Farrah Abraham & New Man Mack Lovat Split Days After Posing For Paparazzi Pics Together: Farrah Says He Turned Into a “Monster”

“CLEARLY he couldn’t handle dating the Number One Celebrity In Our Nation!”

Farrah Abraham‘s “relationships” generally don’t last long, but the Backdoor Teen Mom’s latest courtship may set the record for her shortest ever.

Over the weekend, the Teen Mom-star-turned…whatever it is that Farrah does now showed off her new boo (musician Mack Lovat) by ringing up her paparazzi pals to come snap photos of her licking, kissing and walking with the Minus Gravity guitarist. 

As you do…

The Big F made sure to get plenty of photos taken of her tongue in Mack’s mouth, and soon spoke to TMZ about her budding relationship with Mack, whom she says she met when he slide into her Instagram DMs a few years ago. Unfortunately for The Big F (but probably fortunately for Mack), the relationship blew up faster than Farrah’s lips after that botched lip implant fiasco.

Less than 12 hours after TMZ ran the story about Farrah’s new boo, she apparently called the site back to let them know that her relationship with Mack is already over. Naturally, because this is Farrah we’re talking about, the demise of the relationship was due to Mack’s actions (according to Farrah).

“Sometimes people turn into monsters with press, happy I found out now,” Farrah told the site. 

On Tuesday, she made it clear that she is back on the prowl. (Men, consider that your warning.) 

“For the record I’m happily single, I’m dating again & I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,” Farrah wrote on Instagram Stories.

She then added that any man she dates will not be allowed to meet her teen daughter Sophia until he’s ready to spawn with her. (There’s no word if Farrah will allow her new boos to meet her mini horse, Starburst, though.) 

“Please don’t let this woman procreate again. Also, nay!”

“No one meets my child unless I wanna make a baby again one day. I’M FAR FROM THAT POINT. They can carry my bags though.”

Mack is not the first “ex” that Farrah has accused of turning on her. In fact, nearly every one of her relationships has ended, according to Farrah, due to the other person’s actions. Back in 2018, she “dated” stuntman Aden Stay for about a week, calling it “love at first sight” only for Aden to come back and state that he only went on two dates with Farrah and she blew things “out of proportion.” 

Farrah later stated, ““I need to watch whom I date as many men target me for my success.” (Aden denied her claim, stating that he had “zero desire to be famous.”)

Farrah has gone on to accuse many of the men she’s dated in the past of using her for her fame.

The Ashley has reached out to Mack for comment and will update this story when more information is available. 


  1. Back door Farrah, the girl who bags her own feces and sells it online. This girl is mentally not well. I feel for Sophia

  2. I don’t think there’s anyone that’s ever lived on this planet that has thirsted for fame MORE than The Big F, and I grew up watching Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie sticking their arms up cows bums for fame.

  3. “Those who hunt paparazzi must be careful to have some fucking self-awareness that YOU’RE the monster you accuse others of suddenly turning into” doesn’t have QUITE the ring to it as the adage about “Those who hunt monsters…”, but, damn, she really lacks any ability to self-reflect, eh?

    She still hasn’t grasped the difference between “game” and “infamy,” has she? Ain’t no one paying her a private date and being cool with her summoning the paps for the clout unless they’re trying to launch an OF account.

    And, Kail, if spending $300K on a nuisance lawsuit is still something you think was Totally Worth It, this one would lose too, but at least it’s actually an example of possible libel and slander. I totally believe Farrah has some serious trauma from past sexual and other physical abuse, but claiming a man “turned into a monster” has some far deeper implications than “waaah, he used me for my fame.” He didn’t attack you or turn abusive, even if we believe everything you claim: don’t use such hyperbole to describe “didn’t act like I wanted him to”: I want people to believe women when they state they were harmed or that some man suddenly “turned into a monster,” even Farrah, and being the Adult Who Cried ‘Monster’ is literally harmful. Go. Away.

  4. I’m sure this guy didnt consent to being a prop. Things seemed fine until she was desperate to take it public.

    He dodged a bullet.

  5. Well, at least he got to raise his profile. Never heard of him or that band, but there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

    And LOVE the Starburst caption!

    1. She called the paparazzi and he had no clue…hence he went mad at th press cause YOU CALLED THEM FARRAH…and he was mad at YOU for doing that…camera chaser

  6. The pictures looked posed for and fake to me. Anyone notice the weird way Farrah was holding her neck to kiss him in some of them? A part of me feels sorry for Farrah because it seems there is some type of mental illness going on. Poor Sophia.

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