Farrah Abraham Rushes to Hospital After Botched Plastic Surgery Procedure

botched lips
No funny caption needed…seriously…

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is a big fan of plastic surgery. The reality-turned-p0rn-star has had numerous procedures done over the past few years– from a nose job to multiple chin jobs and several breast enlargements.

However, Farrah’s obsession with plastic surgery has taken a dangerous turn. Earlier today, she headed into the operating room at a La Jolla, California, cosmetic surgery office to get what appears to be lip enlargements, and suffered some dangerous results.

Farrah posted some horrifying photos of herself with enormous lips to her social media accounts, along with the caption:

“Monday just got #‎Botched‬ …. Oh boy never again La Jolla need a better doc like NOW ‪#‎plasticsurgery girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya!”

She later posted that she had to go to the emergency room to try to fix what appears to be swelling (possibly from an allergic reaction to something used during the procedure?)

Although it seemed like Farrah posted the scary photos of herself in her hospital bed to gain sympathy from her followers, her plan backfired. Most of the comments left on the photos she posted to her Facebook page were negative (and kind of funny).

“Hahahahahaha karma is great,” one commenter on Facebook wrote. “What a horrible role model for Sophia. I hope to God she doesn’t turn out like you.”

“That’s your own fault u do need a new doctor– a psychologist,” another wrote.

La Jolla, California, located near San Diego, is known for having some of the most respected plastic surgeons in the business, by the way.

According to TMZ, who posted about Farrah’s lip service later this afternoon, Farrah was doing a new procedure in which a doctor put an implant into her lip (rather than constantly injecting fillers into it). Obviously, the results were less than stellar. TMZ reports that the doctor is still not sure if Farrah had an allergic reaction to the implant, or if the implant itself was defective.

UPDATE: A source tells The Ashley that Farrah was having something called the PermaLip implanted into her mouth so that she didn’t constantly have to get lip injections. The PermaLip is a silicone implant that covers in three sizes and is supposed to create a soft, natural larger lip look. It can not rupture, and can be removed at any time.

The Ashley has reached out to both Farrah and Farrah’s manager to try to get more info on what happened. She will update the story if she gets more details.

(Photos: Facebook)


  1. She needed some DSL for her next porn… If she spent as much time with Sophia as she does at the doctors office she wouldn’t be such a pathetic mother

  2. I’m sorry, I am usually a pretty considerate and sensitive person but I don’t feel sorry for her at all. It’s not because of things she’s done in the past. It’s because I just can’t stand people that go overboard on plastic surgery. They are obviously very vain people that only care about their looks. I just don’t respect people like that.

    1. It was just a matter of time when you have so many unnecessary procedures and she is young and will more than likely be fine. Our lack of sympathy towards her doesn’t mean we are heartless. I feel sorry for patients who found themselves in the hospital after a car wreck (getting hit by drunk drivers such as FARRAH) or fainting and falling down at work. I feel sorry for mothers and fathers who struggle to keep their children insured and pray to god that their kids don’t break an arm at recess because they just can’t afford it. Most of all I feel sorry for Farrah’s daughter for having such a nightmare of a mother. God bless? She’s been blessed very well, but God can only do so much for someone who insists upon making stupid decision after stupid decision. What this girl needs is to get kicked in the butt by reality – which ironically will only happen when she gets off “reality” tv.


  4. i feel sorry for Farrah. out of all the teen mon’s i thought she had the chance to make something of her life. She always looked clean and presentable, and, the home she grew up in is beautiful. However, her ‘career’ path is going to cause her regret one day. On being Farrah, her mother said about her porn career and selling sex toys, ‘this is not who we are!’. Well, who is she? She has been in porn films, sold sex toys, and does stripping. Farrah was a naturally pretty girl. She looks so much older than her years after all the procedures she has.

  5. She seems like someone who would’ve watched The Hills. Doesn’t she remember what happened to Heidi Montag?! Farrah used to be naturally pretty and with all this surgery she’s so clownish.

    1. Heidi had 10 ridiculous procedures done in one ridiculous day .. Farrah has had various stuff done over the past years. there’s risks in any cosmetic procedure whether it be a liposuction or botox. i don’t agree that she was ever naturally pretty but i do agree she’s like a clown now. and definitely a joke.

  6. you know people until you walk in Farrah’s shoes don’t judge. do you really know her? how perfect are any of you. I know i’m not. I didn’t do porn when I was young but I made plenty of dumb mistakes. Don’t judge her. if you do I hope something happens in your life and you get judged. and you see you are not perfect. she is in the public eye. so she gets judged if you were in the public eye how would people judge you. what lies would people or media tell about you to raise ratings? I’m not saying what she has done is right or good. but don’t you judge her you do not know her or what she has been through. wish her help and loving guidance.

    1. She is only in the public eye because she wants to be at this point. She is in it for the shock value – which will lead to judging everytime. No one would say a word if she quietly left the spotlight and hung out at home with her daughter and led a normal life.

    2. having an opinion isn’t judging. she put her life out there for all to see and continued to put everything out there after she was off reality tv. and then chose to go on another reality show to put more of her issues out there again. she brought all of this on herself .. she clearly wasn’t well received on the teen mom show so if she wanted to stay out of the public eye she wouldn’t do couples therapy (controversially by herself) or go on dr phil, etc etc.

  7. I am sorry but I do not feel sorry for someone’s who wants to be so damned fake. Be happy with yourself and what God gave you and quit trying to be a plastic barbie doll.

    1. It isn’t what she does, it’s how she does it. If she wants to make a porn, that’s fine, but don’t lie about it. Don’t pretend that it is a private sex tape with a boyfriend that was stolen. Same with the couples therapy situation. If she wanted to go on the show herself then fine, but don’t make up a fake boyfriend, say he left you to go alone to try and get sympathy.

      The girl can’t seem to tell the truth ever. If she would just be honest and stop treating others like crap then she wouldn’t get so much hate. She really does bring it all on herself.

    2. what kind of mothers do you hang out with that have done porn (and lied about it), brought their toddler to a porn company to negotiate the contract for the porn and have physically assault their own mother and constantly verbally assault their mother?

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