‘Little People Big World’ Stars Amy Roloff & Audrey Roloff Suggest Matt Roloff Misled Family About Future of Roloff Farm For Years

“We’re putting all the blame on this guy… “

Little People, Big World, major change of plans. 

Weeks after Matt Roloff announced that a large portion of Roloff Farm was up for sale, his family continues to process the news, despite believing for years it would never happen.

As The Ashley told you last month, 16 of the Hillsboro, Oregon, farm’s 109 acres have been listed on the market for $4 million. Those 16 acres include the Roloff’s original 5,373 square foot farmhouse and the 3,594 square foot red barn. When confirming on social media that the property was up for grabs, Matt seemingly blamed his twin sons Zach and Jeremy for not wanting to buy it for themselves, to which Zach fired back, accusing his father of “manipulating the narrative” prior to the Season 23 premiere of ‘Little People, Big World.’ 

During the premiere, fans saw Matt and Zach at odds over the sale of the property, with both parties unable to come to an agreement. In response to the listing going public, Matt’s ex-wife Amy Roloff, who no longer owns part of Roloff Farm, called the situation “very sad,” claiming that, although her sons weren’t looking for a handout from Matt, they expected him to treat them better than a stranger off the street. 

According to In Touch Weekly, Amy echoed similar sentiments recently while discussing Matt’s decision to sell the property, reiterating that her ex-husband should have been the bigger person in the situation. 

“I don’t know a lot of the details of the negotiation that went on between Zach and Matt,” Amy told Us Weekly. “Matt is still the father, still ‘the adult.’ I don’t care how old your kids are, sometimes there are things they may need to learn, but you know as an adult, as a father, you may have to take the higher road.” 

While Amy said she’s “sad that it’s come to this,” she understands her ex-husband can be “grinding.” 

“Parts of me are not exactly surprised because I’ve dealt with Matt over the years and he can be tough,” she added. 

Amy said she and her children were always told that the farm would remain in the family as part of the Roloffs’ legacy, but now that part of the farm is being sold, she just hopes something positive will come out of it.

“Change happens, it’s not always happy, but eventually, maybe this will be a step where we can all move forward and see how we can come back together,” she said.  

While Amy hopes everyone will ultimately “come back together,” doing so will require all parties to forgive and move forward, including Jeremy and his wife Audrey, who must first let go of a dream they’ve had for years.  

During an Instagram Q&A last week, Audrey said taking over the farm was a mutual dream– one that she and Jeremy started working towards after they got married. 

“We tried to [buy it] back in May of 2020,” she said. “We shared what we felt comfortable sharing about that in a [Behind The Scenes] podcast episode. Jer and I hoped to take over his parents’ farm (or a portion of it) since he was a child. It was something he was led to believe was possible. He made it very known to his family and publicly on TV. It became a mutual dream when we got married, and we started working towards it.” 

Audrey said when she and Jeremy were “finally at a point where it was practically possible,” they made an offer, only to realize “maybe it wasn’t meant to be.” 

“We realized Jer’s family was not actually as aligned in the progression towards us acquiring it as we thought they were,” she said, before noting there had been a “threat of having to sell the farm” on more than one occasion.

Now that it’s become a reality, she admits it’s been “incredibly hard” for both her and Jeremy, as they “fell in love there, got married there, helped run the business there.” 

“We really did think we’d raise our kids there,” she added. “Like I said, it was the death of a dream.”

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  1. Matt never had any intention of selling to them. He just wanted the attention for saying he wanted them to have it. He wanted to look like the doting father he’s never been. He threatened to sell it away from them repeatedly on the show before this. Matt Roloff only cares about Matt Roloff, and he’s going to wake up one day and find everyone else has moved on, including his attention seeking mistress.


  3. It’s very sad watching the rolff family grow up at that farm it would have been nice to see the grown ups and there children enjoy the farm and maybe one day marry there like there parents before the grandkids that is and the brothers should work together to buy the farm and keep it in the family very sad

  4. PS Take your Walmart Toys back to the Store Matt as I hope Zach and Torri throw them out after Little Lila’s Birthday.Hugs to Big Man “Jackson” I hope to God His Legs get better after the Operation,what a Character!!Im tired just watching Him….LOL!

