Paedon Brown— Son of ‘Sister Wives’ Stars Kody & Christine Brown– Slams Kody’s Claims About Being the “Man of the House”

“One of these people is royalty and one of these is the court jester.”

Paedon Brown is seemingly speaking out about things his father, Kody Brown, has said during recent episodes of Sister Wives about being the head of his family.

“Any king who has to say, ‘I am the King’ is no true king. Any man of the house that has to say, ‘I am the man of the house!’ is no true man of the house,” Paedon stated on TikTok recently.

This is very obviously in reference to something Kody said on-camera during the Season 17 premiere episode, as well as during Season 16. Kody stated that, due to the way his wives were acting and not respecting his rules, he no longer feels like the “man of the house” within his family. He stated that he and his wives had agreed that he would be the head of the household when they all got married.

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Next, Paedon raves about his mom, Christine, who was Kody’s third wife until she left him in 2021.

“Me and my siblings say that my mom is a strong, independent woman all the time. People tell me, ‘Paedon, your mom is a strong, independent woman’ all the time. My mom does not claim to be a strong, independent woman because she IS a strong, independent woman,” Paedon said.


Fans seemed to enjoy Paedon calling out his dad.

“Broooooooo can we count how many times Kody has to remind everyone ‘he’s the leader,'” one person wrote in the comment section of Paedon’s post.

“Any man of the house who is threatened by the existence of his own children is not the man of the house,” another person wrote. 

This is not the first time Paedon has shaded Kody on social media. Earlier this year, he stated that Kody was upset with him for some of the things he said on his Instagram and TikTok. (One thing that really irked the Kodster, apparently, was when Paedon wore a shirt that a fan had sent him with Christine’s famous quote, “What does the nanny do,” a reference to the fact that Kody’s wife Robyn employs a nanny.) 

“Me and Dad’s relationship– because of a certain shirt…because I wore a specific shirt and that video blew up—Dad’s relationship [with me] is kind of strained. It was just a joke but it kind of backlashed. And that’s OK,” Paedon said in March.

Paedon is not the only Brown Family boy who has problems with Kody. In a sneak peek clip of Sunday’s episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ Kody’s second wife Janelle revealed that her son Garrison “is done with” Kody and has informed Kody that he no longer wants anything to do with him, due to how he feels Kody has treated Janelle.

“Can you imagine?! Who WOULDN’T want to be around this!?”

“He’s telling his dad, ‘I’m done, I’m done with you, because I don’t like how my mom is being treated and how we’re being treated at this house,'” Janelle says of Garrison. 

“Garrison, with his narcissistic attitude, calls me up and goes, ‘This is your fault and I’m never going to be around you again,'” Kody says. 

In the clip, Christine clarifies that the tension has been building for years between Janelle’s kids and Kody.

“Janelle’s kids have been frustrated for years, because of the way he’s treated Janelle for years,” Christine says. “Janelle is fine with her relationship with Kody; she’s said that it is everything she needs it to be…over and over and over she says that. Her kids feel different.”

During last week’s episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ Christine expressed that she felt Robyn was Kody’s favorite wife, and that Robyn and her children were treated better than the rest of the Brown clan by Kody. Paedon has also stated in the past on social media that he feels Robyn is Kody’s favorite wife. 

“Dad found his soulmate. Dad found the woman he belongs with. I wouldn’t fault someone for picking who they belong with,” Paedon said, seemingly acknowledging that Kody’s relationship with Robyn came at the expense of his relationship with his other wives.

“I’m sad that he picked [Robyn], but I’m not mad at him for it,” he said. “He picked the woman that is his soulmate. And she picked him. And that’s OK.”

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  2. I think Robyn TOLD kody to Apologize to Christine. He would never do that on his own!!!! He is “whipped”!!!!!!

  3. Kody is a disgrace to men. This is not how things should be. He treats Mary, Janelle and Christine bad since the show started. Sleep with them for kids or clout then throw them away. No attention. But now his prize wife gets the full deal

  4. I’m so proud of Christine for putting her happiness first and leaving Cody. And also very proud of his son’s for standing up for their moms. Cody should just be with Robyn and let Meri go and find love and also Janelle should leave him. She’s a strong woman who doesn’t need a man, but definitely deserves to be loved 100% by a real man!!!

  5. Okay, I had four major surgeries during my childhood, and both of my parents were there for each one. I’m still mad at this dipstick for skipping Ysabel’s surgery. Kody, no one is doing anything bad to you. You’re the one hurting everyone else, well, with the exception of Robin and her kids. You seem to love all of them like crazy. Only two of them are yours biologically. What the hell is your deal? I hate to tell you this, but God is not going to judge you as a good person based on the number of wives or children you have. He’s going to take into account how you treated people as well. You really don’t get it at all! YOU are the narcissist, not Garrison. You and scheming Robyn deserve each other.

    1. You KNOW Robyn has to be scheming from the start to have him divorce Meri. Now she’s the wife with all the assets.

  6. I’m very happy that Christine divorced the Jerk!! Now Janelle needs to do the same thing. They are better off without him and his selfish ways. He can stay with Robyn, they deserve each other.. I wish Christine the best for her future, she is a good woman.

