Todd Chrisley Denies ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ is Being Cancelled Following His Arrest & Tax Evasion Indictment

“Oh I ain’t going anywhere, honey!”

Todd Chrisley is shutting down rumors that USA Network is cancelling his family’s reality show in the wake of his arrest for tax evasion and fraud charges.

The Chrisley Knows Best star took to Instagram to deny the recent reports that the network was cutting ties with the Chrisley Clan after Todd and his wife Julie were indicted Tuesday on 12 counts, with charges including tax evasion, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Radar Online reported earlier this week that USA Network was not planning to renew the Chrisleys’ contracts for Season 8, and would also be axing the new spin-off Growing Up Chrisley

Todd, however, denied those claims in a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday.

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Trust and believe that we are holding the right hand of God on this walk we are on, if he brings us to it he will bring us through it. Please don’t fall victim to false prophets , don’t give attention to the attention seekers , stay steady on your course , grieve the loss of ones you love that didn’t love you , pray for them even though they have wronged you , forgive them for yourself and ask God to move them on. We are getting back to work after this distraction and our show hasn’t been cancelled , God delivered much clarity yesterday as to those who set a net for us , so the Lord says “ May the net your enemies cast for you be the same net they become snared in .. To each and everyone that has supported us on this journey we call life , we love you with all of our hearts , the kindness we have been shown yesterday and through this process has been overwhelming , God is good , we drop our hands and surrender to God and will let God do the rest , you can’t claim FAITH and still express FEAR.

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“We are getting back to work after this distraction and our show hasn’t been cancelled,” he wrote in the post.

“Please don’t fall victim to false prophets, don’t give attention to the attention seekers, stay steady on your course, grieve the loss of ones you love that didn’t love you, pray for them even though they have wronged you, forgive them for yourself and ask God to move them on,” he also told fans.

(Of course the “love ones” who Todd feels have “wronged” him most likely includes his daughter Lindsie, who accused him and his son Chase of trying to extort her into lying about the tax evasion case so that they didn’t release her sex tape made with Bachelorette star Robby Hayes!) 

Todd and Julie were released on bail of $100,000 each earlier this week. They were made to surrender their passports, and ordered not to change their address, obtain any new bank loans or get extensions from the bank without the approval of their probation officer, according to The Blast.

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  1. Like I said, I’d be sad to have to put them in the same category as Teresa & Joe Giudice. I truly believe they intentionally committed fraud & all the other crimes they did time for. As far as the Chrisleys, I just can’t picture the wife Julie, knowingly commit those crimes. One thing I will say, if I was her, I would NOT stand by & allow him to publicly shame & threaten the daughter. I wonder what she thinks of all that. I’d have to be on Xanax around the clock if I was her!

  2. So being charged with a federal offense is a “distraction”? Sounds like the typical famous person that thinks they are untouchable and will never be held accountable for their actions.

  3. UNPOPULAR OPINION *I’m almost ashamed to say this, but I really WANT to believe his story. Don’t ask me why, but I have a tiny soft spot in my black heart for them. I would hate to see them in the same category as Teresa & Joe Giudice from RHONJ. But I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out. In the mean time, the best thing they can all do is keep their big yappers shut & stop the media frenzy. Any “celeb” under indictment for anything at all, should shut up, lay low, and stop fueling the fire.

    1. Don’t be ashamed. I’m feeling the same way. His faith in God. I believe, is honest and pure. I hope he doesn’t prove me wrong. I have a soft spot for them as well. He knows The Bible, I just hope and pray he isn’t using it for bad intentions. But for now, I’m choosing to stand behind them until proven I shouldn’t.

  4. If he hid money through a company of his and didn’t claim the income, that’s NOT a mistake. Lol That’s a choice. A CRIMINAL choice.

  5. I’ve watched like 3 episodes of this show (all at the gym while there was nothing else on the treadmill TV but Fox News, ew) and they all have horrible attitudes, spoiled, rude, etc. it makes me not doubt all these accusations at all.

  6. I know this man and his family gives alot to the community. I don’t begrudge him that AT ALL!!! But, I think that if he gave a little less FINANCIALLY, he might be able to pay his taxes!!!!

    1. He has his good points!!! ALL PEOPLE HAVE GOOD AND BAD QUALITIES!!!! Don’t pass judgment because of ONE mistake. Granted, it was a big one, but it was still JUST a mistake!!!

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