‘Sister Wives’ Star Paedon Brown Reveals Why His Family Moved to Flagstaff, Whether Janelle Is Still with Kody & Why Kody Is Mad At Him For Mocking Robyn Online

Kody’s forehead vein is probably bulging out reading this interview…

Paedon Brown has suddenly become the most-outspoken member of the Brown Family. Now that the 16th season of Sister Wives has ended, Paedon– who is the son of Kody Brown and his (now) ex-wife, Christine— went Live on TikTok on Wednesday night to answer many of the burning questions ‘Sister Wives’ fans have had.

Paedon’s sudden spurt of loose lips produced quite the trove of behind-the-scenes info,  as he discussed the current state of Kody’s marriage to his wife Janelle, as well as his feelings about his father’s other wives, Meri and Robyn. Paedon also revealed that Kody is not happy with him at the moment, due to Paedon shading Robyn on TikTok recently.

The Ashley took one for the polygamist-reality-TV show-loving team and put Paedon’s TikTok tell-all into an easy-to-read format.

Here’s what he had to say about a variety of topics: 

On Kody being mad at him for mocking Robyn online:

How Kody felt when he saw “the shirt.”

Paedon revealed that he and Kody are not getting along currently, due to Paedon recently showing off a ‘Sister Wives’-themed T-shirt on TikTok. The shirt featured the quote “What does the nanny doooo?“— his mom Christine’s infamous reaction to finding out Robyn had a nanny.

The post went viral and, apparently, Kody was none-too-happy about it.

“Me and Dad’s relationship– because of a certain shirt…because I wore a specific shirt and that video blew up—Dad’s relationship [with me] is kind of strained. It was just a joke but it kind of backlashed. And that’s OK.”

@paedonbrown @Dawn Shepherd- Yost #Mail #Package #WhatDoesTheNannyDo #SisterWives #Christine #Love #Shirt #Funny #Joke #Family ♬ original sound – Paedon Brown

Paedon doesn’t appear to regret his decision to wear the shirt, stating that it was “a great shirt” and that Christine currently has it. 

On the real reason the family moved to Flagstaff: 

“You get those wives and you bring them to Flagstaff, young man. RIGHT.NOW!”  (What happened…probably…)

‘Sister Wives’ fans have often wondered why the Browns left their cul-de-sac homes in Las Vegas and moved to Flagstaff, seemingly randomly. Paedon answered when someone asked him about the move.

“Many different reasons,” he said, before confirming some fans’ theories that Robyn was the one behind the move.

“Yes, Robyn is one of those big reasons,” he said. 

On his relationships with his ‘other’ moms, Meri and Robyn:

“Did you even KNOW Christine HAD a son!? I just thought he was your breakdancing teacher!”

“I’m not very close with Meri,” Paedon admitted. “But there’s a lot of reasons…”

Later, someone asked Paedon why he acts like Meri doesn’t exist.

“I don’t act like Meri doesn’t exist. I talk more about Janelle because I’m closer to Janelle. I don’t talk about Robyn or Meri very often. I’m not very close to them. It’s not that there was a falling out. I’m just not close to them.”

As for his relationship with Robyn— which, in a past interview, he stated has always been “weird”— he stated that he does consider her to be one of his mothers, despite them not being close.

“I do refer to Robyn as my mom,” he said, adding that their relationship is strained due to Paedon bullying Robyn’s kids when they were younger. 

“I was rude to her kids so she doesn’t like me very much,” he said, later adding, “Robyn got mad at me because I was a bully to her kids. I was a jerk to them. That’s why [Robyn and I aren’t] very close. I’m a lot closer with her kids now than I was.

“I was a kid, yes, but Robyn saw her kids being hurt by this kid. And it’s OK that she chose her kids.” 

On Robyn’s son Dayton not leaving home:

“They’re still tender aged! Tell them, Kody!”

Dayton–the oldest of Robyn’s children— still lives at home with her and Kody, something Paedon feels is not good for the 22-year-old. (During Season 16, Kody made a point to say that he feels his children should leave home at 18.)