  7. I cant stand how Robyn continues to say she is not Kodys favorite, she has no say, yadda, yadda because she is full of it!! Funny how she is the only wife who has a nanny, take care of ur kids my god she does nothing!! Im also fed up with her boo hoo tears, does she feel theyake her at all believeable?? Sorry, they dont. If it walks like a favorite wife, then its a favorite wife, multiplt ADULTS have called the situation out because its clear there is something there so Kody and Robyn grow up and face the truth!!

  8. This past episode he says he is shocked?Really idiot? If she was telling the kids and other sister wives she wanted to leave, why did he not nip it in the bud back then?? Cuz he did not give a rats butt! And to me if you want to have them wives he should be total supportive in all areas money wise to, right?Robin has 2 small ones at home and she cant handle them and needs a nanny? What the heck does she do for work? Them 2 need to get a grip! And what does he do for 200.00 a day?

  9. Fricking BOZO the clown hair, WTF??? Does this man not have a mirror??? Can’t Sobbin get him a decent haircut??? Maybe the Nanny can, but again, what else does the Nanny do??? He can’t let go of his so called wife, or his hair.

  10. I’m SOOOO tired of Kody playing the victim in literally EVERY situation. No matter who brings up issues he’s right there crying what’s been done to HIM. I hope he winds up broke and alone

  11. Ysabel is incredible,a nod to Christine’s mothering,to forgive this horrible excuse for a “father.” Couldn’t be bothered to leave (terrible eyebrows+no lips)Sobbin to be there for her major life threatening surgery. And now,to see her off to college? If I were any of his kids,other than Sobbins offsprings,I’d treat him the way he deserves. Which is a huge dose of “I don’t know him.”

  12. Someone like Kody will never see he did any wrong,he’s only worried that the ladies will take what he sees as his funds,a narcissist is a horrible human being and he definitely is and Robyn belongs with him,how he treats his children is appalling

  13. Kody you are very clueless u blame everybody but yourself Christian I’m so proud of you the other two wives if I was u I will do wat Christian did found me a ticket out of Flagstaff Lol

  14. Cheers for based Paedon, Garrison and Gabe!

    On last night’s episode when Kody said an injustice has been committed against him, I thought oh boy, this guy couldn’t be more tone deaf! Also, it was sickeningly disingenuous when he pretended to want Christine to stay. He has exactly zero feelings for her. It’s doubtful that he even cares about Truely moving away since he hardly spends any time with her.

  15. He needs 3 wives to get to heaven. Or something like that.
    If he loses Mary and Jenelle, how is Robyn going to feel about getting new wives.

  16. Its very clear they dont want any wives to leave due to the money they give the family he needs mary and janelle to help them support the family otherwise him and robin woukd tell them to kick rocks.

  17. I think it’s hilarious his kids don’t worship the ground he walks on. He was never a real dad to any of his bio kids. His kids have him figured out and he hates it.

  18. . Mary was really stupid to divorce him to marry Robin. Then he takes better care of children not his then his own flesh & blood. No insurance, for the rest of the kids but what their moms can afford for them . He doesn’t work , sleeps in their homes they bought or rent with no help from him. He eats the food they buy, they work for him to live the good life . That is no man of the house. Him and Robin do not work but live off what the other three wives make from their jobs. He should be ashamed to show his face on TV yet alone complain.

  19. Paedon is very lucky to have the mother he has. She’s a great example of a good human. And it pisses me off when Kody talks how he’s “not attracted” to her when she’s literally the prettiest wife he had. Top of the heap of ugly wives is Robyn. Inside and out. He needs to look directly at her when blaming anyone for “not feeling like the man of the house”

  20. ““Garrison, with his narcissistic attitude, calls me up and goes, ‘This is your fault and I’m never going to be around you again,’” Kody says.”

    The irony of this statement is hilarious. For Kody to call anyone else narcissistic is just incredible. The guy oozes ego. It’s not at all shocking that Christine and Janelle’s kids all see what we see. Janelle is only ok with it because she doesn’t actually want Kody either.

  21. Go Garrison! That’s what a real man is. A man that sticks up for his mother.

    I hope Kody gets off his high horse and apologizes to his family so they can heal. However, Kody is so far removed from reality that I can’t see that happening.

  22. I love that the kids all support Christine and Janelle. If only Janelle would come to her senses, too.

    Meri seems like a lost puppy who’s okay with whatever little attention Kody gives her. It’s sad, really. Why not just let him and Robyn do their thing and move on? He only wants her for Christ’s sake.

    1. If King Kody let everyone go except Sobbin’ Robyn, then he could no longer claim he & Robyn are victims in everything “bad” that’s happened since Robyn joined the family. He could no longer blame everyone else for his problems. Everyone can see who the common denominators are – everyone except them.

      1. The kids ALL see how Cody has treated their moms since Robyn joined the family – it’s now a lesson on how being a Sister Wife can suck! Christine, Janelle and Robyn need to cash out their fair share of EVERYTHING and show us how they will blossom out from Cody and free to find their true happiness!

        1. He bullies his wives , tries to manipulate his ‘favourite daughters’….I’d love to see him try that with his adult sons!

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