Amber Portwood’s Baby Daddy Andrew Glennon Files a Notice of Intent to Relocate from Indiana Back to California

“I’m outta here!”

Now that things between Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood and her baby daddy Andrew Glennon appear to be over, Andrew is reportedly ready to move from the couch Indiana back to his home state of California. 

According to TMZ, Andrew wants to relocate to Malibu, where he’s from and where he works. The Ashley can confirm that Andrew did in fact file a Notice of Intent to Relocate Residence in court on August 15.

“What, are the couches of Indiana not good enough for you?”

The news of Andrew’s desire to head back to the West Coast comes more than a month after Amber’s arrest for allegedly attacking Andrew with a shoe while he was holding their infant son James. Amber also allegedly pulled a machete on Andrew during the July 5 altercation. She has since been charged with three felonies. 

While Andrew currently has custody James, Amber is allowed supervised visits, so there’s no word on how this would factor into Andrew’s possible relocation. Also, being that Leah, Amber’s 10-year-old daughter with Gary Shirley, continues to live in Indiana, Amber’s decision to relocate to be close to James  could be a complicated one. 

TMZ reports that Amber has 60 days to respond to Andrew’s relocation plan. Amber’s brother Shawn Portwood told The Ashley on Friday that he was unaware of Andrew’s intent to relocate, despite having spoken to Amber the previous day.

“You didn’t hear it from me!”

It is unknown if Amber has been made aware of Andrew’s intent to relocate. However, their fight for custody of James is ongoing. 

Currently, Andrew’s home address on court documents is still listed as the Indianapolis home he once shared with Amber. Since Amber is currently staying with her mother Tonya (since she is not allowed to have contact with Andrew, per a court order), Andrew and James have been living in her house.

“I know the only reason she’s letting him stay in her house is because she doesn’t want James to not have a place to go and she wants him to be able to have his stuff,” Shawn told The Ashley. “She wants to make sure that [James] can still sleep in his room and have all of his toys and that he’ll be comfortable.”

Amber has yet to respond legally to Andrew’s relocation plan.

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  1. The best indication of future behavior is past behavior. Has she gone out of her way to build a relationship with Leah? Or does she makes Leah’s anxiety about her, Doesn’t see her for weeks in the same city, meddle in Gary and Kristina’s decision making (I personally think they’ve been very patient and nice about it)? but has she really built a sincere, parental, close relationship with Leah?
    SO.. what makes anyone think it will be different with James? Or that she will suddenly have the capacity to become an engaged parent?

  2. Andrew is one of these “find ’em and fix ’em” people. When is he gonna stop and realize that not everyone/everything is fixable?! Now he has a child that he has to be concerned about. Nobody should believe this load of bs about how he is moving back to Cali because “it’s the land of opportunity”!!!! There is opportunity in other locations!! The ONLY reason he is moving back to be around his family is so that he has someone he can dump the child on!!!!

  3. Andrew’s pissed about the negative opinions he is getting online and also pissed because Amber is still defending herself and she has no plans of backing down in court. This is just a ploy to scare Amber and to get her submit to his will and agendas. He wants Amber to admit what he says she did in court, notice when I say, “what HE says she did”. He wants full control.

    Andrew move to Indiana to start a new life. That’s where he and Amber had their baby. He has zero right to take that baby back home to LA. If he has to move back “for work”, what was he going to do in Indiana if this never had happened? Continue to be a lazy bum and not work? Amber basher’s can’t have it both ways because I thought you all said Andrew was working in Indiana (which I never believe that he was). If he has all this money, why can’t he buy a home or rent a home out there until this is settled? What he is saying and doing is not adding up. It just isn’t. Where is he going to take the baby, to his mothers house in Malibu? Does his mother even want that? She was probably relieved to get rid of moocher Andrew……..but now he’s coming back and coming back with a baby. “Don’t worry Ma, I won’t be a free loader. I will get child support and many other monies and opportunities for this baby AND he comes with a trust fund! I am in Ma, I am in.”

