Gwendlyn Brown Spills ‘Sister Wives’ Tea: Says She Dislikes Robyn; Seemingly Confirms Janelle Has Left Kody & Says Kody Is “Nicer On the Show” Than In Real Life

“Suck on this, Ramen Head!”

Sister Wives tea was spilled all over The Interwebs on Tuesday, thanks to an unlikely source: Gwendlyn Brown!

Gwendlyn— who is the daughter of Kody Brown and his ex-wife Christine— hit TikTok Live on her best friend’s account on Monday, answering fans’ questions about her mom, dad and siblings. She also seemed to answer questions about what’s happened since the current season of ‘Sister Wives’ was filmed…including if any of Kody’s remaining three wives have pulled “a Christine” and left him too! 

Gwen (may have) spilled some major tea when she answered a question asking if “only Meri, Robyn and Kody are together now.”

“Yes,” she said before seemingly backtracking a bit on the answer. “I think.” 

As fans know, Christine left Kody last year and moved from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Utah. However, many ‘Sister Wives’ viewers suspect that Kody’s second wife Janelle has also since left him. When Logan Brown— the son of Janelle and Kody— got married last month, fans noticed that Janelle was seated in the front row during the ceremony, while Kody sat with Robyn in the back. Since the mother and father of the groom normally sit together at the wedding of their child, fans found Kody’s seating choice odd and many assumed this was a sign that Janelle and Kody have split.

Gwen answered some questions about the wedding, as well as about Kody’s wife Robyn, and which siblings she gets along with and who she doesn’t. The Ashley has done her best to break what Gwen said into readable bites!

On why Kody didn’t sit with Janelle at their son Logan’s recent wedding: 

“You didn’t hear me complaining, did ya?”

“Obviously, he sat next to his wife,” Gwen said, making it a point to only refer to Robyn as Kody’s wife and not Janelle. 

Gwendlyn went on to confirm that the seating at the wedding reception was assigned. However she said the seating at the ceremony— where Kody and Robyn were seen sitting together far from Janelle— was not assigned.  


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“It was awesome because there are so many people in the family that just don’t talk to each other, so Logan and [his wife] Michelle were so happy that we were all able to make it and just co-exist.”

On how Gwen’s relationship with Kody is & what he’s like in real life:

When someone asked Gwen if Kody is “as abusive in real life as he is on the show,” Gwen gave a surprising answer.

“It’s about the same,” Gwen said, adding, “He’s a little nicer on the show.”

All of our faces as we try to imagine how much worse Kody can get…

“Because we all act for the show but he’s gotten a lot better since [this season was filmed]. He’s really healing and I’m really proud of him. 

“I think the strain of him having so many wives and forcing himself to believe in something he wasn’t really for kind of made him more of an upset, unhappy person. But he’s really healing. He’s getting a lot better.” 

Gwendolyn said she hasn’t seen her father since mid-October, for her birthday. She stated that Kody told her that he was hurt when he saw Gwendlyn say on-camera that she felt Christine and Kody should have split up a long time ago.

On whether or not Meri and Robyn are still close & what Meri’s up to now: 

“I think [they’re still close],” Gwen said, adding that Meri has found people to fill the void in her life where her family and husband should be.

“You can only hang out in a room full of leggings for so long before you have to go out and meet people!”

“Meri is, like, a hot commodity in her friend group so…you know how people have ‘found families?’ Meri has a found family. Obviously she shows up for us [in her real family] but she’s better off around them so she tends to hang out with them more, because they’re kinder to her.”

Gwen said that she likes Meri.

“I think Meri is a sweetie. I try to be around her but she’s super-popular,” Gwen said. 

On her feelings about Robyn:

When someone asked Gwen if she likes Robyn, she told her friend not to read the question aloud, because she “doesn’t want to start anything” but stated that the answer to that question is no. 

“Please don’t mention her again, we don’t want bad vibes,” Gwen said with a laugh. 

“UM….Kody? I need to speak to you….NOW!”

(On Gwen’s new Patreon account, she wrote in the comment section of a post that Robyn is “worse in person” than we see on the show.) 

Gwen confirmed that Robyn’s only job is running whatever is left of the My Sister Wives’ Closet jewelry company. However she did spill some tea on that as well.

“The funny thing is, she makes her girls– or last I checked— she makes her girls do all of the work.”

When someone informed Gwen that the company’s website is down— and has been for a long time– Gwen said that Robyn obviously gets paid for being on ‘Sister Wives.’

“Otherwise how would she pay for the nanny?” she said with a chuckle. 

“Not gonna lie, Gwenny, that was a good one!”

On whether or not she has made up with her brother, Paedon:

As fans know, Gwendlyn and Paedon have not gotten along for years, due to an incident that happened when they were teenagers and Paedon hit his little sister. (You can read about that here.) 

When a fan asked Gwen if she will ever have a relationship with “Christine’s son” again (obviously meaning Paedon, who is Christine’s only son), Gwen made it clear that will never happen.

The Brown Family Christmas is about to be lit this year!

“He Who Must Not Be Named? No,” Gwen answered, referring to her brother. “No, absolutely not. F**k that guy.” 

