5 Things We Learned From Gwendlyn Brown’s ‘Sister Wives’ Reaction Video: She Doesn’t Like Robyn Brown & More

“Suck on this, Sobyn!”

Gwendlyn Brown did not hold back while telling fans what she thinks of her father Kody Brown and his (now only) wife Robyn!

In a new YouTube video posted earlier this week, Gwendlyn— who is the daughter of Kody and his ex-wife Christine— gave her reactions to watching the second episode of Sister Wives Season 17. She also answered a few fans’ questions about her family, the show and the current status of her relationships within her family.

Here are some of the biggest revelations made by Gwen in the video.

Gwen doesn’t like Robyn “as a person.”

“How can someone NOT like ME!?”

When Gwen was asked by a fan if watching Robyn’s behavior on ‘Sister Wives’ this season has made her dislike Robyn, she held nothing back, stating that she doesn’t “really like her as a person” anyway.

“But watching her [on the show] makes me like her less for sure,” Gwen added. 

In an answer to another fan question, Gwen called the way Kody treats Robyn “princess treatment.” 

“Of COURSE I don’t think of you as a princess, dear. You’re obviously the QUEEN!”

Of course, this is not the first time Gwen has publicly admitted that she’s not fond of Robyn. During a tea-spilling TikTok Live session last month, Gwen implied she didn’t like Robyn and told fans not to mention Robyn again because “we don’t want bad vibes.” 

On her Patreon account, Gwen opened up even more, telling one fan that Robyn is “worse in person” than what we see on the show.

Robyn basically lied about trying to reach out to Kody’s older kids to repair her relationships with them.

“Oh, we’re gonna talk about that?”

During several episodes this season, Robyn has talked about how she has tried to improve her relationships with Kody’s other wives and kids, but has been ignored.

Gwen said that this never happened, at least not to her knowledge.

“So Robyn’s never reached out to me like she claims. I reached out to her on her birthday,” Gwen said. “I sent her a ‘Happy Birthday’ text but she never did the same to me. So from my perspective, that’s not true.” (Gwen did write that she has no idea if Robyn did try to reach out to Janelle’s sons, as Robyn has claimed.) 

However, Gwen admitted that Robyn was kind to her at a recent event they both attended.

“She did go specifically up to my girlfriend and introduce herself,” she said, writing that it’s “hard to reach out when you’re villainized but [Robyn’s] trying.”

[My fiancé] Beatriz did say that she was kind and sweet so I appreciate her at least making some kind of an attempt to reach out,” Gwen added.

Gwen was thrilled for Christine when she was told that she was divorcing Kody.

“Best. Decision. EVER!”

While Gwendlyn stated in the beginning of her video that she didn’t want to “take sides” between her mom and dad, she eventually admitted that she was very happy when her mother told her that she was leaving her father.

“I didn’t really love the relationship that they had, and she’s doing really great now,” Gwen said, adding that her own reaction to the divorce news was to tell her mom, “Good for you!” 

“She told me she was moving and also divorcing my father at like the same time so I was like all hyped for her… inside I was freaking out, like, ‘This is amazing! This is good for her!’ She’s finally gonna be…free is the best word I can honestly use and I was so happy for her.”

Gwen said it made her sad to see Christine in Flagstaff, not living the life she wanted.

“For somebody who’s so outgoing and so used to being popular and outgoing and having lots of friends, it was just sad to see her stuck in Flagstaff where she wasn’t thriving as I would have hoped she would be.”

Robyn & Kody know that most ‘Sister Wives’ viewers don’t care for them.

“The only thing stronger than our love is my all-weather hair gel!” 

In a Q&A session during the video, Gwen answered a fans’ question asking if Kody and Robyn are aware that the show’s fans aren’t exactly fans of them and their behavior.

“I’d say they probably are aware of how they’re being perceived which is probably why they stopped being so active on social media,” Gwen said. “You know, with all the hate. Or, you know, they’re honestly just busy being parents and busy with their lives to be super-active on social media. 

