Former “90 Day Fiance” Star Karine Martins Gives Update On Custody Situation: “It’s Not Just Me Who Suffers, My Children Suffer Too”

Former 90 Day Fiance star Karine Martins took to Instagram over the weekend to provide an update on the custody and visitation situation regarding the two children she shares with ex Paul Staehle

As The Ashley previously told you, neither Karine nor Paul currently have custody of sons Pierre and Ethan. Paul confirmed in July that the children were in CPS custody, noting at the time that the children might go to live with his family members at some point; however, it has not been confirmed if this updated living situation has occurred, or if the kids are still in foster care.

While Karine didn’t mention where her children are living, she did state in her post that she is allowed to see them. She also stated that she is barred from discussing the situation at length. 

This post comes weeks after Karine was slammed by fans on social media for smiling and busting a move on Instagram despite having lost custody of her children.

“I come here to say that my children are not with me yet, but I can see them, I can’t take it anymore and there are times when I want to talk about what the 3 of us are going through,” she wrote. “I’m always a good mother and I’m going through it, it’s not just me who suffers, my children suffer too. I will never stop fighting for you two. Pierre and Ethan you are my life.” 

On Monday, Karine posted another message on Instagram, this one addressed to her younger son, Ethan, who is growing up without her.

“Time goes by so fast, I didn’t see your first steps, I didn’t hear your first sentences. His smile is beautiful and his voice is sweet. I love you,” Karine wrote.

Karine’s (documented) visitation with Pierre and Ethan comes just weeks after the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled to uphold the restraining order taken out by Karine in December 2021 against Paul–- the very same order that resulted in Paul filing two petitions for emergency protection against Karine.

The (un)happy couple, back when they first appeared on “90 Day Fiance”…

Karine had filed the initial restraining order while in the process of divorcing Paul, and after the decision of the court was made public, it was revealed that Karine accused her ex of forcing her “to have sexual intercourse without her consent multiple times,” with the alleged incidents recorded and posted online.

Karine also accused Paul of engaging in other abusive behaviors, including threatening to have her deported. 

Paul claimed in July that Karine was–- and presumably still is–- living in a home provided for her through a government program. According to Paul, Karine was accepted to the program after claiming she was “a victim of human trafficking”– something Paul has denied more than once. 

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  1. They should give her the kids and send her back home. Good grief this bitch is in denial. They are both shitty parents and human beings. I am sure once the court reviews the Onlyfans vids, they will find she was a willing accomplice and why the hell is she getting a gubment house when so many natural citizens are homeless? I thought the sponsor was on the hook for all of that up to debtors prison. Why are we paying for this dumbass to vape, eat pills, and pump out cum puppets to hawk on social media for pity money. Seems like a nice little cycle many folks have adopted these days. What is super super shitty is eventually the kids will be taken away from these two drug addled amateur sex workers and then we can continue to pay for their children through adulthood. Awesome 🙂 If anyone else can tell, I cannot stand these two. Sadder yet is I dislike Karine way more than Paul.

  2. She needs her kids back I hope she gets them because she is the mom and she has already that in her favor I hope she gets them and takes them back to Brazil and Paul and his weird ass looking family never gets to see them!!!

  3. Those kids are right where they belong. I hope the new family changes Pierre’s name. Sounds like a standard poodle. He’s got a tuff row to hoe, even without a poodle name. Rex or Spot would an improvement, with at least a hint of human.

  4. A victim of human trafficking? Yeah, OK. Keep hitting the bottle Karine. No doubt Paul’s complete nutcase and most likely has violent tendencies, but she knows how to lie good. Who the hell gets their kids taken away by CYS and is even posting on social media? WTF. She’s probably actually relieved because she doesn’t have to care for them then. Paul did most of the parenting anyway, changing diapers, feeding, etc.

  5. You are not a good mother AT ALL. You need serious psychological help and a one way ticket to Brazil. The only chance those kids have at life is growing up far away from you and their father

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