EXCLUSIVE! Andrew Glennon to Stay in Indiana: New Details of His Custody Case & Agreement with ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood

The battle for Baby James has been settled..sort of…

Andrew Glennon‘s dreams of heading back to the Golden State have been dashed…at least for now.

The Ashley can exclusively report that Andrew— who is the baby daddy of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood— has agreed to stay put in Indiana, despite filing a request in August to relocate back to his home state of California. (Amber filed an objection to Andrew’s request a month later.) 

The Ashley can also reveal that Amber and Andrew have come to some sort of mediation in their bitter custody battle for their one-year-old son James.

While Andrew has agreed to stay in Indiana, that does not mean he is stuck there permanently. The court states that, after an evidentiary hearing has taken place, the topic will be brought back up.

“I’ll be back!”

Andrew— who has been quite outspoken about Amber on social media lately— did get some good news, though. His paternity of Baby James was officially established by the Court on Wednesday, which will make things much easier for him. 

The Ashley has exclusively obtained the Mediation Agreement that was made earlier this month between Andrew, Amber and the Department of Child Services (DCS). It states that Andrew will have primary physical custody of James, but Amber and Andrew will share joint legal custody of the boy. 

Amber will be permitted to have parenting time with James. She is to follow the Indiana rules for parenting time of a child under three years old, which state that Amber gets James:

-three non-consecutive “days” per week, with one of those days (likely on the weekend) for 10 hours. The other days’ visits will be three hours. 

-all scheduled holidays for eight hours, as long as James is returned an hour before his bedtime (This means all of the holidays that they’ve agreed Amber will have, not all holidays in general.)

-overnight once a week, but only if Amber has “exercised regular care responsibilities for the child”

“You can come over and change and feed the baby though, right Krystal?”

Since Amber is still not legally allowed to be around Andrew, due to the no-contact order in place, a parenting coordinator will help transport James and do checkups during Amber’s parenting time. Andrew and Amber were to have decided who would be the parenting coordinator by October 16. (The Ashley is not sure if they agreed on anyone. If there was no agreement, both parties were to submit several choices and have a judge decide.)

Anyway, Amber had to agree that James would not be allowed to be filmed by MTV; and both she and Andrew had to agree that they would not post photos of James to social media. 

They also agreed that they would only communicate through a parenting custody app, and would only discuss topics related to James.

“My lips are sealed!”

The agreement also discussed the financial aspects of parenting. Amber and Andrew agreed that Amber would claim James as a dependent on her taxes for 2019, but that they would decide about future years at a later date.

Andrew will be responsible for providing health insurance for James. (FYI– MTV/Viacom does not provide health insurance for cast members or their kids, as the cast members are all independent contractors, not employees of MTV.)

While Amber’s custody case is semi-settling, her criminal case stemming from her July 5 arrest is still ongoing. She is required to be in court on October 31 to attend a Pre-Trial Conference.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. 

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(Photos: MTV) 

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  1. This Andrew guy is a loser who used Amber Portman for money and fame. Look he’s even living off her now in her home using her car and belongings. DUDE GET OUT AND GET YOUR OWN ?

  2. On May 28, 2016, a three-year-old boy climbed into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden and was grabbed and dragged by Harambe, a 17-year-old western lowland gorilla. Fearing for the boy’s life, a zoo worker shot and killed Harambe.

    1. Legit question. I don’t follow the news (it is WAY too damn depressing), so is a domestic pet (cat, dog, etc.) or wild animal (tiger, lion, etc.)?

  3. What’s sad is her few hours of custody each week will end up being the most she’s parented her child when she had him full time.

  4. Her first domestic violence case she eventually ended up in prison. She should of receive a short prison sentence. But that is what money and good, high powered lawyers will do.

    1. She CHOSE prison last time. She had the option to do drug rehab, probation and other conditions but instead opted to go to gel. Maybe that somehow played a role in the plea deal. It still makes me sick.

      1. I honest to God don’t think they should give her the choice this time, she needs to go straight to rehab (no ifs/ands or buts about it).

