EXCLUSIVE! Mackenzie McKee’s Mom Angie Douthit Provides Her Thoughts On Mackenzie’s Recent Split with Husband Josh

“Let’s get to the bottom of this Thirsty Armadillo mess!”

Mackenzie McKee surprised Teen Mom OG fans on Friday when she suddenly declared that she and her husband Josh were taking a “break” from their six-year-long marriage. The mom of three declared on Instagram that she was “freshly single,” but her mother, Angie Douthit, thinks the split is temporary.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Angie— who has been featured on ‘Teen Mom OG’, as well as the short-lived Teen Mom 3— discussed the recent cheating accusations made against Josh, as well as how Josh and Mackenzie’s return to TV has played a part in their marital troubles.

As for the claims made by two women on Thursday, who stated they saw Josh hooking up with a woman while at The Thirsty Armadillo bar in Texas in April, Angie’s not buying it. 

“The accusers have no pics or videos. If you saw a celeb cheating, you would take all kinds of photos. They’d be all over social media,” she states. (For the record, no photos of Josh’s alleged Thirsty Armadillo tryst have surfaced as of press time.) 

“I told Mackenzie that she needs to always investigate before she pounces,” Angie added.

Although Mackenzie has stated that she does not buy the women’s stories about Josh cheating, Mackenzie and Josh have still elected to take some time off from their marriage.

“[Their split] is temporary,” she said. “They’re trying to figure it all out.”

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Mackenzie and Josh– who have been together since before they appeared on 16 and Pregnant in 2012– recently returned to TV as “guest” stars on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ MTV has yet to reveal if Mackenzie will be made into a full-time star of the show. However, Angie says that returning to the spotlight made Josh and Mackenzie’s marriage a target.

“Any time you are on TV attention-seekers will try to cause problems. It’s sad,” she said. “They’ve come a long way. I pray God keeps their marriage healthy.”

She advised her daughter and son-in-law to communicate better (something the couple struggled with on the most-recent episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG’).

“They need to talk more. They need to discuss things before they believe a total stranger’s accusations,” Angie said. “They need to put God first and let him lead their marriage.”

Josh has yet to comment publicly on the split, although he did call the rumors that he cheated “bull crap.” 

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  1. I only know of these folks from the most recent OG episodes but what I see is a truly F-ed up relationship. It sounds like she’s supporting his career but if he’s not making $ then isn’t it a hobby? He’s away for weeks at a clip but when he comes home he ditches his phone and disappears for hours? Then he acts like a punk kid when confronted about it?
    He’ll be in for a rude awakening if they separate and he’s a part time single dad who doesn’t get to go to rodeos anymore.

    1. Did you watch the episode of TMOG last night? I felt so bad when Josh and Mackenzie had to sit the kids down and tell them that their “Nanny” only had (maybe) 6 more months left. My heart literally felt like it was in my throat because I was choking back the tears. Poor little Gannon just kept asking “why” and “how will they help her get better”?

  2. I’m sorry but she’s bat shit nuts and her talking in his lap the one episode – she looked/sounded wasted- her speech was so slow. Idk maybe it’s just how she is but it wasn’t fun to watch! God bless her mom she’s a strong woman!

  3. Lol! Josh is not what I’d call a “celebrity”. I’d be hard pressed to pick him out of a lineup! So, yes I do believe the cheating rumors to some extent. Not because of the chicks in the bar but because of the way he answered Mackenzie when she questioned him.
    Then there’s a opposite side of me that thinks they are using it to create drama in hopes of a long term MTV contract. We shall see….

  4. “Temporary aka “desperate attempt to secure a storyline” for the wayyyy long overdue for cancellation show she finally got her paws on.

  5. Regardless of if cheating has been an issue or not… these two have the worst connection I’ve ever seen. They are literally like two 16 year olds. Way too immature to be raising kids or being a married couple. Josh has never seemed into her in any way and that really sucks for both of them – why would you want to be married to that?

