EXCLUSIVE! Farrah & Michael Abraham React to News That ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Will Be On ‘Naked & Afraid’

“You better put a mosquito net over your hoo-ha…just in case! Safety first!”

Teen Mom OG fans were surprised when The Ashley broke the news on Monday that Maci Bookout will be appearing on the upcoming season of Naked and Afraid— a show in which Maci will strip down and try to survive in the wilderness without food, shelter or clothing.  While some fans were excited to see the ‘Teen Mom’ compete on the show, not everyone had encouraging words for Maci.

Farrah Abraham, Maci’s former ‘Teen Mom’ co-star and current nemesis, told The Ashley that she found the situation humorous.

“The irony of this is hilarious,” Farrah told The Ashley in a statement.

“Hopefully she has fun on her p0rnographic show; [it] sounds tragic,” she added.

Of course, Farrah’s feelings may be the result of Maci reacting negatively to being on a show with Farrah after Farrah’s sexy-time Backdoor film was released in 2013. At the time, she was very outspoken about not wanting her son on a show that promotes p0rn, etc. because of how Bentley’s classmates would react.

Obviously doing ‘Naked and Afraid’ is very different from starring in adult movies, but some fans called Maci a hypocrite after the news broke.

“What the hell? She gave Farrah s**t for doing p0rn and banning Bentley from filming. Now she did a naked TV show?! Lost respect for her,” one viewer tweeted.

“I like Maci but that’s a bit hypocritical,” another fan wrote. “Isn’t she worried that Bentley’s classmates will talk about his mom being on ‘that show where they’re naked’…?”

Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham— who has also battled with Maci in the past– told The Ashley that he’s looking forward to watching Maci’s episode.

“‘Naked and Afraid’ is actually one of my all-time favorite shows; I love it,” he told The Ashley. “I wish Maci nothing the best and I hope it was a positive experience for her. I’m excited to watch it. Out of respect to [Maci’s husband] Taylor [McKinney], all I’ll say is that I’m excited to get to finally see all of Maci’s tattoos!”

Maci will be competing on some sort of “Celebrity Edition” of the show, but Michael says he doesn’t predict that Farrah follow suit any time soon.

“As far as [Farrah] doing a survival show, I don’t see that happening, but you never know,” Michael said. “Farrah’s not a very good swimmer, so that would make something like that hard. But you never know.”

No air date for Maci’s episode of ‘Naked and Afraid’ has been given yet; however the new season of the show premieres March 11 on Discovery.

(Photos: MTV)



  1. You have to be kidding Michael Abraham That skank of a daughter will never be asked. If she is so rich, she really needs to spend it on some decent wigs. Not going to help her appearance tho because she is ugly on the inside and OUTSIDE.

  2. Reason why Michael Farrahs dad is gonna watch Maci’s Naked and Afraid is prolly because he a chester and prolly watched his daughters porno and whacked off to it. Cant stand any any of Farrahs family on teen mom they are the reason Farrah is the way she is. But thats no reason for the porn star to act like she does. Shes a Bitch glad MTV is getting rid of the whole farrah bunch.

  3. Surviving the wilderness naked is not even close to doing anal porn and being an adult webcam whore. Farrah’s just jealous that the attention is on someone else. Stop giving her media coverage. Maybe she’ll go away.

  4. Naked and Afraid survival show or being a porn star for money for a dick to enter you and everybody see. Not the same dumb Farrah

  5. The celebrity edition of Naked and Afraid is for charity. And unless Maci is being filmed having sex with a cast mate for her own financial gain this is nothing at all like Farrah’s porno.

  6. Maci didn’t know she was pregnant and Jenelle had a good reason to use pot that’s it it was only pot while pregnant yes Farrah does porn but that’s her choice now Amber is not a deadbeat and catelynn didn’t choose rehab over nova you clearly don’t know what having depression and anxiety at the same time is like they are all in better places than they were at 16 but Kailyn being the best one god you’re delusional

  7. First off on naked and afraid everything is blurred out so you see nothing. Its about surviving on the wilderness. Farrah made a porn. Soooooo theres a big difference between the 2. They arent even comparable.

  8. There’s a Dr. Miami fake ass sized difference between doing a survival show that has everything blurred out, and being filmed taking a strangers dong in any and every hole. Farrah’s unrealistically delusional.

    1. Well if silicone floats, at least Farah wouldn’t drown. Actually a rather decent comment from Michael.

    1. Farrah didn’t split….He left her after trying her porn ass out. She will NEVER find anyone who will put up with her UGLY mouth and pretentious attitude. Thinks she is better than everyone else, but the fact is she is really nothing but low life scum.