  5. She said repeatedly on tape she didn’t want James, she never got out of bed to even care for him so how she even got any kind of visitation is amazing. She should sign her rights over to Andrew and stay away from her son.

    1. I honestly wish they’d put James in foster care to be adopted by a GOOD family. Andrew or Amber either seem to be fit to parent a fish let alone a human baby. He would be WAY better off.

    1. Wow! That’s not cool! She can treat someone like that and get away with it. Had that have been Andrew and he would have been put away for a long time and never see his kid.

      1. No kidding! She got one year probation from what I have read. All 3 felonies were reduced to one somehow? and if she has no issues within her year of probation the felony will be reduced to a misdemeanor. It makes me sick. Meanwhile, there are non violent drug offenders doing crazy amounts of time for nothing more than weed in some instances and this unstable violent abusive c u next tuesday gets a slap on the wrist. She isn’t even ordered to anger management or any type of classes usually associated with domestic type violations such as these. I can’t even imagine what she potentially is capable of in the future especially since poor little James will now be subjected to that monster with no protection from a sane or stable adult.

        1. Apparently, she will accept this deal officially in court on the 31st. This will be her third felony conviction in the state of Indiana, and according to the three strike law, if she screws up and gets another felony conviction she can get a significant amount of extra time tacked on to the sentence. She better count her blessings, learn from this and change her ways and attitude. She is what, not even 30 years old and the way she is always “provoked” she is bound to find herself in trouble unless she takes this seriously and truly get the help she desperately needs. It is like another nightmare just waiting to happen smh.

    2. Yep, that’s what they are reporting. That witch got off AGAIN! Maybe she’ll do what she did last time and end up in gel after she goes bezerk again. I can’t believe it. Here she threatens her own child with a weapon and gets off scott free. This is horrible. So unfair! Let’s start a petition to get her off the show!!!!!

    1. Learn your facts, before leaving an ignorant comment. Andrews father (an award winning cinematographer) is deceased. He is in fact, close to his family!

  6. The second she has to wake up to feed James or change his diaper, she is going to Nope right on out of her visitation privileges. She isn’t interested in being a mother to either one of her children.

  7. Just a thought but where is Amber doing visitation? Where does she live? In a hotel? On her mom’s couch? If she lives with her mom she’ll probably have her drunk ass watching him while she sleeps. This is totally messed up. Really. This judge has no fucking clue. It’s sad.

  8. Can someone clarify something? Kailyn said in one of the last episodes that MTV won’t film her stupid vacation because of a legal issue, but they’re filming Amber throughout this legal issue? Even filming at the courthouse? Huh? This show needs to be put in the dumpster and these entitled little b-words need to finally experience real life. It’s just gross at this point.

  9. She won’t exercise her overnights. No way. She has complained multiple times about James ruining her sleep. She isn’t actually interested in caring for him overnight.

    Wonder how long these visits will last. We should start a pool. I say 3 weeks or the trial, whichever comes first.

  10. Amber shouldn’t be allowed to be alone with that little boy. The legal system gets it so wrong a lot of time. Sucks those 2 brought an innocent child into this world, knowing good and well that Amber is totally unhinged. From the beginning James deserved 2 healthy, stable, and loving parents, and he’s never going to get that because his mother refuses to be any of those 3 things.

  11. Gary and Kristina are going to be stuck as parenting coordinators, guaranteed.

  12. Shame, they should have let him take his son, to be nearer family that actually care for Andrew and James.
    Amber is doing this to spite Andrew, she doesn’t give a crap about James, she’s never patented any of her kids.
    Her her mom and moronic brother are a bunch of screw ups.

  13. It doesn’t matter how much vistation she gets. She won’t use it. It will be just like leah where she only sees her a couple times a year. Apparently, she has more important things to do all the other times

    1. Shut the fuck up you stupid idiot
      Dv is a serious situation to be in, just because he is a man, doesn’t make it anything to condone.
      Try living in that situation then come back and comment, you stupid bitch.