    1. Walmart toys 😂😂😂 I love that!
      Jackson is a little go-getter. How about the way he didn’t want to go to Matt in the new house. That boy is smart and he knows that something is wrong.
      Jackson is a little trooper. So brave as he was wheeled into surgery. Praying for you 🙏

  5. On the last Episode we saw Matt talk and talk about how He hopes Zach comes around,obvious a sure sign of Guilt and Greed.He did mention that “Well,You know that Property Values have gone Up” after probably stealing it from Amy,let Him and Karen live there…all alone,no Grandkids as He has dug His Grave.He is a Con Man for sure,I never liked or trusted him and the wat he treated Amy now Zach.Poor example of a Father,my Kid comes first and wouldnt take a penny for any of my Properties if they wanted them,how Greedy.Whats Karen doing saying”Its Over” and blaming Zach??STFU.Amy and Chris get away from them and dont go to Arizona,shut them off so they can enjoy there Farm.What a Grandpa,I feel bad for Tori,she is caught protecting Her Husband.I dont blame Her for walking away from them,this is not what a Father In Law does or how He should act.Came a long way from making Lil People Step Stools and Salsa now its all about the $$$$$.

  6. I wish Chris and Amy would stay clear of Matt and the tart Matt will ruin Amy’s marriage if there not careful Matt’s trying to put blame on everyone including Amy instead of him and Caryon

  7. Seems like the Roloff kids feel Matt should give them the property. Truth is he owes them anything. The kids don’t sticl to any sort of career they can’t seem to stay in 1 house for any length of time bouncing their own children from place to place..yet they are consistant at broadcasting to others how to live their lives & raise children. Then there’s Amy….ALWAYS negative….ALWAYS snide remarks…ALWAYS living in past…she has nothing to do with farm any longer…Amy-you’re remarried..put your energy into new marriage & not into what Matt is doing in his life…

    1. Thank you, Jmward. I’m not a fan of Matt, but if I had to spend my life struggling around on crutches and being in pain, I’d be contrary too!
      And, I was never impressed with Amy trying to do the “saintly housewife and mom” routine. The house was always a pigsty (including the kids’ rooms). They were making big bucks with the show…if she wasn’t into house-cleaning, she could have easily hired a weekly housekeeping service to keep the place neat and tidy.
      Funny thing…Matt’s office in the home was always clean and well-organized. Makes me wonder if Amy wasn’t allowed in there to mess things up and create her usual household chaos! Hee hee.

  8. Matt is an asshole. Always has been now he has Karen to asshole with him. He is sneaky he has known all this time. I think everyone owes Amy a big I AM SORRY…every one thought it was her…love you Amy

  9. I cannot stand Matt! I believe with all my heart an soul that Matt an Caren had something going on years before his divorce with Amy! I believe Caren is using Matt for the money an the farm!

    1. Oh, I totally agree! And to think, Jeremy and Audrey were all up in arms when Amy started dating Chris. They were very judgmental of her, and I never thought that was fair. She wasn’t the one who cheated. I can’t prove that Matt did, but he was always acting fishy so I wouldn’t put it past him. Remember that awful 25th anniversary present for Amy? Matt treated the whole thing like a joke! She wanted the day to be special, and he made up that stupid rap. It was all about getting attention for himself never both of them at all. So bad

  10. It was my understanding and probably a lot of other people’s understanding that he wanted one of his children to take over the farm so that the legacy of Roloff farm can go on and stay in the family.

    1. Exactly! He even said her had Jackson bury this coins at the bottom of then sand pit for future generations to dig up. Did he expect those generations to get permission from whoever he sells the land to? He pulled this crap with Jeremy and Audra too. He deserves Karen. Maybe he’ll understand what he’s put his kids through once she takes him for half of everything he’s got.

  11. How are zack and Jeremy?? If Jeremy and Audrey planned on buying a portion of the farm I wonder how Zach felt about that????

  12. I think Matt is just greedy.If it was me I’d split it between the 4 kids. Let it be in the family as long as possible Those kids shouldnt have to buy the farm.They should inherit it. I believe Karen has alot to do with his decision. She’s living like a queen on his money. She’s got what she wanted n she’s gonna be sure to keep it. Funny how the minute Matt n Amy split,,there she was on his arm. She seems very happy

  13. It’s sad that Matt was greedy and did his kids this way! If I were his kids I would never speak to him again!! I think Matt’s woman caused alot of the problems to begin with, she seems to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong!! I don’t like Matt rolloff anymore after he did this to his children!!

