‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Sentenced to Probation, Random Drug Testing, Travel Ban & More in Domestic Violence Case

“No GEL for me! I really was dreading making that Jolly Rancher hairspray again!”

Amber Portwood headed to court on Thursday and was sentenced for her crimes stemming from her July 5 arrest and attack on baby daddy Andrew Glennon.

The Teen Mom OG star accepted a plea deal (which The Ashley hears she signed in her lawyer’s office last Friday), that allowed her to escape without any jail time. All of her felony charges were dismissed or pleaded down (except for one), and Amber received a series of extensive probational conditions.

The Ashley will go through each charge below:

Amber’s mug from her arrest in July…

On Count 1, which was Domestic Battery (with a prior conviction for the same offense), the court determined that conviction can be dismissed at a hearing set 2.5 years in the future if Amber successfully completes probation.  

Count 2, which was “Criminal Recklessness committed with a deadly weapon,” was dismissed.

Count 3, which was “Domestic Battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old,” was dismissed.

Count 4, which was “Intimidation- Habitual Felony Offender Enhancement,” Amber took a plea deal.

“Count 4 will be given alternative misdemeanor sentence upon the defendant’s successful completion of probation,” the court records state.

“Thank the Baby Jesus God Leah for plea deals!”

Amber was sentenced to 910 days in county jail…but 906 of those days were suspended (which means she doesn’t actually have to go to “gel” for them). As for the other four days, she was given two days credit for time served. It appears that she has two days to serve in jail. (Whether she will actually go behind bars again is unknown, though.)

Amber was given some pretty heavy-duty probation terms to follow. According to court records, she will be on probation for 906 days. During that time, she is not allowed to do the following:

-Leave Marion County, Indiana, or the state of Indiana unless it is for employment purposes. If Amber wants to leave the area for any other reason other than work, she has to get it approved in advance. 

-Contact Andrew. As The Ashley previously told you, Andrew and Amber are only allowed to communicate through the Our Family Wizard custody app in regard to their son, James. She is allowed to see Andrew while handing off James for custody exchanges only. However, this term of her probation “can be modified upon written request and after a hearing.” The temporary no-contact order in place was dismissed and a new permanent one was drawn up on Thursday.

(To read The Ashley’s exclusive report on the custody arrangement between Andrew and Amber, click here!

As part of her probation, Amber MUST complete the following things:

-Attend court-ordered parenting classes, as well as BIP (Battery Intervention Program) classes through her current doctor or treatment providers. She must allow the probation officer to have access to her mental health treatment records.

“Parenting classes? But I’m A GOOD MOM!”

-Undergo a mental health and psychological evaluation and treatment

-Undergo a substance abuse evaluation

-Submit to a urinalysis, as well as random urine and breath testing that will be done at the request of her probation officer a least once a month. She will only have a max of 24 hours notice. Amber must get the tests done at an approved testing facility and have the results released directly to her PO. Even if Amber is out of state for work, she must still do the tests and show proof to her PO. 

-Pay a $1285 fee (which she did on Thursday) to the court.

Amber and Andrew have yet to publicly comment on the court hearing. The Ashley has reached out to Amber’s camp for comment and will update this when more info is available.

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(Photos: MTV) 





  1. Teresa I couldn’t agree with you more. She is not a criminal. Or did we not get the memo of who she killed or even maimed???? What is wrong with these people???

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    This is ridiculous. She is never going to learn because she gets way with stuff and doesn’t face any real consequences. I doubt she’ll be able to stick to this probation conditions for very long though.

  3. I don’t see her completing the terms of her probation, she was too lazy to follow even the basic terms of her probation and the terms put on her to stop Leah being taken from her last time, that is why she chose to sign custody over to Gary and chose prison last time round, the judge then was begging her not to do it and was even willing to give her a chance to complete probation. Amber is lazy, entitled and refuses to take responsibility for her actions ever and Leah and James are better off with their father’s.

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    MTV…do the right thing. This young woman should NOT be filmed.

  5. happy photos, pass kid off. She’s a dead beat mom! Rare but your right she can’t handle more than a distant Aunt. I don’t think she should keep her job but they’ve taught her to be helpless and rely on MTV. Who else would hire her?