  6. You don’t “quit” a marriage because it’s stressful, marriage is stressful. I am a firm believer this is all for ratings. She’s trying to stay relevant and MTV probably doesn’t think the cancer card is enough ratings. The show is a all about the drama- and her segments are quite laughable with their “fights”. Longtime fan- this show needs to end

  7. Angie: “If they saw a celebrity cheating, you would take all kinds of photos”. Angie, they DIDN’T see a “celebrity” cheating, they saw your dirtbag son-in-law!!

  8. So, since none of these people are actually teens any more, I would a million times rather watch Angie “parenting” all her kids instead of Mackenzie. She seems like she’s been amazing parent to all her kids. But Mackenzie just ignores all her advice.

  9. Doesn’t this poor woman have enough on her plate now she has to make statements about her daughters marriage?! Is the mtv money really worth it? It makes me sick to see this woman (who seems so kind) battle with cancer and now she has to parade around whatever circus her daughter is making. McKenzie needs to take a leap off her immature high horse and spend quality time with her mother away from cameras and stop stirring up drama. This is ridiculous and makes me like McKenzie even less. Best wishes to her mother though.

  10. Sorry way way off topic, @the Ashley.
    any truth in that pos David monster Eason. Killed both nugget and jax? And burned them?

      1. I saw it in you tube, that’s why I’m asking is there any truth in it???

        Supposedly he txt a friend asking for his help in, hiding evidence before the cops came and in those texts he mentioned needing help to get rid of the DOGS!!!!
        And said only he and jenelle knows about it?????

        Then Apparently burned them ???

        1. Oh God I hope this isn’t true but I fear that it is. David and Jenelle are abusive, narcissistic sociopaths and should be nowhere near animals or children. Ever.

          1. I agree, this is why I ask
            Is there any truth in it??

            Poor kids and remaining animals

    1. Yes.
      He did, don’t know why you got voted down, 4 asking a simple question, to which you’ve been ignored on.

      I’m guessing Hannah the moron down voted you, you can’t have a different opinion on the peeps that hanna likes, Just like with cait and amber.
      Hannah loves to have her say, but down voted anyone who doesn’t like, cait amber or this nutter Mackenzie.

  11. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who isn’t buying this. Mackenzie has practically dedicated her life to showing everyone what a “perfect” marriage she has, but as soon as her spot on MTV is at risk because of low ratings she’s “freshly single”. We have seen her desperate grabs for attention before (the fake sex tape, anyone?). So pathetic.

    1. I go back and forth, while I’m sure Mack is doing this for ratings, they really shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place. When I used to watch TM3 it was obvious Josh wanted nothing to do with her, but Mack was/is obsessed. I’m sure he’s been cheating the whole time, which is part of why she’s so neurotic about it, but she’ll also never let the lame ass alone. Honestly they’d probably both be better off divorved.

  12. Ok, this screams “ my daughters storyline is FAKE.”
    You can toss out the accusations of cheating and he’s still a rotten bastard.. Mackenzie is supporting him and his little boy games while he can’t even pick up his wife call , your daughter is crying and hurt on National TV all hurt by her husband.. NO MOTHER wants this for their daughter – or son.
    I haven’t tuned in to TMOG at scheduled times the last two weeks, don’t intend to go out of my way to ever watch again, need to keep fading this out of my life- Fake shit!

  13. Mackenzie isn’t doing anything different than the other TM’S. Every week Kail has a problem with someone for attention. Kails seeks attention now for her podcast. At least she’s not a Jenelle and savataging her job. Can you blame her if it is fake? She’s the only one working. I don’t think it’s fake they have always had problems. The main problem I think is Josh needs to bring in some money.

  14. She’s doing this for attention. And so MTV will keep her to have a storyline of ‘doing her ‘single mom thing while figuring out her marriage’ bullshit. And MTV will fall for it.

    1. Erm… “If you saw a celeb cheating you’d talked all kind of pictures”. I’m not sure that he’s reached ‘celeb’ status just cz he knocked up a girl at 16. If I saw a picture of him without Mackenzie draped over him I genuinely wouldn’t know who he was and I’m sad enough to watch this drivel.

  15. Something I found odd was Mackenzie posting that she’s “single”. Taking a temporary break from each other during a marriage to figure things out does not in any way, shape, or form make you single. You’re not “single” until you actually file for divorce/legal separation, and even then I’d wait until it’s finalized.

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