    Last but not least, any Judge worth his/her salt will see right through his plan and will not only not allow a move back to LA with the baby, but also won’t allow him to have full custody.

    Amber, please do not back down. This is just a scare tactic. Fight for yourself and your son. Do not let your attorney’s make any deals with him or his attorneys either. For once in your life, fight the right way. If you don’t win, at least you know you tried. This guy is after everything you got and then some. Don’t be stupid Amber.

    1. Seriously? Andrew has EVERY right to take HIS child to CA and away from a mother that can’t be bothered to get off the couch and address her issues. And by you bringing up Andrew’s mother makes me think you either know Amber personally or ARE AMBER. Because no rational person would defend that dimwit.

  4. All the bullshit Amber is throwing at her baby’s daddy is irrelevant. Amber should have learned from hitting her first baby daddy, you will go to prison for hitting your partner! Amber always learns shit the hard way!

  5. Amber needs to quit using therapy speak, and actually do the work necessary to get better once and for all. Scratch that, she has nothing to blame her behavior on if she does that.

  6. Hey, Bruja!☺ You’re always spot on. Maybe you should host the reunions. Looks like Nessa has another job, USA’s,”Talk Stoop.”

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    Just when I thought he could not be any worst.

  8. How can she relocate? She’s a felon & she has an upcoming court case. Baby James will be better off w/dad until Amber gets her shit 2gether ( if she ever can). Also y hasn’t she been ordered to take parenting classes?

  9. Amber needs to get her crap together. For Gods sake! She tried tosmash open a door with a freeking Machete’!! She didn’t seem too dammed concerned about her son then! She hit Andrew, as she did Gary. She needs to grow up, stop whining and take her meds correctly! All this, over fireworks? Inpatient therapy!

    1. You make it sound like inpatient therapy is a punishment for people who are worth less than you. Inpatient therapy is emergency treatment for a mental illness, and mental illness by itself isn’t a crime. Inpatient therapy is done out of hoping that it will increase that person’s quality of life, not because they did something bad. I myself have been inpatient due to hitting rock bottom while trying to handle a severe painful chronic illness, and the women I was in treatment with are some of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. Statements like yours are why there is such a bad stigma around mental illness. What she did is a crime whether she has a mental illness or not. Don’t link crime with inpatient, link crime with prison.

    1. Do you have any experience with mental illness? Do you understand how hard BPD is? Plus she has bipolar as well. Mental illness is not like a broken bone, you can’t just go see a doctor, get a cast put on and wait for it to heal. Mental illness is super hard to deal with every moment of every day. You can put in a lot of work to get better and not progress as much as you would have liked. Medications aren’t a magical cure, and neither is talk therapy. You have to constantly remind yourself of the different ways you can help yourself, and you have to try to keep them in mind when your mind spirals and you start to lose control of what you do or say. You constantly judge yourself, and people saying stuff like you have said makes that guilt worse. It’s all exhausting and it never goes away. The toolkit you create is going to help, but conditions like BPD and C-PTSD are usually lifelong illnesses.

      1. I think her point was that Amber has a lot of resources & money & support. She just doesn’t give a shit. It’s all about her.

        1. I don’t think money has a huge influence on treating BPD or Bipolar. Having no money for meds or therapy, sure, thats a big deal, but her larger amount of money doesn’t mean she has access to more resources than someone who can afford therapy and meds. She literally showed herself going to talk therapy this season to try and cope. She takes her meds and tried to be responsible about not taking them with alcohol. She IS trying. BPD is one of the hardest mental illnesses to deal with; I know several BPD patients who were left to suffer because their doctors/therapists see BPD as a case they can’t fix.

          Recovery from metal illness is not a straight line. Its a jumbled mess or circles and lines like a kids got ahold of a pen the first time. You can care a ton, work as hard as you can, and you are still going to have moments where you relapse and go back to behaviors that you never want to do in the first place. Its a true part of recovery. To look down on Amber and say this is because she “doesn’t give a shit” is absolutely ridiculous.