      1. A “man” should be able to stand up for himself and not cower like a like bitch.

        Especially a man as big and tall as him.

        1. I’m no fan of Andrew. I feel like he was an opportunist, thought he could take advantage of her and her notoriety, get some money from being on TMOG, and FINALLY get out from behind the camera…but in the end, he grabbed at the wrong opportunity, and ended up screwing himself, and his kid. He reminds me of an overgrown, younger version of Matt with less kids. If you watch Marriage Boot Camp, Amber was INSANE. She was coming for Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones like they were some kind of punks. Andrew can say he didn’t know how or who Amber was until he’s blue in the face, I don’t buy it. As loud and aggressive as Amber was on EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, he had to see something, plus he didn’t even have to pay to do a background check on her…a simple google search would’ve brought up a TON of TRUE stuff.

          But with all that said, he didn’t deserve to get his ass whooped and chased around by her with a machete. I’m not sure how anyone would react if they were put in that situation. That’s pretty scary.

          1. I’ve been saying the same thing about Amber’s crazy behavior on the MBC show since it aired. Completely agree on everything you said.

          1. I don’t know about you, but I try not to turn my back on psychos with machetes and swords, regardless of how much smaller they are than me.

        2. Says the person that hits children, clearly smaller than her.

          I don’t think you have any room to talk, lol.

      2. Wow hostile much bet youve bern accused a few times of “dv” as well. This man is doing all this for the headlines. He was a nobody before and didn’t get his fame when he got with her. This is just his latest aim for fame. Hey Jolly Green Giant, man up!

  14. Honestly amber…. you have a very good life and are lucky. Most teen mothers do not hit the lottery like you did. I had horrible PPD right after having my daughter and it is no joke. But I didn’t get to hand my daughter off to her father and go frolic around in “rehab” like these ladies. I got myself together, got on appropriate medication, got a job, and took care of my baby as I should. Amber crying about being depressed is sickening. She has no job, no nothing to sidetrack her from becoming the best person she can be. She needs to use her resources to do all she can to be a good mother. If that means hiring a part time babysitter to help, so be it. But do what needs to be done in order for you to be a good mother. She really better shut up with her complaints now that she’s been allotted time with James, before that gets taken away.

    1. That parenting time agreement is going to be a lot of work for the sloth to manage. It will remain to be seen if she takes James as often as she can. I don’t think she has ever used all her available time with Leah…she’s used every excuse in the book to not spend time with Leah, little James will be no different.

  15. She won’t want him overnight anyway until he can go potty alone, fix his own breakfast and turn on the tv/ipad. She can’t be bothered to get up.

  16. I figured the reason for his last rant was because he wasn’t getting what he wanted. He might win the court of public opinion but that’s it.

    1. That agreement is total b.s. and I can’t believe a court would allow her so much time with a child she has put in danger. What’s wrong with that state?

  17. Eh, she won’t show for visitations eventually when she loses interest like with Leah. That will make it easier for him to eventually move with James by his family in California.

    1. And that is why Andrew agreed to this, in a few months he will ask to move to Cali, she will try to stop it & he will show the courts how she saw her son 1 time in the past 3 months & courts will grant it

  18. Question for Ashley: Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie, previously griped about her health insurance from MTV being cut off during her pregnancy, because they were not planned to be on the next season. So how does that work, if you’re saying they never got the insurance in the first place? Just wondering, as a nosy TM fan does lol.

      1. So Amber doesn’t have custody of any of her children and she isn’t allowed to be filmed with James. So what’s the point of being in Teen Mom if she isn’t a teen nor a mom? Or at least she can’t have any interaction with her children on camera. It’s preposterous

          1. And unfortunately for them, the camera crew knows not to wake the bitch. They know the consequences of doing so.

        1. Such an embarrassing piece of trash! I can’t believe anyone takes her seriously as a business person. She’s a joke and she never combs her hair. Just like Miss Piggy!!

    1. Anyone who works in tv gets health insurance through something I don’t know the name but they have to do so many hours of TV per month I know this because Dog had to do it for Beths cancer even though she was sick and he didn’t want to be away from her. Maybe that’s why?

