EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Gets Domestic Battery & Other Felony Charge From Her 2019 Arrest Dismissed From Her Record

“Go me!”

Amber Portwood‘s record is looking a lot cleaner these days.

The Ashley can exclusively report that the Teen Mom OG star has had several felony charges erased from her permanent legal record as part of a plea agreement she took while being sentenced in 2019 for her domestic abuse crimes against her baby daddy Andrew Glennon

After her July 2019 arrest, Amber took a plea deal, which stated that she had to successfully complete 906 days of probation and fulfill the other terms of her sentence, which included completing substance abuse and mental health evaluations, taking court-ordered parenting classes and participating in a Batterers’ Intervention Program. She also had to undergo random urine and breath testing, pay a fine and follow other strict orders.

If Amber successfully completed all of this, her plea agreement would allow her charge of Domestic Battery (with a prior conviction) to be dismissed, and her charge of “Intimidation- Habitual Felony Offender Enhancement” (a Level 6 felony) to be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Because Amber completed her probation in April, and satisfied her other probation terms, her lawyer filed a petition in court last Friday to have the plea agreement enforced, therefore starting the process to get the Domestic Battery charge dropped and the Intimidation charge knocked down.

Raise your hand if you’re not worried about being sent to “gel” anymore…

Soon after, the Intimidation conviction was converted and the Domestic Battery charge was dismissed off of Amber’s permanent record.

On Sunday, the “No Contact” order between Amber and Andrew was officially terminated as well. It had been put in place in October 2019 and the exes have only been allowed to communicate via a court-approved custody app when it involved James, the four-year-old son they share.

While Amber’s legal issues regarding this arrest are over, she will still be making plenty of visits to the courthouse, as she and Andrew remain in an nasty, ongoing custody fight for James.

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. As much as she deserved to be punished and I think she needs to continue to seek help, I’m going to say something positive and hope this can help her move forward in actually parenting her children and being able to get a job once the show eventually ends. She will need something to fall back on and those charges don’t exactly help along with her reality tv notoriety. Take this new chance u have been given and do better Amber!

  2. Does this mean Amber is allowed to clap back when Andrew makes accusations now?

    That will be interesting. See who has the receipts.

    Things like was she not convicted for machete chasing because the court didn’t believe Andrew or was it part of her plea deal?
    Her brother claimed the evidence didn’t support Andrew’s claims.
    Amber and her brothers lie and minimize a lot however.

    Who’s the Amber? Her or him?

    1. I was just thinking that. She better watch what she says to him because he will definitely use her words against her. I’m surprised he didn’t say he wanted to move to California now because he’s scared for his life since the no contact was dropped.

  3. Great. Here she goes again now. And she’ll play the card that she has no history of any abuse 🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. Fortunately for Amber (Portwood and Heard), you can work the legal system to a certain extent. Unfortunately, you can never erase the behavior witnessed by the public. Nor can you remove the proof of that behavior from the Internet.

    1. Lol just came here to say this.
      It was completely memory holed. Wow.

      Probably will be her entire storyline for the new reboot.

      1. Yep, just like when she got out of gel the first time. “Redemption for Amber and her fight for James”

  5. Hey Amber, good job! I’d actually be proud of you if you hadn’t spent that time writing that book that will haunt your children til the end of time.

    Not many people get a second or in your case, a third chance.

    USE IT and be the parent your kids deserve!!

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