          1. So it’s ok to come at a person holding your son w/ an ax bcuz ur bi polar? Stop defending this woman. She’s a horrible person. Needs to get into a facility so she can get a handle on her meds & her anger issues.

          2. Liz, I absolutely did not say it was ok to physically hurt anyone or to threaten anyone with a tool or weapon. I am defending her illness, not her actions. How dare you put words in my mouth like that.

            For her CRIMINAL actions she needs to go to prison, not a “facility”. Don’t associate inpatient mental illness treatment to crime. The stigma is bad enough. Going inpatient for a mental illness is not because you are a bad person or because you did something bad, its because there is hope to stabilize you and to increase your quality of life. She committed a crime and deserves to pay for it with jail or prison time if a jury finds her guilty.

          3. Wow. What do u mean ” how dare I?” Extremely hostile. Amber is a danger to herself and others. Do u think beingbim prison or jail is going to help her mentally? Then u haven’t been in that situatiion. They put u in a straight jacket and isolation.
            That’s y I ddaud she needs to be in a facility

          4. I don’t have to have prison experience to know that money doesn’t have much to do with this, which was your first point in all this. She doesn’t need to be in a “facility”, she needs to be in a prison if a jury finds her guilty of a crime. Don’t link abuse and mental illness, that just worsens the stigma of people with mental illness. The answer to mental illness isn’t locking people up in a facility either.

    1. Allie think you just like to argue number one yes she has money and resources to get help but she chooses not to. where do you think she’s going to get the help if it’s not in a facility she’s not going to get in prison she needs to be in a facility she’s all I’m okay I’m on medication I’m a good person I’m happy. How can she b happy right now as she has minimal contact w/ her children?

  10. Why does Shawn defend her? Come on big boy, get her some help instead of enabling this over and over.

  11. Amber didnt DEXIDE he could stay..the court did. U get a protective order against u and the partner stays home and YOU leave. I LIVED in my x house for 120 days after his Dv arrest. Shes no hero. It’s the courts…its his residence. And the babies. Not just hers

  12. Umm Shawn, in a domestic violence case the OFFENDER needs to vacate the shared home by LAW. The VICTIM(S) are not typically just tossed out on the streets. She isnt doing anyone any favors. She is doing what’s required!!

    1. I don’t think so, that’s not true at all. There were no injuries. It’s he said, she said. All that Amber admitted to was hitting him with a shoe. Hardly a case for Amber to lose her home to him. Amber can get him out if she really wanted to.

      1. Hitting someone with a shoe, especially while they are holding a baby, IS domestic violence. That is why she is charged with three separate felony counts of domestic violence.

  13. I feel he had it all planned to upset Amber so he take her child away from her. His acting such a asshole

    1. No one can “plan” to be domestically abused. It is on the abuser to have control over themselves and not give anyone or anything the ability to have your child taken from you. That is nonsense.

      1. “No one can “plan” to be domestically abused.”

        What? Sure the fuck they can. You’re saying that people who have hidden agendas (especially when there is money and fame to be had) have never provoked, instigated, or induced a reaction whether it be verbal or physical? Hun, that’s been happening since the dawn of mankind and happens every damn day so what in the fuck are you talking about? Please, he his a grown man who is 6’s and close to 300 pounds and was hit with a shoe. I hardly think that is domestic abuse. I’m sure there are many boyfriends and husbands around the world who’s wives hit them with a shoe once or twice LOL.

    2. This comment reeks of the same “always the victim” quality that Amber lives by. Seems slightly paranoid. Maybe you should visit Amber’s psychiatrist, as well. Just a thought. Good luck, sweets! 😘

  14. Why should Andrew care how this move might affect Amber or how she feels? My feelings for Amber would drop faster than she could wrap her hair in a tiny bun if she came after me with a machete.

