Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Purchase Their Own Farm Shortly After Matt Roloff Revealed He’s Selling the Family Farm

“Take that, dad.”

Coming soon: Roloff Farm Part 2?

Weeks after Matt Roloff announced that 16 of Roloff Farm’s 109 acres have been listed on the market for $4 million, his son and daughter-in-law– Jeremy and Audrey Roloff—have purchased a farm of their own.

The big purchase comes just weeks after the Little People Big World patriarch seemingly blamed Jeremy and Jeremy’s twin Zach for not wanting to buy the 16 acres up for grabs on Roloff Farms themselves. Just last week, Audrey told her Instagram followers that she and her husband attempted to purchase Roloff Farms from Matt back in May 2020, before realizing “maybe it wasn’t meant to be.”

Audrey and Jeremy have gone on to find some property of their own, revealing over the weekend that they had purchased a farm–- one they both have a meaningful connection to.

“After a two-year search spanning all over the state of Oregon… IT. IS. Time,” Audrey wrote on Instagram. “We bought a farm! And look what’s in our backyard. Yup, that’s our trestle.” 

Audrey went on to talk about the significance of the trestle, explaining it was the location where Jeremy proposed to her and where she and Jeremy took the cover photo for their book, A Love Letter Life.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do to bring our vision to life, but Jer and I are excited to finally have some space to get our feet dirty (literally) and bring our dreams of using land into reality,” Audrey continued, noting that she would share details about “how this came to be soon.” 

Jeremy shared the news on his Instagram, too, revealing he and Audrey closed on the farm a month ago. 

“Very excited to announce that we’ve purchased property for our next adventure!” he captioned a photo of his family on the farm. “We’ve been searching for a while and have toured some stunning properties along the way– what a journey. Very thankful. 

“A month ago we closed on this piece and our trestle is in our backyard!” Jeremy added. “It’s a project, but I’m always down for one. More to come!”

Jeremy’s mother, Amy Roloff (who has been outspoken on the farm situation involving her ex-husband and sons), congratulated Jeremy and Audrey on their new place.

“Love this reel. I’m thrilled for you guys and will look forward to how you’ll turn this place into your home!” Amy wrote in the comment section of Audrey’s post. 

While Matt has yet to comment on his son’s purchase, plenty of ‘Little People Big World’ fans had a lot to say about Jeremy and Audrey buying a new farm.

“Nothing says ‘stick it to your dad’ more than both sons buying properties while [Matt’s] selling part of the farm,” one person wrote in the comment section of Jeremy’s post.

“Some things don’t work out so better opportunities can come along,” someone else commented.

As of press time, the 16 acres of Roloff Farms is still on the market for $4 million.

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(Photos: Instagram) 

16 Responses

  1. Pass the hat to Matt’s children, his ex wife and Chris, the property is for sale, buy it if you want it so badly, you are owed nothing from Matt, who is the only person in the family that has a work ethic.

  2. Matt is such a jerk off narcissist. How many decades has he been carrying on about how he just wants the children to carry on with the family farm. Then a child wants to actually buy it and he says no not enough money. That’s not a parent!!

  3. It’s hard to understand why Matt didn’t sale to one of his sons, but he has to get the best price because he may have to live for many years an pay for healthcare, I would not be surprised if he isn’t paying caryn for her help, don’t u find it odd that they don’t live together when they get back from Arizona???

    1. Hah!! Thank you Murphy. It appears that Zach’s “job” centers around hiring personal trainers and lifting weights. Jeremy has dabbled in a number of things (including spending $$ on getting a private pilot’s license), but doesn’t appear to have a solid job or career. Maybe that’s why Audrey keeps promoting their latest “book.” Neither brother seems to have any specific skill set or specialized expertise in anything.
      One can only hope they have taken the money they received from the show and invested it wisely and safely.

      1. I mean…at least Zach is still on the show, that’s his job.
        Jeremy has no job. Audrey sells Jesus-friendly lube on Instagram.

        1. Love it, Murphy!
          As for Zach’s “job,” well yes, he does get $$ for being on the show. But he doesn’t need any special skills or training just to be himself!! (Hmmm…wonder how that would look on his one-paragraph resume???)
          🙂 🙂

  4. MATT is a Bastard!!! He DOES NOT care anything about his Family! He is Selfish and full of GREED!!!!!

    1. And he’s too damn old to change himself or even bother trying to be a decent father at this point. This is a huge family rift and I doubt anything will improve with the family.

      You can’t tell kids their whole lives that they’ll “inherit and work” the family farm, then when that opportunity comes – you make it harder on them to buy than strangers? That doesn’t add up to me. Almost feels like Matt sold that lie to get free labor out of his entire family for years, until he could sell it to the highest bitter once he paid Amy off her parcels of land. Personally speaking, if my *family*, who supposedly loves you and wants the best for you, pulled this shit that Matt is – I’d cut them out of my life completely. Hope the money keeps you warm in your coffin! You can’t take it with you and your legacy is your family hates you.

  5. Sounds like they bought “something that needs lots of work, were as Matt’s offering was NO WORK ready to move in. I’d say they purchased within their budget. Good for them.

  6. Kind of confirms Matt’s greed here because obviously the kids could afford another farm. Good on them, just a bonus to cut toxic ties with certain people that have *conditions* on their love.

  7. When your Dad only has HIS best interest at heart, it’s the smartest idea to make your OWN plans happen. Matt has showed you who he is for your whole life. Believe him!! Best of luck with your new farm!!

  8. Good for them! Instead of waiting around to inherit, they are making their dreams happen on their own. I wish them great success and happiness.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m so glad the twins moved on from trying to deal with Matt. There’s no guarantee that any of the kids will inherit any of the farm property. I wouldn’t doubt that Matt’s will includes stipulations that all the property will be sold upon his death with the proceeds split among his kids. And, of course it would be sold at market value making sure, yet again, that none of the kids could afford to buy it even if they wanted to.

      It’s actually a fair way to split his assets evenly, but it’s also Matt’s final F U to the kids who had been told for years that the farm would stay in the family. Oh well, Matt never really cared about family anyway so it’s fitting that the parting memories he’s leaving with his family are of the farm that they loved & that he made sure none of them might get.

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