  14. That was always Matt’s big thing, he was building the farm for the family to pass down to he’s kids! He’s such an ass!

  15. I think Caryn has way too much input on this subject. She has really influenced Matt. She needs to butt out of family business. She and Matt aren’t even engaged.

  16. Their dad should be the bigger person and act like a dad making his kids top priority. That’s not happening here. If I were him
    I would give the children a portion of the farm and sell what’s left making everyone happy.

  17. Matt’s a selfish ass! I’ve watched the show for years. Matt wants to do what Matt’s wants & doesn’t care who he hurts in the process.

  18. This is so sad to think that Matt wouldn’t take the higher road to make it possible for his sons to own the farm together. This decision is going to have consequences that will last forever and possibly break up the family forever. How sad to just let money rule over a family legacy that could have lasted for generations to come, now matt really looks like the bad guy for choosing money over his family.

    1. What a greedy ass. Never liked the man. I certainly wouldn’t take my kids to visit if it were me. Shame on you Matt and that homewrecking tart you’re hooked up with. She’s clearly in it for the money. He’ll be sorry one day soon. So much for generations of Roloffs growing up there. CLOWN 🤡

  19. Why is Audrey putting her two cents in? Shouldn’t this be done by Jeremy? Oh wait, I forgot. Audrey is a shameless self-promoter, who leads Jeremy around by the nose.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Zach “It’s all about me” Roloff was blowing $$$ on a Personal Trainer and entering some weight-lifting contest? Guess he can do that because he doesn’t hold down a Real Job.

    The icing on the cake was when they were discussing the need for sweet little Jackson to get surgery for his bowed legs. Zach’s focus? “We need to do this before the holidays.” Yes, god forbid that the child’s medical needs interfere with Zach’s enjoyment of the holidays!!

    And moving day to Battle Ground was ludicrous. The house was a mess, and their efforts at preparing and packing were a joke. But, I guess Self-focused Zach was too busy lifting weights and fretting about Christmas to be bothered with this trivial chore. I feel very, very sorry for Tori – she seems to be bearing most of the family responsibilities and burdens in the marriage.

  20. All about the money.thats why caryns there marry for money,they don’t even sleep together so sad for the boys n family.enough people don’t think of family first over money. Happy for Amy n Chris

  21. As far as lam concerned Matt’s fiancée has him turning away from the promise he let his kids to believe.when Matt passes on she will be rolling in the dough .Gold digger,put Matt in the baby buggy and humiliate him more . Matt step up to your promise remember blood is thicker than water family is family

  22. I think Matt was a butt, he should have divided the farm in sections!! If he has sell it to them?? That I don’t understand,it’s their inheritance!!one could take the section with the house & land!! One could buy another section,with the same amount of land,so it would be equal!!Love the show, I still think Caren has to much say in everything!! She is not my favorite person!!

  23. For a Little Person, he’s a big asshole!! I’m speechless that he expects his kids to pay for family land weren’t they underage when they were on the show? So where’s that money? Even if it’s in a trust somewhere, it’s likely not even close to what those buyers paid for 14-15 acres.

  24. Zach and Jeremy are spoiled brats who think they are entitled. Neither of them have ever had a real job and wouldn’t have the lives they had without Matt. They should be thanking him for the wonderful childhood he gave them instead of whining and complaining.

    1. I’m sorry J Jackson, but I have to respectfully disagree with your comment.

      It’s not entitlement when you are told your entire life, by your father, that you are helping to build your family business and legacy. Both Zach and Jeremy have put more than 20 years of sweat equity into the farm. Both boys continued with the show far longer than their siblings. Matt has greatly profited off of Zach and Jeremy, while making promises that they would inherit or have the chance to purchase the property and continue the business. To backtrack on those promises, and to ignore the significant contributions made to increase the value of both the land and business, is dishonest and cruel.

      I’m not saying the boys deserve to have the land given to them free and clear, although that would have been Matt’s right as their parent. But Matt should have accounted for those contributions and the sweat equity when negotiating the sale price. It’s sad that Matt has chosen, and continues to chose, money over family. He will probably regret these choices when his kids and grandkids chose to minimize a relationship with him and he dies alone.