    I don’t think Andrew owes Ambien a damned thing. You physically abuse me and all bets for warm and fuzzy feelings are off. You come after me while I’m holding my baby? Well, she’s lucky he didn’t knock her ass out cold because I think most of us would draw the line at the distinct possibility that our baby could be hurt by someone who didn’t give two twirly fucks about anyone but themselves and their rage in that minute. This situation is one of the rare times when I think a man defending himself against the attacks of a woman are warranted- when he is trying to keep a child safe. I’m impressed by his ability to keep himself calm during such an intense moment.

    Andrew and James need this move. Andrew needs to be able to work to help provide a life for James (yes, Amber needs to help provide for James too, just like men have been made to do for years and years)and James need to be around stable family. Not an opiate addicted grandmother and an uncle who lives off his sisters bloated income for being the slothiest of sloths.

    No, James is only a baby. He doesn’t need to have his first memories tarnished by the madness of this situation. He deserves happiness and love. He deserves physical and emotional safety. He deserves not growing up with panic attacks like his sister who was subjected to so much at such a young age. He deserves more than he’s likely been exposed to in his short time here. He does not deserve to be ratings fodder for that greedy fucker Morgan J. Freeman and MTV- or to be mommy’s little story line. He deserves a good life and for now at least, Amber is far from being able to provide that.

      1. I feel bad for Leah. Ultimately she will have a bad relationship with her mother and a tentative one with her brother. History repeats itself

    1. Agreed- totally nailed it Bruja. There are some rare cases where a child is simply better off with limited contact with their mother, and this is one of those cases. You would THINK this would be the moment Rambo Ambo had a reckoning with herself and decided to change her life. But her money and therefore endless stream of enablers just won’t let that happen. She’ll be back on Teen Mom hollerin’ about being a “damn good mom” in no time😒 Sorry gurl, losing custody TWICE with two different fathers says otherwise.

      1. Rambo Ambo! 😂👍🏽

        I’m wondering why she still has a job with MTV? Is Morgan J. Freeman that desperate that he condones domestic violence? I mean, it shouldn’t really surprise me. Amber should have been fired when she smacked Gary a decade ago.

        It’s all nasty. Time for Teen Mom to go buhbye. This shit is more like OG and 30.

  15. I have a horrible feeling that she will just quit on Leah and move to CA to work on it/save face but ultimately fail James, too.

    1. she’s not going to CA, she can’t afford it. A house in a shyttie area is at least 1 million. The housing prices are through the roof. She doesn’t have enough income to buy a shoe box there.

    2. As I recall Amber and Andrew had intended to move to California (Being “in the industry” and all) Amber probably fearing the optics of leaving Leah behind was waiting until she was older. But they did continue to rent homes for large chunks of time in California.
      So, it doesn’t seem that out of round for Andrew to want to go home now.

  16. Amber is struggling with mental illness as a person who suffered severely from bi polar disorder I know that she at this time is not fit to be a mother. If she loves her son she we let him go with his dad. Unfortunately she should not have had any more children until she got her mental illness under control. Her other problem is her anger and that is all her. Until she grows up and stops acting like the victim she will always be an angry little girl. Shes mean and that is not mental illness. Shes just a spoilt brat. And no amount of psychiatric medication is going to change that. She needs to grow up and stop blaming her mental illness for her bad behavior. She treated andrew horribly I’m glad this happened. He can finally be rid of all the crazy that comes with being with Amber. I mean come on you saw her mother. Obviously she has drug issues. Amber belongs with a guy like Matt until she can grow up and handle her shit. Andrew needs to run and never look back.

