‘Little People, Big World’ Star Matt Roloff Tells Ex Amy He Offered To Sell Roloff Farm To Their Sons At “Half” Its Current $4 Million Price: “I Expected The Kids To Not Take Entitlement”

“…and instead creating a $4 million price tag!”

Amy and Matt Roloff do not see eye-to-eye regarding Matt’s decision to sell a portion of Roloff Farm to a stranger, instead of one of their children.

In a clip posted by Entertainment Tonight of this week’s episode of Little People, Big World, the exes get into a heated conversation about Matt’s decision to sell the farm at a price that is out of their kids’ financial reach. While Amy suggested that Matt “went crazy” when he set the farm’s price tag at $4 million, Matt defended his actions, stating that he offered sons Zach and Jeremy a “family discount” of “half-off.”

He also told Amy that he doesn’t feel it’s fair for his sons to be so “entitled” when it comes to buying the farm.

“It’s sad that it really ended up the way it did,” Amy tells Matt in the clip. “I don’t know; there’s a lot of stress and there’s a lot of sadness. What in the world did you do? What happened? How did we get here?

“I think you went crazy or something,” she tells him. “I don’t know the details or negotiations you dealt with the two boys. For the price it is, the kids can’t afford that.”

Matt confirmed that there is a “family price” and that their kids “all know it.” 

“Do you KNOW how many pumpkins I’d have to sell to make $2 million, Pops?!” 

He also argued that his sons were not owed the family farm, and even stated that he was happy neither of his sons ended up purchasing it, as he suspects that he would have probably been the one continuing to do the maintenance on it. 

“I expected the kids to not take entitlement and start working for it,” Matt said, later stating in a confessional that Jeremy and Zach are not happy that the amount of farm property they’d get has “shrunk.”

“It wasn’t like I didn’t try to sell it to the kids at basically half off, family discount,” he said later. “I’m glad, even with all that, they made other decisions because I don’t think the fit was quite right. If the kids had gotten it, I would be stuck maintaining it, maybe even harder than I do now.”

“Those boys’ work boots are still brand new, if ya know what I mean!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Jeremy and his wife Audrey recently purchased a different farm for their family. In June, Audrey told her Instagram followers that she and Jeremy attempted to purchase Roloff Farms from Matt back in May 2020, before realizing “maybe it wasn’t meant to be.”


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Meanwhile, Zach and his wife Tori bought a home in Washington in October 2021.

Amy— who in previous episodes has stated that she regrets selling her portion of the farm to Matt in their divorce— told Matt that she sold it at the price she did in order to make it easier for their kids to one day buy it.

“I never expected it to be as much as this…I thought you would be offering it to the kids. I thought you would be a little more reasonable!” she said.

Matt defended his decision to sell the farm to someone outside the family, stating that it was not fair to his other two kids to sell the farm land at an extreme discount to Zach or Jeremy, as it cuts into everyone’s inheritance. (In addition to Zach and Jeremy, Matt and Amy also share daughter Molly and son Jacob.) 

“You know, I’ve got to think about all four kids,” Matt explained. “There’s four kids involved. So what’s fair in the end when the big piece [that I own] is in an estate? What’s the fairest thing you could possibly do?”


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“The good news is that there’s 93 acres in this family,” Matt told Amy. 

“No, there’s 93 acres for Matt Roloff,” Amy responded. “It’s not part of the family anymore.” 

“You don’t admit to anything!” Amy said as the conversation got more heated. “I would say the majority of this hornets’ nest, unfortunately you need to accept, lays on your shoulders.”

When Matt insists he is taking responsibility for the tension in the family, Amy disagrees.

“You’re taking responsibility of not creating a legacy that you talked about all this time,” she tells him. 

“…but that’s none of my business…”

“There’s a lot going on that you don’t know about,” Matt replies. 

As fans of the show know, Matt confirmed in May that 16 of Roloff Farm’s 109 acres have been listed on the market for $4 million. At the time of his announcement, Matt seemed to blame Zach and Zach’s twin brother Jeremy for not wanting to purchase the 16 acres up for grabs on Roloff Farms themselves. 

‘Little People, Big World’ airs Tuesdays on TLC. 

