EXCLUSIVE! Mack Lovat Tells True Story About Dating Farrah Abraham After She Confirms Their “Breakup”; Says He “Never Agreed” To A Relationship

“I think I’ll just hang out with you guys from now on.”

Farrah Abraham‘s date Mack Lovat is speaking out in the wake of his blink-and-you-miss-it relationship with the former Teen Mom star. 

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, Farrah showed off her momentary-boo over the weekend by calling the paparazzi to snap a few photos of her licking, kissing and walking around with the Minus Gravity producer/guitarist. 

Shortly after the photos began to circulate, Farrah– who claimed to have met the musician after he slid into her DMs a couple years ago– informed TMZ the relationship had run its course and that Mack had allegedly turned into a “monster” after receiving some press. 

Pot, meet Farrah kettle.

On Wednesday, Mack recounted his time with Farrah to The Ashley, claiming he “never agreed” to be in a relationship with Farrah at any point.   

“I met Farrah on Bumble in 2020 and we took her pup Billionaire to a dog park. I most definitely did not ‘slide in her DMs,’” Mack told The Ashley. “To be fully transparent I wasn’t even aware of her fame when we initially met (not that it matters). I asked her if she wanted to hang again but, barring a random DM convo we had about the Grammy’s a year or so ago, we didn’t speak until last week. It was surprising to wake up and discover I had acquired a girlfriend overnight because I certainly never agreed to that.. with anyone. 


“I sent Farrah a text to clarify this, and to also let her know that I was under the impression something like that was a mutual decision… she then proceeded to serve me some words and block me,” he continued. “Anyways, if Farrah had asked, I would of told her I was fairly fresh off a break up with my ex Antonia and that when you still love someone it’s not the best move to rush into things.. especially after only spending a total of 2 days together in the physical form. 

“All of that being said, I want to make it clear I really do wish Farrah the best,” he added. “We initially bonded over the loss of a loved one and I know she’s been thru a lot. These past couple days have really been an eyeopening experience for me. Besides being utterly confused as to how 2 people going on a date and kissing is newsworthy (especially with all that’s going on in the world) my next biggest takeaway was the dark extent of this cyberbullying bullsh*t we got going on. People insulting Farrah’s mental state, physical appearance, calling her horrible names, telling me to run, to head for the hills… enough is enough. We gotta to do better. We need to be kinder. I know I certainly can. 

“You heard him, folks… embrace your inner Farrah!”

“One of my mentors told me Karma is a boomerang… and that when he’s feeling down he prays hardest for those he dislikes the most and it never fails to bring him up,” Mack concluded. “Nobody’s perfect. And despite what anyone may say Farrah’s a great Mom who loves her daughter to death. She’s raising a great kid, and she’s doing it alone as a single Mother. So to anybody who feels the need to try to break them down to build themselves up, please keep that in mind. Ask yourselves if you would say these things to your own mother, daughter, wife, or anyone you care about. That negativity will never build you up. Hate is heavy, love is light. I promise if you let that sh*t go you’ll see nothing can hold you down.”  

UPDATE: Not long after her breakup, Farrah decided to screenshot a private message between herself and Mack to share with her Instagram followers. According to The Sun, within the contents of the text conversation was a d**k pic Mack had allegedly sent to Farrah. While Farrah censored the Mack-age with an emoji, she left the accompanying text exposed.

“Do you miss him?” Mack allegedly asked Farrah.  

…and because this is Farrah that we’re talking about, she threw in a heaping helping of word salad when sharing the screenshot with followers.  

“Don’t give anyone a chance any more, don’t let people come out in public, unless they are public and globally know or I’ll have someone telling me they were daring, but to the world they don’t know me,” she wrote. 

“Globally unknown men need not apply.”

Farrah also called Mack a “clown” and told him to “get some f**king help.” 

“ …and keep my name out of your mouth!” Farrah added. “You were blocked for a reason.” 

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(Photos: Mack Lovat; MTV; YouTube)

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  1. Farrah just can’t win but that’s what happens when you go around treating people like they’re beneath you. I have mental health issues, not proud at all to go public with but I wouldn’t dream of treating anyone like shit especially if I don’t know them or failed to give them a fair chance. Farrah is just evil and there is no help for that.

  2. She is very mentally damaged. People need to leave her alone, even this site. Hopefully she will get the care and treatment she needs, maybe at some point her family or some other person in her life will step in. In the mean time, leave her alone.

    1. Unfortunately she is beyond help because she’s just evil and narcissistic and there is no help for that.

    2. Big fat no ..you reep what you sow, Would not give a shit. But she involved her daughter. Her daughter murdered a puppy, because her mothers influence. Defend her all you want, but don’t judge other’s for their opinions. We all have mental issues, no excuse for deviant behaviors

  3. Ugh. Farrah is so self important, yet she reveals her [lack of] intelligence within the first five minutes of opening her mouth (or typing on a keyboard). There’s also the fact that she isn’t a nice person. I suspect this guy’s defending Farrah has less to do with her fine mothering skills than it does an attempt to staunch the flow of Farrah’s wrath.