  17. Amber is struggling with mental illness as a person who suffered severely from bi polar disorder I know that she at this time is not fit to be a mother. If she loves her son she we let him go with his dad. Unfortunately she should not have had any more children until she got her mental illness under control. Her other problem is her anger and that is all her. Until she grows up and stops acting like the victim she will always be an angry little girl. Shes mean and that is not mental illness. Shes just a spoilt brat. And no amount of psychiatric medication is going to change that. She needs to grow up and stop blaming her mental illness for her bad behavior. She treated andrew horribly I’m glad this happened. He can finally be rid of all the crazy that comes with being with Amber. I mean come on you saw her mother. Obviously she has drug issues. Amber belongs with a guy like Matt until she can grow up and handle her shit. Andrew needs to run and never look back.

  18. You can’t blame him for wanting to go back home. In Indiana he is isolated and the only relationships he has are those with Amber and co., which is clearly not the best support for him. What choice does he really have? I would move back home with my child in a heartbeat if her dad physically assaulted me, as amber did to Andrew. And NO ONE would blame a mother who flees the state with her baby to escape abuse, but some of you all are saying Andrew has a plan, etc. are you DULL? People, his girlfriend attacked him while baby was in his hand. He has to do what is best for him and baby.

  19. I was kinda expecting this from Andrew. I really do not blame hom as he needs support from family and friends.

  20. I swear, some of the commenters here are as delusional as Amber. Andrew has his OWN money. Amber’s money is chump change compared to the Glennon’s money. So let’s drop the BS of saying Andrew’s using Amber for money. That’s just laughable. I believe him when he says that everyone deserves a chance at true love, and maybe he thought he could be the person to inspire Amber to better herself. Whatever he thought doesn’t really matter anymore. Now what matters is that he is the only loving, stable parent baby James has. Amber has had YEARS to become a better mom, but is too selfish to take the initiative. Andrew & baby James deserve to be happy & live free of Amber’s craziness. Clearly that won’t happen in Indiana, so let them go to Cali!

    1. I don’t think he was after her money so much as he was after getting his name out there. 15 minutes of fame, if you will. I don’t know that I believe all his sparkly warkly crap though.

      You’re right, Amber has blown every opportunity to get her shit together, always finding some reason or excuse to bail on mothering Leah.. not taking her meds.. thinking it was okay to stay off birth control after having James (Andrew’s dumb ass should have known better than to go along with that though), etc. It’s going to take her living in squalor, with nothing again in order to clean her act up. Sadly, her children have been nothing more than selfie props to make her appear a changed woman to the world, nothing more.

      Agreed. Andrew needs to go home, to where he has a support system in place to help him raise James away from the madness that is Amber’s mess of a life and the people who refuse to help her understand the way the “rill” world works.

      1. She’s not going to do that. Remember when she made fun of Gary for living in a less expensive area so that he could take care of Leah?

  21. Andrew said that he and James are not going to be on Teen Mom anyway, he has no income there. He has to work. His work is in California. That’s where the industry is, not Indiana. Amber can never live there, she doesn’t have enough money to live there. Remember when Tyler and Cait went to look, they could not afford it. A tiny house in a horrible area is over a million. They would want to live in a nice area. Andrew for instance, the family has a home in Malibu, anything in Malibu is 4 or 5 million at the low end. Amber just doesn’t have that type of income. Even apartments in LA are starting out at 4 grand a month. She could maybe afford a little apartment in a questionable area. She will stay in Indiana, and fly when she she has a supervised visit with James at the police station. If I were him, I would want to be as far away from the psycho as possible. He has a support system in California. He really has noting in Indiana I don’t blame him.

    1. California rent and housing prices are high but not nearly as high as you are stating. “A tiny house” in a horrible area is over a million? You don’t know what you are talking about.

      1. I don’t think she will move because it would require her to get off the couch. She’ll use Leah as an excuse for not moving, and then blame Andrew for having to leave so that he can work and provide for their son. No matter what Andrew does, she will portray him negatively. Because apparently nothing is her fault 😒

    2. @Pat Brown

      In reference to this statement “Andrew said that he and James are not going to be on Teen Mom anyway, he has no income there. He has to work. His work is in California”

      So you and the 82 others who like your post, admit that he in fact did NOT work while he has been in Indiana. But many of you said that he does work in Indiana and has his own income coming in. Which is it? Please tell me. Inquiring minds are waiting.