On whether she gets along with her sibling Leon:

Someone asked Gwen if she has a relationship with Leon, her only sibling via Meri. (Leon recently announced that they are transgender and use they/them pronouns, by the way.)

“I love them so much,” Gwen said.

“We sat next to each other at Logan’s wedding. It was so funny because Logan texted me and was like, ‘Are you cool with sitting next to Leon? Are you guys close?’ And I was like, ‘You better sit me next to Leon!'”

On how Christine is doing today:

“I’m states away from Kody and Robyn. Life is good!”

“Absolutely, yes, [she’s happy]. Her life is so good right now. I’m so proud of her,” Gwen said

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  1. I think Cody is not a nice person and saying those nasty things about Christine prove it. He wanted this life but you have to love equally in order to have it.Cody tends to love the woman who is most submissive to his bullshit which is Robyn.If anyone stands up to him,he no longer loves them.I think Christine stayed way longer than she should have.After all those years and he says he never wants to see her again!,, Go fuck yourself dude.Hope they all go and finally are happy without this dick. He spends all his time at Robyn’s stay there dude. A lot of his kids do not even like him.Hope Janelle moves another man into the home she builds and has lots of sex too….cut those ridiculous curls too Cody

  2. The bastard doesn’t love anyone more than himself.He is in love (for now) with Robyn.She is a straight up bitch and I hope kody does her the way he is done Meri,Christine and Janelle.He used all of these three to make him money on his sick ass show.Has he ever had a real job?I’ve watched him use these ladies time and time again.I’m happy that Christine and Janelle finally left his macho, narracistic ass.I hope Meri will give up and go too.

  3. Congrats to the bride and groom and three cheers and woot woots to Christine and Janelle who are smart enough to know and to get out of their toxic relationship with this 100% true Narcissist, Grody Brown and his favorite wife, Sobbyn. As for Meri, my thoughts are that Meri is IN LOVE with Sobbyn, not Grody and that’s why she stays; otherwise WHY would she take the brunt of Grody all the time? And, I don’t think it’s about the catfishing incident–that’s just his excuse. We all think that Grody is the Master manipulator, but it’s Sobbyn that is THE master manipulator; she’s got that guy (and Meri) right where she wants them; she’s living in high style without a job; her kids have everything including a nanny even though Sobbyn and Grody are home all day. I’m absolutely infuriated with the things Grody has said on the show about his wives, he’s despicable but the absolute worst part is his kids will all one day watch these episodes and hear these things; knowing that he never loved Christine; yet managed to have 6 kids with her; the damage that he’s done with his words and actions show that he really only loves Sobbyn and her “obedient” children. Like a true narcissist, he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions–it takes two to make a marriage fail or work, blaming Christine for everything is a sign of HIS weakness, insecurities, failures and the ability to be a real man. I hope the Network cancels Sister Wives–who’s going to watch pathetic Meri and Sobbyn and Grody–they were never the fan’s favorites and now that 1/2 their working income has left, they can kiss any dream they’ve had about moving and building on Coyote Pass. I, for one, who has been watching since Day 1, will not watch a show with Grody, Sobbyn or Meri, ever. As for the three of them, they have no one to blame but themselves for the downfall of their income-producing show (actually it was never Grody’s show, it’s called Sister Wives.

  4. yup we knew kody was a monster now it’s confirmed he’s a disgusting hoe ugly and that hair he looks like a monkeys behind just looking at him makes me throw up he can be used as a diet because you can sure loose weight while being around him you’ll throw up everything you eat or won’t eat because he’s nauseating

  5. This entire group of ‘adults’ has nurtured the growth of so much toxicity and allowed it to trickle down to their children. They have succeeded in only adding to the dysfunctional adult populous that is already overwhelming our society.

  6. I want this to happen: Janelle shows up at Toxyn and Toxi, hand in hand with a man.

    Surprise Robyn, I got divorced last night, multiple times!
    Kodi, just so you know, I won’t move, dont worry. My kids live here and so I do have a reason to stay here.
    Now, this is Hank, we have been seeing each other for 3 months and he wants to become part of the family Kodi! Isnt that great?

  7. Frankly I think Kody enjoys living off his wives abd is very controlling. Congratulations Congratulations to Chritine for standing up for herself. I wish her all the best.

  8. Logan had to ask if she is close with Leon? WoW 1 big happy family. I guess it’s hard to keep up with 18 siblings.

  9. There’s always someone who is foaming at the mouth to find a way to bring politics into everything, when no one else brought it up. Congratulations.

  10. I’ve always liked Gwen and her snarky attitude.

    I’m surprised she likes Meri, but no surprise, she hates Sobyn. I feel (fill) most of the kids didn’t get attention from their shit father.

    Too bad she hates Paedon, but I’m sure she has her reasons. I’d love it (and read it!) if she wrote a tell-all.

  11. Robyn acted like a paranoid psycho on Sundays episode. Accusing Christine of something she didn’t even say. Robyn is extremely self absorbed. So is meri.
    No one likes Robyn. She annoying to even watch.
    Hopefully they stop with the show sister wives finally and make a show about Christine and janelle.

    1. I’d watch an episode of “escaping Sister Wives and the Ramen headed fool” lol

      If I had more time I’d think of something a bit more clever lol

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