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  1. Matt Rolodex is selfish and greedy. He has no family values and has been a phony all his life.Does he think his girlfriend really loves him. He is dreaming.She is only after his money and what she can get.She already scammed him into a home in Arizona. She is so phony as well.Shame on you Matt take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

  2. Amy should have realized long ago that Matt is a selfish jerk with no honor. Since she left money on the table, assuming it would help the boys purchase the property, I wonder if Matt will be giving her the price difference…DOUBT IT! He doesn’t appear to have any family loyalty, at least to HIS FAMILY! It won’t be his real family that ends up with the fruits of his and Amy’s hard work over the years! If he had any honor, this would never have been an issue and is unforgiveable! His treatment towards his family is disgraceful and unforgiveable!

  3. Matt and Amy are both jerks…and also hypocrites. For all their promotions, over the years, about the rights of “little people” – does anyone find it quite ironic that they, after their divorce, BOTH ended up with “average size” partners…just like Zach did???

  4. Matt is a arrogant man if out for himself and only himself.. everyone worked the farm not just him..the guilt will get to him if he ant type of a real man..Matt has finally showed his trust colors..

  5. He’s right.. it wouldn’t be fair to sell the farm at a discount much cheaper than he could get because that does screw over the other siblings.

    1. All Matt thinks about his money he’s not thinking about his children all he sees is dollar up signs. He doesn’t care about his kids he escorted them on TV and he kept promising that barb was going to be there inheritance and look now all he sees is money he don’t care about nobody and that red-headed woman needs to keep her mouth shut she’s just in it for the money in the fame I can’t stand her her and that must have been screwed around before they got for a nap really hooked up quick I think that was an ongoing relationship that’s why they got a divorce Matt was screwing around with that thing

  6. If the 16 acres is worth $4million, Amy sure got ripped off when she sold her “half” to Matt for what she did! The hard feelings will ease over the years, but Matt and the girlfriend, who should have NOT been present for the negotiations to begin with, totally screwed the kiddos!!! She had absolutely no right to be there discussing family affairs! She’s NOT part of the family. I still think there was some some going on between Matt and Caryn before the divorce!!! I can’t see either boy or other child with an extra 4 million dollars, or even half that!

  7. And what about when he asks Amy when she’s going to own her mistakes? Excuse me? Like I said before she’s practically a saint for putting up with all of Matt’s crap. I’d really like to punch Karen’s lights out.

  8. I have watched this show since the beginning. Matt has always had a narcissistic manipulative personality. He always espoused to be a Christian but never loved his wife or cared for his children the way one should have. It was always about him and about the money the show provided. He always put what he wanted ahead of his children and he still is doing it. He created this mess and yet he still is trying to pass the buck. Shameful behavior!!!

  9. That was low and selfish of Matt. As Amy said…she sold her portion to Matt at a reasonable price so, in turn, the kids could afford it one day. No, he decided to take the money and run…with a lousy excuse of “maintenance”!? Lame excuse, Matt.

  10. Matt Rolloff dishonest. All those years saying he wanted the boys to be able to carry on the Legacy of the Farm. Matt is not the only one that built the property and Pumpkin Business what it is today. Amy was married to him for 25 years. All his children also worked on the farm, even as adults. Amy sold her 1/2 of the farm to Matt for less than $ 600,000. Even if he offered to sell the farm to Jeremy or Zack for 2 Million, that is no bargain, especially when raising his grandchildren. Is that what a Father $ Grandfather does??? He puts profit over family, especially considering he had 93 Acres that belong to MATT ROLLOFF ! He is Selfish and had to look at himself in the Mirror & Live with himself as the Legacy. I think Matt & her were having a affair during the later part of his Marriage to Amy. Carolyn absolutely is a gold digger. I absolutely do not trust her. She is a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. I do not care what how she tries to present herself to viewers on the show. She worked seasonal just during Pumpkin Season. Where is she getting all her money from to buy her new house & all its furnishings and I assume Matt is the one that paid for the one in Arizona . I was quite surprised when Amy & Her hubby went down, and Carlyn said her parents and some of her siblings lived there !! Matt Is a little person, his longevity is a lot less than a regular sized adult- He already has large mobility issues, his bilateral hands are crippled with arthritis etc. It will be interesting to see when Matt gets sick,is Carlyn going to take if him. All she wants is to Madame you f the New hoyse when it s built. Si a question to ask oneself. If Matt ( knock on Wood) would become infirm or he died, does the new house belong to Carolyn and the land Of Matt’s farm and the home in Arizona. What a Web s weaved by those two in the future. Thankfully they have a honest and living mother and her kids have pride & loyalty & Ethnic la. That one can say Matt & Carlyn have not. They both have the higher power to answer to un the End !!!

