Christine Brown Says She’s Currently Dating “For Fun”; Admits She “Won’t Be Having Much To Do” with Her Former Sister Wife Meri

“Gentlemen with scraggily man-ponies need not apply, though…”

Christine Brown is single and already mingling!

The Sister Wives star— who announced in November 2021 that she was leaving her husband Kody and his polygamous family behind and moving to Utah—recently did a series of media interviews to promote the season of the show that’s currently airing. 

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Christine revealed that, for the first time since her divorce from Kody, she is dating.

“I’m dating just for fun,” Christine— who married Kody at the age of 21—said. “That just keeps everything super-light because that’s just who I am right now.

“[I’m not interested in anything] romantic yet,” Christine added. “That’s way too fast. But dating for sure.”

“I promise not to sing until we are in a committed relationship, fellas!”

After coming out of such a long relationship, Christine says she wants to keep her dating life “very light, nothing serious.” 

.”[I’m up for] dating, sure, as long as it’s just very, very casually. [I’d like a] romantic relationship eventually, get married again eventually, yes,” she said.

(Christine has already stated that she will never be in a polygamous relationship again, though.) 

In terms of the relationships with her former ‘Sister Wives,’ Christine said that she has no real interest in spending time with Meri Brown.

“Be right back…going to go post a passive-aggressive response on Instagram…”

“I won’t be close with Meri anymore, not really,” Christine said. “We’re just very different, so I won’t be having much to do with Meri.

“I wish her the best, all the happiness in the world, of course. Whatever she needs, I hope she gets that. I just don’t see that there’s a friendship for us,” she added.

“…if you change your mind…”

Christine said that she has remained “super-close” with Kody’ second wife Janelle, just as she was before the divorce; however, her relationships with Meri and Robyn are basically non-existent at this point.

“I haven’t really spoken to either of them,” Christine told Us Weekly, adding that she is OK with not having any communication with two of her former sister wives. 

“For right now, everything’s just going to stay as-is with the relationships,” Christine told ET. “We aren’t going to get any closer at all.”

“Hold on. Did Christine even ASK Robyn if it was OK to do this interview?!”

Kody, Meri and the rest of the Browns have yet to respond to Christine’s recent interviews.

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. I could predict her and Meri wouldn’t have a relationship post split. Neither were nice to each other through the years. I remember being kinda shocked when Meri was bawling and Christine told her she didn’t like who Meri is and Christine and others don’t like her right now. I think it was after the catfishing. Meri, would always inconvenience Christine and make sure she knew her lower place on the Totum pole. They aren’t going to be friends because they never were friends.

  2. She is definitely far better off living in Utah. Truly seems to have adjusted well and it appears that she is far better without the confusion of polygamy as part of her life.

  3. it just seems that way kody . christine put strings to your lips and had evil crap spew without ever moving her lips . like magic you look guilty . did you remove that knife in your side from straining to love her. such sweet words and you say she left you? after that it is a dumbfounding shock that anyone stayed . and you say her kids don’t respect you. she didn’t have to open her mouth to turn them against you . you did it all and it appeared for the world to see .

  4. I can just picture Kody updating all her social media every 30 seconds to she who she is dating while Robin sits next to him and tells him how much more manly he is then the new boyfriend.
    Regarding Meri and the sister wives relationships I have to wonder how much if their dislike for one another was due to Kody pitting them against one another. While they all have their own issues and all seem incredibly miserable I can’t help but think Kody was whispering in each of their ears. He thrives on chaos and misery.

    1. 100% I feel like Jenelle has been one foot out the door for a while. It seems to be a matter of convenience for her…for now hopefully

  5. So happy she escaped. I hope Kody gets a replacement,if he wants his own kingdom in heaven he needs a minimum of 4 wives. I want to see Robin deal with a new younger fertal, pretty wife, with kids by another man. I’m sure she will be happy to divorce kody so the kids can be on his insurance.

  6. Her family that she was raised in, were very notorious in that church she comes from a family that founded the FLDS church, wonder what her family thinks of this?

    1. Since both Christine’s mother Annie and aunt Kristen left polygamist patriarchal relationships, I imagine her family is fine with her leaving her neglectful partner. They probably expected it, knowing that jack wagon Kody.

  7. I don’t blame her for not wanting a relationship with Mari or Robyn. They had rather her be miserable and stay than to have happiness in her life . You don’t need them, be yourself and enjoy your new life

  8. Christine was real nasty to Meri , I didn’t care for the way to thought she could come right out and tell her no one was interested in her and she would make happier if she just left . She was very jealous of Meri .

  9. I haven’t watched the show for a few seasons. I just see these recaps here pretty much and I was so happy that she left. I wanna be a busy body and see the types of guys she has currently been with lol. I want ti see how kody reacts. Imagine being in a marriage like this for so long and there is no paperwork to worry about. She just up and left with her kids. Like how easy was that to get away from a douche like kody. I wish her the best. I do hope she finds someone who loves her for her though. She was not in a loving relationship and I can see why she would take it slow but she deserves that person who can be with only her long term.

    1. She just has one underaged kid, Truely, who was born on the show and was around 11 when they left. Her 2 married daughters (Aspyn and Mykelti) live in Utah so she moved there to be near them. After Paedon, Gwen and Ysabel graduated hs and left home, she moved. I saw a quick interview with her where she’s happy to find out how easy things can be when you don’t have to make plans and decisions with tons of other people.

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