  25. This whole situation is tragic. I thought the Farm was going to the kids. It’s a shame that greed stepped in. If Matt is to old to run it, then let the boys pitch in and help. Then it could stay in the family like it was promised. How much money does Matt need to live on in his old age? The money he is getting from the show should be plenty. I feel bad for the kids.

  26. The land and buildings might have good value but does the business?

    When it came close to having to sell multiple times while the businesses got great PR from the show and attracted people that wanted to see the farm IRL, it might not be worth the investment.

    The kids apparently know it’s not worth 4 million but Matt is often not realistic.
    I really doubt he will sell it for 4. Maybe he never really intended to but just wants a better price from his own kids.

  27. Matt will get what’s coming up. Everyone can see what’s happening right under Matt’s nose BUT Matt. Karen acts like she is helping Matt with future decisions and she is. Funny what greed will do to some people! If she really cared, she should’ve stayed out of the Roloff family decisions! She is acting all coy but we can see that greed seeping out of her. It’s not enough that she broke up a marriage- now she has succeeded in dividing the rest of the children and grands from a relationship with their dad and grandfather. Shame on the hussy aka homewrecker! Get a life Karen and stop taking from others lives.

  28. Matt is and always has been a master manipulater!! Now he’s met his match and doesnt even realize it!! Karen doesnt want him or his children. She is slowly turning Matt against all of them!! She wants all the original family part of farm sold so Matt can build her her own place!! Shes slowly turning on the kids and telling Matt they hold grudges forever but not her kids!! Heres your olive branch now that Im winning!!-take it or leave it. Sad sad!!
    And Chris doesnt have a clue!! He needs to stop wanting to be Matts best friend. Does he not realize the hurt he caused Amy and those kids with his cheating? Stop pushing Amy into such a hurtful situation!! Start your own life with Amy and leave her cheating X out of it!! Buy your own plane tickets!! So disgusting to even suggest spending valentines with Amys X and his cheating girlfriend!!

  29. The divorce of Amy and Matt ended the expectation of passing on a family farm. I believe Amy was the sensible glue in that duo and she tried to keep Matt from destroying “family”. While not wildly discussed Karen has stepped in and made it “normal” for Matt to be greedy. In the long run I believe Karen is looking for a large $$$ future because she knows how to manipulate Matt. Amy had good reason not to trust Karen….

  30. Two words: chronic (physical) pain. I’m not a close follower of this show, but the times I’ve seen Matt that’s what I saw in his face. Chronic pain will erode anyone’s outlook, relationships, decisions etc. Not an excuse just food for thought.

  31. I think that the 16 acres should be taken off the market today. I’ve watched since the beginning and it was talked about the kids would take over the farm . Shame on you Matt Roeloff. You d÷ceived us all.That house would of been perfect for Zak and his 3 children who are Little People..the house is ready for four Little People. Shame on you Matt all for a buck. And I definitely think Caryns opinion should be Left out of it. You will never get your family back. Make the right decision Matt. I pray you do!

  32. Matt is a very selfish and greedy man who only thinks of himself.He had better realize before its to late that when you only put yourself first sometime GOd will take it from you.you are 60yrs old with health problems and your time in this world is short.learn to step away and enjoy the what’s left of your life. Your friend has know say so. That farm was built with your real family and memories don’t let money destroy that. Wisdom does not come with age. You have proven that.

  33. Children are not entitled to their parents wealth. And just because Matt decided to sell at market value, that doesn’t mean there won’t be something for them when he dies. At this point I’d leave every last cent to the local human society, those little critters seem more deserving than his pack of spoiled brats.

    1. They not entitled to it but all their kids helped on that farm and worked their. The kids are just as much a reason for their wealth as the parents are. They also sold their childhoods to a realty tv show.

      1. Those kids got paid. They have a new house in Battle Ground and the old house had not even been sold yet. That’s a luxury that you could afford ..I think the old house was 350 and the new house is 525… They definitely got paid.

  34. I agree with all 4 comments here. But I doubt if Matt will or ever would admit he did his family wrong. Matt does no wrong. I was not happy when Amy first divorced him. But since, she did the best thing. Amy and the kids are right. Matt totally smashed and crushed his kids dreams of raising their kids there and the farm staying in the Roloff family. Truly a sad thing.

  35. There both right, Matt said that from season one. He was so quick to push amy off to get control knowing he’d never sell it to sons and karen shouldn’t of been involved in ANYWAY. think Amy should of sold her part to one of the sons but Matt lead her to believe sons would get farm.