    1. Because amber has hung out with leah a dew dozen times since the seperation from gary doesn’t make her that great of a mother.

      She brought her to a sleazy motel with an older man when leah was sick if you recall. Also brought a guy that was in prison or something like that around her shortly after meeting him. Forgot his name, but it was early in the seasons.

      1. His name was Chris I believe . He had been in gel. She immediately trusted him to change leah’s diaper. Good moms don’t scream at the other parent when asked to get up at 2pm to take care of them.

    2. When exactly was she a great mother to Leah? When she was so “depressed from her mental illnesses” that she said she couldn’t get out of bed and didn’t want Leah seeing that. Except she managed to roll out of bed to go to California with Andrew for an entire month! Then she went to Hawaii for another entire month! She chose drugs over Leah. She chose jail over Leah. Gary has been the only consistent parent in Leah’s life. And, thank God for Kristina, she treats Leah the same as she does her child. Kristina is more of a parent than Amber will ever be.

    3. What do you mean she isn’t a threat to James? She chased his dad around with a machete while he was holding him, and attacked Andrew on more than one occasion while he was holding James…on top of that she said she didn’t even want James…Mother or not, she doesn’t deserve to be around him.

    1. She sure one fourth kid and I believe 3rd baby daddy. As you see family is family ?‍♀️At least she takes care of his kids. Much more than we can say for amber

  19. I’m so happy for amber. Finally some fairness. Wonder if it’s partly because Andrew us looking like a fool with ALL his rants. Hope so. Yea amber.

    1. EVERYBODY on here (except me) is anti-Amber. Be careful showing her support or you’ll have some SERIOUSLY shitty comments thrown your way!!!

      1. Maybe because she is an habitual, convicted abuser and said time and time again she didn’t want James? Yeah, that doesn’t make you likeable for sane people.

        1. I’m not condoning her abusive behavior, I just don’t think people realize what mental illness is. She has borderline personality disorder and is bipolar, there is a possibility that some of what she says and does is beyond her control. She needs to seek professional help.

          But unfortunately she may have to be forced into it because she does seem to want to seek it on her own.

          1. I also have BPD and BP2. So, I know what mental illness is. I live it everyday. Amber was diagnosed years ago. She acts as if she’s untreatable and that’s not the case. There is a module called DBT therapy. She should have started years ago and I’m positive her psych drs have told her to. I don’t like amber, because amber doesn’t try to get better. She makes people like myself look really really bad. Yes, these illnesses cause anger and reaction issues, but she should be serious about it and stop making excuses.

          2. I agree. Like I said, “…she may have to be forced into it because she doesn’t seem to want to seek it on her own.”

            And I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful or rude when I said, “…I just don’t think people realize what mental illness is.”

            I know I should dislike her as well, I just have a hard time doing so because I’m not sure if this is her that is actually doing these things or if it is the illnesses she refuses to treat that are making her act this way.

          3. Domestic Violence, especially repeated episodes with multiple victims, is NOT mental illness. It is however a choice. After she was arrested and out of the house all her “meds” were found in the house, untouched. Amber likes attention, she does not want to “get well”. Amber should not be drinking or self-medicating with pot. She should be in long term, intensive therapy and TAKING her prescribed medication(s). Instead she makes excuses and gives a bad name to mental illness. Amber is a narcissist above all else. People need to remember this. Amber is an abuser. And, Amber is not only a $hitty mother, but she is a $hitty person in general.

          4. If that’s true and she isn’t taking her meds and self medicating with pot, then yes that is her fault. BUT the blame can’t be put squarely on her shoulders though. The people who “love and care” about her had to have known that something was wrong. They should have intervened and said, “You need to do x,y and z. That’s it and that’s final” When the going gets tough, the tough need to get going. And none of this sugarcoated “now honey…”, “now Sis…” or “now Ms. Portwood…” shit either.

