Farrah Abraham & Boyfriend Aden Stay Have Split After One Week of Dating

“But I’m the gift that keeps on giving!”

Prepare to be shocked: Farrah Abraham and stuntman Aden Stay have called it quits.

(Hey, they lasted longer than a lot of us thought they would!)

Their “relationship” made it less than a week, even though the former Teen Mom OG star called what she had with Aden “love at first sight” and “rare.”

Radar Online broke the news of the split, while People spoke to Aden, who revealed his “relationship” with Farrah only consisted of two dates!

“She’s a nice person from what I got to know on the two dates we went on,” Aden told People. “But that’s as far as it went. I think the whole thing got blown a little out of proportion because of her role on her show.”

Obviously, Farrah was making it seem like there was much more to her relationship with Aden than there really was. In her interviews last week, Farrah was boasting that she knew this “relationship” had staying power, and that she was planning to go to Hawaii to meet Aden’s two daughters.

When confirming the split to People, Farrah (naturally) put the blame on Aden,insinuating that he was only using her for her fame.

“I need to watch whom I date as many men target me for my success. I’m focused on work right now between TV and film projects,” Farrah told the magazine. “I wish him well, but I’m not rushing into relationships and I like to take my time to do it right for myself and my daughter. Being the best parent I can be is my priority.”

In his statement, Aden denied he was using Farrah for her fame.

“Our split had nothing to do with success. I have zero desire to be famous,” he said. “I never even knew she was on a reality TV show that I’ve never even seen, or heard of. No offense to the show.”

Before Aden, Farrah had dated Simon Saran on-and-off for several years. (Click here to see how Simon reacted when Farrah announced her “relationship” with Aden.) After news of Farrah and Aden’s split broke, Simon tweeted a link to the story along with the caption, “This is my favorite kind of circus! #clowns #brokebitches

As for Aden, he was in a relationship with actress Rebel Wilson before “dating” Farrah.

(Photo: WEtv)

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  1. Farrah has her work cut out for her if she wants to be a good parent. Farrah needs to watch the show and see how she treats and talks to other people in front of Sophia. Farrah demeans and ridicules nice, decent people (yes, even Debz). The after she spews her nastiness in front of Sophia she then turn to her daughter and say something so effin hypocritical like, we don’t want to be around negative people. Farrah is creating a monster and poor Sophia has no choice in the matter. It’s really sad.

  2. Farrah doesn’t have the interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills to recognize or alter their behavior.

    With nasty women ( ie Farrah) , it is usually their unconscious FEAR or need for control.

  3. Nobody saw that coming lol. I bet she accuses him of abuse soon, just like every other person she interacts with.

  4. Kind of off topic but it relates to Farrah. Has anyone seen the latest blind item revealed on CDAN that said Farrah hooked up with a guy who she thought was some rich Russian guy but it turns out he was just a Uber driver from New Jersey who can do a really good Russian accent. Looooool.

    1. Lol, ubertastic!!!!!!

      He wanted a piece of ass and she wanted a piece of brass $$

      She’s so desperate, $$$ for a fk makes her a pro, she’s a high class hooker $$$

      Ohh myKol your daughter is a hoe
      Getting paid for sex, if her businesses were doing well she’d not be doing what she does on cam or asking people online for gifts, or suing mtv.
      She’s a slut.

      She’ll be used and abused by men looking for a quick fk, oh Farrah epic heathen you are,

    2. That means that guy is bragging about sleeping with farrah, is that really considered a win still with guys? Sick

  5. TheAshley please give us an update with some inside information about Kail en Javi getting back together! 😀

  6. I’m at the point where I really wonder where Farrah will end up. You know how in the media you randomly hear of someone who hasn’t been ‘famous’ for twenty-odd years, and you’re like, “I’ve never heard of them, better look them up”, and you suddenly realise how far they have fallen? And they’re usually broke or have some other terrible issue that brings them back to public ‘interest’ every now and then? I reckon she’ll be one of those.
    I’ve seen some people comment that they reckon she will one day be a suicide case, but I genuinely doubt that she has enough real emotion or self-reflection for that to happen. In her eyes, that would be like admitting she is wrong, and how often has she ever done that?
    What does everyone else reckon will become of this sorry ass bitch? Let’s take bets!

