Paul Staehle Denies Ex Karine Martins’ “Human Trafficking” Allegations & Discusses Custody of Their Children: 5 Interesting Things the “90 Day Fiance” Star Revealed In New Interview

“Things are chaotic and confusing… so pretty much business as usual over here.”

Weeks after Pierre Staehle, the three-year-old son of former 90 Day Fiance couple Paul Staehle and Karine Martins, was returned to CPS custody, Paul has confirmed the current whereabouts of both his children, along with their mother, Karine. 

Last week, Paul appeared on the Domenick Nati Show to provide “90 Day” fans with the latest developments on the custody of his children, as well as Karine’s current living situation and her claims that she had been a victim of “human trafficking.”  

As The Ashley told you earlier this month, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children reported that  Pierre had been missing since early June, possibly “in the company” of his father, Paul, who also shares one-year-old Ethan with Karine.

Paul denied that he kidnapped Pierre, insisting he had taken the toddler on an extended trip– one which happen to begin right after CPS was granted custody of Pierre and Ethan. Days later, Pierre was returned safely to authorities. 

Here, The Ashley breaks down Paul’s words and highlights the five-most interesting things the former TLC star revealed during his interview with Domenick Nati.

Paul said Pierre & Ethan will be living elsewhere while he & Karine “figure out what we want to do in life.”

During the interview, Paul said things are “still in court right now” regarding the custody of Pierre and Ethan, and although the children remain in CPS custody at the moment, Paul said his sons will likely be living with family–- “or [at] my mother’s house”–- until he and Karine “figure out what we want to do in life.” 

Paul currently has no idea where his two sons are, noting that Pierre and Ethan “may have already moved out” of foster care, but he doesn’t know for sure, as he had not gotten in touch with his family yet. 

Paul claims Karine was given a free house and has “all of her bills paid” for her by a government program. 

According to Paul, Karine was living with someone else, but she had to make other arrangements after the individual “kicked her out.” 

“When [the person Karine was staying with] kicked her out, she moved into her program,” Paul said. “She’s in a government program where they gave her a free house … It’s a nice house. This thing is like, three levels, it’s huge.

“She gets all of her bills paid and taken care of, so she’s able to relax, don’t have to worry about work or bills,” he added.  

He claims Karine only got into this program because she “says she’s a victim of human trafficking.”

When asked how Karine was receiving assistance through the “federally funded program,” Paul said it is because Karine claims to be “a victim of human trafficking.” 

“So as a victim of human trafficking, they give her all this free stuff,” he added.

Paul seemingly argued that the presence of the “90 Day Fiance” crew invalidates any trafficking claims Karine has made. 

Paul, running to find someone from the crew that’s willing to publicly vouch for him…

As for who allegedly “trafficked” Karine, Paul said he “won’t get into it,” although from his own statements, it appears that Karine is claiming Paul trafficked her and brought her to the United States against her will. (Paul did not specifically say that, nor is The Ashley making that claim.) 

Later in the interview, Paul insinuated that his ex’s claims were impossible, due to the many years he and Karine had a film crew around them. 

” … We were on a TV show for four years so I mean, apparently she’s a victim of human trafficking?” he said. “I won’t get into it, but someone else took her in there, claims were made that she … came to America and everything else, and she was human trafficked and [all these] things against her will … ” 

Paul suggested Karine couldn’t have been trafficked when they were being filmed so frequently. 

” … I mean, we’ve had a camera crew so far up our wazoo for a long time, so I mean, it’s beyond me,” he said. 

Karine will reportedly be getting more assistance from the program & is checked in on regularly “to make sure she’s not doing anything crazy.” 

“I had children with Paul… does it get any ‘crazier’ than that?”

In addition to housing and financial assistance, Paul said the program will also be providing Karine with transportation.

“My understanding [is] they’re gonna give her a car so then she’ll have a car,” he said. “I guess they [will] pay for her car and her car insurance.” 

Paul added that people from the program “basically go in and check on [Karine] to make sure she’s not doing anything crazy” and ensure she doesn’t have “a bunch of people in the house.” 

Watch the full interview below.

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12 Responses

  1. I believe his version of events as much as I believe he magically went on a work trip with his toddler unrelated to CPS getting custody.

  2. Those poor little babies, Pierre and Ethan. They have almost no chance for a stable, happy life. Certainly not with parents who love them and care for them!! Neither Paul nor Karine give two sh*ts about their children!!

    1. I hope they give the kids to Karines parents or they find them a adoptive family together. They need to be far from Paul and his enabeling mother.

  3. I don’t believe anything Pole says. A giant 3 story house, car, and insurance. Please. He is such an idiot.

    1. Don’t like either of them but in Louisville (I live here as well) there are multiple agencies that do help human trafficking victims as well as domestic violence victims get houses (downtown most houses are two or more stories but in bad neighborhoods and shitty), and pay bills and get welfare and on welfare they get an allowance of like $2000 every six months for either a car or car repairs or insurance and you get free insurance on welfare and money each month and don’t have to volunteer or work like most places make you as you can say being outside makes you a victim if they find you. I’ve worked with victims here so I’m all too familiar.

  4. Great use of taxpayer dollars. She was not trafficed , she whored around all on her own. So glad we have to work our asses off to pay bills, and these wack jobs have things handed to them. Glad their kids are gone. Hopefully forever. It’s their only chance for a decent life.

    1. I call BS on everything he’s saying. There isn’t a federal program like what he is describing for human trafficking victims, at least not one I could find anywhere.

      Paul is a habitual liar so I wouldn’t trust a word he says.

      1. Agreed. Hes just trying to stir up all the incel alt right bros behund their computers in their moms basements who will eat up his statements as fact.

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