‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Blames His Poor Relationships With Some of His Kids On Ex Christine Brown: “It’s Not Always My Fault”

“What’s next, Kody…are you gonna blame me for your tragic hairline, too?”

Kody Brown admitted on Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives that he’s not close with some of his children; however, in typical Kody fashion, he took little responsibility for the relationships being strained. 

Instead, father of 18 Kody seemed to shift much of the blame to his former wife Christine Brown, from whom he split in November 2021. 

Fans have watched the aftermath of Kody and Christine breakup play out on the current season of the TLC series, with the most-recent episode touching on how the former couple’s children–- namely Truely and Ysabel–- will handle the big changes that are in store. 

Truely, talking about anything in which her father is involved in…

As viewers saw on Sunday’s episode, Christine and Kody did not have the opportunity to sit down with their youngest daughter to break the news to her together, because Truely overheard Christine discussing their upcoming move to Utah. After Christine explained to Truely (off-camera) that the two of them would be leaving Flagstaff, Arizona, and that she and Kody had “already divorced,” Kody went on to accuse his ex of influencing their daughter’s opinion of him in a negative way.

“So it’s almost like, this is just following a narrative,” Kody claimed. “She sets Truely up with, ‘Well, dad’s never here anyway, right?’ I mean, she’s leading Truely down the road.” 

Kody placed the blame on Christine even further, stating that if his relationships are bad with his younger children, “it’s not always my fault.”

“It’s also NEVER my fault.”

“… It’s that I haven’t had a mother [of the children] who has been willing to actually help that,” he claimed. “And Christine here needing excuses to be able to leave has been setting things up, I feel like, for a very long time to justify this  to her children.”

In response to Kody’s attacks, Christine argued that if she and Truely were to remain in Flagstaff, they would be more alone and Truely “would be lonely,” whereas in Utah, Truely would have her older sisters Aspyn and Mykelti and their families nearby, to “envelop her when she’s around them.”

“ … that’s what I wanna give her for the rest of her life, is to be surrounded and just enveloped in love,” Christine said.

Christine and Kody’s other daughter Ysabel– who, in the episode, is preparing to move to North Carolina to attend college–- said she and Kody are not very close, so she would miss her mother more than her father.

“I’m gonna miss my mom more than I’m gonna miss [my dad], I think– because I don’t actually think we’re close at all,” Ysabel admitted. “But I mean, he’s still my dad.” 

“Right Mom? There’s no chance it could be any other guy? Damn.”

During the episode, Kody argued that his time spent with Ysabel mostly consists of him “doing a lot of work to draw her out of herself.”

“I don’t know what it is,” Kody continued. “I don’t think I’m that big ogre. I don’t know why she’s not talking to me. I’m open to her.” 

“But, you know, otherwise I’m pretty amazing, right?”

Fans of the show may recall that Kody choose not to travel when then-17-year-old Ysabel underwent scoliosis surgery in 2021, citing COVID-19 concerns. On Sunday’s episode, Kody revealed that he had chosen yet again not to travel for his daughter’s sake, this time opting out of helping the high school graduate relocate to North Carolina. While Ysabel told Kody it was ok that he wasn’t able to make it, Kody said he suspected his daughter was still upset with his choice. 

“I think Ysabel is probably hurt that I didn’t go but there are people depending on me, more than just Ysabel,” he said. “And it just wasn’t going to work in this case.” 

The “people” depending on Kody…

For those keeping track at home, Kody has had serious conflict with at least four of his adult children: Ysabel, as well as Paedon (who is his only son with Christine); and Gabe and Garrison, who are some of his sons with second wife Janelle. Many of Kody’s other adult children, including Mykelti, Aspyn, LoganHunter and Leon, all live out of state and have not publicly commented on how their relationships with Kody are.

‘Sister Wives’ airs Sundays on TLC. Click here for a recap of the most recent episode. 

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  1. Always blaming everyone else for his downfalls!!! He isn’t interested in anyone except Robin & her kids. He will grow into an angry old man because in the end, he won’t have any wives or children that want to be around him!!!

  2. He doesn’t deserve to even be called a father since he was more concerned about bringing covid back to Robin than being with his daughter during such a major operation.

  3. Nothing is EVER this man-child narcissistic pig’s fault. He blames his kid’s mothers for everything (of course, not including any of the spoiled shitty kids that Robyn birthed.)

    Go piss up a rope, Kody. Have your tantrums and prove what a f***ing baby wuss you are.

  4. KODY is a First class ASSH..e !!!!! ALL of his so called Wives should leave his Ass.!!~~!~!~!~!~!~!~!

  5. What a self righteous toad. Your outlook on KLODY is so accurate. I love this website! Finally someone who sees through him.

  6. Did anyone catch last night when he said I’m not the one who chose to get this motor home that’s Janelle’s issue she can live in her problem. I’m wondering how Janelle feels today given the fact that she’s the one who’s the income earner of the family when she decides to pack up and leave Cody’s going to be in for a world of pain as will Robin. I cannot believe that these women have stuck with this blow hard narcissist for as long as they have! He’s such a selfish self-centered asshat.

  7. I don’t know why but I still can’t believe what I hear that man say somehow. My mouth just drops open. By now nothing should surprise anymore.

  8. This man get worse every time he opens his mouth. Christine wouldn’t be able to say he’s never around if he was ever actually around. He actually seemed disappointed that Truely wasn’t more upset about the divorce. But, dude isn’t there, so why would she be upset?

    Learn your kids’ ages and then act all self-righteous about your parenting.

  9. Hey Kody why doesn’t Robyn step up and help out with the other kids since she has so much free time with her nanny and all. Why are the other wives getting tossed under the Bus but Robyn is a saint

  10. He is such a huge failure at fatherhood and husband hood! Yet, to hear it from him, it’s never his fault. Total narcissist response!!! I feel bad for the victims BR,,,Before Robin. Downtown Kody Brown picked his family,,,,now he can live with them ?

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