“Last I checked Dayton was doing well but I’d really like him to be in a different place,” Paedon said. “I’d like him to grow. I would like him to be comfortable growing. If he doesn’t want to grow, that’s fine, but I’d like him to be comfortable growing.” 


On Kody favoring Robyn over his other wives:

Robyn reminding Kody of one important thing…

Paedon admitted that Kody does, indeed, seem to prefer Robyn over his other wives.

“Dad found his soulmate. I expressed this already,” Paedon said of Kody and Robyn. “Dad found his soulmate. Dad found the woman he belongs with. I wouldn’t fault someone for picking who they belong with.”

Paedon seemed to acknowledge that Kody’s relationship with Robyn came at the expense of his relationship with his other wives.

“I’m sad that he picked [Robyn], but I’m not mad at him for it,” he said. “He picked the woman that is his soulmate. And she picked him. And that’s OK.”

On whether Kody is still with Janelle:

“I mean…we don’t hate each other, so we’re doing better than some of Kody’s other marriages…”

At points during Season 16, Janelle made it clear that she was questioning her marriage to Kody, and some viewers thought that she may eventually follow Christine and leave the marriage to Kody.

However, Paedon says that Janelle has not left Kody.

“Yes [he’s still with her],” Paedon said. “Janelle is still in Flagstaff. Guys, Janelle is still there. 

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(Photos: TikTok; TLC)

17 Responses

  1. Somehow got roped into this show after running into it in the middle of the night and can’t stop. I find the dynamics so interesting but am beyond disappointed in how Kody has turned later on -and how these women seem to have such little self esteem to subject themselves to this arrangement. The kids will have a struggle their entire life too with growing up in an odd arrangement. If three of these women grew up in this environment and are still jealous, there is no hope for other women to not be. It is unnatural. The move to Ariona was idiotic. No man is going to destroy me financially over his whim to move once again.

  2. The “what does the nanny do?” shirt to really seemed to have double meaning. On the show when Christine asked that question, it was referring to Covid protocols: what does the nanny do that allows her to be at Robyn’s house. I do think there was some shade thrown because the obvious question is what does the nanny do in general because Robyn only has 2 young children and they are both school aged. She has 2 adult children, 1 older teenage child and Kody home all the time so, “What. Does. The nanny. Do?”

  3. I don’t watch this show but I am all for spilling the tea because from what I’ve read, this guys dad and “other mom” Robyn are two tools in the same box

  4. “And that’s okay” is my new mantra for everything.

    I like that he’s Lucy Loose Lips. You know Kody is blowing a gasket every time he opens his mouth.

    1. He definitely IS! He assaulted his sister Gwen and is now gaslighting her, and attacked a fan over Black Lives Matter. The more I find out about these people, the less likeable they really are.

  5. I didn’t know that Robyn was the driving force behind the family moving to flagstaff. What was her reason why?

    1. I read somewhere that there was a college in Flagstaff that specialized in helping people with Austisim and such. She wanted to move there so he could go to that school and live at home. Then he ended up leaving the school. Just a rumor I read.

    2. Dayton got into a college there. He ended up dropping out but it was enough to move the entire family ?

  6. Hilarious shirt, but seriously what does the nanny do? Robyn doesn’t have babies that little one is like what 4/5 that’s old enough for independent play and going to the bathroom alone when needed. She doesn’t work, so why the nanny?

  7. Paedon, at 23, sounds far more mature, insightful and compassionate than his arrested development father. While I’m sure painful, Kody’s emotional absence from his life may serve him well in the long run.

  8. Man, this kid seems pretty reflective. Admits his part and clarifies things. And that shirt is hilarious!

    Kody is a narcissist, so of course he cares way too much about what others think of him. Plus there is going to be strain when it comes to Christine and her kids with Kody.

  9. Janelle is in flagstaff. That doesn’t mean she has a functional marriage. Remember, Kody found his soulmate.

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