    1. I predict that she will marry an old billionaire (like anna nicole smith did) and that he won’t die soon enough for her likings and she will poisin him but she will not get away with it and get sentenced to life in prison where she will have her own port o potty.

  7. No man wants her, because she is a horrible, mean, rude, spoiled, illiterate, pos who has no clue how to speak proper English or articulate a decent conversation, she is a bitch and I can’t stand her, she really thinks she is right and everyone around her is wrong, she’s so wrapped she can’t see that she is the problem, her issues are severe and with intense therapy she would still think that she is right and blame the therapist, wtf went on if her upbringing!!!!!’

  8. ? it’s really sad when you attempt to make yourself as physically attractive as possible and men still run in the opposite direction. I just want to see her when she’s like 60, when she’s no longer “hot” by any industry standard, and what will she do then? Lolol she’s so shallow and dense, she’s gonna end up one of those crazy cat ladies, but with miniature horses lol.

    1. She wouldn’t even look that bad if she dresses better. Her clothes are so tight and her hair always looks fake. She could look more attractive if she dresses everything down quite a bit

    2. Honestly, she was gorgeous in her 16&P and early Teen Mom days. I remember being like 16/17 years old and wishing I looked like her. I think it’s sad that she completely destroyed her body, and made herself look so artificial and unattractive. It also sets an awful example for her daughter, and young girls who watch the show. She’s a complete wreck, and MTV had a lot to do with it, whether it be throwing absurd amounts of money at an immature 17 year old kid, or condoning her nasty behavior for years. She will never be a functional member of society.

      1. Completely agree she looked so good in the early years as well as her 16 and pregnant I didn’t ever agree with her attitude but she was cute I’m not sure the look she was going for now but it just makes her look artificial like I would find her on the shelves next to the Barbie dolls

      2. Totally agree. She looked a thousand times better before she started messing with her looks. All women do. All those plastic Texas and California women look horrendous. Til the day I die I will never understand why they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to look worse. All I can think of when I see one is “Another one who ruined her face and now looks like a warped plastic fool, all over a couple of creases near her eyes”. So stupid.

  9. Farrah is never going to learn that she’s not smarter than everyone else, and no one takes her seriously…She’s only found one dummy this entire time to go along with her ridiculous “power couple” fantasy. I truly believe that this girl is delusional, and just hasn’t been diagnosed yet.

  10. “Farrah was making it seem like there was much more to the relationship than there really was.”
    That’s what this heaux does! Don’t believe a work she says about ANYTHING

  11. Guess his ex-wife found out can you imagine Farrah as a step mom to your children?

  12. So….first she says she’s happy he doesn’t watch her past shows… and now she says she needs to watch out for men who target her for her success. Bitch, please.

    Also, I am very upset that The Ashley doesn’t do the recaps anymore. I feel like one of the main reasons I don’t even watch the show anymore is because I can’t go back and catch all the small details The Ashley does and laugh along with the recap. On the counting on and sister wives recaps there are never nearly as many comments as the TM/TM2 ones.

    Get it together, The Ashley. I still love you though. And I read those recaps even though I have no interest in either of those shows.

    1. Yes!!! The teen mom recaps. And also the young and pregnant show. All those girls were messes and their baby daddy’s are complete trash. Their moms are also in the it early 30s it looked like, come on…

      Also recaps of the seeking sister wives show I would have read. I got to the episode where that guy sleep with a future sister wife they were looking for. I forgot his name. But to sleep with a 22 year old on the first date while your pregnant wife is at home and said that they wanted to take it slow and find the right fit for them, he completely made me feel sick and so sad for his wife.

        Do you think he called her later and explained why they weren’t going to choose her?
        Or hooked up with her later on?
        I felt really bad for his wife and don’t understand why she is choosing this lifestyle

        1. I havnt watched anymore episodes since that seen because like I said I felt physically I’ll watching it. I am pregnant so it made me sick and sad lol

          Their story was different because it wasn’t for religion like the other families in the show. Just sorta to have more kids. He did seem like he just wanted to get paid by another woman other than his wife. And she just shrugged it off.