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    i think it’s bullshit, he should not be able to relocate, it’s bad enough that Amber has to have supervised visits, that’s crap

  23. I’m sorry, that’s fucked up. I am NOT an Amber fan, but I also think it’s parental alienation to take a one year old to another state to live. What about Leah?? I guess she just has to deal with never seeing her baby brother. Nice, Andrew! This is so soon after their fight too. It kinda makes me question his accusations. It almost seems like he has a plan….

    1. Amber is responsible for creating the chaos that is now her son’s new reality. Let’s not deviate from the fact that SHE created this situation. People are quick to blame Andrew for setting Amber up, but let’s be honest…she is old enough to be responsible for her actions. She’s not a juvenile. She is a grown ass woman. With two children. That she doesn’t have custody of. Pathetic.

  24. She spreads her legs for this guy and he’s dumb enough to take the bait. Both of them are idiots and should have seen this coming. He’s a mommas boy and she’s crazy. Nothing good could have come from this horrendous and unthinkable one night stand.

  25. My best education guess on this is, this will be held over until Ambers criminal case outcome, should Amber be sentenced to a substantial amount of prison time… little James WILL be a resident of California for good.
    The custody battle is ongoing right now and ( according to the law) Amber is not guilty of anything as of now. I don’t see the courts stripping Ambers visitation at this time, how do you move across the country and still see to it that visitation stay in place? I don’t think Andrew will be leaving with James very soon.
    A parent can be granted big moves like this if the courts feel it is nearly impossible for Andrew to provide everything in Indiana and he can show a move will be in the absolute best interest of James.
    As far as Amber moving- she’s free to go! as far as her parental obligation.The felony charges will not allow her to step foot over the line until the case is closed . Amber morally should stay for Leah, she doesn’t have to legally.
    In the end, I say Amber goes to jail and James is off to the Golden State.

    1. “A parent can be granted big moves like this if the courts feel it is nearly impossible for Andrew to provide everything in Indiana and he can show a move will be in the absolute best interest of James.”

      Of course he can provide everything for James in Indiana. Remember everyone swearing that he has a job, steady income and comes from money and he doesn’t need Amber for anything? Because I sure do remember everyone screaming in the threads all over the internet that he couldn’t possibly set Amber up because there would be no need to because he didn’t need the money at all. That he had loads more money than she does. So yeah, he can definitely stay in Indiana and provide very well for his son.

  26. A lot of people say that Andrew is using amber for money but amber hasn’t paid any child support for Leah in so long.

  27. I said that that was his end goal and people thumbed me down. He used amber and probably lied about the abuse so he could take the kid and get paid. His mommy will raise the kid with help from a nanny.

    1. Yes, I’m sure his “plan” was for Amber to attack him with her shoe and a damn machete!?!?! Ummmm….no. He treated her pretty great considering the way she behaved. She needs to stay out of a relationship and focus on herself getting the help she so obviously needs.

      1. Obviously nobody can plan to have another person attack them with a machete. That being said, I don’t think it’s a stretch of the imagination to think he might have purposely antagonized her with the expectation that she’d act like a psycho. IMO, it feels like this move back to CA is a pretty fast decision if this idea only started after Ambers arrest. My gut is telling me that he got tired of her (and Indiana) and was hoping for her to be her predictable self and have one of her outburst. Of course she didn’t disappoint! I would never expect him to stay in an abusive situation BUT it seems like this is pretty easy for him to completely walk away. I don’t know….it just seems fishy to me. The people I feel GE worse for are Leah and the baby. So fucking sad.

        1. “Purposely antagonized” her? You sound like Amber making sad excuses for her terrible behavior! Talk about victim blaming!