  36. Almost everything on that farm was built by the help of those boys! Even as teens growing up. Matt being unable to do the work, insisted the boys, especially Jeremy get out there and make his dreams come true! I remember watching many many shows where Matt was bossing and even billeting the boys to get exactly what he wanted and how and when. So sad he doesn’t see their contributions. I do think all his spending, if we saw the books and all his debts, it would be his debts that stopped the sale to his sons!

  37. I agree with you 100%. I’ve watched LPBW since the kids were little. Matt always had control and the upper hand regarding everything that was going on. The construction of the house was what I remember most. He wouldn’t listen to Amy about anything. She was so sad most of the time. She played it off as well as she could. Caren is digging into the family pockets and Matt is blind to what is happening. He thinks it’s all “Love” oh my goodness. If they marry everything the family, (Amy and the kids) will be gone. I don’t know what the future brings for Zack, Tori their kids and another on the way. So upsetting. I want to say, no scream to Matt, your family comes first!!! I predict the show will soon come to an end. Without the farm, Amy, Zack there’s no reason for it. Matt and Caren will live in Arizona. Happily ever after 😆😏🙄

  38. Matt is only about himself. He always was. I knew he was blowing smoke up people asses from day 1. I never liked him! Sorry kids, he only cares about him himself. Carin. Beware! But above who cheats will a married man deserves what she gets. Shame in you!

  39. Yes. Greed sometimes wins. Seen similar, only worse in my husband’s family. Game playing, lies, promises and greed.
    Matt could have easily divided a portion of the farm between the four kids, still kept his double wide and kept involved in the money making business part. Still think Amy should not have sold for only $600k. She should have kept the homestead and turned it into a bed and breakfast. She loves cooking and baking. All in all a family tragedy that will never get fully resolved. Greed and money before family never does.

  40. Matt promised his children on National TV numerous times that their (Amy and his) children would inherit the farm. Does NOT surprise me at all that once AGAIN Matt is going back on his word re the farm along with other broken promises. Matt cannot be trusted and his integrity is non existent. No one should do business with a dishonest man especially when he has cheated his OWN CHILDREN so he can KEEP all the money for himself. Hope he gets Karen to sign a pre nup agreement. The kids should not believe NOR TRUST MATT ever again. Hopefully they can move forward and leave Matt behind to wallow in his dishonesty and lies. God will take care of it.

  41. I don’t know these people, I have never watched this show. But having been in almost this exact situation I can only tell them that this is actually a blessing in disguise. It’s heartbreaking in the moment and it hurts, but they will find something better and come out the other side in a better housing situation.

    1. You’ve never watched the show and you give an opinion like that?!! As a long time follower. I’m bewildered by your comment. Maybe something of the sort happened in your life. That makes no comparison to the Rolof’s. A reality show with many years of watching the kids grow up and everything they did on the farm. Building forts, treehouse, running and playing…to surgeries on Zack’s legs, which he is now experiencing with his own son. So, please don’t comment on a show you have no idea what is happening. Thanks and hope your life goes well.

    2. While I’ve never been almost inherenting a farm, I’ve definitely been party to watching a family completely shatter over greed. Or watch those suffer for taking *gifts* that had conditions put on them.

      It is very much a blessing in disguise. I imagine one or both sons would have wanted to make changes, live their own lives, and I cannot see someone as how Matt has been described as being ok with that. Even if they ended up with their own pieces, I could absolutely see boundaries being crossed. Maybe leaving Matt alone on the and with strangers is really the best option. Even if it doesn’t seem like it now.

  42. Anyone who couldn’t see how manipulative Matt is, needs to go back and rewatch from the beginning. He’s always been one to put himself and his wants (not needs) first no matter who gets screwed over. It’s a shame for all the kids to have what they were told would always be their legacy start being sold. It’s sad that Matt’s greed has come before his kids and grandkids. He and gold digger Karen deserve each other.

    1. Gosh. well said! I am saddened for his kids . The fact he wants to manipulate and create a narrative which puts blame on his kids is disturbing. He should just be honest…I lied ..I led them on… I want the money! I have stopped watching show.

    2. Agree 💯 Matt treated whole family like crap was always bout him and just sat around and complained bout everything. Karen cheated with Matt and only in it for the $$$$ he going to be sad old man

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