      2. I don’t follow seeking sister wives but the new Young and Pregnant show was a hot mess express. Bar’s mom total trash. Jade’s mom even trashier and the dude who got in girlfriend’s mom’s face needs a good asskicking. My favorite was the transgender guy and hid girlfriend

    1. Not sure if this is why Ash does it, but I’ve seen some of the other big blogs asked in comments why they censor words like p0rn or rehab and have seen a few responses: ads often correlate with keywords on websites, and they don’t want “weird” ads popping up for their readers. The other is workplaces (and even some countries!) have filters, and websites can be erroneously blacklisted or autoblocked. It could also affect Google search result listings (and even Adsense), as it could be mistaken for a site with explicit content. Google has had many controversies where they wrongly filter websites just for certain words their bots pick up.

  13. I guess her delusion starts from her getting spanked and her comparing it to abuse. Years later she meets the love of her life and after 2 dates he was using for fame. Girl get those meds regulated

  14. I love that she got busted in another lie about how wonderful her life is. “Film and tv projects”??? Um CamSoda and p0rn is not film and tv projects that take much time. Funny how she never mentions her many businesses that she needs to devote time to. Amazing how they seem to run without her there

  15. Lol she is so pathetic. Did she think anyone would believe that this was love or that anyone would want her for her “fame”? Honestly, I’m surprised she got a second date. Aden dodged a bullet big time.

  16. Farrah, he dated Rebel Wilson. He’s not after your fame. A thousand times more people know who she is than who you are, and at least they don’t know her for her butthole or her vaginal rejuvenation surgeries.
    He probably dumped you because you were rude, snapped at him, were nasty to the waitresses, couldn’t put a sentence together, yelled at some driver, hung up on an employee, or any of a number of awful things you do on a daily basis. Grow up and stop being a jerk and then you might get past a second date.

  17. She is so extra. Someone couldn’t handle finally having to admit she was fired by MTV and not having a man. The check she wrote him probably bounced!

  18. I believe Simon when he says Farrah is broke. She spends money like crazy and only makes money through porn. I don’t think her stores will last when she is off teen mom. She will end up sad and bankrupt and she did it all hierself.j

    1. Didn’t she also ask for presents on her porn sites?
      Like hair extensions and purses and stuff?
      Who asks for hair extensions if your a millionaire?

  19. So sad that that power couple could not generate enough electricity to last a month… I genuinely believe Farrah is one of those women that thinks a man likes them and is dating them if they ask them simplest of questions doesn’t seem like he ever claimed her

  20. “I think the whole thing got blown a little out of proportion because… she’s a delusional attention seeking psycho”
    There, I fixed it for you.

      1. After 2 dates, she’s desperate for a relationship, I remember that time she was on a date with some guy in a rowing boat, and she went from 0 to 60.
        He ignored her after that, and she returned home alone, then blamed it on him and she fed some bs story to hey mom about him.

        So from a teen she was unbelievably overbearing and desperate, and from her younger days no man wanted her.

        How the hell she got poor Derick to date and impregnate her is beyond me, that poor Man must be rolling in his grave to know that this bitch, would not and will not allow his mom to see his child ( their only link to Derick) that’s fkn selfish of farrah and cruel to her daughter to begrudge her at least one normal grandmother.

        1. That was my all time favorite Farrah makes an ass out herself again episode. How about when they were having dinner with his parents and Farrah told his stepnon that she was going to be a lone bird. She has absolutely no idea what she is socially retarded. I think I will rewatch that episode this weekend for shits and giggles

          1. She tries to act intelligent, she uses words that have no bearing on what she’s banging on about, she comes across as uneducated, unintelligent and illiterate.

            And unfortunately poor Sophia will be the same.

            That poor kid, has no hope at all, god help her when she’s grown up and is out in the real world.

            She’s ( farrah) has created a monster.

            Poor Sophia.

  21. Not surprising. It took him only 2 dates to figure out how much of a bitch she is. I’m glad he ran like the wind.

  22. Who would have guessed it ? Yeah he was dating her for her fame because all men want the world to know that he is dating a porn actor and nasty vile mean bitch who became a mother when she was a teen, And I am sure he would be thrilled to tell his family and friends that they could purchase their very own replica of her vagina and ass. All the qualities a man wants in a woman.

  23. This situatuon is so ridiculous and so Farrah. This heifer was just talking about how it was love at first sight blah blah blah. This woman needs meds and intensive therapy.

    1. I think it’s funny, because Farrah’s ears and her brain never pay attention to what her mouth says. She’s a moron!

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