          1. I assure you, I’m not making excuses for Ambers bad behavior. I have always been very critical of her and think she’s a train wreck. That being said, I don’t think that because she’s “bad”, Andrew is necessarily “good”. I have always been suspicious of him, same as I was with that Matt guy. The fact he was attracted to Amber, who everyone knows is a psycho, made me raise my eyebrows. She is her own worse enemy and would be an easy person to play. I’m not saying that’s what Andrew did, but I am suspicious of him. Of course a line is crossed when things get physical and she is dead wrong for assaulting him. But like I said earlier, somethings about him gives me the hebby-jebbies. Sorry, can’t help the way I feel.

    2. Lied about the abuse?? Well the state of Indiana is using audio files as well as Ring videos to prosecute Amber. How do you think Andrew lied about that?? Not to mention that Amber herself admitted to hitting him with a shoe. It’s in the police report. How do you think Andrew lied about that? Not to mention Amber has a history of violence and drug use, she served time for assaulting Gary. How do you think Andrew lied that? Andrew is asking for child support and rightfully so, she makes more money. Let’s not forget that Amber pays Gary child support because he has full custody of Leah. Yet no one complains about that.

      1. Like i mentioned to another commentator, Andrew isn’t a saint either. He has a history or harassing ex girlfriends and being slapped with restraining orders. Dudes not playing with a full deck himself.

        1. At least he did not attack Amber with a machete. Her past is pretty sordid, as is his. The situation NOW is that she assaulted him. His past has ZERO to do with what she did TO HIM AND THEIR BABY!!!!

          1. Sorry, I disagree that would be the same as saying all of Ambers assaults against Gary don’t matter. They do. A person’s history is their reputation and a good way to gauge who they are. Andrew is all sorts of sketchy. Amber is dead ass wrong IF she actually assaulted him. That doesn’t mean I think Andrew is a saint. My guy is telling me he was tired of Indiana and Ambers nonsense and he is pouncing in this opportunity. Amber May be a piece of shit, but James deserves a mom.

          2. I would book it out of Indiana as fast as I could as well! There isn’t a need for the drama any more. Separate and be done with it!

    3. Oh I predicted this pretty much step by step back when we found out Amber was pregnant. This is not surprising at all. I’m just shocked it took over a year for it to happen.

  28. So ironic that Amber is living with her mother, Tonya, whom she has had a very turbulent relationship in the past. Amber blamed a lot of her problems on her mother. I think Andrew has a good attorney and he will do all he can to get full custody of their child. No surprise here. What a cluster. Amber created this mess and now she is doing everything she can to make her look like the victim. In retrospect, maybe she should have stuck with Matt.

    1. Tonyas an addict. She was on opioids throughout “Marriage Boot Camp”. I would be surprised if she doesn’t even remember being on the show.

  29. So…he’s doing the exact thing with James that Amber wouldn’t do because of Leah??? Man that guy is a dick!!! He wants her to get help, but does he honestly think that this will make her get help faster?!! On the contrary, this will more than likely make her spiral farther downward!!!

    1. He has to move on with his life. We can’t expect him to wait around in Indiana for her to….what? Get better? Not happening. He needs to do what he’s got to for him and the baby. Amber is going to have to figure it out as mean as that sounds. Why should he have to put his progress on hold it’s not like Amber is making any progress

      1. Exactly. He also probably knows almost no one in Indiana and his work opportunities are in Cali.

      2. I’m sure he wants to be around his support system in CA. Why should he stay in Indiana? Amber’s trying to smear his reputation by making these random posts online, he should move if that’s where he is more comfortable. Amber can afford to fly out and see her son too. She isn’t broke.

      3. All I’m saying, is that IF he wants her to get help, taking her kid so far away wouldn’t be a help, it would be a hindrance. I mean, I’m not a Kail fan (AT ALL) but when she moved, she only moved three hours away. He could come see his son (and vice versa). But there is practically a whole world between Indiana and California!!