            But to be honest, I take what is said on all these gossip sites and on tv with a grain of salt. Who knows if it’s real or if it’s been fabricated to create further drama. Just because the article says “Sources say…” doesn’t make it real, it could just as easily been doctored to say what the person writing the article wants it to say. Even reality tv isn’t REAL anymore.

          5. We all get that she is mentally ill. The problem us she uses that as a crutch for why she is do horrible to other people or why she can’t parent her children ” I’m so depressed” . I’d have a lot more empathy for her if she actually did the work if managing her mental illness thru whatever means necessary. She flat out DOES NOT.

          6. That is true. But unfortunately people with issues won’t admit they need help and some won’t seek it out unless it is forced on them.

      2. Many of us know well what mental illness is. We have extensive experience with it, either personally or someone we love. That means we also know what mental illness is NOT. It is not pass from accountability for your actions. It is not a pass from consequences of your behavior. And it is not something you get to use as an excuse when you’ve been repeating the same patterns for years and never making a true effort to get help or treatment

        1. As a matter of fact, it is. People who aren’t aware of what say/do CANNOT be held accountable.

          People who do not receive treatment (in some form) tend to use it as an excuse.

          That is why I said that she may have to be forced into treatment since she doesn’t seem to want to receive it voluntarily.

          1. Amber has had plenty of good, quality treatment. Amber committed a criminal act. Amber must serve a prison sentence. It is really that simple. She is a danger to society.

          2. You are right STANLEY, she has had plenty of good, quality treatment. And she obviously didn’t work the program on her own, that’s the #1 thing, she has to want the help for herself. It’s not enough for others to want it for her.

      3. Your the bastard on here H A n n a h telling others to drop dead.
        I hope the Ashley bans you permanently since you are the one who wants to get this site shut down, you utter hypocrite
        You lie and contradict yourself all the damn time

        1. Says the person who gets on here under MY username. Whatever LOSER… I’m DONE with you. So, if I were you I’d stop while I was ahead. Just giving you fair warning pal, you don’t want to awaken the beast. I’ve been through alot of crap in my life and I don’t take shit from ANYONE!!!!

          1. And how do you know the person your telling to drop dead, Hasn’t been through a lot also.
            You hanna are a two faced hypocrite

        2. I’ve been trying to change my actions. And so far, I think I’ve been pretty under this username.

          P.S.- I have a question for your sorry ass now. You asked “How do you know that the person you told to “drop dead” hadn’t been through alot also?” Well, I don’t. But how do you know that the person wasn’t just a harrassing pos who didn’t know when to shut their damn mouth (like you)?

  20. Poor Andrew. I really feel that he should have full custody and Amber shouldn’t have any visitation at all! She very clearly said in the audios that “she never wanted IT to begin with”. Amber could care less about her children. She uses the kids as another form of abuse on the fathers. Andrew should be able to go back home to California with his family and friends. God knows that Ambers entire family is absolutely bat shit crazy.

  21. He should just be able to move back to California. James will be better off free from Amber(so would poor Leah).

    1. Leah basically free of Amber.
      Andrew agree to stay temporarily & agreed to let Amber see her son because he knows, she wont. In a few months he will ask the court to move & when Amber tries to stop it Andrew will shownthe court Amber only saw her son 1 time in 3 months so he will be able to move.
      He will wait for Amber to do it to herself

  22. Hopefully, Andrew’s family will help him out. Good family lawyers get very, very expensive and we know Amber has some money and top notch lawyers herself. I always enjoyed watching Janelle deal with her old lawyer. I think his name was Sean? That man got Janelle out of so much stuff!

    1. Ambien should have to pay for his lawyer. This is all her fault to begin with. You know there is no way this would be happening if he was the abuser. He would never get to see his kid again. Where I used to live the abused mom and her kids would leave and go to a particular shelter that would hide the mom and kids from her abuser. But in this case the abuser gets to see her kid. This is sad and fucked up. This world is just going to hell from all different directions.

      1. What are you talking about her lawyer’s probably love her, she’s a repeat customer who will constantly is in legal trouble. When they see her coming they see dollar signs walking in the door, until she runs out of TM money she’s welcome in their offices.

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