“They probably know at this point nobody’s on their side but I think they’re probably living their life and probably don’t even care what the viewers think about them specifically in relation to the family,” she said later. 

Kody isn’t really trying to reconcile with any of the kids he’s estranged from.

“What do you expect me to do? Admit I was WRONG?!”

Gwen said that she feels it’s unlikely that Kody will realize the mistakes he’s made in regard to his treatment of some of his 18 kids. However, she has hopes that Kody will eventually improve his relationships with his estranged kids.

“He’s not actively reaching out to us. I’ve had to reach out to him and ask when he’s available but he has been working on it and I think he is getting better and with time he will get better.”

You can watch Gwen’s full video below! 

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17 Responses

  1. I see Kody has become very mean, which I never noticed before
    If he is in a relationship he bears 50% of the responsibility, whether things go right or wrong
    He seems to be ok with little kids that he can control , but look out when they have their own opinions
    This show has run its course and I think it is time to move on
    I also think some of this is for ratings as he goes not want to miss the money boat!!!

  2. My heart absolutely broke for Gabriel when he broke down about Kody forgetting his birthday!!!

    If anybody is a Kody fan (and I pray to God they arent) then that right there should have turned you against him.

    I mean, what decent father forgets their child’s birthday?!! I don’t care how many children they have, it takes a real piece of shit to forget something that important!!!

  3. Well I think some of Kody’s children are not very nice.
    Respect your elders is what I was taught .
    Of course I’m old fashion keep your mouth quiet if you don’t have anything nice to say.

    1. Im old fashioned too but I was always taught “give respect where respect is shown” so basically “if you don’t give me respect and I won’t respect?”

      Kody never respected Gwen when she was a child so why should she respect him now that she’s an adult?

  4. Yes, on THIS point you made only one response (until now, of course). But I was speaking in general and for that you need only to look at your back and forth on the post about the bounty hunter. And several other previous posts…

    In the spirit of letting go, this will be my last response.

    Have a nice day.

    1. Did you ever stop and think that I repeatedly post because others won’t let MY OPINION go?? I mean, it’s a free goddamn country (for now) so I can say what I want, how I want, when I want and its my choice to elaborate of on why I agree or disagree, I don’t have to just say “I agree or I disagree” if I don’t want to.

      And as far as you not replying to me anymore I only have one thing to say…HALLELUJAH!!!

  5. She is so lovely! Also it makes me laugh that the older kids are putting these little tidbits of information out there because it’s basically Kody’s worst nightmare… not being in complete control.

    It will be interesting to see where they go from here because Robyn and Kody are not interesting enough on their own. I don’t care how magical they think their love story is, or how cute they think their family/children are that’s not enough.

    1. That’s why I hope they’ll just go with a Christine and Janelle spin-off next year. Who can take another season of Robyn and Kody? Spare me!

  6. Kody is the worst kind of scum. You don’t just throw your family out. I’m glad his wives finally sacked up but those kids did nothing to deserve all this.

      1. I am fun-sized, with brown hair, brown eyes and I sunburn if I even *think* about being on a beach. My little sister, with whom I share both parents, is tall, has blond hair, blue eyes and gorgeous olive skin. We look nothing alike. It’s not a given that full siblings will physically resemble one another.

        I’ve been trying to pinpoint what it is about your comments that I find so offensive, and it’s your know-it-all attitude.

        You are one who can’t seem to “agree to disagree.” You’re like a dog with a bone and just dig a deeper hole with every response.

        State your opinion and then let it go. You’ll be a much happier person and this will be a much more pleasant space on the internet.

        1. Um, I kinda did “just state my opinion and let it go”. I only posted once until now.

          And im well aware that not all full siblings look alike but some do and these two do (let’s just hope she only LOOKS like him and doesn’t ACT like him too)!!

          And my comment was meant to be sarcastic, reread it!!! There literally is not a lick of seriousness in it!!

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