    Calling Farrah out on her swimming skills while also saying he’s excited to see Maci’s naked body. Disturbing, ridiculous & hilarious.

  10. Wow Michael, what a creep. Not to mention I’m sure your girlfriend/fiance/wife whatever she is is hurt and embarrassed to hear you say that.

  11. Michael is getting tired of watching Farrah’s porn and other nude adventures, so now it’s time to move onto a new teen mom. You know, like every Dad does.

  12. How will Maci be able to wear a TTM leather pocket T shirt on such a show? Maybe she’ll wear just the wear leather pocket as a patch.

  13. Well, nice knowing you Mykul! Your positive, albeit creepy, comment regarding Maci’s participation on the show will get you put on Farrah’s Naughty List right next to Debz.

  14. Okay all this stuff about farrah and her porn. Is there anyone out there that can tell me how bad it was and what she did and said in this film.

    1. I saw most of it. It was whatever. Cringey I guess. And the backdoor stuff is gross to me/ But hey, she has a good body and at the time she hadn’t messed herself up too much yet w/ the surgeries. James Deen has done so many that it wasn’t as awkward and stupid as some of them. But the part that bugs the crap out of me is that she refused to admit it was a porn. The whole leaked sex tape thing is so effing irritating, because it’s condescending for her to act like we’re all idiots to believe that. If she would have just said hey, I’m trying to make tons of money while I have my 15 minutes of fame, I’d say you do you Farrah. But I can’t stand all her BS and lies and refusing to tell the truth about essentially anything. Rant over lol.

  15. Will never forget how Michael was seen grinning from ear to ear on TMZ holding Sophia by the hand as he followed cheerfully behind Farrah to sign her backdoor porn deal at Vivid Entertainment.

    Sophia was only three years old at the time.

    Clearly, for me Creepy Dad Michael Abraham being creepy AF — will always be the world’s biggest understatement. So no doubt he’ll be in front of his TV screen straining his eyeballs between the blur out to see Maci”s “tattoos.”

  16. WhateverMichael is gonna get in SO much trouble with Farrah after this statement! How dare he say something nice (but also creepy) to one of her many enemies?!

  17. That was a remarkably cool comment from Whatever Mykol. Is he getting soft in his old age?

  18. There is a huge difference between Naked and afraid and porn. Maci knows this is hard. I wish her good luck and hope she doesn’t get much thinner.

  19. Farrah probably saw the word “Naked” and assumed it was a porn. I was just thinking about the time she was sending an “Audition tape” and this idiot was standing there reading lines from her phone. She is literally the dumbest person I’ve ever seen on tv. There may be something legit wrong with her mentally which makes me a bit sympathetic, but the fact that she is such a vile, disgusting human being offsets that. Michael should have stayed out of it because he just comes across as a slimy creep who is making a failed attempt at humorous shade. I understand he’s trying to stand up for his slut-bucket daughter, but whenever he does it makes him look like a jerk because she’s constantly making him look like an idiot.

  20. I predict that she only makes it 4 or 5 days because the withdrawal from alcohol is so severe the medics have to come in and save her. Also it sounds like Sophia is living the real life version of naked and afraid since Farrah said that they both walk around there house naked and she takes pictures of her. If that isn’t the scariest version of Naked and Afraid ever I do not know what is. It also lasts a lot longer then 21 days it lasts at least 18 years.

  21. My kid watches Naked and Afraid. It’s a survivor show and it’s amazing! Its just bodies- it’s not gross.

    It’s not the being naked that’s the problem, Farrah, it’s what you do when you are naked that’s the issue.

  22. Reading Farrah’s comments made me literally roll my eyes. Also, I was surprised how pleasant Michael’s comment seemed, and then it got creepy.

    Side note I met Michael once when I lived in Austin. He came into the store I was working at, and he was pretty nice.

    1. Did did you ever see those letters that Michael emailed those girls that lady that was a Teen Mom fan they were nasty he’s a pervert he talks about he talks about 3 way with Mom and a daughter and yeah it’s bad I think reality tea has it on her Twitter account you want to read it.

  23. Taking it up the rear, on camera, with a seasoned porn star for money, isn’t quite the same as competing in the buff on a game show….but I don’t think we can really expect Farrah to understand that.

    1. Yeah, nudity shouldn’t be such a huge deal. It’s just a body, but farrah is gross and her daughter is going to be horrified by her mothers gross porn.

  24. I’d like to see Farrah on naked and afraid, paired with Adam Lind. Either they’d murder each other or their awful abusive personalities would gel and they’d become the biggest anti-couple since Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

  25. At least she is covered and not having a penis shoved in 3 holes. She really isn’t anything to look at so kudos to her. Just saying

  26. Yes it is. And also, Chelsea keeps her cosmetology license up to date. I think she is the best of all of the TM/TM2 girls.

