“90 Day Fiance” Couple Asuelu Pulaa & Kalani Faagata Reportedly Split; Asuelu Reveals He’s Single On Social Media

But they seemed so happy! …oh, wait…

Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata of 90 Day Fiance have reportedly split. 

While the couple’s marriage issues have been featured on various “90 Day” spinoffs, things have failed to improved, seemingly resulting in a split. Asuelu seemed to be confirming his newly single status Monday on social media.

“When people know that I’m single,” the text in Asuelu’s video read, along with the caption, “Sometimes your dreams never come true #mybooholeishurts”  


Rumors about Kalani and Asuelu’s split began in March following an episode of 90 Day Diaries, in which the pair got into a heated fight on-camera, ending with Asuelu blocking the mother of his children on social media. 

That month, Kalani’s sister Kolini–- who has never been a huge fan of Asuelu–- posted a photo of her brother-in-law on social media, calling him a “sack of s**t.” Kolini tagged her sister in the post and wrote “just ran into your ex at the store,” confirming the “sack of s**t” to whom she was referring was Asuelu. 

Earlier this week, Asuelu reposted a TikTok of himself and Kalani on Instagram, claiming “she’s different from how she used to” be and that he has more to say but is prohibited due to his TLC contract.

“My life is under control,” Asuelo wrote.

“Here she it, people keep asking where is ur wife I said idk she don’t wanna join my live she doesn’t want film tiktok with me she’s different from how she used to,” Asuelu wrote. “She doesn’t wanna go out with me, everything she needs I supply for her esp the boys … I have a lot to said but I can’t I’m under the contract my life is under control … it’s hard bcoz I wanna have my own space but she don’t, she doesn’t want to communicate anymore… hopefully we sell this house very soon so I can go back to work.”

One of Asuelu’s followers noted the “90 Day” couple are no longer following each other on social media (and still aren’t as of press time), while another advised Asuelu not to post about his marital issues. 

“She has put up with a lot and has been patient,” the person wrote. “Honestly I get the frustration and being upset but posting this isn’t going to help you guys.” 

“[It’s] ok my life is everywhere,” Asuelu replied.

Kalani has yet to respond publicly to Asuelo’s claims. 

Asuelu, meanwhile, has continued to post odd (even for him) videos on social media. 

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(Photos: Instagram) 


  1. I dont care…JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY
    His disgusting family should have been happy with what little he gave them because now he wont have ANYTHING to give them

  2. It’s about time. Kalani really screwed up when she let him rawdog her on vacation like that, but then to have it happen again and have another kid? Girl, what were you thinking? Zero self esteem with that girl, unfortunately.

    Boohole Boy on the other hand is certifiably childlike, passive aggressive, and cruel. His family is utter trash. Right up there with Pedro’s disgusting mother and sister.

    I feel for her kids, but at least they have one set of decent grandparents. I hope Kalani works on healing herself, growing up, and making better decisions with the next dude. And please stay off our televisions.

  3. It’s about time. As innocent and naïve as Asuelu comes off, it was giving oversized 3rd child that Kilani had to take care of. She had no business getting knocked up by him TWICE, but I digress. Plus his mother and sister seem like the in-laws from HELL, her family was no walk in the park for him either, but his side of the family was down right awful. Hopefully Kalani takes this as a lesson learned and the next guy she’s with will be mature enough for a family and act his age.

    1. HAHAHA I’m still trying to figure out WTH he’s talking about with that??? I had to literally type it out “My boo hole is hurts” to make sure that I was reading it right…I’m honestly scared to find out what a “boo hole” is….

      1. Kalini and her brother taught Asuelu how to ride a bike & he keptkept saying his boo hole (butt) hurt.

        I dunno if I believe this split – he posted a family pic on social media recently, a lot of 90DF fans think they’re looking for attention and their storyline’s always been about them threatening to break up while online in real time they’re posting happy family pics 🤔

        1. It may be a possibility, however this is a couple im surprised has even lasted this long. Constant trouble between families, cultural differences (though they are both Samoan, Kalani grew up in US), and the stress of having kids and being on TV. Plus Asuelu acts like a child and if I remember correctly Kalani had no long term relationship before this one.

          1. That’s what I recall, Kalani having zero experience in a relationship, so theirs felt very forced. Because she had no real relationship prior, then got knocked up, she *believed* (and demanded) it all work out.

            There’s no way of really getting to know anyone while on *vacation*. And even if you slip up and get knocked up, there’s no reason to keep the kid. If YOU decide keeping the baby is what you can take on, you best understand you will be doing it mostly on your own. Kalani just seemed to want that picture perfect family, idk why, and she seems all about keeping up with the image.

            Asuelo seems like a big dumb kid. She could have saved herself alot of stress and heartache if she has just made her up own mind about the baby and not involved him at all.

  4. Shocker! LOL. While I admire them trying, we really need to accept the idea that you can have a child with someone and not marry them… Is it ideal? No. But I think greater damage can be doe when you marry JUST for this reason. Also, her family has been pretty rotten to him honestly but then again, he had said some really disrespectful and nasty things to her too… I think he (just like so many others from out of the country) thought he was coming here to be taken care of financially and also thought finding a great paying job here without experience and education was going to be super easy but it wasn’t. I’m not sure also if he really is lazy or if it’s just the way the show presents him but he seems to be just that. Although she could get a job too…

    1. Honestly I thought Kalani acted like a brat. She goes on vacation, gets knocked up by a stranger, then tries to make the relationship work. Her parents seemed to hate the guy and all I could think was “Um, maybe you should have talked to YOUR DAUGHTER about having sexual relations with a stranger?!” Asuelo just seems like a dumb pile of mush, I’m sure Kalani told him everything would work out if he’d just come to America. Then they made some money off the show, but arguably only if they stayed together. Now what you see him saying is probably the “reality” of it.

      They don’t talk, probably don’t sleep in the same bed/home anymore… if he hasn’t moved out, it’s gonna be super hard to be single living under your ex’s parents home.

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