    1. Wow. People w/ DUIs have much longer and harder probation conditions. Once a month breath and urinalysis? Small fine? Probation officer requiring her mental health records and evals? Just a joke!

  6. The tapes speak for themselves! She’s vicious! She’s selfish and self serving. She lazy, cowardly and a liar. She will throw anyone under the bus to save her own ass. That includes her so called “soulmate” and her own son. She’ll never be happy because she can’t be loyal to anyone other than herself. She keeps getting away with it and that just reaffirms to herself that she’s right so she continues her poor behavior. She’s a walking disaster waiting to happen. It’s Inevitable.

  7. I knew she wouldn’t be put in jail she isn’t a criminal. And I’m so happy she’s getting help. I’m team Amber she’s gonna be just fine now that that big fat giant mooch loser is outta her life. I’m really happy she’s staying on teen mom as well.

    1. I said it in the last giant thread. He might win the court of public opinion but Amber would win in actual court. LoL

    2. Amber is the fat loser! What is her claim to fame? Having a kid when she was a teen and beating up her boyfriends!

  8. To be honest, amber as a person isn’t meant to be a full time mom. She just isn’t and never will be. The only thing she can do is fork over child support payments and try to be there for her kids when they ask. She should just attend the soccer games, dance recitals and school plays, show up and be there for her kids, and just leave it at that. The kids are both better off with their respective fathers. Look how well Leah has done under the care of Gary and Kristina! Amber will never be something she’s not. I think she absolutely needs to have all this mental health/drug testing treatment and whatnot, but to revisit the custody situation is not necessary. She just needs to be there for the kids when they come calling, and know her place as a background parent. 🤷‍♀️

    1. She doesn’t know. I remember Leah’s birthday party: Kristina was sitting in a small corner of the venue, Amber was carrying Leah’s big birthday cake and said: “A cape! Look, Leah, you’ve got A CAPE!!” (which was, ofcourse, HER birthday present for Leah).
      Kristina was being very, very modest in that situation.

  9. I read that those parenting classes are a 26 week program. I don’t believe she will manage to attend a class once a week for 26 weeks. That will be her downfall, guarantee.

  10. My heart goes out to Amber for her mental health struggles but if it was reversed and a man had gotten this sentence for repeat offenses people would be demanding that MTV & Viacom fire him. I hope she takes time out of the spotlight, does not film and focuses on serious medical interventions. Nothing but good wishes for everyone involved because this looks painful on all sides.

    1. Does that mean if Amber wants to film a holiday…. she can leave the state? Lol I hope its not that easy

  11. It might see,s like she got off easy, but that’s a lot of restrictions and expectations on a woman with no ability to put effort into her life. There’s no way she can comply with all of that for so long.

  12. I was convinced that Amber was headed back to prison. I was wrong. I underestimated and forgot just how powerful having good,expensive lawyers are.

  13. It sickens me that Amber and Jenelle can be repulsive abusive assholes and they don’t get any REAL percussions. I mean, Jenelle has how many mug shots now? I hope karma comes fast and swift and I hope Andrew and James can get some peace. Amber should have never been offered a plea.

    1. Yes, but Janelle had the lawyer, Dustin. He seemed to know his business and she hired him a number of times. He advised her NOT to attend the infamous Keisha concert.

      1. Even after she blew off court and went to Kesha because she got all those feathers in her hair just for the concert, The Amazing Dustin still worked out a deal where she didn’t get jail time. Dustin is legend.

    1. Probably the same security guard that officiated Jenelle’s marriage also played the role of judge in Ambers DV case. Merica is going to hell!!

  14. All I’m gonna say is I don’t think this has been taken as seriously as it should have been. It’s going to take Amber killing someone, which I honestly really hope doesn’t happen, for something to be done.

  15. No lessons learned here. You can tell be the tenor of her voice in the tapes that she is just an incredibly vicious person by nature and behind closed doors she lets it all out. Her anger is always bubbling just beneath the surface, but since Andrew let the real Amber out for all to see, it will be interesting to see how Mtv handles the situation.

  16. Marion County, Indiana, or the state of Indiana unless it is for employment purposes.

    Well, at least she’ll still be able to go on MTV sponsored vacations.

