should extend an olive branch, especially since I haven’t been being the nicest to her on-camera. I was like, ‘I’m just going to give her a little cozy hug.'”

Like some of the other Brown family members, Robyn was surprised that Gwen went in for the hug, given their not-so-great history.

“I wasn’t sure if she was gonna put a knife in my kidneys!”

“When I did give her a hug, she like, stepped aside and looked like she expected me to, like, push her away and go around her,” Gwen said. “I felt a little bad…”

Q: Why weren’t Kody & Robyn in the family photos?

A: As for why Robyn and Kody’s mugs don’t appear in several Brown Family photos taken at the wedding, Gwen confirmed that their own tardiness was to blame.

“That’s why they weren’t in the big family photos; it’s just that they weren’t there in time,” she said. 


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Gwen said she didn’t actually take a photo with her dad on her wedding day.

“I don’t think there was a moment for my dad to take a picture with me,” she said. “That’s kind of funny, though. I should have made it happen.” 

Q: Did Kody meet Christine’s fiancé, David Woolley for the first time at the wedding?

A: Kody and David both attended Gwen’s wedding, causing the show’s fans to wonder if the two men met for the first time there. Gwen confirmed that Kody and David have met before, but it wasn’t at the wedding.

She didn’t provide any details on how that initial meeting went, or how they reacted to seeing each other at Gwen’s wedding.

Q: Did Kody walk Gwen down the aisle for her wedding ceremony?

In previous YouTube videos, Gwen said she didn’t plan to have Kody walk her down the aisle. In this video, she confirmed that Kody did not escort her down the aisle, and explained why she chose to go solo instead.

“What do you expect me to do? Make things right?!”

“I didn’t want to be walked, you know? I felt like if somebody would have walked me [down the aisle] that wasn’t my dad, it would have been a serious statement, so I was just like, ‘I’m just gonna go by myself,'” she said. 

The new season of ‘Sister Wives’ premieres next month on TLC! Watch the season’s trailer below! 

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17 Responses

  1. Wow the wedding was in the same freaking town that Kody and Robyn live in, and they couldn’t bother to be on time?!

  2. Leave it to that selfish bitch robyn for this. Kody is a sorry piece of crap for not being there for is kids. Guess miss wotch hates gay people. What if one of her brats was gay . This is why i don’t watch the show anymore because of her

  3. Guy, guys. Of COURSE There’s a reasonable explanation as to why he was 2 hours late …. Everyone knows that ramen takes at least one and a half hours to boil.

  4. It’s his daughter’s wedding that he was two hours late too. It’s a major life event for his child and Kody couldn’t manage to be there on time. What was so much more important that he could not manage to make it there? For shame.

  5. Grow up already. He showed up (when he could have said f y’all)..that’s what is important. Why nitpick tf outta fact that he showed up two hours late? Puhleeezz. Had he not showed up you’ll be talking crap. Kody & Robyn are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. The Brown children (except Mykelti) are too grown for this childishness at this point. Grow up are obviously desperate for his attention. Maybe start being an adult like Mykelti.

    1. If he showed up two hours late it means he missed the ceremony and the pictures and only showed for the after party. She doesn’t seem to be upset about it but she would have every right to be upset.

    2. Lol. Like you wouldn’t be upset if a guest showed up 2 hours late to your wedding, let alone your parent and their partner. By the time he showed up, dinner was probably done. He just came for cake and left.

      You should grow up.

      You clearly don’t understand what it’s like to be raised by a man who drives 2 days to be the officiant at a rando business contacts wedding (and he didn’t even know the bride), but not just show up on time to see his own daughter get married.

      He should have been there early. He should have actually seen the wedding. He didn’t show up until dinner.

    1. He showed up when he didn’t have to. Why nitpick about him being 2 hours late? Gwen needs to grow up and mature like Mykelti.

      1. It’s her father. Of course he DID have to get to her wedding on time. What are you talking about? Anybody showing two hours late to a wedding would be rude but the bride’s father? That’s beyond disrespectful

    2. Even a regular guest shouldn’t arrive two hours late!

      It’s rude as hell!!

      I mean, I know diffusing your hair takes longer, but c’mon….

  6. It is almost like she is screaming for her daddys attention even though she claims she does not need or want him.

    And Kody is insane. He can always find a way to make everything worse. There is no bottom with him.

    1. Ellen, I don’t really think he’s a bad person, but he failed to simply own that he no longer cared for his other wives or wanted them in his life anymore. The more he tried to cover it up, the more of an ass he made of himself. And now it’s way too late to dial it all back. Not really sure if he’s a bad person, he may be I guess. Is he a jackass? Yes, absolutely.

        1. I think you’re right. That’s probably a bigger indicator of the type of person he is too. Most men just want their lives to be easy and hassle free, but to abandon your kids because it’s become inconvenient to maintain relationships with them is just despicable.

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