    2. His concern is James, as it should be, not Amber. Amber is an adult and needs to start acting like one. It is on her, and her alone to do what is right for herself and her children. He can’t win either way. If he stays he is using her for staying in the house etc (which is obviously being done for James’ sake) and if he leaves to go back where he is from to better support himself and James, he is accused of being a dick because Amber’s visitation.

  30. So…he’s doing the exact thing with James that Amber wouldn’t do because of Leah??? Man that guy is a dick!!! He says that he wants her to seek help, does he honestly think that if he takes her son away it will make her get help faster!!! On the contrary, it will more than likely make her spiral farther downward!!!!

    1. So let me get this straight, you think Andrew should spend years waiting for her? And baby James, him as well? Never mind that Amber has resources available to her and has had them for years, but let’s give her more time.

      1. I know that she has had ample time to resolve her issues. But if Andrew TRULY loved her and wanted her to get better, he wouldn’t move her son thousands of miles away!!!! He should know that if he did that, it would make her want to quit EVERYTHING (life, counseling, you name it) just like if Gary were to take Leah away. But Gary wouldn’t do because he’s not that kind of guy. But Andrew…I don’t know!!! He seems to have a few screws loose (maybe he’s hit his head on so many doorframes that whatever sense he had has been knocked out)!!!

  31. Amber is the monster always has been and throw in the narcissist she is, always will be. Run Andrew. Raise your son in a loving environment surrounded by people who love him. It takes a village and if yours is in Malibu then good luck!

  32. I think she doesn’t know I would hope she could stop it are she not going to get to help raise her son I do believe this has been his plan all along. I think he pushed and joked recorded talking to another woman just to push her she snapped. He wanted out and his son but he did not want her around James yes she should have stayed on her meds this would not have went so far she would have kicked him out.

    1. On the contrary it should motivate her to get better. Amber is the victim a lot. She blames everyone for her misfortune. Andrew has to work, his work is in Malibu. I’m sure he will commute back and forth on days that Amber has visits. What’s the point of him staying in Indiana?Once he leaves Amber will have her house back. Also, I would like to note that even though Leah is in Indiana Amber hardly sees her. How many episodes have we seen in which Amber goes months at the time not seeing her daughter because she is “sad”. So what difference does it make if James is or isn’t there 🤷‍♀️

  33. Andrew is a monster. You can’t tell me this wasn’t his plan all along. I have no doubt he has always been using Amber, planned to go back to California especially after they had James. I think he’s a monster to take want to James away from Amber and his half sister, Leah. A judge worththeir salt is not going to let that happen.

    1. Wait, Amber assaults Andrew and chases him around the house with a machete all while he is holding the baby and Andrew is the monster?!! Girl, bye!!! The only monster here is Amber!! She is a psychotic demon. I’m glad he is taking James. Amber is not fit to parent.

      1. “Wait, Amber assaults Andrew and chases him around the house with a machete all while he is holding the baby”

        First of all, the machete is his allegation. 2nd of all, why did he pick up the baby during all of this and/or not put him down? Say what you want about Amber, but she would never hurt her kids. What was he trying to do by keeping baby James in his arms? To try to make everything look bad as possible on Amber. Last, but not least, it was said by him that she hit the door with a machete, not chased him all over the house with it.

        A shoe. He was hit with a shoe.

        So let’s dial all the hysterical over exaggerated dramatics all the way back. Thanks.

        1. Even if it was ” just a shoe” r u aware that high heeled spiked pumps can b lethal? Amber is dangerous e/ a horrible anger/ impulse control problem. Would u be ok w/her around ur kids or brother or whomever? I wouldnt

  34. Everyone knew this was gonna happen and I hope they let him because we all know she’s not gonna try to see him all the time like with Leah 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Exactly, she doesn’t bother with Leah when she’s so close, so why should Andrew put his life on hold on the off chance she will bother to get her ads off the sofa once a month to visit James?!

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