  4. Anyone else notice whatever the biggest headline is, Farrah tries to make a story up about her that sounds similar? For example: Kim K makes a sex tape, Farrah makes an entire porno, Kim K does law school, Farrah gets into an online Harvard program, Caitlynn Jenner tries politics, Farrah wants to get into politics, NOW Amber Heard was claiming that Johnny Depp turned into an abusive MONSTER (the exact word she used), and a like 5 days after the trial, here comes Farrah…This guy I’ve been dating for 2 days turned into a MONSTER!!!…Farrah is delusional and unwell. She lives in Lala land, and that’s putting it nicely.

    1. I can get on board with her comparing herself to Amber Heard. LOL. Claiming to be a victim when she’s not. Probably has pooped on someone’s bed too!

  5. So much for being a nice decent guy—Farrah is sharing a nude photo of him on Instagram and Only Fans and posting some super hateful stuff about this guy, including that he’s a liar and abusive.

    The ‘hate’ he sees Farrah getting is because of her behavior like this—being angry and vengeful and willing to destroy anyone’s life who doesn’t toe her line. She’s the only one allowed to tell media what happened and it’s her own delusions or outright lies for press attention. This poor sap just tried to tell the truth and she’s out for blood now.

    1. Nice, decent guys can send dick pics to women they’re dating or married to. I’d like to see the conversation leading up to the alleged dick pic. Farrah probably totally coerced him into jt, so she could claim she was traumatized by it after.

      1. Also Farrah sharing his photos is probably revenge porn.
        Shes not the victim.
        This guy didnt ask for ANY of this.

  6. He just said he basically doesn’t know her from a stranger off the street. Is he aware how fucking hateful she is to people and how she doesn’t take care of her kid? Douche.

  7. The guy is exactly right. Farrah has major mental disorders. Like a lot. Yea, she is narcissistic and mean but it’s all because of her mental state. You shouldn’t attack her because of it. How can that possibly make you feel good? Just say nothing. Leave her alone and pray she gets good help.

    1. Many people struggle with mental health. That’s no excuse to treat people like shit like she does.

      1. I have a few mental health issues and I wouldn’t even dream of treating anyone on the street like shit.

    2. Not till her child is out of the equation . No sympathy for Someone who subjects her daughter to sexual predators. Feel as bad as you want for her, but then you perpetuate child neglect. Mental illness doesn’t trump child abuse. She does not get a free pass.

    1. ?

      Yes, this sweet summer child just learned a valuable lesson in “Don’t stick your dick in crazy”

      1. Farrah is severely mentally ill. I’m not saying this to be mean, but she is truly delusional.
        I don’t think she should have custody of her kid either. That kid needs friends, school, and most importantly stability. She looks sad to me.
        Farrah is a mean, bully. She’s just a narcissistic, vile person.

    1. She filmed herself taking a shit, wiping it on cotton balls, jarred it up and sold it to perverts, All the while, her daughter having knowledge of her behavior. Enough said? Those people calling for kindness and understanding, gotta give you a big fat NO! If it was only her involved, fine. However, her daughter is being subjected to her deviant behavior. No child should be watching her mother get vaginal rejuvenation, Not to mention her drunken arrests do to her violent behavior, with no remorse.

  8. So, they weren’t in a ‘relationship’ per se, he was just fucking her basically.

  9. While I see some of his points I find it weird that he goes on to defend Farrah as a mother who loves her daughter very much.
    First she can very much love her daughter and want what’s best for her but that doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good mother. That is a major part of it but there are instances that women that love their children can still abuse their children. Whether it’s due to lack of support, generational parenting habits etc.
    Second I find it weird how hard he is defending her when he admits to not knowing who she was at first and only spending a couple of days with her (one date only). A lot of people know how to put the crazy on the back burner during the courtship phase.
    So he shouldn’t be so quick to label people as negative for voicing their concern if they are privy to her previous behavior from watching her on TV and reading about her various bizarre antics over the years.

  10. You’d think if you had to consistently pay men to be your boyfriend, that you’d fix your attitude and do some soul searching…but Farrah has mental capacity of an earth worm, so here she is…paying men to pretend they like her.

  11. Hes too nice and too self aware for her

    How do you not know who Farrah is?? Do you not read The Ashley ffs!? Do you not have Google?
    I would Google a dude I met at the mall..

  12. I most definitely would tell my sister, daughter, mother that I thought they were being delusional if they acted the way Farrah does. …and they would be brutally honest with me if they felt the same about me.
    I don’t know that anyone deserves being bullied. However, I don’t think you can bully Farrah. She’s in a world of her very own. The things she believes happen to her and the way they actually do, are 2 entirely different happenings. Men she claims to be with, aside from Simon, don’t claim to be with her. .. then there is that very cringe video where she’s lip syncing, “Why You So Obsessed With Me?” I’m sorry but who? Her obsession with wanting to be Kim K…or in her mind Kim wanting to be her. The beyond amount of plastic surgery and fakery.. I don’t know if she knows who she is anymore. Girl needs therapy…on going therapy. Maybe she can take some online therapy sessions since she doesn’t have her Harvard Law degree thing going now. Per law!

  13. Nice sentiment, Mack, but you clearly don’t know anything about Farrah (although you just said she insulted and blocked you when you told her you weren’t in a relationship so that should give you a clue)

    1. While clearly he doesn’t know much about her I applaud him being a standup guy. He was able to see and a short time she had mental issues, a lot of loss and a lot of trauma. If you don’t know her whole history …yes I can see from the outside she looks bullied and her daughter looks bullied as well… And that’s always sad to see.. hear or read.

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