  17. she’s on probation for almost three years, with random drug testing. She’s a selfish lazy slob, I bet you anything she won’t comply and eventually go to prison where she belongs, just like last time. She couldn’t stay sober, that’s why she went to prison!

    1. Do you read yourself? SHE ADMITTED TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND INTIMIDATION. She was sentenced for that, SHE’S A FELON. NO ONE BELIEVED HER or all the charges would have been dropped and that wasn’t the case. SHE WAS CONVICTED FOR 2 CHARGES. SHE’S GUILTY AND A HABITUAL FELON

        1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
          Yep, except that Mimi’s opinion is based on facts, while yours is not. So yes, everybody’s entitled to their own opinion but that doesn’t make yours valid. Or smart for that matter.

        2. That is not an opinion! She was NOT heard or believed. Those are lies. She plead guilty. That is a proven fact. She admitted to two of the crimes she was charged with and is now a convicted felon! Jesus God Leah!!! Get a clue. Huge difference between fact and opinion. Fact can be proven, opinion is subjective. A convicted felon is not subjective, it is fact!!!

          1. Yes, @DUUUUDE she was heard and believed THIS TIME. And she was obviously somewhat heard and believed the first time because the judge gave her the option of rehab or jail.

            And @UGH, opinion are often not based on fact, that’s what makes them OPINIONS. Otherwise they would be JUDGEMENTS. And who the fuck are you to say that the opinion wasn’t valid? EVERYONE’S opinion is valid.

            That’s alright @GRACE go ahead and say whatever the fuck you want, I got your back!!!

          2. 😂 What @ABRA??! She refused to be HEARD by pleading guilty instead of going to trial to clear her name and prove ALL allegations aren’t true. Obviously she can’t do that because the evidence proves otherwise and it is stacked against her. This was the only chance she had to avoid going back to gel for now, but she has 906 days to screw that up and no one will be surprised if or when that happens.

            Now ABRA CADABRA GO AWAY!!!

          3. What @ABRA??! She refused to be HEARD by pleading guilty instead of going to trial to clear her name and prove the allegations aren’t true. Obviously she can’t do that because the evidence proves otherwise and it is stacked against her. This was the only chance she had to avoid going back to gel for now, but she has 906 days to screw that up and no one will be surprised if or when that happens.

            Now ABRA CADABRA GO AWAY!!!

  18. Why did they even fucking bother to arrest the bitch in the first place. She can beat the shit out of who she wants, when she wants and not a fucking thing. This is way too easy. If this were Andrew he’d never see the light of day. What the fuck is wrong with the system. They’re gonna let that bitch go until she kills someone. And you know she will. I have no faith in the justice system anymore.

    And Blubby, if she wasn’t guilty and there is more to the story, why did she plead guilty? Oh yeah, because she is guilty.

      1. Something tells me that if a man attacked a woman and baby with a machete that he would get more than this slap on the wrist. Double standard.

    1. I believe MTV helped her out with that…last time Amber went to gel, TM got cancelled…MTV can’t risk that again, plus all this drama creates a huge story line for them.

    2. She needs to let Andrew take James to CA where his family is. She said on the audio she didn’t want him. She doesn’t get up and take care of James and refers to him as “it”. She is being selfish keeping them in Indy where Andrew has no family. Amber has no business being a mother. Period.

  19. I knew she was going to get a slap on the wrist, but really?… (almost) 2 1/2 years probation and random drug testing? Plus she gets to spend time with James, even though she has repeatedly proven that she’s unfit? If you want to be a career criminal and get away with your crimes, make sure you live in Indiana or North Carolina…

  20. What bs. How do they dismiss the charge of battery in front of her kid. By signing a plea she’s admitting fault so how can they just let it go. This is why so many ppl are killed in DV situations. Because some judge Won’t do what SHOULD be done. Poor James. I hope Andrew keeps him away as much as possible, and I don’t say that lightly, I usually think kids should have equal access to parents but in this case I wouldn’t trust her with a cat much less my kid.

  21. This is is ridiculous! I knew that this entitled brat would not step in jail and get a slap on the wrist. I am through with MTV and their shit. They created this and supported this monster. I really hope the ratings for their shows drop sooooo much that they have no choice but to cancel them.

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