‘Sister Wives’ Star Robyn Brown Says Christine Brown’s Marriage to Kody Brown Isn’t Over Until “Christine Is Physical With Another Man”

“MYOB, Sobyn!”

Christine Brown sat down with her former sister wives and ex-husband Kody Brown during Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives to update the family on her moving plans after her divorce from Kody, only to be challenged by Robyn Brown on the definition of divorce.  

As The Ashley previously reported, Christine and Kody announced in 2021 that they had ended their spiritual marriage to one another after more than 25 years together, though according to Robyn, the exes remain married…

…at least until Christine gets busy with another guy!

“Shall I come bone this rando on your lawn, Robyn? Would that make you happy?”

While discussing Christine and Kody’s “divorce,” Robyn informed Christine that their church is usually the one to make the divorce official. (Christine and Kody were never legally married.) 

“You have to go ask for a divorce,” Robyn continued. “You have to get paperwork, you have to get approval. You have to prove that the marriage is broken. 

“Need I say more?”

“This is a little different, I guess, because you don’t consider yourself to be part of that church anymore,” she added. 

The Browns were members of the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) church, a fundamentalist Mormon group that believes in polygamy. While it is unknown where the other Browns stand in regard to their religion, Christine has stated that she left the AUB years ago, and that she is done with plural marriage.

“Hard pass!”

During the episode, Christine noted that her marriage to Kody was essentially over when she decided it was, as there was no legal contract binding the two of them; however, Robyn insisted Christine’s route to removing herself from Kody wasn’t valid. 

“Christine just saying she’s divorced is sort of invalidating our beliefs,” Robyn said. “We are spiritually married to Kody by our church. If we want a divorce then we have to go get their approval. 

“Usually they require counseling, lots and lots of meetings and technically, from my understanding, until Christine is physical with another man she’s not divorced,” Robyn continued. “But I don’t know.” 

“What I DO know, is that all of this is making me very emotional.”

While Christine has not disclosed (rightfully so) whether or not she’s been “physical with another man” since her split from Kody, she confirmed in October that she’s been “dating just for fun.”  

“[I’m not interested in anything] romantic yet,” she said. “That’s way too fast. But dating for sure.” 

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  1. I’m still trying to understand just how a Robyn-style divorce works within the framework of their beliefs:

    1) They’re not supposed to have sex until marriage.

    2) Men can have a shit-ton of wives, but women cannot have more than one husband.

    3) According to Robyn, the divorce would not be finalized until Christine slept with another man (which, theoretically, should only be after she’s married him).

    SO, according to Robyn, Christine would have to marry another man while still spiritually married to Kody, so she could sleep with him to get her spiritual divorce. They don’t believe a woman can have two husbands, but she’d *have to* have two husbands for at least a few minutes until she could sleep with her new husband to divorce her old one?

    Seriously, Robyn is not only a nasty misery of a person, but she’s clearly dumber than rocks.

  2. The way he says how hard it was and the sacrifices he made to love her. That makes it sound like he was trying hard not to up-chuck while making each of their 6 children. I wonder how he made his kids feel with that statement?

  3. One more thing, in the clips for this week Cody says “After all the sacrifices I made to love you.” He says this to Christine. If anyone told me that they had to make sacrifices to love me—-I would introduce my knee to their crotch. I think Christine and Meri and Janelle show amazing restraint when Cody is speaking. I would be tempted to at least roll my eyes, cough, leave the room or burst into laughter at some of the things he says.

  4. Finally Christine is out. Let’s face it, he is only interested in being with Sobbin’ Robyn. As she gets older he will probably want another, younger wife. Then she will really have something to cry about.

  5. I’m still trying to figure out the words “another man”. Who is the first man, Robyn? Are you referring to the cockroach you hooked up with, so his other 3 wives could get you out of debt and take on you and your kids, so you would not have to work?

  6. Would I be Christine I would have made her super uncomfortable by asking if she wants proof, should I send her the video? For inspiration? See what real sex is supposed to be?

  7. To me these marriages are over except for Robin & Cody because it is legal!

    As far as I am concerned this show is over!!

  8. Robyn: Hang on with me Meri help us rebuild.
    Aka: Help me find other Sister Wive who doesn’t have sex with Kody.
    I hate to admit this but I would love to see Robyn’s reaction if Kody brought in more younger and better looking wives and Robyn was the end of the totem pole.

  9. I hope that Christine meets the most handsome and physically attractive man that Utah offers, falls in love with him as much as he adores and worships her, and marries in the grandest most luxurious fashion possible. Kody is so adamant about Christine’s decision because he realizes that her paycheck from the show will now be hers and hers alone.

  10. Robyn’s statement about Christina was so gross! Just goes to show you what type of person she is. So how many people did she sleep with before her divorce was official? Besides, Christine is not even part of the cult anymore. Does not apply to her. Go away Robyn and Kody! You too, Miserable Meri. Hey,Janelle, RUN!

  11. I hope everyone gets laid in the best way ever after leaving Kody. And I hope Robyn has to endure Kody’s sad pathetic attempts at sex for the rest of her life.

  12. I always wondered if they didn’t want her to leave because it is a loss of income. Nothing like Kotex getting a paycheck added to the pool so he can continue to act like the all mighty provider.

    While I am not an advocate of casual sex, if I was Christine, I would be falling on the first peen that came across my path.

  13. Kodyis a hypocrite. Where are his divorce papers from Meri? Every single incident that is spoken about, always comes back to him. How HE is the victim. Seriously, if you can’t take any accountability for Christines needs not being met, you are not a man. YOU are a Narcissist. I hope Janelle jumps off the crazy train soon!

  14. What church? They’re not even a part of that church anymore, so who would they even ask?

    Also, why are they so angry about her leaving when they clearly don’t actually like her? If Christine is so mean and awful, let her go!

  15. Oh shut up, Robyn! I am not pro sleeping around when not married, but I would be totally pro Christine sleeping with some dude just to shove it in Robyns face. It’s weird how Robyn seem to care more than Cody.

    1. I would be pro-Christine boffing a 25-year-old hunk on Robyn’s front lawn at high noon with Barry White playing on blast if it’ll upset Robyn even more.

  16. I swear Robyn and Kovid would hold Christine captive in a dark basement to keep her from leaving if they could get away with it. That’ll get ya to heaven!

    What is the point of fighting her on it? Why are they acting so surprised and desperate?

    I guess a woman having thoughts, feelings (fillings? LOL) and the ability to make her own healthy decisions is too foreign a concept for them to wrap their little heads around. PS – what is the DEAL (Dill?)with Robyn and Meri not being able to pronounce a long E sound???? It’s so weird to me!

    1. It must be a Utah thing, because Whitney on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City talks the same way! She’s on a “hilling” journey this season.

    2. Robin – stay out of her marriage it is none of your business! Sobbing and Civic can’t control her anymore and they can’t stand it! Her marriage is over when the eff Christine says it’s over! You all should have been more worried about it when he completely ignored the rest of his family for 2 years over Covid…which you caught anyways

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