  27. Although I do think there is a huge difference between adult films and the Naked & Afraid show, I still feel like Maci is a bit hypocritical. I mean she’s getting naked for $. I think if it was Ryan that was going to be on Naked & Afraid, she’d look at it negatively. I almost gave Michael credit for taking the high road in his comment and then he had to go & get creepy with the tattoo comment.

    1. I’m going to guess maci will not be in the nude. Like any other reality show that has what they refer to as celebrities they all have different contracts then regular people. They can request anything and if the show agrees then they get it. I do not think she will be nude

  28. ““I wish Maci nothing the best… I’m excited to watch it. …all I’ll say is that I’m excited to get to finally see all of Maci’s tattoos!” Oh, Michael you perverted little sh*t. Is that what being married to Debra for all those years does to ones soul? You’ve known this woman since she was 16! I remember a comment from Mykul a few years back about how disgusting it was that men treat Farrah like an object. Sounds a bit contradictory now.

    And I’m sorry, but being on a primetime survival show where your ‘bits are blurred is totally different from doing butt-stuff with a stranger on camera…two times over. Or molding your vag and anoose and selling it in adult stores. Or playing with yourself on webcam for tips. (BTW this isn’t hate on those who work in adult industries…I once did…this is a diss at Farrah’s comprehension of situations). I’m sure she will have her lawyers add Naked and Afraid as evidence in her wrongful termination lawsuit.

  29. You had me up until the part about Kail. Kudos to her for getting an education, that’s all I’ll give her credit for. She didn’t learn shit from getting pregnant at 16 bc she ended up with three kids by three different men and she uses her kids as pawns. She’s a miserable person!!

  30. Both trash! Maci drinks while pregnant, Jenelle does drugs while pregnant, Farrah does porn, Amber is a deadbeat, Catelynn chose rehab over motherhood, Briana chose plastic surgery over moving out of her moms, Chelsea hasn’t done anything except snatch a good man and not clean her home, Leah dropped out the 1000 time from college. The only person worth a shit is Kailyn she has a college degree, her house is clean, her children well behaved, she dosent do porn or go on naked and afraid, she is the only person expect Chelsea doing okay when the show ends.
    I don’t understand why people defend Maci she’s an obvious alcoholic, who drank while noticeably pregnant, has no education, and is appearing on naked and afraid……

    1. Chelsea’s dream was being a cosmatologist. She got her GED and got her cosmatology license. I’d say that’s pretty well done.

      1. If that was her dream she failed miserably at it since she dropped out of cosmetology school. She ended up graduating from a trade school to become an aesthetican. I mean it’s not like she graduated with a BA or anything. I admit she is the best one out of the teen mom girls but one is a convicted felon another is a porn star, another is a heroin addict so she doesn’t have much competition.

        1. Remember that Chelsea always had the safety net of Daddy’s deep pockets to run to…his (and her mom’s) support helped her out of many jams that the other girls did not have the benefit of. It enabled her to take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get a marketable skill, such as it was, and she barely stayed with it after she met Cole. If she would have only had her aesthetician job, and not Daddy and MTV, she would have had a much tougher go of it.

  31. I feel like being on Naked and Afraid and Farrah’s porn are completely different things. Farrah’s porn is graphic and disgusting.

      1. It is a BIG difference but it also comes across as hypocritical. You thought your son would get teased for being on a show with Farrah, but not having his mom naked on a show???

        1. Yes! This! Obviously porn and Naked and Afraid are two very different things. But there are similarities and it is hypocritical of Maci given that her stated reason for not wanted Bentley on the show was the potential embarrassment he would face in front of his peers. He was only a 5 year old at the time. He is 9 now and his mom is going to appear on TV naked. Surely, his peers will be a lot harder on him for this.

          Also, Michael is a creep.

          1. Seriously what kids watch Naked and Afraid. And if so, what the hell with their parents.

            And she isn’t in the buff on tv screen, its blurred. Its no worse than bikini and as far as i know, they don’t release it uncensored (but i could be wrong. Doubt it tho.)

            He’ll get more shit for his dad passing out driving.

          2. Someone posted above that their kid watches the show, so apparently some children do watch. Besides, I’d make the same argument about Teen Mom. What parent lets their 5 year old watch Teen Mom? And yet, it was a huge concern for Maci back when Bentley was little.

            We all realize she is going to be blurred. Not sure how much that matters for 4th graders who will know that she is naked. But, totally agree with your last sentence.

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