  11. The kids are still 100% set for life… due to Matt! None of them have ever had to have real jobs. They can thank Matt for that. Also, it rings true that they would probably continue to count on Matt rather than fully take responsibility for running the farm. Sounds like it worked out for the best. The kids will still have a tremendous inheritance when the time comes, for which again, they can thank Matt!

    It’s ridiculous that everyone wants to vilify Matt. Yes, he cheated on Amy. But she’s been a total bitch to him since the show started. So fuck her. I’m glad Matt is happy now. He deserves it!

    1. I agree with everything that you’ve said!! All she did was complain when Matt was upgrading that farm. She didn’t even try to help but they’re all reaping the benefits of his hard work!! Zach has always butt heads with his father because Amy would speak negative things about Matt to the children. The other kids didn’t fall for it!! Shame on her!!

  12. I’m glad Amy stood up to Matt. I think he’s pretty “gallery” to put the farm up for 4 million when he only gave Amy under 1 million for her share of the entire acreage! He’s gotten very greedy and it could very well be because his future wife is whispering in his ear! The house wasn’t good enough for her standards. She didn’t like the texture!!

  13. She was married to Matt for years and didn’t put it in writing that when he wouldn’t sell the farm to the kids, she would get a cut?
    That greedy b dangled a carrot in front of her, lower your buy out price for the kids.
    Why did he want to buy her out in the first place? He was about to retire in a few years. She should have stayed in and have control over what was going to happen to the farm.

    What inheritance? He’s going to blow trough the money with another excuse.

  14. Matt is right about one thing – none of the kids have any business/management experience or acumen.
    Molly and Jacob are very wise to lay low.
    Photography isn’t going to help Jeremy run the farm business, and Zach coaching a Dwarf Soccer League ain’t gonna do the trick either. (Well…to be fair, maybe Zach could turn the entire farm into a giant soccer field and Jeremy could take pictures…)

  15. If you watch the earlier seasons he seemed to care more. Then im sure as time and money went on he changed. Fame changes some for the worst. Greed sets in and greedy partners settle in. I do get that he doesnt want to do all the work but good god could he not hire people to help him? Its not like he doesnt have the money. I think its sad they bring carins grandkids over to be filmed now that zacks family is gone away. This show needs to be over and do one soley based on the kids and let him and carin fly off into the arizona sunset.

  16. And then he just adds insult to injury by implying that even if he was able to sell the 16 acres to anyone of his kids at a reasonable price, he’d still be maintaining the property due to their inability somehow??

    If I was anyone of these kids, I would cut ties with Matt. He just seems so toxic.

      1. And what about when he asks Amy when she’s going to own her mistakes? Excuse me? Like I said before she’s practically a saint for putting up with all of Matt’s crap. I’d really like to punch Karen’s lights out.

        1. Divide all the land between 4 kids, the kid that takes the part with the house on it pays 800 thousand because of the home. Matt stays on 1/4 the land till death ,then it goes to the last born child. We GAVE our 3 generation home to our oldest Daughter with 4 kids. And bought a small house for golden years

  17. Its always easy for Amy to say she would not have sold to Matt, at the time property was half its worth of what it is now. Matt is correct the boys are lazy and not work it. All the family would have nothing if it was not for Matt.

      1. If I was Amy I would no longer have them over for supper or go to Arizona. Time to stop that. The house still hasn’t sold. Those memories are going to be the hard part of letting that go.

  18. Matt has never cared about his family. All Matt cares about is Matt. I quit watching the show because of Matt. He couldn’t even go on vacation with his family because he was cheating on Amy with that thing he is with now. He’s lying if he claimed he wasn’t.

    1. Its always easy for Amy to say now she would have not sold, prices doubled since then and Matt is right the boys are lazy. They would all be have nothing without Matt

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